The Monster Hunters of Down Cthulhu

London Return

Bidwell; Severn Valley visit;

Early Morning, March 20, 1890

Staying at Paul’s house in the city (see the movie The Verdict). Wilberforce is saying his goodbyes but he does talk to Archimedes when we go to see him in the evening for dinner at his house. Says “I’m off to America, but I think I’ll see you for Christmas.”
Archimedes “Why do you say that.”
Wilberforce "I have a feeling there will be quite the meeting of minds at the Adventurer’s Club Christmas Eve Gala.

Schuyler says to Bif he’d love to be in a movie, if he ever has time. Bif is staying for rest and recuperation before returning to America.

We give a good accounting to Archie.
Red Cloud “Any word on the missing Mummy?”
Archimedes “No, but there have been a few murders that may be its victims. However, it is not mindlessly killing so if its here there must be a mind behind it.”
Asks us if we know when we are going to Transylvania but we don’t.
Archie “We know Dracula was destroyed, but it appears someone has adopted his personae and continue his reign of terror.”
Does not want to send us there half cocked and lacking info though.
“There is also something I may need you to do in China as well, but in the meantime, rest up.”
We ask him if we need to destroy the Hags in the future, but says they are not high on our list. Wait for the future.
He goes over investigator information about Scotland and Baron Hauptman. That hero Henry Hancock went to Scotland to rest and recuperate (oops!). Hasn’t been heard of for a while.
Archie gives us all the info on Silver Twilight, Look to the Future et al.

Jeremy shows Schuyler around the town and the pubs while we are here, and Schuyler asks to see Jack the Ripper’s murder sights since he’s a bit of a tourist. They also will go to a bareknuckle boxing match, guy in it has 32 KO’s.
Schuyler checks in at American Embassy.

Van DerNort continues academic pursuits, including research into Hauptman et al:
There is a pass near the castle, through the mts., not much used any more. People tend to disappear there. There is a town there, however called St. George’s Fist.
St George father was in the Roman army, as was George. Became a Christian, made part of Pretorian Guard and a Tribune of much note. Emporer declared no Christians in army anymore, they’d be killed unless swore vereration to him as a God and gave up Christianity. George refused. Emp did not want to kill best Tribune so kept trying to convince him with land, power, gold etc. Still refused.
Finally, George was tortured for days. Revived several times. Eventually after much struggle he died. Empress and chief councelor converted based on his example and were killed as well.
He’s very popular in Balkans, w/ Muslims, and of course England. The dragon to Muslims represented Satan and he killed it.
Wilhelm continues w/ George research:
Finds old tome w/ supposed true story of dragon: George had group of followers who travelled w/ him. He was attempting to quash a major thread of The Red Death (circa 385); was aware of a cult who worshipped set from before history. Destroyed them an the shore of the Red Sea at a village (dragon story). Since he destroyed the Great Serpent, it became a dragon over time.
Following his death, his followers formed a secret order of St George, to stamp out the worship of Set anywhere they could find it. The last bastion was said to be in this village in the valley. It has an evil reputation.
So to go to the valley should be done carefully. We know now Set is a serpent god, and McBain was working w/ Serpent People of proto history. They could be all around down there.
Then again, if there were serpent people there, McBain shouldn’t have needed to come to Scotland to learn from them.

Simon goes to local church, checks in with Templar cell. He’ll also hang with Jeremy/Schuyler after the first day or 2 of meditating and praying et al.

We also need some sanity bumps. Schuyler for sure.

Paul hits the social hotspots first, but also joins the others late night at times.

Paul receives invitation to a party next Friday March 28 by an acquaintence of Paul, John Bidwell. It’s a talk of London society currently. He can bring all of us.
Jeremy will play a part for fun: Oscar Pennyfeather, Scottish noble, saying his uncle is building that big bridge in Scotland.
Red Cloud plays these parties all the same, for a frolick in a tucked away bedroom with freaky English ladies looking for an exotic experience.
Schuyler wants the free food, drinks, cigars; and he can talk about his adventures to get the ladies attention. Ladies like danger, afterall.

Wednesday the 19th, note from Archie to come and see him awaits us first thing in morning. We go asap.
Says its important that we go to the party, something weird going on.
Schuyler “What’s going on?”
Archie “First, what do you know about bidewll? Wealthy entrepreneur in shipping and industry to and from colonies. Keen mind and sharp wit, important friends even in royal family. No family, conspicuously absent from society for sometime. Rumor of exotic illness and hospital until recently.”
Paul has heard the rumors, not sure if true, that Bidwell was actually in an asylum in Mercy Hill Gloucester. Knows of him because he and Paul are members of same Masonic hall.
Schuyler “Wilhelm should check into the asylum.”
Archie wants us to find out if anything dark has been going on all this time.
RC “Does anything in particular make you suspicious?”
Archie “Yes. First, something wrong in the Severn Valley in northern England. Mansauce is near there! I don’t believe in coincidence.” There are several hotspots of Mythos activity. 2 biggest are the Salem/Arkam area in America and this Valley. The same history of weird goings on, disappearances and such. He believes there is a connection. There is an asylum there, that is the Mercy Hill one. That’s the connection. Rumors say it was hushed by the Masons. He also has a new interest in the occult now.
These links tween Bidwell and Investigaror information can not be coincidence.
“Keep your eyes and ears open at the party.”

Train ride is 3 hours to asylum.

