The Monster Hunters of Down Cthulhu

Horror in Cannoch

April 3

Theo, Jack Burton, Father Jon arrive at Paul’s house in London.
Greetings all around, whiskey and brandy is served.
Theo and Wilhelm swap information about the Scotland case.

April 4

We say our goodbyes to Bif before getting train north. He’ll be sailing back to the states before we return. We tell him to look up Westinghouse in NY if ever has the chance and wants to fight more evil, and Red Cloud mentions the Washington Gang now operating again in the American West. Give letter of intro for Outlaws and Investigators.

Train ride to Inverness.
It’s a 30 mile trip on bad roads to Cannoch. We secure horses for the next day.
Spend the night in Inverness.

April 5

Early morning, leave for Invernes.

While passing Constables office, notice wanted poster for a man calling himself Belfagore wanted for murder and kidnapping in Inverness.

Paul goes in to inquire, dropping Lt. Mulverhill’s name. Inspector calls London, speaks to the Lt., and returns to talk to Paul.
“Wanted in several Balkan countries and Germany for ritual murders, they say. We know he’s in Scotland for at least 3 weeks, but not when he got here. Seen in Inverness. There was a disappearance, young girl, found mutilated, lungs ripped out, in hills above the cemetery. Last seen talking to a foreign gentleman. Description used to draw a likeness.
We checked registries at local hotels and one had Belfagore. We matched that name with wanted people in Europe. The name stuck out. His wanted poster sent here was virtually identical to ours.
We have several inspectors who are hot on the trail. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from them for a couple weeks.” They were under cover so I have raised no alarm yet.
He hopes they are not under ground, one of them is particularly good.

April 6

Theo finds a reference to Santrane in a book about witchcraf. March 1620 Ann D. Santrane arrested in Inverness for witchcrafta t 17 years old, lively, intilligent, unusually pretty.
Held for a year, tortured 3 times; on Oct. 18 1622 burned at the stake.
Ann D. Santrane in Edinburk 1745 reference: teenager arrested for withcraft; released later that year upon order of a local justice. He follows up on his name: Helmut Grossman!!!

Article about Hancock arriving from Africa. Adam Chisolm his friend arrived with him, suffered a breakdown in Africa. Tabloid interview related an encounter with giant blood sucking worms.
Absolutely no mention of an American dig, or any other dig, near Cannoch. Strange.

Church research, Jon:
Finds only deed that has been in name of Hancock a house in Cannoch, another under name of Linda McArthur
Hundred years ealier both lands had been under name of McArthur but taken for tax purposes.

April 7

We leave for Cannoch. Arrive in early evening. Not much to the town.
1 store
1 inn, a postmaster who is also the town clerk.
1 constable
1 church

We hit the King’s Head Inn first. Greeted by owner Fergus MacGinnis. Already have several people staying here. They can do 4 rooms, 2 beds a piece.
We will take 3, putting 3 of us in each room.
We get dinner, good shephard’s pie, and porters and whiskey.
Jeremy and Paul makes the rounds talking to people in the common area, looking for info on who’s also in town. About a dozen people in here drinking and such.
Red Cloud asks Simon if he wants to take a walk after dinner, explore the street(s) and the vicinity.
“Good idea. Father Jon, would you like to join us?” He does.
They leave.
Schuyler, Theo, and Jack keep lightly drinking here in case of trouble.

Hear a noise, they turn to investigate. A wooden wolf’s head on a cane sticks out of the foliage. A head appears, hair wild and shaggy; bushy beard unkempt.
“I’d naught be wandering around these parts at night. YOu got to fear the werewolves. The wolves, they come down from the hills and they take sheep. And they take the foreigners too. Told my lord about them, that’s why I have no fear, for my lord keeps them from me.”
Simon “Who’s youre lord?”
“Azadot, Azadot the great.”
He lives at his home, back at Ian’s place, on his farm; MacGlennon. My shack is up against his barn. This guy has lived here his whole life, everyone knows him. “When Azadot comes I’ll have him eat Ian last. I promised I won’t have Azadot come, I promised her.”
SImon “Promised who?”
“Nooo, I can’t tell you that..” Says she’s pretty.
Simon “Is her name Santrane?”
“No, I’m talking about Annie, I’m sweet on Annie.”
RC “Does she live with Ian?”
“She was staying at the hotel.”
Not still there, then she moved in with Ian. No one else with her or living with Ian, he says.
Simon “Any other strangers in town recently?”
“Not that I’m gonna tell you.”
He turns and disappears into the woods, striking some brush and cuts the brush off like a blade.

Jack notices at inn, guy comes down the steps a bit furtively; dressed in very upper mid class clothes but very wrinkled; beard is a bit unshaven at the lighter parts. He motions for Maggie the barmaid and whispers something to her. She gets a meat pie and tankard of ale, pitcher of water all on a tray which he takes upstairs quickly after looking around.
Jack intercepts him casually at bottom of stairs “Hello there friend, why drink upstairs by yourself. Come over there with me and my friends.”
The man responds rushed about not feeling well “I really should just stay in my room”.
Jack does not press him and he rushes up.
Jack to Maggie asks who he was.
“Oh, that’s Andrew Kennedy, the eminent archaeologist from Edinburg. An expert in Scottish and English archaeology.”
He tells the others. Schuyler goes up to her.
She does not know for what particular reason he is here for.
She can’t remember how long he has been here, a little while.
Schuyler “You don’t remember his arrival?”
Jack “Well that’s weird.”
Jack and Schuyler go to talk to the owner. Says the guy has been here for about a month. Everyone knows what he’s doing here: working on the dig; not a big deal but interesting around here cause nothing ever happened.
Says this foreigner named Hancock came to town with his friend and bought a house in the country. Found something, did a lot of walking and reading stuff after. Talked to Father McBride who showed him an old manuscript. Next thing he’s out digging in hills and finds old Roman ruins.
Called the professor here to help. Hancock and friend went back to Africa it seems though he must have left straight from home. Prof has barely come out of his room but for necessities since Hancock disappeared.
House is about 6 miles SW down Cannich river. Dig is on Loch Mullardoch.
Random meetings:

Allistair MacGillivray: school teacher on extended holiday from lowlands. Not trusted around here by the highlanders. About 40. Knows some archaeology, and in awe about this famous one is here. He has read one of his books, pretty good he says.

