Red Cloud

A young Kiowa brave and hunter of the supernatural


Strong 3/Brave 1
Age at start of campaign: 13+
Str 18
Dex 17
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 10
Com 7
Luck 13
Occupation: Tribal
Talents: Melee Smash; Imp Melee Smash; FX resist.;
Feats: Archaic Wpn Prof; Indian Lore; Great Fort; Light Sleeper; Power Att; Cleave; Undead’s Foe; Combat Reflexes
Brave features: Tribal Chant(blessing)
Sanity: 81 (70)
Languages: English 2; Spanish 1
Affiliations: Adventurer’s Club, Watchers, Archimedes’ Inner Circle
Weapons: 2 handed waraxe; horse lance; shortbow; winchester ’73; scalping knife


A Kaiowa born American Indian brave who lived a normal life of a young warrior until encountering aIndian warrior Wendigo in northern Texas. He, alongside Jake Washington and Mad Dog and Anne Kelly, defeated the creature, with Red Cloud dealing the killing blow. As Jake and Anne drew the creature into a trap with by firing upon it, Mad Dog and Red Cloud engaged the creature close up. The creature’s claw which had cut both himself and Mad Dog became the first totem on Red Cloud’s necklace. Soon after, he met England’s Earl of Mansauce, acting as his guide, and the two became fast if unlikely friends, realizing quickly they worked amazingly well as a fighting team. Seeing a prospective Adventurer’s Club and invaluable partner, Paul offered to take Red Cloud on an Iluminati mission to India. Afterward, he took Red Cloud back to London to be initiated into the Watchers, the young brave having more than proven himself worthy.

Red Cloud

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