We leave the next morning, Thursday. Take growler cab who takes us to asylum, about 20 miles to Valley. Allbrook Asylum at hightest point of Mercy Hill, a smaller asylum. We can see the landscape for miles including Severn River and Valley, where the green color changes grimmer, darker.
Simon (failed sanity roll) sees what looks almost like and earthquake in valley then the land literally rolls as if something huge under the earth had turned over! The earth cracks and a thing comes out, then suddenly it passes as a vision would and is gone.
He has to describe it to all of us who saw nothing.
Schuyler “That’s creepy.”

Inside greeted by secretary. He says Dr. Campell does not speak of patients to anyone. Wilhelm tries but the guy insists that he can not see him, perhaps an appointment in a few days.
Jeremy steps up “We are here for the London Society of Alienists” and lays it on thick. He agrees to go personally ask the doctor. Returns and says the Dr. will see us.
Wilhelm, Jeremy and Schuyler go into room, the rest wait in lobby. Campbell welcomes us in. He and Wilhelm have both heard of each other so there is a quick kinship between them. Wilhelm just isn’t a great talker though but doesn’t say anything terribly wrong, and believes Campbell to be on the up and up.
This place only for wealthy families, pay so much for his discretion and his success in treating mental illness.
He apologizes a few times for being unwilling to speak of patients histories here.
Jeremy says our friend the son of the Earl of Mansauce. He;s concerned about his friend in London."
“Oh, the Earl is in my lobby? You didn’t say that. His property is very close.
Jeremy’s persuasion works, as usual. Dr gets Bidwell’s records and brings them back.
‘Bidwell ownes several mills, steamships, sailing ships, lots of trade with colonies. Recently returned from Australian joint venture for gold mines that failed. A few weeks after he came back in early August 1888, on 14 Nov 1888 4pm he was admitted here. Heavily sedated when arrived accompanied by Sir William Withy Gull, physician to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, head of his Masonic Lodge. He died in January this year.
’Gull brought him here himself, the great Gull. Bidwell seemed totally insane, as a savage beast. Kept sedated for protection of self and all. Occasionally produced queer clicking sounds. Then 17 January he fell into a coma. Awoke next morning totally calm and lucid.
Schuyler “What day did Gull die?”
“January 16.”
Did not let him out right away. Started telling us of vivid dreams of alien world but quickly stopped speaking of it. Kept him here until mid February. Butler picked him up and he left.
“I would like your opinion here, Dr. Van DerNort, on what happened here. For I am at a loss…. Healing powers of the mind itself can be amazing but I have no evidence for his sudden recovery.”
Wilhelm discusses the coma being a healing activity.
Campbell says that’s possible. He can see pressures could make a man so driven snap, but to become a savage animal?
Wilhelm brushes off the supernatural and possession as impossible rubbish, but does offer the idea of a Suggestion planted to make him act like he was.
Dr. says he also seemed a total mysoginist afterward. Did hate prostitutes but not women in general.
Jeremy and Schuyler look at each other: He’s the Ripper!
So, Jack the Ripper is throwing a party. That’s not going to be good.
Schuyler “So what did Gull have to do with it?”
Jeremy “It’s like Dr. Jeckyl and his potion.”
Schuyler “Yes, but that’s an odd link, the timing of Gull’s death and his recovery.”
Jeremy “Right, something else was going on with Gull.”

Campbell keeps angling to be invited by Paul to big Masonic Christmas event by Paul. Paul invites him to come to it and be Paul’s guest, spend a few days, do the great fox hunt and tree lighting. He is overjoyed!!!!!! He offers any help and assistance he can ever help us with as a Dr.!!!
A great connection we just made.

See Severn Valley tomb/Roman army story. Rick would know this.

Back to London that evening.

Upon arrival at train station, Paul is flashed the secret Masonic sign. Hands Paul a note and disappears into the crowd. It summons him to Buckingham Palace 8pm tonight.

Paul meets Henry Matthews, Home Secretary, after only 10 minute wait (very short for such an important man). They give each other Masonic sign. Talks about a lot of secret Mason stuff then comes to the point of us visiting the asylum.
Paul “Check on a friend.”
“John Bidwell?”
Paul “Yes.”
“Bidwell is a fellow mason. Not just a mason, he like you and I is a Royal Arch Mason.” That means Paul must keep anything secret, even murder and treason, a secret.
Paul “If something horrible is going on, I can stop it still w/o revealing who.”
“Something was going on, and our late Grand Master Gull put an end to it. I can’t tell you. Stop looking where you’re looking and know that your brothers will keep the situation inhand.”
Paul requests to be brought into the fold, as he could be useful.
That’s all.

Party; Friday March 28

Foggy, clammy, Big Ben chimes in distance. Other carriages there already at the house in St. John’s Wood.
A man inside entrance announces all esteemed guests “The Right and Honorable Earl of Mansauce and Company.”
Lavish house and party: champagne in flutes walked around by servants, chefs carving whole boar, string quarted in a balcony above 3 story ballroom. Bidwell has not appeared at his own party yet. See gov’t officials, business men, Home Secretary Matthews (gives knowing look to Paul).
Also, Maj Henry Smith, commissioner of london cops; plain looking and vivacious woman who offers hand to be kissed Annie Bassent (Theosophists society in America, Investigators spoke to her); Dr of Philosophy William Wynn Wescott of Vice Chairman of Golden Dawn;Florence Farr wizard of Golden Dawn; Robert James Lees (official psychic to court of Queen Victoria); his friend Godfrey Williamson (celebrated psychic); lots of people fawn around shipping magnate Nigel Stander (board of White Star); hrumphy man introduces himself to Paul as Col Albert Hardwick of Her Maj 7th Hussars; 3 talking together dressed more drab than rest: one a Dr friend of Paul works as a writer Arthur (novelist) Paul "I read your latest novel, its quite good’ Conan Doyle “Bases on real life you know, I know this Sherlock” (started writing stories after Holmes’ death) introduces Bram Stoker (says he has uncovered a story that he has to publish as fiction but insists it is based on what really happened) and H.G.Wells (been recently interested in science, has a few concepts experimenting with, including a device to travel into future).
A hush falls over the place, announcer “Mr. Henry Irving and Ellen Terry” 2 celebrated London stage actors.
Walter Sickert, artists.
Painter Aubrey Beardsley.
Wearing a dark cape, bald, shaved head, arcane symbol tatoos on his head: William Robert Woodman founder of Golden Dawn.
Oscar Wilde, with several young men hanging all around him.
Another man, not introduced as they do not know him, but Doyle upon seeing him says “East is east, west is west, and never the twain shall meet. Rudyard nice to see you.”
Paul freaks out to meet him.
We mingle as much as we can.