Andrew and Jamie MacWarrie: live in small village called Latrey to south near dig. They look like trouble; about 27 and 30; strong and look like trouble. They are here cause there is no bar where they live, but have a long ride home. Have to get up early for work, they run the dig. Hancock left money for us to keep going, we are to store anything we find. Old man upstairs is supposed to be leading but he hasn’t been back for a week/week and a half.
They don’t know why he hasn’t come back and they say he’s heading back for Edinboro soon as he’s done with his notes.
Tommy Hayes: sits at table by himself; up here from England for work; none of your business why here, he retorts. He just likes Scotland and people. Breaks off conversation with Jeremy and goes up to his room.
Sees that he has a gun in a shoulder holster as the man gets up.

Guys who left arrive back and tell of their encounter. We go to our rooms.
Theo, Wilhelm, Jeremy stop at the Professor’s room.
Wilhelm knocks “I’m a doctor of the occult, diseases and the supernatural.”
He opens the door.He questions why there are 3 of us, then lets us in.
Offers scotch, Wilhelm accepts.
“What are you doing here in this small town and why do you want to talk to me?”
Jeremy “We’re here because we heard about he dig.”
We drop Hancock’s name and Theo has the letter from his nephew.
He says too much weird stuff going on he says, he just lets loose. KNows Hancock did not leave, he has disappeared. The prof is afraid the same will happen to him if he is here much longer.
“Someone wants something from that dig site. On the north shore of loch Mullardoch. Henry and Adam were looking there.”
He had a latin manuscript he found in Inverness, then long talk with McBride who showed his own book that had more in it.
That led him to the site on which to dig. He thought it was a temple of Azathog, found traces of Picts but nothing like we were looking for until a few days before they disappeared; 2 human skeletons with Roman armor and weapons and human like reptiles. we had never seen before. That night, the 3 of us saw a huge slimey creature, like a krakon, near the shore of the loch near the dig. Henry sent a letter to US and stopped work; uncrated his elephant guns. Few days later Adam disappeared, then Henry.
“The site’s shut down.”
Uh, no its not.
The prof says he himself heard Hancock tell them to shut down the site!!
Said he needed to talk to someone in London, “Had a weird name.”
Theo “Archimedes?”
“Yes, Archimedes Brown. Hancock said he needed help from a particular man, a Dr. Rathbone.” Knows of a Rathbone, but he’s a specialist in Africa and to an extent the middle east.
Says he’s leaving tomorrow.
Jeremy explains we have some experience with these sorts of weird incidents.
Theo asks if he may read his notes in detail.
“They can’t leave this room.”
Theo “No, right here, tonight.” He agrees.
Jeremy wants some of us to stay here in the room with him anyway.
This prof is not happy with the McWarrie bros., haven’t liked them since the beginning.
He’s willing to stay up another couple hours to take THeo through some of his original notes rather than reading his thorough notebook.
Jack stays with Theo.
At 11:00, Maggie knocks with with a snack. Theo asks why she wouldn’t remember when he arrived or how long he’s been here.
He says she was sick for about a week not long ago, no one saw here as she recovered.
Jack tells him to deny her nicely. He does and she leaves.
Finally a bit after midnight he goes to look at the time and realizes his watch is missing. He knows he had it before he went downstairs. Not sure if he has had it since then. It was his father’s.
It can help to have a personal item in order to cast a spell on someone.
Jack leans to Maggie.
Theo asks Jack to remember his steps, as they were very precise in his rush, when he came downstairs. Jack says he was near only Maggie.
Prof “I did bump into someone, now that you mention it. That Englishman staying in a room down the hall. Tom Hayes.”
Jack “Wang, stay here.”
Jack goes to our rooms. Gets SImon up and explains. Simon gets Paul and RC up, the muscle, to go down to Hays’ room.
No response to the knock. It is locked. No noise.
They quickly get Jeremy. He picks it fast.
Send Jeremy to check downstairs for Maggie
A search finds nothing unusual at all. In fact, oddly little personal items but a box fo .38 shells and cloths.
She is there, nothing unusual. He asks about Hays, she says they just left with the MacQuery bros.
Unfortunately, they mount up and ride SW. Jeremy returns.
Kennedy says we should talk to the local Dr. He is a scholar and close friend of Hancock. It was he that originally made the suggestion that they needed outside help. And Ian MacDonald, who is a friend. Owns a farm in town of Cozy Lodge. He is a local authority on….local stuff.
They found footprints around the loch too, that were not human feet. Hancock said “Richard would know about you.”
The manuscript was the Roman story, McBride gave him info to narrow the search greatly.
Wilhelm does not believe him about the artifact. He gave away a tell the sensitive Wilhelm picks up on.
Theo asks him about the McBanes. He knows of Duncan McBane, old crazy man who lives in the woods. Regular fixture in the village. That’s not the one we met. Duncan lives in a shack up in the hills.
Kennedy sketches us a local map.

About 3am we see a glow on the horizon. About 15 min later, Tommy gets back. Knocks to be left in and goes to his room.
Paul meets him and asks him what he’s doing so late “That’s none of your business.”
He gets into his door, looks at it, and says to Paul “I’d appreciate it if you kept your thugs out of my room.”

April 8

Professor is still there.
Paul and Schuyler go to see Constable Sandy MacNeele/postman clerk.
Jeremy to store owner and to see if they can assist us.
Schuyler will say the letter from Hancock is his, since he is American.
Jon to the church
Wilhelm to Dr.
Simon/RC/Jack/Theo to Llatre where the MacQuarrie’s live.

Kennedy still sleeping. We check on him before we leave the inn, he’s not breathing. Wilhelm checks him. Barely breathing, still warm to the touch. “His life essence has been stolen. There is a ritual called Bind the Soul. It takes his soul/life essence and puts it into a receptacle.”
SImon “So to get him out of it, you have to break it.”
Wilhelm “Or open it. How did you know that?”
RC “Our first plan of action is always to break it.”
Wilhelm “He’ll die in a few days or more. Not long though. Maybe a week.”

We head our separate ways. Simon tells Maggie that the Dr. had taken ill, “be so kind and look after him while we are gone.”

