The Monster Hunters of Down Cthulhu


We travel under cover of being tourists, especially skiing since its winter, as friends of the Earl of Mansauce. We ride the Orient Express, some workers from before are happy to see us again, and thank us more still for our previous service to the railroad. It’s a jolly good ride until we catch the narrow gauge to Sinaia. The next day around 2pm it pulls into the station.
We dine at the hotel, doing as would be expected of us this late in the day after we get our rooms situated. The concierge reminds us that guests on their first night receive 20L in free chips. We gamble tonight to fit in. The first few days will be spent indulging in our cover.
Schuyler wins 16L plus the 20. That’s after spending over 10L on drinks and rolls for the ladies! He has his of a blonde, brunette, and a black haired. He takes the blonde Russian!
Jeremy then takes charge. RC offers him his L20 for the 20 back and half of the winnings from that 20. Jeremy wins L160!! The last round being 70 itself, which the pit boss had to get special permission from. That gives RC his initial 20 plus 35 more, and Jeremy 105 total.
Simon loses all his on one game of chance.
Paul does the same and wins!! Totals L20. Wilhelm does the same.
Simon looks up to the heavens “I know this is a test God.”
Schuyler “Yeah, ‘persevere’!” as he leaves with the Russian. She’s pumping him for information, what we are doing here, where we are headed, etc. She’s being subtle but amazingly Mr. Grim sees through it. Schuyler mentions skiing and hiking, maybe hunting if they offer that.”
She says the have moose hunting available.
He mentions climbing “even though I won’t find any mts as daunting as these” (ahem ahem) to her.
Simon heads for the facilities. As he stands there, a man jabs a knife right in his side. 3 others stand behind him.
“Hand over all your money card lovin’ papist.”
He insists he just lost all of his money. Nor is he a papist. He offers them their life. They demand his purse.
Simon “I have no money to give you, but I’ll let you leave with your life” showing them his sparse purse. They want him to call his pals in for 25% of the cut.
Simon “I know who won a lot of money, the Indian.”
They go out to a side hall alcove, then he calls RC that way. RC come walking over. 2 of them grab his arms and the third asks for his money with a knife “pope lover”. RC at first is confused. Simon walks up behind the knife wielder, as RC pulls to slam the other 2 together. Simon grapples the leader. RC double noggin knockers the 2 other morons. A brawl ensues tween RC and the 2 as Simon grapples the other. After a few rounds, RC crits one of the 2 down. Simon keeps offering the surrender to the leader. Finally that he won’t turn them over to the cops.
They surrender.
Simon “Give me your money” so RC takes the $ off the KO’d one. Simon says he won’t sin really and steal, RC has not compunction. Unfortunately, they are flat broke.
They were only trying to get money for food and their rooms! “What can we do to get our money back?” They came here from the countryside to make their fortune, but haven’t been able to find a job.
Milos, Ion, Andre are brothers. Family name Diaconescu. Mother is Lena, lives in small village. Sisters Livia and Magda, live with the mother. Not married cause the evil Baron on the hill causes too much chaos. The Baron is Hauptman!!
As we converse, a tap on the floor nearby as a staff wielding guard has arrived. Simon offers them legit pay for a legit job as our guides, if they are willing to not rob and be at our beck and call. They want a pound a day for the group of them. We agree.
Schuyler, after an exhausting round of physical gymnastics, Schuyler says we might head up north a ways. She asks if we will go anywhere near the village of Drovosna. She asks to go as well, for she has been waiting for someone interested in going into the mts for adventure (hmm).
“What would make a gal like you head into the Romanian mts for adventure? What’s your story?”
Her name is Elena Rosalavich. She’s a tourist. Schuyler says he has to ask his team, she says she’ll make it ‘worth your while’.
He leans back “I think I may need a little more encouragement, ahhh”. She provides. Schuyler thinks “This must be what Rathbone feels all the time.”
Everyone turns in for the night.
The brothers say the monastery has a great collection of tomes we should see, if we can get them to let us in. You have to get passes into the countryside.
At breakfast, Schuyler asks if we should take or ditch the Russian chic. Paul doesn’t trust Russians, Jeremy says its up to Schuyler “you’re the one who slept with her”.