Clock strikes 9PM. Gaunt, pale, frail man enters hall via main doors. Walks with cane, very old. It’s Bidwell!! Looks 30 years too old.
Smiles and waves shaky hands to crowd. Music and party continue, he starts mingling.
Paul gets to talk to him: he can tell from arm atrophy via straight jacket, and a level of malnutrition also typical for an asylum stay.
He gives short shrift to all the ladies. Asks Paul if he has any interest in occult, Paul says of course.
Invites Paul to a seance afterward. Probably led by Golden Dawn.
Frenchman walking by, actor, recognizes Bif. Bif says “Always glad to meet a fan”.
“Not exactly what I meant. I make a point to know all important artists in my business.” He is August Lumiere, owns largest film studio in Paris. Invites Bif to visit Paris in the near future to shoot an adventure film about the French Foreign Legion, he’d like Bif to be a main character.

11pm Bidwell thanks guests for coming and excuses self. By 11:30 only those invited to seance still there. Paul can bring 2 to seance with him: RC and Jeremy join him. It will be held in Bidwell’s upstairs library. Others can stay and talk downstairs.

13: Bassent, Farr, Wescott, Woodsman, Lees, Williamson, Bidwell, Paul, RC, Jeremy, Doyle, Sir Thomas Rumbelow, Sir John Williams (attending physician to Queen Victoria).

Just before midnight, butler enters library, closes drapes, lights candles and extinguishes gaslights. All seat and he exits room, locking doors behind him. Bidwell enters in black robe and holding crystalin cube. Looks like there is something inside. He puts the cube down "Are you ready to begin? Everyone joins hands.
Starts going on with occult rhetoric but nothing that makes sense, just repeats that he wants to send his mind out to contact “the others”; “Ye Kub Al over and over, Ye Kub, Ye Kub”. For 40 minutes nothing happens. He falls to table exhausted “Thank you my friends but the seance is a failure. If everyone would please leave me now, we can speak again tomorrow.”
Jeremy suggests one of the Golden Dawn members lead it, or the tatoo head man. He is very frustrated, declines and the Dawn members leave. We all go home. Bidwell is going to sleep.
In the ballroom, Schuyler suggests we hang around for the night and keep a watch on things. Jeremy fights tooth and nail to go home and go to bed. The othere agree with Schuyler so Jeremy “Oh, fine, Jesus Christ.”

Schuyler suggests Jeremy hide inside as the rest and us leave and let us in after the help is asleep.
“I did not join this group to get involved in life and death situations.” (ahem)
He grudgingly agrees, almost gets caught in foyer and considers letting it happen, imagines Schuyler yelling at him, so stays hidden against his better judgement. We hide outside.
After butler goes upstairs Jeremy hears a crash, butler “Master, are you all right?” then a lot more crashing.
Jeremy “Ok there’s something going on upstairs and I’m not going myself. Sounds like Bidwell’s breaking things and threatening his butler.”
Find door to library open, lying on floor inside is Bidwell, a slash across chest his lifeblood bubbling out. Wilhelm sees that he is dying, nothing he can do.
Simon “Who stabbed you man?”
“The Master!”
It looks like Bidwell but is the butler “He was acting just like he was before, I found him and I called Mr Matthews…to keep away…now he killed me…” DEAD.
A search of the house:
trapdoor to attic is open a bit, and doorway in back to servant’s kitchen is open.
Simon, Schuyler, Wilhelm to attic; Jeremy, RC and Paul downstairs.

Simon pushes attic door up with sword. They find nothing.
Downstairs find kitchen door open. Tell Jeremy to go back and yell upstairs we found his trail.
Paul and RC outside fast.
A man stands in yard, leaning against the wall. It’s a constable, Paul approaches as RC looks out.
He says “I was ordered to watch the house” by Det Sgt James Mulverhill, “need help” moves his hands from his belly and his stomach is sliced open, guts spill out and he falls dead to ground.
RC starts looking for tracks as a stout looking man steps into alley “Come here, show yourselves.” Shows us his badge, has a revolver.
“We were at party.”
“And you killed a constable?” Tell him it wasn’t us, has had this place staked out because he thought Bidwell was trouble.
He tries to get us back into house thinking we did it, we say the real killer is getting away your helping him. Mansauce throws his noble weight around and he says he’s going to search the house while we continue on.
He gives no response to Paul’s Mason sign. “Leave, all of you”.
As we leave, he puts his hands on Paul’s shoulders and puts his hand on Paul’s shoulders and gives him a masonic sign. Tells the rest of us to leave but for Paul. We do.
“What are you doing here?”
Paul quickly explains.
“I need to make some changes to the evidence in there. Get your friends to leave and come in with me.”
He does.
RC, with Schuyler’;s help, is able to follow a couple blood traces. We are pretty sure he’s heading for Lime House (aka Chinese district).
We continue on.