Constable not there.
Tammus the postmaster is.
Paul “Where is the constable?”
“He’s out, won’t be back all day.”
Schuyler “Where did he go?”
“He’s trying to find the McRae baby”. The couple’s daughter has disappeared. They are well to do farmers. Presumed kidnapped, 3 days, out of home. “Personally I think the we baron is dead.”
Schuyler “Anything else odd around here lately?”
Lots of wolves active, savaging sheep. Lots of locals claim werewolvs.
Asks why we are here, Schuyler says looking for Hancock. Shows him letter, and he gives us the keys “It has been empty since he left or disappeared. Constable thinks foul play but has no proof.” Recommends not spending the night in the house. Many say it is haunted. Even a cult of witches operating in the area around here.
See a wanted poster of Belfagore, Schuyler mentions it. Tammus syas the guy is supposed to be in the Heremtic Order of the Silver Star, involved in kidnappings and murder all over Europe.
Ask him about Maggie’s breakdown: she was sweet on Henry. Day he vanished she went into a catatonic state, and the Dr. treated her. Now she does not remember him or anything connected to him.
Crazy McBane: one of our 2 crazy coots. Neither are in their right minds, harmless old fools. Duncan living next to that circle of rocks is freakey. Ian is most upstanding member of community, tenor in church choir. Santrane is beautiful, Ian’s cousin he says “but I don’t believe it. Looks nothing like him. I think there is some hanky panky going on there.” Says McQuerries pulling our legs about still working the dig. Something wrong with that Tommy Hays. "Sandy MacBean lives near Craig Dhubh has managed to keep his sheep untouched.

Father Jon at McBride’s:
Talk about Catholic stuff first. McBride’s copy of the letter to the Cardinal had additional information: explicit descriptions of the site that allowed Hancock to pinpoint the spot of the temple. Bad stuff happening with all this werewolf and witch talk.
Jon stocks up on holy implements.

Shopkeeper asks Jeremy to have a drink with him.
“I’d be glad to.”
Insists no such thing as supernatural. Wolves or wild dogs killing sheep.
On McBane: not only does he live by himelf out there, I’;ve seen him chanting pagan rites in that circle of standing stones.
“Sounds like a bloody cook.”
“He is.”

Wilhelm at Dr.:
An old woman answers.
“Is the Dr. home?”
“I’m the Dr.”
That’s surprising. It’s a man, about 90 years old. He invites Wilhelm inside. He mentions things that no normal mortal should know: Has a copy of the Roman expedition manuscript; area used to be overrun with serpent people.
How does he know all this? Just the local authority on folklore. Believed none of it until recently. What happened to Maggie is nothing he ever saw before. He’s been retired for years, but there is no other dr locally, so he has to deal with emergencies. “They say the druids interbred with the druids.” Offspring were in the area until Sir Gawain ended their terror, supposedly.
They had a temple nearby, which was guarded by a dragon that Gawain spared so as to keep the evil ones away from the temple.
“Are you going after the witches?” He thinks one of these beings was summoned and its the problem here.
Can not allow anything that is close to you to fall into the hands of the witches. They have rituals that they perform, somewhere, that will effect you horribly “That’s what I think happened to Maggie.” We tell him about Prof, he thinks this sound like something more serious.

Most of those who live at Llatre not there. Someone finally says their at the dig. 7 of them.
They bring nothing back here, only themselves.
We break in the MacQuerrie’s house. It’s a veritable pig pen. Find nothing at all.
Next we go to the McCrae house.
A man steps into the trail suddenly, sees us, and bolts.
Simon “Halt, who are you!”
“Who are your?”
“We’re investigators.”
“You got booze?”
Jack tries to convince him to come out to us, offering whiskey.
He comes out, says his name is Rabbie MacClaren. He lives out here as a hunter and trapper. Has seen no witches but “Last night there was a strange glow coming from Crae Dhubh. I went over to see and saw a bunch of people dancing around naked!”
Simon “Did you know any of them?”
“I got out of there fast. Saw the McQuerrie’s and Duncan MacBane.” There was a big guy there, may have been Hays.
He ran for his life.
He thinks we’re an odd sort, all together.
The day Adam supposedly ‘left’ he saw him arguing at the dig w/ the McQuerrie’s." He fears the serpent people most. What!! He says he has seen them. First a couple months ago, last the night before Henry disappeared. Always on the side of the Crae. That same night, the bros were skulking about Hancock’s house. “I think they know a lot more about this than they told the conatable.”
At the McCrae’s, they are incredibly superstitious. Very thankful but the husband says the little people (fairies and leprechauns) took her. The wife says withes, “that Anne Santrane, that foul french hussey, and use some hot irons. That will lead to where my daughter is!” Says Anne is the head witch and McBane is their warlock and he has a sea monster in the Loch for his serpent.
Jack “Why do you think they took your daughter?”
“Just needed a child to sacrifice.”
Constable shows up.
We agree with him there is no good going on up here, but he laughs at supernatural. Witches are just misguided or even bad people who need to be arrested; no werewolves.
Says he knows crazy willie was seen in woods evening of kidnapping.
Simon says we want to help find the missing baby, as well as our missing friends “but it’s not going to do you any good to go to the wrong side of the lake by yourself. Come back to town with us first.”
“I’m not by myself” pulling out a 10 gauge shotgun “but if you’rs who you say you are, and you want to assist, I’ll be happy to ablige.”
Mid afternoon as we regroup with the rest.

The constable the Hancock letter. Dr says no response from Kennedy.
Hays is at the inn.
We to go to Hancock’s house.
Use key an in through front door. Henry’s walking stick is in the stand. From there, stairs go up and opens to room at left, hall in front, door to right.
Right: jack, Jon, Theo into parlor. Photo of Henry w/ slain elephant in Africa. Door opens to rear.
Door to left: Schuyler, Paul, Simon into livingroom. Lion’s head over fireplace. Few African artifacts. A 2 wpn gunrack over fireplace has a loaded elephant gun. A door to rear.
Hallway: Jeremy, Wilhelm Red Cloud find door to right, but continue to a T. Right/lft/door straight. Right hall ends shortly at 3 doors, left to door and then into kitchen.
Kitchen first, has fireplace with spit and coal burning stove. Cupboards have non perishable food.

