People of the Monolith


1/1d3 sanity
1d 10 days
DC 20
1 rank forbidden lore
No spells


Passed on to Monster Hunters by Investigators.

By Justin Jeffrey, 1 year before Carlysle Expedition left, bound in dark red. Author confined to madhouse in Arkam!
1200 copies printed, over 1000 destroyed by gov’t of Mass. Rated them as obscene.
Volume of poetry. Modern, non meter. Romantic nihilism.\
Disturbing and shocking.
Erebus Press
Title poem acknowledged as author’s masterwork.
104 pages.
Handcrafted with an eye toward opulence. Elaborate geometry along borders of pages.
Unusual medallion on front cover, some sort of polished translucent rock creating a weird mirror like effect. Crystal formation highly symmetrical. It appears to be a cross section of a wormlike creature.
Dedication to Carlyle from Tyler at front, ‘regards to Anastasia’.
In 1881 author visiting historical sites in eastern Europe. Took ill, returned and disappeared to public eye.
He stayed at monolith in eastern Europe where no one ever goes. He stayed night and went mad.

People of the Monolith

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