Back at the house

He thinks its Bidwell. Paul says its not. He insists it must be “I recognize him, this is Bidwell. That means he was murdered by his butler, the butler did it! Then my poor bobby out there was killed in the escape attempt.”
Knock at front door. He answers and its a man in street clothes, late 40’s with another man late 30’s. Insp Cleveland and Sgt Craig. Say they got an anonymous tip John Bidwell had been murdered.
“We’ve just gotten here. You can trust this man, Paul Warrington the XVII, Earl of Mansause, he is impeccable. You 2 search the downstairs, quickly. Upstairs to Paul “Find anything here that could incriminate us (masons)”.
They take the masonic ring off of Bidwell’s body. Paul finds his journal in library and pockets it.
Cop yells “We found the body, its up here.”

Find nothing all night in Limehouse. Meet at Paul’s. In morning look at journal. Starts 2 October 1887, Australia, looking for gold with partner.
Found crystal artifact cube, metal disc in center with unusual markings. Got it from an old aboriginal. Found by his ancestor in desert. Raved about a city of giants beneath the sand. Was told for family to guard it through generations. Old man would not let anyhone gaze at it. So he shot the man dead! Took it, the group slaughtering many natives to get it away.
December: one member has been trying to get them to return the cube, but look for lost treasure of giants.
Young Mortimer tries to steal it so got a beating.
November, London: found cube packed in trunk, had forgotten all about everything.
Nothing until this year,
Finally, free of his prison in Yekub.
None of us know of Yekub at first, Wilhelm then says Yekub is a planet ruled by a race of intelligent worms wholly evil.
Simon: “I may have seen one of them under the earth from the asylum.”
Last entry day of party. Seeks to return to Yekub, his ‘home’.

The crystal was not in the house, its missing.

Archie suggests Paul talk to Home Secretary again.
So something switched places with Bidwell, and the worm thing Bidwell was Jack the Ripper.

Diary says he was at a ball all night for 2 Ripper murders, including the double murder! All circumstantial evidence adds up but now, it’s not him! He was a gibbering worm but it was up to something else. It must be intelligent, and kept journal and pretending to be him. The body in his worm was around doing things as him during the murders.
Suddenly that last evening he went savage crazy.

Gull died of a stroke. Died in his sleep overnight.

Sunday March 30

A little checking by Jeremy today shows Bidwell was present at the other engagements during those 2 murders. Bidwell certainly thought he was the Ripper, and so do the Masons in the know.
Paul sends letter to Mulverhill we have proof Bidwell wasn’t Jack the Ripper.

He sends a note to the house that night to come to Scotland Yard right away.
Tells us to talk to a young Chinaman named Lee Tsao. Translater present.
Kid says saw white man, sound like the butler, walking in warehouse district of Limehouse. They decided to rob him. The man grinned, savagely cut one’s throat and snapped another’s neck. Lee fled screaming and cops picked him up. This just happened earlier tonight. They are going to investigate and want us along. Insp Cleveland says we can go. Mulverhill is not, has to talk to superiors at Masons about new info. They need to cover up any evidence that they did any tampering.

The kid said they saw the man come from a warehouse which we are going to raid. We all burst inside. Its half empty, not used a lot. Body lies crumpled on floor. It’s the butler, Hanson Bartlet. Strangled.
Wilhelm “It’s like a body snatcher.” Find a sleeping area.
Lantern beside blankets, and several books: World and Brit history, industrial and science history and astronomy. All stuff a worm not from around here would want. All from British Museum.
Checked out the day before, but for a couple special collection books that must have been stolen.
So, this isn;t the worm that was in Bidwell before, so needs info on world. It took a new body and strangled the butler. Tossing the place finds no other evidence.
Back to square one again.
Wilhelm finds one book different, as stolen one from the locked stacks “The Pnekotic Manuscript”!!! 1/3 complete, 2/3 of edition destroyed long ago.
Hear a ruckus outside, and police whistle. Chinese woman struggles with a bobby. He looks up, yells “I found her trying to sneak in!” She writhes and squirms, the cop gasps, drops the girl and runs. Body switch!!
We yell for the bobby’s to chase but they make for the girl, now the bobby.
Schuyler jumps out window and starts to hoof it. The other rush downstairs.
Wilhelm stops at chinese woman. Cop says “its me, its me, get…me!” In her pocket, is the cube!

A long chase until Schuyler trips it up with a thrown winchester. He dives on its back so that it doesnt look at him, pins it and slugs it a couple times 3/7. It slips out but some chinese had gathered and they stop it. Schuyler gut punches for 3, headlocks and they all carry it back to warehouse.
Unfortunately, questioning back at cop shop, it switched with one of the chinamen when they grabbed it!!

Home to sleep. Find Godfried Williamson waiting for us. Very nervous, keeps taking snuff. Been having visions since Bidwell’s murder. Cleveland refused to listen to him so came to talk to us:
strongest vision something to do with Duncan or Duggan, make him nauseous. Sees faceless men in his visions clearly but feels they see him all to clearly. They carry axes.
Schuyler “Tongs?”
In England, they call them Triads.

March 31

Very early morning. Loud knocking at door, butler answers and wakes us all up, Godfried is back again.