In parlor open door into hall to kitchen.
Door to north from living room into small hall leading all the way to kitchen.
They take first door into library. Several sections are in great disarray; sections on British archaeology, occult and witchcraft.
Anything of special interest, if there was, is gone.
Last doors are bathroom, bedroom and linen closet, and a door to the cellar. Trunk in bedroom closet is old clothes that has been rummaged through and jackets, including a hunting jacket w/ 18 elephant gun rounds. We take those.

2nd floor next:
Upstairs hall is lined with paintings. A wall panel has obviously been replaced. We pry it open and find poor dead Hancock. He has been obviously tortured. We place his body outside.
4 doors to check.
1st is storage room. 2nd is a large master bedroom, torn apart by search. 2 large holes in the door like he shot through at someone coming for him. Just inside the door is a big pool of dried blood.
2nd bedroom vary dusty like not used for some time.
Last is Adam’s bedroom.

Basement next:
Steps end at a hall. Opening to left, door behind us and down hall to right.
Through opening, old junk, old furniture and tools.
Through door behind stairs is the study. Looks like a tornado hit it, wall safe looks like blown open by explosive; nothing of value at all.
Door down the hall is his trophy room, walls lined with head of almost 50 animals and a case with marksmanship trophies and medals. Walls are expensive oak paneling.
A door leads out into a workroom w/ dig artifacts. Lots of pictish items, tools et al. Door leads to an empty room w/ fireplace with wood that went unlit.
Small room that is the coal room as well.
We get fires lit, lamps lit. We can use 3 bedrooms up and the one down. Plus the parlor and livingroom furniture.
Paul takes a bedroom upstairs.
Redcloud says he’ll take the couch but Paul doesn’t want him that far away.
Paul insists on a bed and room to himself.
RC takes the couch in the parlor, Simon there also.
1st bedroom upstairs: Jack and Theo
2nd bedroom: Paul
3rd Bedroom: Jeremy and Schuyler
Last: Wilhelm and Father Jon

Clock strikes midnight, but there is no clock!
Paul wakes up in bed and sees a legless apparition w/ elephant gun!
Paul “Ooooooooooooh. Red Cloud, savage!!”
Ghost “First you kill me, and now you come back to my house” raising the gun.
Paul “I never killed anyone, I swear!”
RC rushes up the steps.
Ghost “Ironic that I should escape the lost city of G’harn only for you to kill me in Scotland. You shall not take it from me.”
Paul is horrified “I don’t want it, I swear!”
RC bursts through the door and the ghost turns to him letting loose on RC
Both shots miss.
Simon stays downstairs to watch our rear.
Wilhelm arrives stalwart against the ghost. He tries to present a cross but it has no effect.
Paul makes for the door fast as possible. We follow him out.
Ghost “And don’t come back, any of you. You can’t have it.”
We shut the door.
Now we know there is something important here.
Wilhelm "We have to bury the body correctly, which would normally put the ghost at rest. But, he won’t if he has some other reason for being here. We need to take care of what he is protecting.
We leave for town, taking body to give it a Christian burial, stopping at McBride’s immediately. He is terribly upset “What would have done this to a man.”
Theo “Cultists.”
Schuyler “Much worse than witches.”
McBride “They;re here aren’t they. We need to stamp them out utterly.”

April 9

McBride will prepare for the funeral. We make for the house again.
Hancock must have at least a part of a large golden disc.
We start w/ basement and begin a thorough search.
Secret door found in the study! The ghost yells “No you will not take it!” and appears behind us, blocking it.
It empties at Jeremy, both missing. Jeremy screams in abject terror!
Wilhelm tries to talk to him but to no avail
RC enters the room and grabs the third of the disc, seeing the workings upon it squirming and writhing.
Wilhelm is struck for 15 points of damage from the ghost’s gun.
Schuyler, still with the letter, declares it to Hancock and that it was given to us in NY.
The letter leaves Schuyler’s grasp and floats to Hancock, who reads, folds it up telekinetically, and it floats back to Schuyler. Jeremy is then able to fully convince him that we are here to kill the cult, we are here via Archimedes.
He wants us to find Adam and give him a burial. He does not know where he is, but we must find him. We can take the R’yleh disc and must find the other pieces.
6 men came for him, he killed 2. They were all from the dig. The McQuerrie’s tortured him for day before they killed them before they meant to.
Theo asks him what their greater plan is.
It is, indeed, to raise R’yleh from the ocean and awaken Cthulhu.
Theo “Is anything you encountered in Africa linked to this?”
“Yes” he gives us a cryptic clue that Johnny has to make up, which will give us a head start into not getting killed. All of them serve one of the masks of the Dark Pharaoh.
“Beware the temple of Azathoth, and beware the temple of Nyarlathotep in the ruins.”
He gives us 2 last gifts before he goes away. He says if we don’t succeed he’ll hunt us down and drive him insane.
He gives the second elephant gun to Jeremy and it materializes. No shells.
Goes to Van denNort, his hands reach out to each side of his head, who loses a little sanity, gaining 3 pts forbidden lore that will also help him especially w/ archaeology checks.
We head back to town. For safe keeping, Theo recommends leaving the disc here.

