Baron H Conspiracy

The Letter, from MacBane to Stanford
Miss Santrane has advised me of our recent successes and informed me of the item you require. I fear that it will be some time before I find it as there are 2 Americans digging at what I believe to be the site of the temple. 2 of my people are working with the Americans and it may be that they will accomplish all for me. I realize you are most anxious to obtain it but I feel caution and discretion are the better course of action. My studies with the serpent people progress most satisfactorily. It may be another year to see my studies completed. They recommend that I journey to the nameless city for further instruction. Bu I will remain here until we have it?. When it is possible I want much to obtain the further instruction offered at the nameless city. I will be ready to carry out further tasks our order may have form me. You mentioned in your last letter Miss Santrane might join me here when she has converted the leaders of the Thule Brundershaft. I fear the Germans are too much upset with the French at this time for them to listen (to her). Might I suggest you ask Helmut Grossman to take her place. I realize he has not been to Germany for more than 200 years but unless you can think of I feel that it would be best. I agree with you that the order of the Templars does not contain the type of individuals we seek, they are not ready for greater truths. You might suggest to our German collegues that individual members of the order be carefully approached as potential followerrs of the true gods. I am not familiar with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn or the Astrum Argentinum and can give no recommendation. I will pass the word to the London group and have them send you word. I spoke with a mister William Sebrum who said that Mr. Allister Crowley who is associated with them or has been may have occult powers. We should perhaps attempt to contact him. I understand that Mr. Scott is in charge of the project in your area. Please extend my greetings to him, I have not seen him since before the Franco Prussian war. Perhaps we can meet next year.

Letter from Timmons Case

Heir Timmons
I trust this last shipment has been suitable. I am pleased to have been of some service to you and hope it will help you to decide whether to accept my offer of induction into the organization. I expect your response to my offer within the month.
Hail Yogsothoth!
Baron H

Timmons mentioned Book: ‘Ktabh al Azib (Theo/Jon sat that is is THE actual original arabic Necronomicon!!) with prophecy of The Beast; wanted by DT; was going to join Baron Hauptman to unleash ’The Beast’ or its remnants; mention one Egyptian Nefrakha and Abdul al Hazred who wrote Al Hazif that they desparately want; talked to Greely of Brotherhood of the Beast, cults all over the world in a grand conspiracy including Cult of the Bloated Woman, Cult of the Red Tongue, Cult of the Dark Pharaoh ; Greely says the Baron was alive in his time; In DT journal talks of NWI helping him to procure book

Egyptian Nefrakha according to Rathbone:
A powerful leader and priest, early member separatist movement in Delta region, later known as 14th dynasty. He and followers worshipped Dark Pharaoh in secret underground temples and schemed against pharaoh aided by DP. Called for secret temples to chant, calling down star spawned monsters to create havoc in Egypt. When Pharaoh sent armies to deal with the menace, the cult would attack the infrastructure in the cities. Aided in all by DP, who had promised a messenger would be sent. Pharaoh Khasekhemre Neferhotep I learned of the plot and sent spies and assassins afar in search of Nefruka. Found hiding in underground temple in western desert known as The Well, a particularly sacred site to the cult. They found the priest in prayer and mortally wounded him, yet his followers countered and tore the assassins apart. With his dying breath Nefruka prophesized (what is unknown). By the time pharaoh learned of Nefruka’s death his body has been wisked away and secretly buried by his followers. All c.1733 BC. They then supposedly travelled to central Africa and G’harne (of the fragments), a ruined city of the Old Ones.
The geography of where they fled does not match, but this sounds similar to the cult kicked out of Egypt in ancient times that then ran to Kenya presumably became the Bloody Tongue.
In our Necronomicon:
“And it was dreamed again of the priest Nefrukha and of the words he spake at his death. How the son would rise to claim the title, and the son would rule the world in the name of the father, and the son would then revenge the father’s murder, and the son would call the beast that is worshiped, and the sands would drink the blood of the seed of the Pharaoh and after this manner did Nefruka prophecize.”
Son and father as Brady said; is the Beast Cthulhu?

G’Harne Fragments: confirming information found by Will and Miriam, deals almost exclusively with the occult in Egyptian and the northern half of Africa. Miskatonic DOES have a copy of the work by Wendismith. Wilkerson noted in the package that Rathbone, who studied under him for a semester, read the sixteenmo during his studies at Miskatonic.