Schuyler “Another vision tonight?”
Did reading of tarot cards when he got home, they indicated Bidwell and the seance, he says there is something we missed.
Fog is dense, its quite chilly.
Go to big table, Williamson produces his tarot and pulls the Hermit and describes its meaning, but knows not what it means to us.
Suddenly door opens, and several figures walk in, all the others from seance but Bidwell. They were all drawn here by visions.
After they all enter, door shuts on its own and lock clicks.
Schuyler “Is this normal?”
Repeat of seance, lights off, figure comes from den. Throws back hood nad its bidwell!
“There are forces greater than life and death. I’ve summoned you back here to show you the fruits of your labor” then pulls a crystal out. WIlhelm withdraws the other. Smoke of candles thicken, funelling into wall, forming a tunnel into infinity 10’ across.
He steps to opening and says “This is the key!”

Schuyler fires winchester 11. He grasps neck, the rotten shell of a man opens and one of the worms comes out.
Red Cloud, Simon,and Paul are at gate and attack it. RC miss; Simon hits 11; Paul crits 20 DEAD horrible nasty smelling ichor bubbles out, they writhe in death throws for several moment.
More worms coming from portal.
Red Cloud “How do we close it! Golden Dawn, Wilhelm, close it!!” The seance membes, led by Golden Dawn, chant and the gate closes.
Screaming outside, we look out window and see hundreds of the worms all over, crawling up buildings and down streets.
We charge into street hacking and shooting. They overtake us, pincers ripping us to pieces until….

We startle awake in bed. It’s that same morning. A knock at the door, its Godfried! Had a horrible nightmare, same as us. Feels it was a warning.
Another knock, the 3 golden dawn members, same dream. Soon the entire seance is gathered horrified and drinking brandy.
An alien invasion is coming.
Doyle “maybe the clue is in the dream. Afterall they did close the tunnel.”
Red Cloud “But then they were outside.”
“Maybe that was just to show you what would happen if we had failed.”
“Otherwise, where were they coming from.”
We closed the portal with the chant of the seance members. They say they chanted seance backwards, the chant that Bidwell did at original seance. We need to find out what he originally said."
“We need to pull it out of someone’s memory.”
Wilhelm is trained but does not believe himself to be great at it, but he tries. Otherwise, a Golden Dawn member perhaps.
He hypnotizes Williamson.
Yakub al nekron gharsh, Yakub arsh Necron, Klatu……

We write as he says it. Williamson says with eyes that have lost all sanity! It broke his mind. Golden Dawn hypnotist rehypnotizes him to forget all he experiences and he recovers in due time.
So, hiding in Limehouse. Williamson keeps having a vision of someone with blood on his hands, and these faceless men are constantly moving to shield him. The bloody man then turns into a wormlike centipede. This vision was last night. While he was insane, he had another, a great yellow dragon snorting fire, bathed in blinding smoke.
Schuyler “Maybe it took control of a Triad leader, and the Triad are shown protecting because they don’t know.”
A voice outside the room speaks, Sgt. Cleveland and Insp. Craig of cops.
Cleveland “You knows there is a restaurant that uses a dragon like that as its symbol” as they walk in.
Simon “What brings you 2 here?”
“WIlliamson came to the station babbling about monsters this morning, left. I didn’t believe him but followed him cause he was acting crazy. I’ve heard most of what you said. I’m not saying I believe any of it but I think if there is even one chance of a million we should do something about it.
He suggests a Chinatown visit today. Knows he saw symbol there before but not where exactly.