Next, the dig site.
Santrane is giving the orders. The McQueerie’s are there as as well. Plus 7 others. Whenever they find a pictish artifact, they toss it into a pile.
Wilhelm, Theo, Jack, Paul attack from one end.
Jon, Simon and RC from the rear closest to the bros. and Santrane. Schuyler and Jeremy off on the flanks with rifles as crows control.
The front 4 walk in first as the voice of reason.
Santrane orders work ceased and approaches “Gentlemen, what do you want here?”
Paul “You are under arrest for crimes against the church, the state, and all mankind.”
“Perhaps my master will have something to say about that.”
The signal goes, and the rear crew attack.
She tells her men “Gentlemen, lay down your hands and put your arms up.”
They all start to approach to the front.
Simon “I hear you wish to convert some Templars. I am here to give you our final answer.” He wears his chain and shield today.
She puts her hands up “Yog Sothoth!” as the rear charges in. Sparks start to fly off of her hands, she floats about a foot off of the ground.
RC charges mounted around the rushing diggers and strikes Santrane with his lance tween the shoulders 21 yet she lives (card)! An arcane discharge hits him 3. Jack shoots her 9.
Simon hits Andrew McQ w/ sword.
Jon hits Jamie McQ w/ shotgun 24 both barrels.
She moves through our front line, hit by Theo and Jack dagger AoO, her arcane discharge does minor damage to them.
The McQ’s fight back at their attackers with sledges, hitting Simon twice 19 total; Jon is hit with a charge 9.
Schuyler hits a cultist w/ winchester 13, Surge hits Santrane 16; Wilhelm shoots 9.
Paul charges with his blade into the fray against 2 cultists hitting 12.
Cultists turn w/ sledges: Simon is missed, as is Jon; RC is missed; 4 of them flank Paul miss/9/miss/miss.
Jeremy fires elephant gun at Santrane and hits 9.
Jack charges drawing cultist dagger as he drops his revolver stabbing her spear wound 13, surges taking her to 0.
RC turns to be tween his attacker and one of Pauls hits his own 18.
Simon hits 18.
Jon draws sword and hits 7.
The brothers are wearing mail shirts, Simon’s power is sheering through it.
Santrane makes a single move.
Simon is missed both times as is Jon.
Wilhelm shoots same, who is vs Paul, 7; Schuyler hits another of Paul’s 7.
Cultists: Simon is missed; Jon hit for 4; RC is missed: 4 on Paul still 10/miss/miss/6.
Paul crits 18 to unwounded DEAD, shoots same Wilhelm shot 8; Jeremy holds.
RC hits same 19 DEAD, cleaves one on Paul 14 DEAD; Jack charges Santrane (card) auto hits and crits 18 DEAD, taking 4 arcane as she drops.
Simon misses.
Jon misses.
McQ’s: Jon is hit 9; Simon is missed.
Theo hits Wilhelm’s target 19 DEAD.
Wilhelm now fires at Schuyler’s target but misses.
Schuyler misses Jon’s McQ.
Cultists miss Paul, Jon and Simon.
Paul hits last on him 11 and shoots 11.
Jack struts back "Everybody relax, I got her.
RC charges Jon’s cultist DEAD, cleaves Andrew McQ! 20.
Simon hits McQ 19; Jon hits his 10.
McQ’s: miss Simon, miss Jon.
Theo misses Paul’s last. Wilhelm sidesteps and misses same.
Schuyler hits Jon’s McQ 17.
Last cultists miss Paul; hit Jon 4.
Paul hits 11 DEAD, shoots Simon’s cultist miss.
RC hits Jon’s McQ 19. Jack is back with us now.
Simon crits McQ 41!!! DEAD cleaving him from shoulder to groin.
Jon crits McQ 24.
Jamie McQ berserks at the site and hits Jon once 9.
Schuyler hit the McQ 12 DEAD.
Wang charges with a flying kick at Simon’s cultist 7.
Last cultist misses Theo. Paul rushes up vs same 10.
RC moves over and hit 16 DEAD.
Victory is ours!! We search the bodies but find nothing.
We spend time lashing all the bodies to stones and dump them into the loch.

Search the site:
In the tent, Hancock’s still with some of his belongings, find a fist sized stone under the bunk that no one touched with a 5 pointed star on it. The investigators say it is an activated elder sign!
There is a building that was their HQ: lots of artifacts including Roman soldier equipment. Nothing of value to us.
Old stable has been searched already, but find a partly uncovered a sphinx like statue with a blank oval for a face. Wilhelm says its a statue of one of the many forms of Nyarlathotep. It’s about a foot and a half long.
Several other ancient buildings as well. One a storehouse which they have searched the least. Theo notices a glint just under the surface. He starts to dig. It looks like part of a Roman helmet. It’s still connected to a skeleton. He stays to dig it out.
The big ruin is a barrack. Lots of non Roman pottery shards and such in it though. Its pictish. Nothing of value.
The tower, in relatively good shape, has 4 rooms. First the eating hall has nothing, second the priests quarters has nothing, third is another living quarters where Wilhelm finds Adam’s body. Last is the temple of Azathoth w/ bones of several Roman soldiers and reptiles. Here he finds the evidence of the defunct non functional gate.
Large tower, Simon digs around. He starts to find several skeletons. Some human, some large reptilian skeletons!
Couple more hours find nothing else yet but more skeletons and military stuff.
An hour before dark we quit digging. Back to town we go.
Give Adam’s body to McBride.

To bed.

April 10

Constable is waiting to talk to us. Asks us about the missing able bodied men of Llatre.
He does not believe we had nothing to do with it. He’s about to take our leaders away until we hear a voice “they couldn’t have done anything last night, as they were having dinner with us” says Santrane!!!! What!!!
You were with me last night, isn’t that true.
She kisses Jack on the cheek and whispers in his ear “We had a wonderful time last night, next time maybe I’ll penetrate you.”
Constable believes her.
She tilts her head and walks away. To Jack “We’ll meet again.”

We go to talk to Maggie, because of what the letter said. That’s Wilhelm’s job, with Father Jon.
Jeremy to Sandy MacBean. Red Cloud accompanies him
Simon, Schuyler, and Paul to see Hays.
Simon telegraphs Templar HQ to send guards and experts to dig site.

No answer at Hays door. They said downstairs he is still in his room. Schuyler uses his lock pick device. They see a light shining through a tiny hole in the wall. Someone drilled a hole, putting a lens through to see the entire room of Paul. Inside is Hays tossing the room.
We make for him. Paul “I say good sir what gives you the right to toss a nobleman’s room?” as he is looking at our passport. He startles aback. We tell him he’s going to have to take him to see the constable.
Paul wants to thrash him “I say good sir, defend yourself” and goes to rap him with his cane. Hays puts up his dukes so Paul abliges.
Paul hits him 3. He crits/miss.
Paul “How dare you strike a peer of the crown. Geste, thrash him!”
Geste charges him, is hit 4 w/ AoO and fails to grapple. Paul misses wildly with his cane.
He punches Simon 6/5.
Geste then grapples hays 8. Paul fumbles his cane; He grapples 7. Simon then pins him; Schuyler hits 7/surge 6; He fails to escape the pin; Schuyler hits 6; {aul crits with cane 6. Geste maintains the pin; Schuyler hits 3; Paul hits 4.
Simon “Why were you in our room, stop struggling and explain yourself and we’ll stop.”
He tries to break the grapple but fails. He surrenders. Paul raps him once more 5.
He says he is here to join an organization called the masters of the silver twilight. We advise against that. Simon warns him not to. He says he has suspected we were members all along, why else would such foreigners be here? “I’m sure you are all on good speaking terms with Belfagore.”
He thinks that the Twilight aims and goals are laudable. He believes in anarchy and bringing down the Crown.
“Aren’t those your goals?”
We play along as members testing him. Says the McQ bros took him to a meeting but then left for stuff he was not allowed to see, and promised to introduce me to Belfagore but they have now shown up.
He says the meeting he was at was at the old church on the road west. Lots of chanting and such.
Schuyler “Only Belfagor knows where Belfagor is. When he’s ready to meet you, you’ll meet him.”

