The Scroll of the Head

The first scroll for the Sedefkar Simulacrum


+1 all arcane lore skill checks
We have the original in common arabic alphabet but Old Turkish languge; and Edgar Wellington’s english translation notes.

Wilhelm has read this.


Wilhelm reads it, losing 1 sanity but gaining 2 forbidden lore (see handout for sample passage). He’ll have to read the original to gain any spells from it if there are any.
It is the gibbering testimony of a quite insane individual, Sedefkar the Osmani. Lived in Medieval Constantinople and speaks of the arrival of the White Destroyers. Paul and Geste both place the reference, through military knowledge, just before 4th Crusade at the start of 13th century. Scroll concerns the Simulacrum in his possession and predicts losing it so makes a record of it in 5 scrolls. This is the 1st, the scroll of the head (thoughts and history of the author), one of 6 linked to the figure. There is also one for the left arm (containing a ritual which balances all this power, an ongoing sacrifice), right arm (ritual which awoke the stature and is the driving force of Sedefkar’s power), the legs (series of body effecting magics and the foundation which Sedefkar’s power was built), and the belly (concerning the worship of a being called the skinless one).
Most detailed and discernable portion deals with the torture and flaying of humans. But it is truly insane writing.

The Scroll of the Head

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