The Monster Hunters of Down Cthulhu

The Cantwell Party

At an artifact collector's unveiling, a cult and mummy are on the loose

At Adventurer’s Club meeting was a Dr. Reginald Cantwell. Wealthy and well known physician. 1/year takes far off vacation at excavations. Knows Rathbone well, who was at his house a couple days before Rick left for Egypt drinking Port and talking archaeology, including expeditions this season. Galloway of Miskatonic at a dig 100m west of Cairo. Rick tells Paul of rumors of a ‘Cult of a Dark Pharoah’ revived in Egypt.
Some time later, receive an invitation to a party at Cantwell’s house, showing new arrivals from a dig in Thebes and his purchases at bazaar, but the grand finale is his unveiling of a new empire mummy newly arrived. On back is an anonymous note scribbled saying ‘Thieves are afoot’ regarding Cantwell and the mummy. It is signed “A friend of R.R.” Red Cloud says to Paul “Perhaps it be your acquaintance Rathbone”. We send Jeremy and Geste into the ‘low’ part of the city to gather information on thefts in the making. Talk to a fence Jeremy knows named Benedict, says wealthy arab recruiting bully boys in seedy area, mostly foreigners. Try talking see Prof. Kasim El Kheir at museum. That goes no where, he knows nothing.
Paul sends wire to Cairo and Alexandria praying Rick is there, then spends the day with his solicitor Tom Dewey of Dewey-Cheetum-Howe and Red Cloud buying his formal wear:
Got invite to Cantwell party STOP Note scrawled on back says thieves afoot STOP signed friend of RR STOP What can you tell us STOP
Receive response before day is out:
Cantwell jolly fun but collection not good STOP Spotted several fakes he paid top for at bazaars STOP If note a feminine hand see Loretta serving maid STOP had memorable evening STOP Also see butler Byrd we belong to same club STOP

All but Geste and Jeremy go to Cantwell’s, arriving early to speak to Loretta. Byrd catches us. Explain situation and he is ready to do his part when we mention Rathbone and show him note from Loretta and the cable. Van DaNort has nothing to wear as its a formal event, but the doorman is about his build so borrows a tux. Cantwell’s servants are excellant people, friendly and loyal to their boss, as one with a loveable old soul deserves. Byrd a nervous wreck concerning party and potential thieves, seems not like one who Rathbone would speak so highly of, kind of sissy.


Red Cloud guarding mummy in the collection room during entire party.

Guests whom we speak to:
-Dr. Reginald Cantwell: medical doctor; wife Mrs. Sofia Cantwell
-Oswald Moffatt: ignores wife Eleanor a lot. Trades cigars for Schuyler’s indian leaf tobacco; short; she wears expensive pearl neclase, busy body know it all. He has a weakness for tall women, enjoys being dominated.
-Boring military Cpt
-Lord Highgate: proud, elderly, gray sidburns, very neat, walking stick; disapproved of the fakes on display (knows arch); well known collector himself; charitable philanthropist (including churches); rumored to have an increasing interest in spiritualism; not keen to associate himself beneath his station, but for those who are graceful, polite, and reputable regardless of station; thinks Cantwell and idiot, both think the other is taken by fakes a lot.
-Susana Bromwich: a medium. Does readings. Moffit says ‘mad as a box of badgers’. Dreamed at puberty of city under the sea, tentacled creature and creatures beyond the stars. Distant and dreamy.
-Mr. Algernon Dunbar: fat, bald clerk at foreign office. Racist and unpleasant man. Rumors he deals in slavery
-Lady Miriam: stands out and gives knowing smile. Jewish. Met Rick who made quite an impression on her; a sense she has seen much
-Gerald Atwood: from British museum; Dark Pharoah very early dynasty soon after bent pyramid built. Crazies think he ruled 500yrs til driven out by priests of Re or some such. His Capitol Hamunaptrah destroyed and buried. Think he’s a demon from ‘outer dark’. Insists it’s all rubbish.
-Robert Doyle: upper class, poet, friendly, user of absinthe and opium. Think Dorian Gray. Put the moves on Paul at the party.
-Professor Kasim el Kheir: from British museum
-Cpt. Reginald Ludington: wreeks of whiskey;
At dinner, party attacked with fire via windows, and the door to hallway is barracaded. Loretta is hit by fire almost directly, but Schuyler’s quick action to cover her with a thick tablecloth and douse her in water saves her life with minimal burns, and at least most of her looks though she will be scarred. Shuyler yells for Paul to get out there and kill ‘em all! Paul leaps out window and attacks, emptying his revolver at the first who fires upon him, finally killing him. Inside, Van DaNort begins treating the burned before they are led out by Byrd, who is rallying people to hed through the kitchen and out the servant’s entrance and carries Loretta outside. Byrd soon joins Paul in the battle outside, wildly charging with a big meat cleaver. Paul has pulled his saber and fights in melee as others fire upon him. One thug picks up pistol on ground and is about to shoot Byrd at end of fight, who by now is badly injured, but Paul picks his gun up, quick loads one bullet, fires and drops him cold. The last is able to escape into the darkness. Schuyler is able to bust through the door into the hallway with a small group of men, and the group makes its way to the mummy room. Cantwell follows.
Meanwhile, a large group of men has broken into the collection room, far to many to allow Red Cloud to make a move. As they make there getaway, some back out the windows but several through back entrance carrying the mummy, he tries to follow them. They have a wagon waiting though and make their escape.
Schuyler et al arrive in the mummy room and find it and Red Cloud missing. As Cantwell enters the shadowy room, Schuyler barely catches a glimmer out of the corner of his eye. He turns on a would be assassin about to take out Cantwell at the rear of the party and fires his derringer, killing him instantly. Red Cloud appears, Paul and Wilhelm arrive and we hed up the street.
We find the wagon wrecked and several Arab/Egyptian thugs dead about it and cobras slithering to and fro, which Paul and Red Cloud kill as they try to attack us. Wilhelm spots a small child hiding in an adjacent allyway. She tries to run at first but he and Schuyler catch her and Wilhelm talks her down. She says she witnessed a few thugs killed by snakes from inside when the wagon overturned as a dark form wrapped in cloths escaped from inside and fled w/ one of the men. We track them to a building a few hours later after a frantic search of the streets. Inside we find an Arab man and the Undead mummy. We fight them and kill the Arab but it is to powerful for us, we retreat to the street. Police arrive and looking up see the figure of the mummy on the rooftop. They fire upon it but it recedes into the dark, lost to us.


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