At Maggie:
Jon shows her the Elder Sign stone, she starts to breath heavy and begins to scream frantically. She goes catatonic. Wilhelm starts to put the hypno wammy on her so speak to her in this state.
She calls it the star stone of power, she created it; She gave it to Hancock cause she loves him, he was working against the Twilight; she betrayed them for him; Hancock was not planning on taking her when he left so she betrayed him to the coven, told him she’d meet him but they were waiting for him; she ran to help him at the last minute but was too late and lost her mind; it was to protect him; the coven has always been here, they serve the Twilight; Coven: Santrane the leader and Master of the Silver Twilight, McQ bros, Allister MacGillivrey (local teacher), Ian McLennan (rich farmer), Wooly MacMerdow (strongest man in town), Willy Wassel (crazy Willy), Duncan McBane,
Suddenly she starts to scream! Father Jon begins to dowse her with holy water and proper bible verses. He feels a malign presence fighting him for Maggie’s life. She begins to settle down
Wilhelm sees the room shaking, light bolts shooting throughout the room. He starts to glow. He knows there is a spell that allows one to cancel a warlock’s spell. It’s called exorcism. That is what Jon is doing right now.
Jon ends the attempt upon her life, costing him constitution.
She is still in bad health after this.
Bursting into the room comes a farmer “What you been doing to my sister?” It’s Angus MacNair. He says he saw the tail end of it, knew she was going to get into trouble messing with those witches.

Theo and Jack join RC and Jeremy:

We are told by a neighbor we pass by that he is drinking at Cozy Lodge, on the trail. We go there and find Ian MacDonald drinking with Sandy.
Says he has escaped the wolf trouble because of an amulet he has, an elder sign!! We feel the ripple of static electricity as he pulls it out. It’s very very powerful. Got it from his grandad down the family line. Supposedly his ancestor was a Roman who originally had it. If he didn’t have that, the Serpent Men would kill him.
Ian sees Duncan and lots of locals at the standing stone at all hours of the night. They talk with other creatures, like a cross tween a chinaman and a great viper. Not human. Saw one just a few days ago talking to McBane and that beautiful woman by McBane’s house.
That makes sense considering the letter found in NY by the Investigators.
Ian says McBane’s dad was just as bad, but only one McBane ever living there. When one dies, another comes to take his place. Few years ago a German Count came to visit them, another time a Chinaman or some kind of foreigner.
“You go up there, you’re taking your life in your hands”. Especially when you can hear the chanting and drums beating.
So we drink with them for a bit and go back to Cannoch. McBane’s house is right up against the hillside.
Santrane lives with Ian McLennan.

Tonight, we may have to do the final attack on McBane.

Later in the day, we see Tommy talking to the owner of the Inn.
At dusk, we are all in our rooms preparing when a knock at the door. It’s the Constable so Paul answers. He asks to enter for a moment “I need to speak to all of you”. 2 others dressed in plain clothes step in with shotguns “You’re all under arrest.”
Simon “This can only end one of 2 ways. You can either walk back out and pretend like you didn’t see us, or we kill you all.”
2 other guys are outside the window on the fire escape.
Paul asks what is going on.
Hays is an inspector at Scotland Yard, he wants to arrest us for being accomplices of Belfagore!! Ha!!
Paul takes the lead, striding to him and laying down the law, pulling rank. We are here investigating the same thing he is and Jack calls him the worst detective he’s ever seen!!
Paul convinces him after some time. Hays still says you have to stay here tonight, because “I, unlike you investigators, have an appointment to meet Belfagor”.
Jeremy explains how stupid of an idea that is. He’ll just be dead, surely they already know who Hays is. He explains he has taken down Irish radicals, and anarchists. These guys are just anarchists pretending to be spiritualists, he says.
We try to tell him otherwise.
Suddenly, three Templars show up “What’s going on here?”
Sandy “Well, who might you be?” It’s Fergus Argisle. Sandy is very impressed, as he is well known though not as a Templar. He shows his CID card making him Hays’ superior.
Tommy still believes in no magic and insists on meeting Belfagor tonight.
Sandy McNeal constable
Rob McCray husband
Angus McNair Maggie’s brother
2 constables arrived yesterday that Hays had called from London.
Hays says he is supposed to meet the leadership of the cult. Church is of stone, has belltower. Sandy sketches the place out for us.

Templars are sent straight for the dig site to secure and study and search.
Sandy will stay in town in case anything goes wrong.
The 2 London deputies will join us, and Tommy. Angus is second strongest man in village, he will join us. McCray puts up a stink about Angus going so we take him as well.
Neither Woolly nor Alistair are in town, Allistair having disappeared about an hour ago.

We go to church. There is already a light on inside. Someone is sneaking around out in the woods.

Tommy will walk straight in for his meeting.
Constable 1, McCrae, RC, Simon, Wilhelm, Father Jon hiding near front door; Constable 2, Angus, Jack, Wang, and Paul at rear.
Jeremy and Schuyler climb into the tower.

RC goes to check out the sneaker, he smells an unwashed body. A head pops up looking around, old white hair sticking out everywhere. It’s crazy Willy who hangs out with evil Ian.
He spots RC and skampers over.
“There’s badduns in the church. Bad ideas.” Ian and Anne are in there.
Says Anne is his girl. I’d do anything for her, but he does not like their intentions.
He’s just keeping a watch, making sure nothing happens to his girl.
He’s says 2 or 3 times “she’s from France you know”.
“You gotta keep an eye out for her dad.”
RC “Who?”
“Yogsothoth.” Says he will be here soon
Calls Belfagore a baddun.

