The Monster Hunters of Down Cthulhu

The Phantom Train

A toy train that steals its victims to another dimension

Resting at Paul’s estate, awaiting orders from the Watchers or Archimedes. Collegue of Wilhelm’s named Prof. Julius Arthur Smith (see handout 1), LitDr and Dr. of Philosophy, 54 yr old heavy set Englishman, devoted to research, has been investigating the supernatural. Giving lecture at the Challenger Society, which we attend on Saturday Jan. 7th. Entertaining, precise and funny.
Can’t explain:

  1. Hauntings
  2. Poltergeists
  3. Travelling conundrums
    Theory: Around Gettysburg a cult weakened veil between us and Chaos.

After lecture, hit a favorite club for drinks. See someone watching us, but when we leave he follows but then disappears. A foreigner but unable to place. Back to Mansauce’s London house.

Two days later, see story in paper (handout 2: “Man Dies Three Times In One Night”). Also, Dr. Smith has disappeared and his house burned down (handout 3). Go out to find professor but no luck. That night, a knock and a message slipped under door (see handout 4). It’s from Smith. “Come at once.” Signet ring wax seal is indeed his, addess written inside. Go there and find Beddows and Smith, he burned almost beyond recognition. Tells about the Sedefkar Simulacrum (see handout 5: “What Henry Smith Says”), the Turk attack on him… Asks us to take care of it. Beddows gives us 200 5L notes he wanted us to have to get us going. Smith had been planning on travelling on the Orient Express. We begin logistical preparations. Next day, find room empty.
Find that one of turks had a shop, though searching hotel room gives us nothing. Question store neighbor, says man who owns shop is elderly man. Quiet. Opened unusual hours. Separate building. Not seen since monday. Less activity than usual recently. We sneak in and find most personables packed, no luggage there.
The Turks are the ones who died in fire, that flamed Smith’s place. His records tell of a Rights and Secial Commission Train Set set sold to a Mr. Henry Stanly. Odd that it is the only train/toy of any sort in his books and none in shop.
Upon investigating, find that in paper is an article on Stanley disappearing (see handout 6: “Man Disappears In Cloud Of Smoke”), tells of train set in house at the time. Go to house, landlady says he loved trains, has several other sets. Pay her small bribe to search place. Black soot covering room where train was set up. Go see the police, who tell us about train. They inspected it and found nothing unusual. They gave train to Trainspotters Sociey, led by Mr. Butter. Say Stanley was longtime member. Attend a convention and these guys train-crazy. Butters explains it is the model of a train that wrecked in 1873. Archimedes helps us investigate, and finds that a man who died on the train was R. Alexis, who was a known member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and The Silver Twilight. Supposedly a magician. Both orders are magic believers, and Archimedes believes the train to be supernatural as well. In 1887, his son disappeared, believed murdered. His wife declared him dead and sold his possessions, including the train set he was using the night he vanished! This train set. We borrow train set form Trainspotters and set it up in Archimedes’ basement.

11th: We run the train, and after about 50 times, the place shakes and a fog appears and a Phantom Train comes roaring in and stops once 1st passenger car comes through. Full of people, asking questions. “Whay so dark?” “What’s the delay?” They think they are outside, they begin to say “Come with us, come with us?” We board voluntarily praying Archimedes can bring us back. It rides off, nothing but fog outside.
Suddenly surrounded by living dead, who begin slowly reaching out for us. Fight ensues in the passenger car. They keep coming and coming, as if each time we kill one another appears to take its place. Through the window of the door to the next car, see the face of Henry Stanly pressed against it, mouth wide open and screaming. We head for the car. Red Cloud and Paul fight, waraxe and saber, there way through. Schuyler jumps for a rail that runs along ceiling on either side of aisle and shimmies overtop to door, opening it. Van DaNort, defends self then uses Paul and Red Cloud’s combat as a blocker and bounds over the seats to Schuyler. We make it through door and secure it behind us.
Symbols carved on door, inclulding inverted ankh which keeps the door out. Greeted by Rudolph Alexix still wearing his suit from 1873. See some shredded clothes and scattered and gnawed bones ("Well, a man’s gotta eat somehow), ID’d human by Van DaNort. Last 3 cars empty, takes us into the second car with Stanley. Alexis has been here much longer than it feels to him, but has been calculating by his sleep cycles. One day train will be filled and no room for more. Passengers were degenerating, some held out longer than others. Stanley first new person since accident that stuck him here. Escape project in last phase. A large twisted figure 8 pattern of garbage and human intestines, identical to train set notices Paul. Has not been ablet to work it. Van DaNort figures out he is missing the 3D element of hills and dips. Uses a human heart as the engine. Begin running it, and they finally break seal. Red Cloud and Paul hold door, but they then begin to climb from top and sides and bust in windows, though some fall into the endless fog as they try. A melee ensues as we all hold them off so Alexis and Van DaNort can ‘run the train’. They do so and as we are almost overwhelmed circuit is complete and suddenly we are in the English countryside, late morning in real world Alexis suddenly ages in front of us to what his real world age should be. We walk to nearest station and alert the authorities of the train, we are about a day and a half north of London. Go by carriage back to London. Stanley quits trains altogether and takes up stamp collecting. Alexis is totally insane and the poor wretch is committed to an asylum.

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