Revelations of Glaaki


For all volumes:
3d6 weeks
DC 24
2d6 spells
3 ranks mythos
Anyone studying a volume must make will save DC 15 or sanity check, or go out and commit some heinous sin of lechery.

(Note: After reading volume 12, the reader is able to use interpersonal skills to convince a Y’ Golonac cultist that the reader is a member as well)

For 1 volume
.25 ranks
a sixth of sanity loss each initial
2d6 divided by 6 upon completion
1d6 days


Taken from Boston HQ of The Silver Twilight
Written in England by various authors, 19th century.
Several major libraries have copies of the volumes, in 9 volumes, plus more in private collections. There are rumors of copies of a few more volumes. Glaaki is supposedly and alien, possibly a Venusian, who was knowlegable of much about the Mythos.
This volume in my very hand is marked as volume 11!
Although handwritten versions of 11 and 12 volumes are rumored, only 9 volumes are officially known. Rumors of volume 10 since 1865.
Multi volume cult library of the worshippers of Y’ Golonac. From Severn Valley in England.
Seldom seen intact.
Each volume is by a different cultist discussing different aspects of Glaaki.

Revelations of Glaaki

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