A figure or 2 are in the belltower.
Tommy says to sneak up around the outside windows on corner of the L, a blindspot from the tower. The windows are mostly broken. Schuyler and Jeremy will now do that and fire inside from outside.

Hays walks in with a lantern. Pews in center of the room are cleared making room for a 4’ circle drawn on the floor, with 4 stones, one at each of the cardinal directions. Standing in the midst is Santrane, looking a little the worse for ware scantily clad. Her skin is starting to wrinkle.
Simon “She needs souls, life, to sacrifice to keep herself young. That’s why they brought Tommy Hays here.”
She beckons him to enter and become one of us.
Not believing in magic and her to fake membership, he begins walking forward.
Woolly “Come along mate.”
He leads Hays up the steps into the back rooms.
SHe raises her hands “Ashaya Logh” a bold of greenish light bursts from the circle outward in every direction.
We feel excrutiating pain in our bodies. It goes througth the walls of the church and out into the forest.

We heroically, with card help, make most of the saves. McCrae is paralyzed with pain, as is Wilhelm. Jeremy is wracked to a -2 to rolls.
We hear a rhythmic flapping of wings above in the dark.
At the back door,they can hear walking and talking inside going toward the steps.
A robed man, with a cowl, walks out of the back to Anne “Have you done it?”
Yes, they should be incapacitated in pain.
“I’ll send the bretheren out.”
“In the meantime I must go, the baby is waiting.” It’s the baby she is to devour!
She holds her hands up again,and 2 creatures flap in through a hole in the roof.The MH have not seen the like before.
They grab her and begin to fly upward with her.
Schuyler is disgusted by them and fires at one with the elephant gun 18. Jeremy does too 17 to the other. Both go down and they drop her to the ground.
We bust in the front.
At the sound of the gunshot the rear bust in. Leaving the constable at the door, the rest rush up the steps to see 5 men standing at a crimson red painted pentagram on the floor each wearing a cowl. Furthest throws his back revealing Hays, reaches inside his clothes, pulls a badge out “Scotland Yard, you lunies are all under arrest” to the other cultists.
One of them says “Kill the buffoon.” 2 others pull sacrificial knives and cut at him missing. A third draws a gun and fires at point blank range 10. The 5th, who spoke w/ Scottish accent is Wooley who punches Hays 13/7/miss.
Paul springs into action charging Ian (shooter) 13. Ian throws his gun pulling his dagger at Paul 3 whose AoO hits 10.
Wooly attacks Hays again 11/miss/13.
Theo attack a cultist with a jumping kick 17; Jack pulls his dagger and attacks another 9/crit17 DEAD.
Theo is missed, Angus attacks Theo’s with a sickle 6 DEAD.
Hays pulls a truncheon but misses.
Paul stabs at Ian crit23 DEAD. Fires his pistol at Woolly crit 14.
Wooly gives a below and his cloak rips open to his body enlarging, muscles look like they are almost bursting and hits Hays 17/14 putting him into 8 wound pts. damage.
Theo jump kicks Wooley 17; Jack misses Wooley. Angus hits Wooley 3.
Hays withdraws, spitting up teeth, nose smashed flat.
Wooley hits Angus and kills him with 3 hits!! First broke his jaw, second smashes his nose, the third destroys his head.
Jack and Theo flank him, Theo jumpkick crits 29, Jack hits 6. Paul moves in and stabs 10.
Wooley attacks Theo a crit misses because of Quicker/13/miss from Quicker.
Theo hits 8, Jack misses, Paul stabs 10 and shoots but misses. Wooley’s AoO hits Paul 14.
Wooley hits Theo 11/miss/miss.
Theo hits 8; Jack hits 9. He looks like he should be dead, some supernatural power is holding him up.
Paul crits (card) with his saber at the staggering giant 23 beheading him. The body stands for a full half minute before falling over, electrical charges running through it for a moment.
We send Hays down with the constable.

Downstairs RC, whooping a warcry with his warclub, and Simone fully decked in longswors/shield/mail, lead the charge through the front door.
Jon right behind with the constable.
As we rush in she casts a barrier around her “Nakteeth” creating a faing shimmering field around them. It spent her much, she’s a bit slack jawed.
RC rushes at the field but can’t penetrate him.
Simon stops “Holy Father, bless this weapon” and hacks at the field with is broadsword. RC follows suit.
Belfagor is performing some sort of incantation in there. As we hack, he spreads a powder around Santrane. After the 5th round the sand is glowing.
7th round, it is hacked down. Santrane disappears!
Jeremy and Schuyler were ready with the rifles. Jeremy gets his shot off first but misses.
Simultaneously Belfagor cases at Jon, who casts a counterspell on Belfager, just as Schuyler fires. Jon successfully counters the spell. Schuyler hits 26.
Constable is told to watch the door and Angus.
Jeremy keeps an eye out around he and Schuyler; RC and Simon each hit 17. Schuyler fires his second barrel 13. Jon steps into the melee as well 10.
Belfagor draws a strange looking firearm, part crystal looking with a sloshing liquid inside like mercury, several rods pointing forward; the handle looks suited not for a human being. He moves back, straight away from Geste. AoO from RC misses as does Jon. He shoots at Geste a bolt of what looks like electricity that shoots through the air unnaturally 12. He falls to the floor incapacitated “The rest of you stand back or you’ll get the same”.
Schuyler misses with Winchester; RC charges 15; Jon; the baby’s father charges in now but misses, as does constable w/ truncheon. Jon hits 13 DEAD.

The futuristic weapon we give to Wilhelm. We make for the back.

Upstairs, there is no one in the tower. Back downstairs and meet up with the rest of the group on their way up.
We have a constable take Hays back in a nearby wagon with the dead bodies, he has 8 wnd pts.
The church is to be burnt down ASAP.
Wilhelm tries the gun once, which uses up the liquid inside so its a fuel.
To Ian’s, the house is empty
Willy goes into his lean to.
So, for Duncan McBane’s house. Late night now.