Breakfast is made for all. We leave for Chinatown. We stop at a pub nearby while Jeremy gathers information on the streets. He starts by 11 am.
We lunch, for by 1pm still no word from Jeremy.
Closer look at Pnakotic Manuscript:
Mentions psychic alien race using cubes to travel, cone being hid the device they found, for the worms use it to gain a foothold and later somehow swarm across space and invade the world.
At least parts of it are different from the investigator’s manuscript, Archie will say later when we show it to him.
We get word it is taking longer than expected. We invite the cops to dinner.
It is 7:30 in the evening before he returns with the word: House of the Yellow Dragon.
Schuyler “Really?”
Hidden down an alley, and is a front for an opium den. It is run by the Tong.
Schuyler “I knew it.”
Back to Paul’s to change into fighting clothes, then off to chinatown.
The cops will be in plain clothes, working class folk. We go in dressed like tuffs.
Lots of foot traffic, a dragon parade, sailors. Old man beggar, Jeremy notices after we pass that he says something to a street urchin who then run off and out of sight. Jeremy figures a cutpurse gang.
Then a stone bridge arching over an alley and sewer. As we are crossing, 4 young chinese step out at other end, blocking our path. Another 4 step out behind. They do this unobtrusively that only Jeremy notices. All have hands inside their padded jacket.
Jeremy to Schuyler and Simon next to him “We have company, chinese guys”. We stop until we are alone on bridge, as they let others pass.
Jeremy “I think they’re getting ready to jump us.” He offers to talk to them in Chinese, Schuyler suggests he try to talk them down. Maybe they don’t know who we are, but are concerned what strangers like us are doing here.
The leader pulls his hatchet in Chinese “We are gold dragon Tong. You tell them we need coin, payed, to let them pass.”
“How much?”
“1 gold sovereign a piece or you face our wrath.” Jeremy knows if you are going to be a member of the Tong, you must have a tattoo. Jeremy sees, as he flashes his hatchet, he has the tattoo but it is faded in places. It’s henna, fake!
Jeremy “We’d be happy to pay, if you were truly Golden Dragons.”
“Show him.” They do. All henna.
Jeremy “Let me see that.”
He does, Jeremy spits on it and wipes it off!
Jeremy calls their bluff again, bringing up the Tong’s wrath the comes to fakers.
They threaten to kill us anyway if we don’t pay.
Jeremy points out Red Cloud to them “He’s a savage warrior from the Americas and he won’t give his money up to someone whose scalp he’ll freely add to his collection.”
Schuyler says to tell them from this bridge, one of us can easily get away to tell the Tong of their offense. And if even one of us does, it’s curtains for them.
They relent.
Couple blocks later, Jeremy sees a couple of definite Tong who likely send word that we are here, but it may be that we are only strangers.
Next, street ahead narrows some. Traffic is about a third, and too many are simply lounging around waiting for something. Too few old folks/women.
Jeremy elbows Schuyler, who starts whistling a sad western ballad, his warning to the rest of us.
Between Jeremy and Schuyler they spot 8 total, staggered down the road, furthest wearing a cloak.
We prepare for a fight, Jeremy offers to try to tell them we are only heading for the opium den.
“Why are you and your men here seemingly waiting to ambush us.”
He says bring your men here and we’ll talk about it."
Jeremy says we don’t look forward to being surrounded, we’re just here for a good time.
He goes for Jeremy and grapples him, putting a wicked knife to Jeremy’s throat yelling to us in English “Dropee yu weapons, I cut head off!”
Jeremy quick as can be slithers free! He races back amidst us. Cops charge first 2, Sgt hits 4 , insp 8. Schuyler hits next down line 11;
Furthest throws open his cloak revealing 2 .45’s. Fires 3 shots: first hits rear chinaman, second crits him DEAD, third shot hits next rear guy 11. He yells “Drop those weapons, you’re all under arrest!” It’s the Mason Sgt. from the party house.
Paul helps Cleveland 9. Red Cloud bulrushes the tong in the middle of the road back toward the Sgt in the rear..
Schuyler is hit 6 and is charged 2; leader flanks RC and hits 7; cops are missed.
Simon moves to the Inspector’s man and hits 14.
Street empties of all but baddies fast.
Schuyler hits 6; RC turns on the leader 12/10 w/ tomohawks; The Sgt kills rear guy.
2 on Schuyler miss/3; leader on RC hits 3; Inspector kills his.
SImon rushes at the untouched on Schuyler and hits 15.
Schuyler crits 15 DEAD; cops rush in and Sgt hits 6/Inspector misses other on Schuyler and Simon. Paul rushes to the leader and hits 11; RC hits 7/8; shooter Sgt.hits RC’s for 8.
Tong who is surrounded hits Inspector 5; the leader shouts in Chinise something Jeremy says is “All hale Jukshabb (?)!” and misses RC.
Simon hits 16 DEAD; RC hits leader 9; Schuyler charges and misses him; Paul hits him 9 DEAD.
END Fight.

Paul “Mulverhill, what are you doing here?”
Still protecting Mason secrets, says appears red handed monster is not what we think it was (i.e. the Ripper).
He came for the sake of the widow’s son. Paul acknowledges, and he disappears into the alley.
Wilhelm says ‘Jukshabb was a purple cone, smoking into a sphere in mid air like translucent ivory. Maybe a god, old one. Does appear on material planes here and there, so it is written’.
ed by the worms of Yekub.’
So these Tong are worshipping this being perhaps.