Golden Dawn and Astrum Argentinum: Both secret societies in London, but our NY research shows nothing unusual.

-Report found in Slim’s house:_ ‘Belfagore in Scotland, reporting no success in finding the disc. He and the knights of the outer void may be forced to slay more intruders. Info received that the ark of vlaktos may be found in Ca. Still no reports from the Chilean island. FINISH’_

>Evidence The Silver Twilight may be involved in grander designs, including letter tween Stanford and a Duncan MacBane, only 1 cog amongst many. Mentions of Scotland, more than 1 of the South Pacific and R’yleh, Scotland, Louisiana.

-Jon informs us Knights Templar do, secretly, exist and they oppose the evil Teutonic Knights. Templars send out individual ‘paladins’ to destroy evil by both straightforward means and assassination;that’s all he knows)

John and Theo to Arkam, given access to Forbidden library and with Armitage’s help to research Ark more.
Find a reference to a Loch Murdock. Westinghouse knows of it, area now known as Cannoch. Long letter, unknown date, hand written, about an expedition to Loch Mullardoch (ancient Roman name); by a Father McBride sent to your eminence Cardinal Rondal. In English.
A Summary of the Expedition to Loch Mullardock, this is the story as I have uncovered it your eminence:
Marcus Artorus, an engineer for 4 years on the great wall of Emperor Hadrian ,was looking home to returning to his family’s villa in Rome when Plutorius Nepos, governor of Britain, arrived in camp. 2 weeks later, Marcus and a full complement of legionaires headed north for the territory. The troops were led by an centurion names Namatian, a veteran of many campaign who was nominally under Marcus’ orders for all save battle. Plutorius Nepos had asked, not ordered, Marcus to pursue a man named Belfagor and return him for trial. Marcus also was to try to find a golden disc with intricate carvings, strange runes, and destroy it. The governors presence alone suggested the urgency of the quest, but sending an entire century into pictish lands north of the wall at a time when soldiers were all too few astounded all who heard of the mission. They almost caught Belfagor on the banks of a small stream whose waters were dark with peat. Possibly the area no known as Blackburn which means black stream. The soldiers had separated to surround Belfagor’s camp when they in turn were attacked by a large band of painted picts. Half the soldiers were slain before Namatian could get them regrouped. Marcus saved the centurion when he went down under a swarm of dagger wielding savages. Once the soldiers regrouped the picts retreated but Belfagor was safely away. They pushed north on Belfagor’s trail. Marcus went alone into the camp of the picts, and after giving the chief gifts explained the nature of the expedition. The picts captured him and tied him in one of their huts. They would have killed him except for the fortuitous arrival of a holy man, John, whom the picts respected and feared. John asked the picts to release Marcus and return his belongings which they reluctantly did. John and Marcus spoke together for several hours, and when they parted John left a sword for Marcus. The picts gave the expedition no further trouble. Even sent guides and trackers with them, and sent runners ahead to warn other villages that these Romans were the friend of the deathless one and not to be harmed. Yet Belfagor eluded them, for he had the aid of the serpent people, who were at the time strong enough to defy the picts even though this was after their great defeat by Bran Mak Morn. Many months of searching and questioning picts led the expedition deep into the highlands where they finally confronted Belfagor on the shores of the lake. The serpent people had a temple to their Asathog the Great the great build of stone from the nearby mountain on the shore. Around the temple were other buildings of stone for the use of Belfagor and for the local tribe of picts who worshipped Asathog also. Namatian led his troops on an attack from the east, while Marcus slipped in from the west. They met inside the temple where the last guards were slain but Belfagor has fled through the door into another world. Marcus cut down the Serpent priests with his sword, and Namatian tried to break the golden discs. All efforts failed until Marcus lent him his sword. The sword cut through the disc, and with a few strokes it was cut into 3 sections. Namatian was building a fire to melt it down when a great beast came from the mountain and attacked the remaining soldiers. It’s wounds healed themselves as fast as they were inflicted. Marcus discovered a serpent priest who had escaped the slaughter of his companions, and when he killed him the beast went mad. The ground began to shake and the temple collapsed killing all but Marcus, who was pushed through the doorway into the other world. The rest of the expedition died in the rubble. When Marcus found himself in a deep forest rather than the temple his first thoughts were to return and aid his companions. But the collapse of the temple had destroyed the doorway and he was unable to return. In time Marcus discovered the inhabitants of the forest and befriended them. He became a member of the clan and wed the daughter of one of the clan members. They had 3 sons and a daughter. Marcus taught his family to speak his language and tried to use his engineering skills to aid the clan. But the clan lived for the freedom of the forest and had no use for roads or bridges. They only built small cottages to sleep in during the wet or cold weather. Several years passed before trouble marred the harmony of the clan. One night the serpent people came with silver and fire and killed most of the clan. With them they brought monsterous black serpent like beings with bat like wings that constantly writhed and seemed to change form. Marcus slew one creature with his sword but one of the serpent people drove a dagger into his back. As soon as Marcus fell the attackers fled. That night Marcus’s wife and sons died, but he lived for several weeks and taught his daughter to use his sword, that she might defend the clan against another attack.
Here ends the account of Marcus Artorus, and how it passed down is known by none.
It is an interesting tale, is it not your Eminence? I have verified several parts of the tale. Plutorus Nepos was the governor of Britain during the period. Hadrian’s wall was built between 122 and 126 AD. Beyond these facts little can be discovered. I hope you have enjoyed the account though I fear I am not much of a storyteller. My prayers are ever for the continued success of our efforts to bring salvation to our fellow men.