The 3 brother Tuffs:
Milos, Ion, Andre
Family name Diaconescu; Mother is Lena, lives in small villag with sisters Livia and Magda; Not married cause the evil Baron on the hill causes too much chaos.

pg 33 Map
pg 59 food and meals
pg 35 Bran Castle

Preparing for Hauptman

Ship home from Australia to London. On the way, Wilhelm revisits talks he and Rick had, on the trip back to Cuncudgerie, concerning what we should be aware of about Romania and the gypsies.

What Wilhelm knows: There are many gypsy tribes in Egypt. Many have willingly worked with evil in the past and present, including Dracul and werewolves. Only the Vistani refuse to ever work for evil. There are also dhampires, the children of male vampires and human women.
Rick adds that the gypsies are actually descended from Indians. They speak Romani, but many are multilingual. 40 different tribes live in Romania. Weddings are not legal in Transylvania unless a gypsy band plays. Wealth carried much on women in form of fewelry. Sharing food is considered risky. Height of insult to refuse when it is offered, though. Area we are going to is known for ironworking among other things, and woodcarving is ubiquitous. The woodcarvings and some fo metal working are sometimes woven with magical power, so look out for that. For instance, a famous woodcarver put above the lintel of his house kept his wife from ever straying. He knows this personally. Orthodox priesthood hides in hinterland. Their vestments and treasures from Constantinople were smuggled out of the area and hidden in the area of the Omu Mt, entrusted to priests. Supposedly a secret order of priests guarded it. Includes the Repository of Light, a great weapon vs evil. to Wilhelm “Go to Bran Castle, rumored to be books there (Johnny note pg 35) concerning the subject.”
We both think there is lots of evidence their ability to fortune tell is real in some cases
We all know they are very musical. Things are either clean or unclean, philosophically. Women do not cut their hair. Fat is equated with wealth, so they like fattening up their women. Red and green are lucky colors. Lower body unclean, upper clean. Women are unclean, so clothes are washed separately.

Arrive England:

Van Helsing is not in England currently. We report all to Archimedes concerning China and Australia. Schuyler checks in at US embassy and files his reports.

Wilhelm researches briefly Romania, filling any blanks that may be important, then gets to Hauptman et al, getting mostly further confirmation of the facts we already know:
There is indeed a valley with a castle on the spire of the mt above, Castle Hauptman, some 6000 feet above sea level, guards the village as we were told. Confirmation of all we know from before. Church in the village is Orthodox.
Count is very strong but short; dark haired.
Nothing more about Stanford does he find.
Miss Santrane: record of a visa leaving for Transylvania just after we busted up the Scotland cult.

Sinaia, is a fashionable resort for the rich and important. Railroad reached it over a decade ago. The Pearl of the Carpathians, breathtaking scenery. Hiking viable to Bucegi Mts. Popular ‘mineral springs promote good digetsions’. Has a Roman Catholic monastery founded 1695, incorporates a stone brought back from Mt. Sinai. North is a park, Pele’s castle for King Charles of Hohenzolleran (aka elected monarch Carol I) is a great architectural design. Hotel is right next to it The Caraman, looks like 14th century castle, where we will stay.
King’s wife is named Elizabetha. From what Wilhelm finds, death seems to follow her around.
Wilhelm also gets a list of all the Transylvanian gypsy groups.


During couple weeks before Rick’s arrival:
Some rest and recupe; At least a couple of us like Paul begin some regular sessions with Wilhelm to regain lost sanity.
Schuyler and Geste check in at American Secret Service and Templar cell, respectively.
Wilhelm researches Carlyle’s known whereabouts during their London stay. Jeremy does any legwork, often accompanied by Schuyler, as well as Elias’ steps when her prior to NY death.
Wilhelm also reads People of the Monolith successfully.

April 20 to April 28, 1884 is when Carlyle et al were in London.
Elias tracked much of Carlyle’s steps. Carlyles stayed at Penhue Foundation, visited Gavigan’s house in Essex, an island in the marshes there, about an hour out of Liverpool Station. Gavigan was the right hand man of Penhue, and now runs the Foundation. Gavigan has a flat in Mayfair as well.
Gavigan is also a member of the Diamond Back Club, a club for rich who are not nobles. He wins a lot at cards there; lots of poor card players. He only visits his home once a month now, oddly usually during the dark new moon. Stays at Foundation or his Mayfair flat.
Carlyle and his party also stopped at a club called the Blue Pyramid in Soho, perhaps figuring it entertainingly ironic, the article assumes, since they were about to leave for Egypt.
Jeremy begins visiting the Blue Pyramid regularly, to acclimatize them to his presence and make acquaintances. Schuyler joins him about half the time.

