'Biff' Baxter

A big, strong American actor of proto-westerns


Strong Hero 3 Fast Hero 1
Str 17 (4th)
Dex 15
Con 13
Int 10
Wis 7
Cha 16
Luck 10
Feats: Brawl, Quick Draw, Animal Affinity, Great Fortitude
Talents: Extreme Effort; Improved Extreme Effort;
Sanity: 14

Ride 4
Handle Animal 2
Swim 1
Jump 3
Perform (act) 4

Fatigue: 25.5
Wound: 13


American film actor; girlfriend Daisy, secretary Ms. Barnes; originally cowboy then stuntman; Big, fit, not well educated, financially well off; Mike Tyson like voice (doomed when talkies arrive); want to climb a mt with Schuyler whom he had heard of; made a few popular westerns (newest Riders of the Texas Plains), but gangster and musketeer movies not so good; agent is J.B. Bramwell; would make a good Percy in a silent pic; rode LIghtning the Wonderhorse at Milan festival; treats RC like an equal; he and Schuyler particularly good friends;

'Biff' Baxter

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