John says reference in Nameless Cults to Loch Mullkardoch:
Another excellant example of evil pictish groups is from near Loch Mullkardoch in Scotland. These picts worshipped a being known elsewhere as the demon sultan (Armitage "Azathoth). But as in some other locations, the picts did not perform this worship unbidden by beings of an older and more malign species. Indeed I know for a fact that these remnants are from the days of prehuman reptiles that even now walk the earth. Another place where such being lurk is in North America, where the Great Old Ones were worshipped long before the time of Columbus. I am thinking specifically of those locations near the Pacific now held by the Spanish. (Editor’s note: this was originally written before the Spanish lost California.

From Wilhelm, Hauptman and the Balkans:
There is a pass near the castle, through the mts., not much used any more. People tend to disappear there. There is a town there, however called St. George’s Fist.
St George father was in the Roman army, as was George. Became a Christian, made part of Pretorian Guard and a Tribune of much note. Emporer declared no Christians in army anymore, they’d be killed unless swore vereration to him as a God and gave up Christianity. George refused. Emp did not want to kill best Tribune so kept trying to convince him with land, power, gold etc. Still refused.
Finally, George was tortured for days. Revived several times. Eventually after much struggle he died. Empress and chief councelor converted based on his example and were killed as well.
He’s very popular in Balkans, w/ Muslims, and of course England. The dragon to Muslims represented Satan and he killed it.
Wilhelm continues w/ George research:
Finds old tome w/ supposed true story of dragon: George had group of followers who travelled w/ him. He was attempting to quash a major thread of The Red Death (circa 385); was aware of a cult who worshipped set from before history. Destroyed them an the shore of the Red Sea at a village (dragon story). Since he destroyed the Great Serpent, it became a dragon over time.
Following his death, his followers formed a secret order of St George, to stamp out the worship of Set anywhere they could find it. The last bastion was said to be in this village in the valley. It has an evil reputation.
So to go to the valley should be done carefully. We know now Set is a serpent god, and McBain was working w/ Serpent People of proto history. They could be all around down there.
Then again, if there were serpent people there, McBain shouldn’t have needed to come to Scotland to learn from them.

Other clues from the Catacysm of the Knights of the Outer Void
-Great Old Ones as rulers of the Universe
-Temples of R’yley
and Keepers of the Silver Gate
-dire mention of ‘others’ in Scotland, Louisiana and South Pacific ‘walking the same path’.
Baron Hauptman is a scholar who travels world, expert in medieval history and arcane history. Painting of Barons all look different, enough that they seem unrelated to one another; family involved in commerce for generations, currently with British company New World Limited