May 26

Rick and party arrive from Cairo via airship.

May 28

Westinghouse, Atwater, Wilkerson arrive from NY.

May 30 through June 1

Meetings at Rathbone’s house for the weekend.

June 2/3

Westinghouse researches paper for any evidence that may be linked to mummy at large, it yields:
2 months ago, a small new storeopened in Soho. Ramessu’s Egyptian Antiquities. Proprietor Ahti Ramessu, Egyptian.
Find no record of his emigration.
Also, the Dark Mistress is in London harbor right now!!!!

Wilhelm begins researching the forbidden tomes brought from NY. Rick uses contacts to get him full access to Brit Museum, Cambrige, University College and Oxford U libraries.

Night June 3:
Jeremy at Blue Pyramid:
Lots of Egyptian decor and music, and dancers.
Jeremy gets to talking over a few nights entertainment. Talks with the owner Abdulah Nawisha, and Egyptian.
A dancing girl asks to meet him after the song ends, in the alley behind the place.
He meets her, she races to him panting; terrified. She explains she has danced here for 3 years. The man you’re looking for is no longer in London, he left a couple months ago (Elias). The Brotherhood was close on his trail, The Egyptian Brotherhood. He has never heard of them. Her boyfriend, once a waiter here Quadar, was murdered. She thinks the Brotherhood did it cause he wouldn’t join them.
Elias was asking around about the Brotherhood, started after this Carlyle fellow, then changed to looking deeper into the Brotherhood. They are bad news, hang out in this club a lot. Abdulah is terrified of them. Once a month, an old steam truck appears around midnight at the back. About 2 dozen customers jump in and drive to someplace outside of London. The organizer is Twefiq al Sayed. She saw this twice, at least some are the same each time. She recalls the dates. Wilhelm says this follows the same time Gavigan leaves town for home.
To be thourough, he gives her some coin for a private show. They go in and upstairs.
As he does, Jeremy notices something. In disguise, Westinghouse is in the club!!
Westinghouse did notice a man eyeing up Jeremy. Once Jeremy is back downstairs, when the club shuts down, and Jeremy is about to leave, he sees the man giving obvious signs to a few other guys in a booth, who return their own too obviously stretches as a call back. The first man subtely shakes his head no.
Jeremy leaves.
A bit later, on last chance, Westinghouse leaves as well. Jeremy is waiting nearby. We stay and case the place.
45 minutes later, the owner locks upand walks away. All have left already as well, even the signal crew.
We wait half an hour, go around to back door, which is deadbolted from inside.
We go to front. Jeremy looks out and Westinghouse picks the front door.
A bobby walks by moments later.
We start searching, finding no information.
Secret door check, Jeremy says we should start in his office. West finds a hidden panel to an old style safe. West breaks in easily. Around L1000; other normal stuff valuable to Abdulah; a note threatening him, that the actions of the Brotherhood are none of your concern, keep your nose out of your business fat man and run your club.
Nothing else to find.
We leave everything as we found it.

Early now, on way home see paper boy peddling Morning Scoop:
Slaughter continues. West buys one. An unidentified foreigner found floating in Thames, 24th victim in series of bizarre slayings. Beated severely and stabbed through the heart. 3 yrs of murders like this. Officer Barrington is the cop in charge.
West says he knows there have been 3 already this year. All linked by being Egyptians and foreigners.
By description, it is not Abdullah.

