James Schuyler

Thrillseeker, 'Extremist', Fearless and Tough as Nails


Tough 3/Daredevil 1
Player: Mark
Age at start of campaign: any
Str 14
Dex 13
Con 18
Int 15
Wis 10
Cha 15
Com 16
Luck 15
Talents: Fire res.; Cold res.; Robust; Stamina
Feats: Brawl; Animal Affinity; Endurance; Guide; Athletic; Archaic Wpn Prof; Vehicle Op (sailing); Vehicle Expert;
Daredevil features: Fearless
Occupation: Athlete
Sanity: 44 (50)
Wealth: 10
Reputation: 1
Affiliations: U.S. Secret Service, Adventurer’s Club, Watchers, Archimedes’ Inner Circle
Languages: Hindi 1; Eskimo 1; Arabic 1
Weapons: Hatchet; Colt .38 Lightning; Scimitar; Kukri; eskimo harpoon; boot dagger; boot derringer;


Born in 1855, to the Schuyler family of New England, his family was prominent in lumber and mining interests in Washington State, formerly part of Oregon Territory until 1889. James was one of those kids who seemed to have no regard for his own body. As child, he accompanied his family during business, but by the time he was a teenager he was mor interested in the loggers and miners themselves.
Whenever climbers came to the region, such as first Mt. Stuart ascent in 1873 and Ranier in 1870, he assisted the teams with preparations and learned as much as he could from them, listening to many stories of the members. He tried to convince them to let him join, but they declined due to his lack of proper equipment.
He enjoys the challenge of the wilderness and extreme weather, and is capable of both long stints alone as well as working well with a group.
He worked for his family businesses in the NW and NE until his mid 20’s, saving up every penny he could to allow him to travel wherever he wanted for as long as he could.
He has taken part in many competitions and activities involving endurance and dealing with harsh climates around the world.

  • At 25, his first travel from America, spent 2 months with Australian Aborigines with 2 other westerners. The 2 bragged in front of the aborigines about their toughness, so were challenged and took part in a foot trek across Australian Outback with 3 young aborigines. Schuyler arrived 4th in terms of time, after the 3 locals, with the other white men a distant 5th and the 6th lost but found and rescued by Schuyler and 2 another group of locals;he was however deemed to be in the 2nd best shape at the end out of all participants. For this reason, his name is respected among aborigines to this day.
  • A year after his Australia trip, took part in the great Pan-Arabian horse race. Out of 147, came in 23rd. Could have finished better, but was harassed by bandits at several points, probably working for one of the rich riders who felt like keeping a westerner from succeeding.
  • About 3 years post Arabia, after spending time back with the family business, participated in an oceanic small watercraft race along the east coast of North America, coming in 7th out of 23.
  • In 1885, 2 long distance dog sled races, first in Canada then one in Alaska. In Alaska, James almost did not finish after stopping to help an Eskimo village under attack by something in the night. Schuyler helped fight off a group of humanoid creatures which came from the sea but was severely injured himself. He still finished the race. The problem had drawn the attention of a small section of the American Secret Service, dealing with the occult, and it was here he was drawn in as an American agent.
  • During rest and recup in 1887after missions in India with Warrington, crossed from India to Tibet through the Himalayans with 4 other teams, each choosing a different route, just to see who would make it first. His team won, and he took part in th e search party for one team which did not come through. Of the 6 members of the team, 2 were found alive and lost, 1 was found frozen to death, and 3 were never recovered.
  • Most recently in 1889: member of the first team to reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • Long time member of the Adventurer’s Club

Immediately following the Eskimo incident, thanks to his fearlessness and endurance in the face of difficult odds, he was recruited by the American Secret Service to fight the occult and supernatural evils of the world. Sent to Europe, and from there travelled to India with one Paul Brian Warrington the XVII and his American Indian warrior Red Cloud on his first official mission.

Code Name = Mr. Grim

James Schuyler

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