Research Corpse City:
If dread city rises and stars are right, you can not send it back. Even if the corpse city rises, Earth’s supreme horror will not rise from his crypt because the stars are not right. So the horror is not the city, its something in the city.
Otherwise there is hope: If a cult attempts to free it, and you stand upon the blue monolith, and chant the reverse of the spell to raise the city, the 2 combine to sink the city.
Theo “So this all is R’yleh and Cthulhu.”
Westinghosue “So all of this SIlver Twlight business and Baron H and McBane is about raising R’yleh. That’s what they’re all about.”
Armitage “Probably has been for hundreds of years.”
On Duncan MacBane: last survivor of the McBane family in the small town of Cannich in Scotland, about 40 miles from Inverness (Jon “I once encountered a haunting in an old ruined tower outside of Inverness”). The railroad from Aberdine and Edinboro goes through Inverness. Loch Carron is the closest of its kind to Cannich. Interestingly, Cannich is also the recent home of a hero of the Iluminati, a monster hunter named Henry Hancock.
On Baron Hauptman: Lives in a castle, ruling nearby village of Drovosna in Romania; He has a very interesting history, there have been a succession since they first appeared in the area in 1242; mysterious murders have occurred several times in the past; one of the Baron’s was accused of sorcery and was met in battle by a priest who defeated him (nothing more specific than that) in an unknown year; castle then sat empty for decades before a descendant appeared and took the title and lands. The current Baron is a scholar and expert in medieval history, has an interest in the arcane, and travels the world as such. There are paintings of many of them, and as we found before they all look so completely different it is difficult to believe they are from the same family (German, Brit, Spanish..).
The priest who defeated him was a Catholic monk so Jon searched the church records; first Baron built the castle c.1242 after driving off the Mongols; later found to be descendant of a Hauptman secretly member of, perhaps helped found, Teutonic Knight but also Templars; was spying on the latter for the former; tried and was going to be executed for heresy but was rescued and never heard of again; 1348 Louis the Great sent a patrol to investigate murders in the Barony; patrol disappeared, assumed to be bandits; 1389 castle besieged by Turks, on 4th morning Turkish leader and scribe found mutilated and drained of blood, the army left to attack Wallacia instead; 1628 villagers led by a local Jesuit monk stormed the castle; Baron’s supposedly killed but body never found; lay empty until 1792 when Austria drove Turks from area, this is when the Hauptman appeared from abroad to reclaim family lands and title. this is when the Hauptman appeared from abroad to reclaim family lands and title, he is the ancestor of current Baron; the children of the Baron’s were always raised away from the castle, the first time they would appear was when the old Baron ‘died’, and the new would appear to claim lordship; there was a very suspicious nickname for the Barons over the years: ‘Soul Eater’; a visitor to castle about 1870, a boy only referred to as young master Edward, a distant cousin whose parents were killed in a tragic boating accident.
Note: The son of the NW parents is named Edward!

New World: company like East India in some ways; commerce; maintain private forces on Mars; successful, biggest on Mars;British company but president in from Chicago, Edward Chandler; Baron H seems at least financially linked;

Edward Chandler: head of New World; from Chicago; sickly child;sent to Europe at 10 to private tutors. Father owned moderatelly successful tool manufacture in Chi. Had no boyhood friends after leaving Chi. When he returned at 18 he was healthy enough to enter business school at U of Illinois. On football squad, joined dad’s firm at mail delivery. Parents tragically killed in boat accident near San Francisco Bay !!THE DARK MISTRESS!!; dad drowned, but fresh water in lungs; lead det. later died w/look of horror in his expensive house; mother had bruising on shoulders/neck; Deep Ones? The Drowning Spell?;
He took over business. Overpowered opponents with ease, merging with a brit company as New World Limited. Instrumental in opening of Mars. He’s around 60, though looks more like 45.
From a fraternity bro. of Will from Illinois: weird, friendly, outgoing and popular. Got all women he wanted, wealthy (his parent’s company had taken off), handsome, charismatic. 1 weird thing: one night we were throwing a party, but though he was not much of a drinker he drank a lot. Started talking about weird things he’s seen, places gone and things read before coming to college, while he was in Germany with some German tutors. I’ll never forget some of the stuff he said, about going to a library beyond the stars! None of us believed him. After a few more drinks, he said he’d prove it. Bets went down and we kidnapped a coed, and “I don’t know what got into was the weirdest thing. We took her to a park, tied her up to a rock, and he was about to cut her open! No joke, sir. When the police happened by and heard the commotion. We were all arrested. He refers to himself as a Child of Destiny. Looks way younger than me." Remembers one thing from chant: Yogsothoth!

Baron H Conspiracy

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