June 4

We visit inspector Barrington early, offering our services. Say we are friends of Jackson, and we are the ones who investigated his murder.
Jackson said these murders were ritual killings by an Egyptian death cult, called Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh. Barrington talked to Egyptologist Gavigan at Penhue, who said there is no modern day equivalent. That Elias was a sensation seeking writer trying to profit on the unfortunate Carlyle exp. Many of the victims frequented the same club in Soho.
West “Blue Pyramid.”
“Why yes, that’s the one.” Owner seemed like he may give us something, then suddenly shut up.
One victim stabbed but still alive when found, though bleeding out fast. First person on scene, a bobby, said he cried out one word ‘hotep’ before he died. Meaning rest or peace in anc egyptian.
Another man knew many of them: Tewfiz al Sahib. Owns a spice shop, once a guide in Egypt for foreigners. Guided a Penhue expedition, of an American chap.
West “Carlyle”
“Yes, he was their guide in Egypt before they left for Kenya.”
He warns us that they appreciate the help, but don’t go running off half cocked.
He lets Atwater examine the body, as long as he tells them what he finds.
The bruises were via club; but also marked like they were carved deeply. Some of the better marks look almost like hieroglyphs!!!
Westinghouse “Atwater, how can we lift the markings?”
Atwater thinks that injecting ink, maybe, at the wound site would highlight the marks because of how the blood settles.
He goes for it.
He only gets 3 partial prints.
Need to show it to Rick!!
We invite him to dine at Rick’s tonight, so we can let him in on the real deal.

Westinghouse goes to check out the ship, with a pair of goggles, taking Billy and Simon as guards.
Boat looks like nothing but a yacht. Crew normal. Through Lenses, it isn’t the creature from last time, but far worse. A hybrid part boat, part creature. The 6 sailors on deck, a few debarking into London, look like ugly men at first. Through goggles, they are deep ones!!!
The door/maw opens and 2 men appear, leaving the boat. One looks like Penhue, even through the goggles!! The other is also someone I recognize. Bishop in his current body!!!!
Finally, only the Cpt. remains, potential hybrid deep one.
Westinghouse follows Penhue and Bishop, get a cab and go into Penhue foundation. Half hour later, disappear down street in a cab. It leaves London, heading north.

At Rick’s, show him the symbol. It’s slightly flipped, but its the symbol for the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh. Supposedly, they had sacred clubs to kill those that crossed the cult and for normal sacrifices. They would break their bones with the club, careful not to kill them. Then, kill them with a spike (on the other side of the club) throught the heart or eye.

Paul et al goes to talk to Mickey at the Scoop. Scoop specializes in gory murders, sex scandals, wierd happenings. Willing to pay for good murder/monster story, and models in their knickers. Says Elias didn’t tell him what he was up to. Helped break a story here and there. Did say an evil cult was operating in London, and he was digging into old newspaper accounts. He can show us some of the things he looked into. 3 stories in particular:
1) several pieces to do with the string of murders of Egyptians
2) “shocking canvases bring recognition”; savage exotic scenes by Miles Shipley; repulsive; maidens ravished, shadow gross landscapes, etc; uncanny verisimilatude however, as though Miles worked from personal xp; Miles says he renders his own visions
3) monstrous murders;_ inhuman killer shot but still alive?_; 2 dead, 3rd lived; no purpetrator known; George Osgood and Lydia Perkins the dead; Wilright Short drove off a grisly manlike creature in Lesser Adele; Tumwell, constable, claims he shot the same creature that night; wailings of creature on full moon haunt the area
He has no idea why those 3 in particular.

Wilhelm research has discovered an attempt made on Gavigan’s life, several years ago. Adam Cross reports: Hugh Tilesman, formerly of Bayswater, taken into custody upon members of Diamond back club. Fired upon another member but quickly restrained. Cops took him away, injured during scuffle. 42 year old banker, went after Gavigan. Widower lost his family to house fire the previous year; described as irrational, required sedation. Also charged with vandealizing the Afghan War memorial in Baniker Park, inflicted with a hammer. Was president of Park committee, curiously. No other record or story of trial. Officer Dyle was in charge of scene.
Jeremy talks to Barrington about Dyle: does not know much; Met police, not Scotland yard. Good chap, does job well so far as he knows. He directs us to his HQ.
Jeremy goes to Met police HQ, acting as a reporter for The Scoop doing followup on some Dyle’s career. He is on patrol, and a Sgt, an officer tells Jeremy where. Jeremy easily finds him.
He seems happy to assist a newspaperman, actually. Says does not remember much of incident, asks to have dinner out and will bring his notebook.