We continue, streets we go on are empty.
Ahead, the House of the Yellow Dragon. Pic of dragon is faded, but the name is in Chinese on the outside.
We enter and are greeted by Matre di. “Honorable sirs, how may I assist you this evening?”
We say we wish to ‘chase the dragon’. There are no tables, only booths with curtains. From inside we hear other noises but eating. It’s a brothel.
Past one corridor and another, feel like we go in a circle and he opens a booth. curtain. 2 6’ tall shirtless, rolly polly chubby Chinamen. He pulls a rope and the back wall opens “Enter and go upstairs.”
We do. A long corridor ends in a door.
Forward we go, no door know so we knock. Panel opens, beady eyes peer out, and it opens. Guang Lun is the man, a huge guy, bigger than the 2 guards put together; long single braid of hair to waste; from neck down totally covered in tattoos.
Jeremy “Fine tattoos.”
He tells us to leave weapon on the shelves and wracks, so we do. He motions us through another door, same as last. The man looks past us at Guang then opens the door. It’s 10 shillings/man and we are in.
Fairly large room w/ bunkbeds on the walls. Asians, whites and even a few blackmen are here, many sailors. Some asleep, some awake. Several old men and old crones walk around and supply the users.
Huge statue of Buddha against one wall. Jeremy rubs his belly for luck. An old man waves for us to come to one corner, and we are given a pipe by an old woman.
We look around, but no obvious way to go further.
Couple more sailors arrive after 15 minutes.
30 minutes, and a gentleman arrives w/ a giggling young Chinese girl, maybe 14 and they get a bunk, pulling a curtain after a few round of pipe.
45 minutes pass, then an hour, several have now left, some KO’d Chinese ones are carried out by real Gold Dragon Tong toughs. They stack them in the alley to make room, but not the whites as that would cause trouble.
Hour and a half now, it’s about 1am says Paul’s watch. More are leaving than coming in. We fake like we’re asleep.
At 2 and half hours, man w/ a long stemmed pipe pokes each of us. Jeremy is keeping the closest lookout, fooling the man while still watching. Jeremy sees the man move his hand on the wall, a hole opens and someone says something to him, then it closes. He charges another pipe for another customer.
Inspector, Paul and SImon is feeling the effects of the place, -1 to int/wis/dex. Wilhelm is -2 each.
We hear a creaking, Jeremy sees the Buddha moving aside revealing a room, a weird machine withing, lots of moving parts, sparks and a strange odor, high pitched sound whirring and humming.
Jeremy taps Schuyler in bunk above “I think we gotta get out of here”.
3 men step out of machine room, walking toward us. One with a strange gait = the worm!!
Jeremy acts like he startles awake, grabbing his head like he is having a bad reaction.
Worm guy "Wait my friends, you have something that I wish to purchase from you. If you are willing to deal you will leave here unharmed and healthy. Refuse, you will not leave this room alive. Main door opens and about a dozen hatchetmen enter, taking the customers out of the room.
We all get up, our jig up.
“The fewer that witness our transaction the better. You have the cube.”
Jeremy “We don’t have a cube.”
“Yes you do. I know it’s with you. Do not try my patience”
He snaps his finger, a line of 10 beautiful maidens, 1 white; 1 black; rest chinese, nude but for sheer silk tops.
“What do you desire? Any dream you have ever had we can fulfill. Unlimited drugs, women, gold.”
We conjecture that he can’t take it from us, that he has to be given it willingly for some reason. He says we are fools, snaps his finger, and more guards enter.
Wilhelm “It appears we are at an impass.”
SImon “Clearly we will not give you the cube.”
Wilhelm “And clearly you will not take it from us.”
Paul offers him to let us leave, and we won’t kill you right now.
At the entrance is the monster of a man from the previous room. We are backed into one corner, the 3 bodyguards directly across from us w/ the worm. Behind them the other guards.
Another secret door opens and a tall Chinaman with long fingernails like talons walks out. In a mild mannered voice "Now you shall feel the wrath of Lo Ping.
Jeremy “That’s the head of the Tong, he usually operates out of America.”
One of the guards goes to him, telling him of the new god they found to worship on Earth. Lo Ping’s hand cuts, and the guards head falls followed by the body “I AM YOUR GOD ON EARTH.”
Another says as they back up “Master, you don’t understand. This is gar greater than you, anyone.”
Lo Ping stares at him, slowly waves one hand back and forth, shows him his palm, and the man’s heart stops instantly.
“Those of you that are left will back away and allow the white devils to leave” to us now “The cube, if you don’t mind. I have means to destroy it, do you?”
Paul “No.”
“Than either give it to me, or follow me. In intend to rule this world, not the worms. Come to me, now.”
The worm man to Lo Ping"You used to be the power here, now I am! Kill them all!!"
Lo PIng “Ching Ri forward!” A double line of men race into the room from where he came from. Each has a right ear that is only ragged flesh, all different races. 10 total
Jeremy says there are only rumors of the Ching Ri. The most feared of his minions, fanatical assassins. Orphans taken young from worst slums on earth, to secret mountain citadel where they are trained. Final test is their right ear is nailed to a post, they must rip away from it. Anyone who cries out are instantly killed. Each is trained in 2 weapon fighting, sword in each hand, also carry a revolver.
The hatchetmen and the Ching Ri clash, the assassins taking a quick and obvious upper hand.
it’s us against worm and his 3 main guys. Schuyler pulls out his boot knife, handing it to RC. Jeremy gives his hidden dagger to Paul. More men come file in every round or 2, but they all go for the Ching Ri.
He sends his 2 bodybuard hatchetmen and the huge tong who has a sword at us first.
Simon goes for the Hulk swordsman with bare hands, but one of the assassins tosses him a sword, perfect throw and perfect catch of a Chinese butterfly sword, and hits 11.
Another hatchetman races in through the main door “Kill the Ching Ri!” faking out the hatchetmen who he then kills 2 of “I am here master, it is Lee Ho Phuk!” He joins the fray.
Paul attacks guard 2 and hits 8.
Lo PIng turns 2 hatchetmen on each other, who fight themselves. Jeremy heads for the door, hoping to get to our equipment.
Worm stares down Paul, who is dazed for 1 round. Guard 2 hits Paul twice 11 total. Simon is hit 8/miss. Inspector helps Simon w/ brawl miss; Sgt Cleveland helps Paul brawls 4; last guard hatchets RC 3/4/miss.