Stone walled, thatched roof cottage beneath a crag. Well kept trail leads to top of the mountain, another to cozy light.
On the mt. is where the ring of stones are so we ascend, but no one there.
Back down and we break into McBane’s house.
Simon kicks the door in. Large wooden table takes up most of the space. 6 old books on magic and the occult which Wilhelm will take, nothing Mythos Lore though.
One big room is bedroom;and one small is kitchen and store room, everything soot covered, not very well kept.
Wilhelm finds a secret hole behind the dresser into the mountain. Rather small.
Simon “Jeremy, you’re a small man.”
Jeremy “I don’t do holes.”
3’ wide and 5’ high. We crouch our way in, but after 5’ it gets larger to a Y intersection.
We stick together, left first. Opens into a large natural cavern. Many stalactites and stalagmites. We enter. It goes off south, SW or NE.
South first, which narrows as we go. To the left, another tunnel branches off. Further forward is a depression in the ground. The depression has a hole in the middle straight down. The stone looks odd though, covered with some sort of goo, it smells terrible. We take the other branch which ends 20’ to a small circular room with a small metal table, several cuts of meet on it, human. On a wrack is 2 of the electro guns.
Jeremy and Schuyler each take one. One has significantly less fluid than the other. Schuyler gets the more full one.
We backtrack and continue exploring, coming to another small room but with a hole in the middle. From within echoes a scratching sound far away.
Another way comes to a crawl space.
More exploration, to a very rough rocky tunnel.
Eventually come to a side passage that goes steadily downward, a faint yellow glow..
We proceed with caution. 20’ in we come to a large room lit by torches on long poles rising out of the floor, the torches made of some large metal and the glow from an unknown source or fuel. 15’ away stands an altar of stone with chains secured to it. It is covered in brown stains. A glyph on this side of the altar is ID’d by WIlhelm as a rune meaning The Crawling Chaos. It appears to crawl if you look at it too long. Around it the floor has been smoothed. It causes sanity checks for 0/3.
Steps carved into the wall, w/o railing, scale up the ceiling out of the reach of the light.
At the steps directly 20’ across from us is another tunnel leads out.
The room goes far to our left about 100’, about 50 to our right.
To the far left is a serpent man (sanity 1/d6)carrying one of the bolt pistols.
He sits coiled reading a book with metal pages. Then moves and looks as if looking at something, then returns to reading. Tongue flickering.
We decide to fire a bolt pistol at it.
Schuyler misses badly. It drops its book and uncoils fast, looking around. It has bad eye sight apparently and doesn’t see us.
It begins slithering for our position carefully.
Schuyler steps out to shoot again but it is ready and fires its bolt pistol at him when he leans into view. It barely misses. Schuyler his this time 18 DEAD.
We step into the room to his end, where we find another passage out, which we take.
It leads to a T section. Left goes to a large empty room. Back to T and take the right which narrows to the size of the original entrance at the house. After only 10’ it opens into the bedroom. We just went into a big circle.
Back to the serpent’s room but we hear voices nearby.
“Everying here is falling apart, I must tell the Baron.”
“What about me?”
“You stay here with our friends?
Then a noise like an energy surge.
We go and find only one person, the school teacher. Inside is a portal we see just as a person disappears through it. It’s McBane!!
The teacher “Thank god you’re her. They took me prisoner, they dragged me away.”
The room is full of bones, hundreds of people, not all even human.
Schuyler backhands him.
“You’ll die, you’ll all die, none of you will escape from here. TIKI…..” and Schuyler punches him in the face.
Paul and RC go into main room to see if anyone responds to the short call.
Beyond the altar, we can now see steps going down. A swarm of serpent men rush up the steps. A few duck behind the alter for cover.
A strange gurgling sound comes from the corner of the portal room, a curt wail of a baby! The father rushes to it. It has not been fed hardly at all since taken nor cared well for but for water.
We are cut off. They are in front of the alter now. They all have the energy bolt guns.
The 4th gun from Schuyler’s kill we give to Paul, more than half full of fuel.
There are 6.
Plan: our 4 with the bolt guns will fire then RC/Jon/Simon/Theo/Jack will charge.
We are faster and fire, hitting 4 and killing 3.
They return fire: Schuyler is hit 12; Paul is hit 17; Jeremy is missed.
As we charge they fire again: Simon is hit 12; RC is missed; Jon is missed.
RC hits 21 DEAD; Jon fumbles and Theo jump kicks hits 12 DEAD; Simon hits 17; jack hits Simon’s 8 DEAD.

We tell the father he can’t leave, we know not what else is out there.
RC scalps his kill.
6 more guns for us as well.
Up the stairs we go to a hatch in the ceiling. It opens to the stars and the alter and standing stones atop the Mt. No one is there however.
Next the steps going down, curve down to a small guard room. We find 2 more of the bolt guns on the wall.
All these guns are in varying amounts of fuel.
Steps go a further 10’ to 6 different corridors. We hear movement from most, its there colony. Ugh.
Schuyler has Secret Service concentrated detonite in both bootheels. He uses both and blows the stair passage down. First we yell and draw some rushing for us and cave it in upon 11 them!
From big cavern behind us with the giant holes, comes a humming. From the one with the scratching noise comes something. It’s horrible, terrorful, shapeless and huge protoplasmic bubbles and pusstuled, eyes popping all over its massiveness. It slithered leaving slime, a cry from it “Takili Li, Takili Li”. It’s a shaggoth, yell the investigators!!! Its so horrific they still have to roll for sanity again.
We run for our very lives at the first sight of it. The constable and father were saved, we told them to stay far back as we approached.
All 3 of Mike’s, RC and Theo fail (d6/d20).
Once we are 40’ into the tunnel, it is only 40’ away!! It’ll be too close. RC cripples the teacher and pushes him toward it. He yells for Yogsothth and Cthulhuto save him but they don’t “But I was to be a god, a god a god!!!” As we make it into the tunnel it has engulfed him to the hips. There he comes to himself enough that he truly realizes all he has done. Too late as he yells for help. He was apparently enough for it now, for it does not squeeze into the tunnel after us.

We escort the baby home, seeing the reunion greatly boosts our spirits and minds, and then back to Cannich. No one believes the entire horror of the story.

April 11

The Templars have found the third piece of the R’yleh disc. We lay Henry’s ghost to rest with his friend, getting the second piece we left with him. It is now complete.
The Monster Hunters will hang onto the R’yleh disc.
Telegraph Archie of our success.
McBane has escaped, as has Santrane to we don’t know where. Belfagor, the man brought in to lead this most recently, we did kill. Baby saved as well.
Lots of sanity back for baby, ruining coven, killing Belfagor et al.
We rest up.


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