Jeremy at Dinner:
Tilesman was never brought to trial. Gavigan spoke to judge, explaining the man was mad, he was put in an asylum where he probably still resides. Family burned to death, wife carrying the girl and at door burst into flames, burning and screaming in death.
Tilesman was a banker, military in younger days. Had brother who died in Afghan campaign so started push for the memorial. He said memorial was evil!! Hates it. Does not know name of stonemason. There was a stone piece brought from Egypt, donated by Gavigan, to statue. Probably find a picture postcard in the sundry store down the block.
Tilesman went around for donations; Gavigan not interested. Actually spoke vs British Imperialism. So finally Gavigan said, after Tilesman bothering him, he’d donate the Egyptian obelisk to memorial. Then, the tragedies afterward, screaming of Gavigan killing his family. Feels Gavigan just didn’t want him thrown in jail, but have his ills treated instead. Asylum is in Hackney, just off the Temple Mill Rd. Private institution, not state run.
Multiple burnings in area around memorial since then. At some sights, there was evidence of animals being caught or left in the fire. Dogs, cats, squirels, etc.

Dinner at Rick’s:
Inform Barrington; show him more evidence. Paul, Rick, and West thouroughly convince him of the horror, minus supernatural. Even that they may all be involved.
Rick needs to check out this obelisk “Let’s go tonight, to obelisk. After Brandy and cigars, of course. Barrington, you should come as well.”

To obelisk, in central London, after dark, late.
Jeremy thinks to stop at a few local pubs first, Schuyler goes too. They say its just some Egyptian thing added to a war memorial.
They say its cursed. People who fall asleep on benches nearby overnight have nightmares, wake up disoriented, etc. Jocko passed out drunk one night at bottom of it, dead next morning, not mark on body. Face like he was horrified. Folks don’t feel right around it at night. Neighborood has done down, too. Tilesman house burned down, was across street from it. A few others as well. Steamcar blew up, newspaper man’s cart burned up. No known causes. Small fires too. Someone was stacking paper and woodchips beside houses, trying to burn them down. No one caught. Often pidgeons, dogs, cats tied up and thrown into the fires. Mileman’s horse, someone burned both sides of it while he was taking milk into an apartment. Heard horse scream and ran for it. Burnt so bad had to be put down, but man saw nothing. Cops figure a lunatic arsenist in the area. In winter, no snow accumulates on the obelisk. When it rains, its dry.

2AM arrive at obelisk:
Schuyler drives the carriage near the scene. Rick, Simon, Barrington, Westinhouse, Wilhelm, Billy, Paul rides on the roof.
Simon gets out first, and quickly.
He walks straight for the obelisk. Rick, Wilhelm, and Westinghouse follow.
All have headlamps.
21″ × 21″ and 11’ tall; 6’ high contemporary base it rests on.
Weathered but in tact. Bottom corner repaired with modern mortor, where Tilesman hit it. All 4 sides bear hieroglyphs.
Rick begins reading. Touching it, it feels at least 15 degrees warmer than air. Text all seems to be prayers to an obscure god Ka Thig Ra. Lord of Fire.
Westinghouse “Cthugha. Dear god.”
We show Barrington, so he sees the connection.
Westinghouse and Wilhelm suddenly lose 3 con, and Barrington 1, damage. White ghostly haze drifts from each of them to the obelisk.
Rick yells for them to get back to the carriage.
A glow from atop the obelisk point, a spark of flame. It drifts off and starts moving.
Westinghouse “Fire vampire! We need water. Normal weapons did nothing!”
It grows a bit larger, to about 2’ diameter.
Paul “Simon, it may b e up to you.”
Simon “I’ll show it what a holy warrior of god can do.”
We run to follow it.
Simon “Schuyler, take the carriage away.”
Schuyler takes off.
It passes into the pub, burning a whole as it does and catching it on fire. Some people that live upstairs, owner, starts to yell. Simon yells at it, draws his blade. It comes straight at him!!
Simon’s holy, arcane attack power shears through its DR as they battle. He strikes and it bursts as it lashes at him but misses. As he hits, it disipates.
Barrington is astouined. Says we need to do something about this obelisk.
Westinghouse, Paul and Wilhelm make for the fire to help, they put it out with minimal damage.
For now, we have to keep people away from it.
Barrington says he can try to get the area cordoned off for the time being.
We head back to Rick’s.
Rick read more. It says the servants from the lord of fire are trapped w/in; if you stand w/in the equivalent of 20’ maybe it can steel your essence to release the servants. Or if you want to release them all at once, break it.
Well, that ruins Simons idead of blowing it up. We must destroy it at some point, but prepared with plenty of water. Perhaps a submerged explosion.