Jeremy and Wilhelm continue down hallway, door is open. No one is there. They reach the weapons. The door out of there to the downstairs flies open, and the Mulverhill comes hurtling through the air and smashes into the wall. A large man appears, not as bit as Hulk fightng Simon but big, with no weapons just bare hands.
Mulverhill fires 2 bullets, missing twice, emptying one gun.
Simon hits Hulk 8; Paul is dazed; Worm casts at Paul again but fails, Paul is now back as well; SImon is hit twice by Hulk 5/13; Guard 2 ignores Paul and goes at the cop but misses twice; RC hits 9/Schuyler 3; he attacks RC 3 times miss/miss/4.
Mulverhill fires 9/miss “Get weapons to your friends I’ll hold him off.”
They grab weapons and move into the hall. Hulk Jr attacks Mulverhill for 4.
Simon hits Hulk 10; Paul hits guard 7; Worm tries to daze Paul again but fails; Hulk on Simon hits twice 26 but (card) he is instantly healed; guard 2 stay son Clevelend 3/3/miss; Cleveland fumbles; Insp hits 5; RC misses, Schuyler hits 7/miss; Guard 1 attacks RC 5/4/3.
Mulverhill follows us but turns and shoots at Hulk Jr hit 8; Hulk Jr rushes Mulvahill and hits 8.
Simon misses; Paul hits; Paul makes save again vs Daze; Hulk vs Simon hits 13/5; Guard 2 attacks Paul miss/6/miss; Cleveland recovers from fumble; Inspector misses; RC hits 11; Guard 1 vs RC hits 3 time for 19.
Mulverhill retreats 5’ through doorway and hits Hulk Jr. 13; Jeremy tosses Schuyler his rifle who catches and aims at Worm. Jeremy moves to behind our line. Wilhelm moves and hands Simon his Long Sword. Hulk Jr full attacks Mulverhill miss/9; Simon drops the butterfly sword and attacks now with his own sword 16; Paul hits guard 2 for 7; Schuyler hits Worm 12 as he casts at Paul again, ruining his spell; Hulk vs Simon hits 8/9; Guard vs Paul miss/miss/miss; Insp. hits Hulk 3; Cleveland hits 5; RC hits 7; he attacks RC 4/4/miss, RC w/ card heals all damage.
Mulverhill uses his brawl/Mart.Arts as well now vs Hulk Jr 4/crit 22 KO’d; Jeremy moves to give Paul his saber; Simon hits again with longsword 20 on Hulk; Wilhelm moves to RC w/ tomohawks; Paul now with his saber miss; Schuyler hits Worm 17; he draws a pistol and fires twice 10/miss; Guard 2 vs Paul miss/miss/miss; Insp. gets his club and pistol from Wilhelm; Cleveland misses; RC hits 9/8; he attacks RC 8/miss/ 4.
Mulverhill reloads; Jeremy gives Cleveland his stick and pistol; Simon helps RC and hits 12; Paul his guard 2 for 7; Schuyler hits Worm 11; he charges Schuyler but misses his touch attack, he’s trying to transfer himself; Guard 2 vs Paul 5/6/miss; Cleveland clubs Paul’s guard 7; Insp aims at Worm; RC misses/misses; he attacks RC 3/3/miss; Mulverhill readies at Worm; Jeremy shoots Worm w/ derringer 6; Simon on RC’s again hits 12 DOWN; Schuyler hits Worm 19; Insp hits7 DOWN; Mulverhill hits 10/6;; Guard on Paul 3/miss/miss; DEAD!.Cleveland hits Paul’s 8, RC hits him 12; the guard vs Paul miss/3/miss.
Jeremy’s derringer hits Paul’s 11 DEAD.
Now only 6 assassins left with Lo Ping. “Ah, my faithful enemies, together we must still save our planet for our species. Can you sense it? The great evil on the other side of that wall.”
Feels like a black hole of evil on the other side of the wall in the machine room. Simon, concentrating, can feel it. He wants to test its power by sending one of his men inside. He rushes loyally into the room, his head just explodes withing seconds.
Schuyler wants to blow the room up, but Lo Ping wants to see what it looks like. He puts a mirror on a stick, and sends for a bunch of his other lackeys from downstairs who converted back to him upon his arrival. Mostly women. He has one step intothe room and angle the mirror just right, and is immediately killed.
It is a huge sphere, about 9’ in diameter. Just sitting there as if balanced atop a silver pyramid.
Lo “There is a god there what do we do. Do you have dynamite?”
Paul “No.”
Schuyler “I have something better, detonite. 2 packs.”
Lo says we can’t kill it, may even "outlive me. It’t trying to take us over and its getting stronger by the minute, as is its radius of influence. Its halfway across the room.
He says we have 5 minutes to destroy it. We must put the explosives on the pyramid.
Schuyler explains you simply set the charge, turn the know and it goes off in 30 seconds.
We discuss how to do this, Lo says everyone needs to go, to give it many targets, the second rank has the charges.
It’s our 6, Mulvahill and the 5 assassins. He’s willing to send 3 of his in the first wave, Mulvahill volunteers as well as Jeremy and Schuyler. Jeremy and Schuyler have the explosives.
First wave charges, Jeremy makes the save to be controlled. Then Mulvahill fails the save and drops to the ground, snorring. Then Jeremy again makes the save! Assassin 2 fails, and his head explodes; then assassin 3 fails and takes 22 damage DOWN.
Paul leads the second wave in.
Assassin 1 on first wave makes save. Then WIlhelm in takes 20, assassin in 2nd rank DEAD; then Schuyler is slowyed.
Now assassin in 2nd row takes 22 DEAD;.
Explosives are put on and set. RC grabs Mulverhill. Simon drags Schuyler with him. Just then, Lo Ping steps around the corner and starts firing mental blasts at it. It directs its energy at him until he is down.
First attack fails; second fails; third fails; fourth fails; fifth fails; sixth does 21 damage, but Lo makes threshold save; 7th fails and deals 16 damage; 8th attack fails; 9th attack fails; 10th and last attack fails. He holds it back the entire time!! We get out of the room.
First explosion does 26, second 21. The blast stuns the god!
Simon charges in. He feels his mind throbbing, trying to make sense of what happened as it keeps missing his mind.
Schuyler starts firing the winchester. His DR is difficult to breech. Simon starts hacking away at it.
A bunch of us rush the machine to start ripping it apart.
Lo Ping starts to try to probe its mind, to stun it longer.
On round 5, men of Lo Ping arrive with 3 shotguns w/ 6 shells each. Mulverhill is awake now and gets one, as does Paul and the Inspector. They start firing.
The whole room shudders after round 5, costing all 1d4 sanity.
Lo Ping “The monster is afraid!”
Another d6 sanity all around. We hears screams from even downstairs as people loose sanity. Pieces are falling off the building.
Lo “The creature is terrified!”
After the 8th round of a Simon hit, 2 crits from Schuyler, and all shotguns hitting it implodes into nothingness.
Another d10-4 sanity.
All allow sanity checks for half.
We gain 2d8 and 1d10 however for completion.

The building stops shaking.

Lo Ping honors the deal. He insists we leave last, and wants 5 minutes before we leave after as “It will be safer for you that way.”
We listen.

April 1, 1890

We hear news body of cop who is in the woman’s body was found in the Thames, dead.


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