Rick realizes, no way a fire vampire was leaving small animal offerings in fires.
Simon “Good God, you’re right.”
Westinghouse “A fine call, Richard. The obelisk must be corupting a nearby citizen. Jeremy and his street crew should get on this.”
Barrington says he and a few men will join Jeremy and his men in the search.

Barrington takes Westinghouse and Wilhelm to the station, showing them the full case files on the arsons. Visit a few scenes late into the night. They are up late, developing a profile of the arsonist together.

June 5

Westinghouse and Wilhelm present their profile: a male, probalby younger than 18, lives or attends school in area; being influences by obelisk; a loner, maybe bullied, been burning animals alive, only matter of time before his compulsion gets grander; he will definitely be watching at scene if FD arrives to put out a big one.

Atwater, Jeremy, and Billy go to asylum in Hackney:
He had dreams, terrible dreams, including London on fire, of the obelisk. Knows of what is inside the obelisk, wildly blames Gavingan; Atwater gives him just enough sedative to calm him down.
Jeremy explains that we agree, he is right about all.
Insists obelisk must be destroyed and Gavigan made to pay.
He only knows what he knows from dreams, no personal xp. Gavigan hates England and our military. “I love England, so he made me and my whole family pay.” Sometimes sees him, in his head but not dreams. He comes and laughs at him. When sky is dark, “I see the obsene rituals he performs, the things that come down from the heavens, the unspeakable things they do.” And the people who fornicate with the monsters. It’s in the swamps, marsh, all around the estate in Essex. He knows who else, but if he does he’ll be struck dead.
Says his mind has travelled beyond, has seen “things that would shrivel your soul. Only my madness allows it, of seeing my family destroyed and the evil doers go free. But you have the book, and so the way. Akh Ma Lor. You must find the way. The servitors of the demon sultan.” He quakes and dies.
We don’t know what the words have to do with a book, that is no book we have. Are they summoning servitors of Azathoth, the demon sultan? Ugh. In this book must be the secret to keep us safe at the ceremony.
Orderlies are called in. It will be dubbed a heart attack, called inevitable by Dr’s and he’s better off for it. Uncurable. They do ask us what we were talking to him about. We asked what made him go after Gavigan, and at mention of his family he cried and tapped out.

Simon, Paul, Wilhelm, RC, Schuyler, Westinghouse to Lesser Edale to take the monster. Taking clippings of the Scoop stories with them; and letter of intro from Barrington.
Take Midland railroad to Derby, 130 miles north of London. North of there if valley of Derwent. Leave London’s Pancras Station, adjacent to King’s Cross 3/4 mile north of museum.
Once in Darby, get to Lesser-edale via steam omnibus daily at 7:52 AM, 2:12, or 9:41 PM. 6 hour walk. Mounted 3 hours.
The valley is one of most beautiful of England. Wooden vales, waterfalls, limestone outcroppings, several pubs in the town of Lesser-edale
We need to save lives, and this is the most immediate threat, night to night. They ride horseback a couple hours to the area. We are in the town by dinner time.
30 homes in village, more outside, Laughing Horse Pub, a mercantile store, church, vet clinic, a steambus service to Derby. We eat at Pub first. We can get rooms at pub, seldom have visitors.
Recall scene in American Werewolf in London pub, that is close to these guys. Friendly, a few surlies who stare.
They are very interested in RC, a real red skin. They pass around the tomahawk. Paul encourages RC to speak ‘like an Indian’.
Later, Constable Tumwell arrives, just who we wanted to speak to.
No stable, closest if farmer Perkins about mile up road. He calls for Tom Jenkens, and for a few shillings he can take our horses to Perkins’ house for the night.
“M’ Lord, give the boy some money.” Paul does so, and tips him. Including paying ahead of time to bring them back in the morning. And a bit for Perkins himself for stabling and feed.
Paul gives him the letter from Barrington.
He assumes he killed it, not having been troubled since he shot it. Gives no credence to other so called sightings. Only wailings at the last full moon.
Paul buys a round of drinks. Sooner than later, everyone is gathered around talking about the monster.
Tales of it walking on its back paws, ripped bone from bone from ‘poor Lydia’. Constable warns us not to bother the victims’ families, they’ve been through enough. Simon begins to rant and intimidate, but Westinghouse and Paul step in before he insults the constable.
Simon insists we will do whatever we have to do to solve these murders.
Edith, the wife of Osgood. She told them they heard a noise, husband went out to investigate with shotgun, heard him fire and scream. When she went out, saw a hunchbacked beast running into dark on 2 legs.
They confirmed all this on scene, including wolf tracks, and its blood so he hit it first. Not much though. He was ripped literally limb from limb.
Perkins specifics:
A man from corner “It was that Lawrence Vane who done it, he killed my daughter. You can ask Tom, he seen it. Them Vane’s they live in that castle, think they own us like the old days.”
All turn to look and see John Perkins, Lydia’s dad. Tumwell tries to calm him down, to no effect. He yells no one is doing anything about it. Tumwell tries to insist he killed it. John insists it were Lawrence.
The son of Knight Fredrick Vane. Tom Cordy is John’s neighbor. Tom is here too.
Tom regrets speaking, told John in confidencs. He saw Lawrence Vane walking down path from Perkins house. Not sure if it was before or after death, but looked upset and running as fast as he could.
Tumwell says he talked to him, and Scotland Yard investigators, all say he’s innocent. He claims was out for a walk. Their houses are about half a mile apart.
Tumwell then asks to talk to one of us privately, West does. He asks us to stop implicating Vane, he was walking past, saw the door open, saw the body inside ripped to pieces, and ran away. If John knows he was there, he will even more so assume Vane is guilty and do something rash and vengeful.
John keeps insisting they are just protecting a noble “Down with the nobles” the labor party will correct this. And if they won’t, the anarchists will.
He tells West, we can question John. He got home from drinking, and inside found his daughter. The door was already open. He left here around 2:15. Probably got home in around 15 minutes. He lives on edge of village. Tom left at 1:00 am. Tumwell thinks the body had been dead for over an hour, just from blood drying based on hunting xp.
Talk dries up, by closing its up to our rooms.
Each murder has taken place on the full moon.

Night, at Rick’s:
Akh Ma Lor, not Arabic, not ancient Egyptian. Wilhelm thinks the first book to reference is the big one, Necronomicon.
Stephen Hughes visits Rick’s house. Atwater is there, as is Billy and Wagstaff and his live in maid Mattie.
See Explorer’s log.

Jeremy’s street crew of on the lookout for an arsenist, accompanied by Barrington and a few good bobbies 4, plus Billy.
Barrington has found the Phillipston School for Boys is right across street from the park!!!
Westinghouse recommends someone watch the obelisk, he may come and gauk at it, at least prior to his arsons. Start by creating a perimeter based on previous crime scenes.
Nothing happens.

June 6

Westinghouse to Osgood’s wife Edith, w/ Simon,, Wilhelm:
All he was already told was true. Their kids, individually, confirm the facts.
She insists it was a man, it ran on 2 legs though hunched over covered in hair. It was no wolf. Rumors of a creature killing on full moon for centuries. It comes and goes like a cycle. Maybe we can find info on this history at the church. The rev. is named Jeremy Stratton, 67 yrs old, she says he’s into this kind of thing. Westinghouse gives her some money, seeing things are not going well for them now, for her trouble. Wailings seem to emanate from the ground, not from woods, only during full moons, all 3 nights, but not otherwise. Been going on since master Lawrence returned from attending Oxford, just graduated in Law. Returned alone. Only 3 plus servants live there. Lawrence, dad Fredrick, and younger daughter Elouise. Fairly popular until this all started.

Paul, RC, Schuyler as the Vane house: No one answers the door. After Paul yells his title, a voice from a window yells “Go away!”
Schuyler “Is everything all right in there. We’re here with authority of Brithish Law!”
A girl’s comes around the side “come this way”. She leads us around to an entry way “After you gentleman.”
Paul and RC enter. Schuyler “ladies first.”
She enters, Schuyler behind.
It leads into a main hall from the side, huge hall. Front door on this side has been walled up.
Old man meets us, in late 60’s and gruffly “What can I do for you gentleman.”
Paul apologizes for not following proper etiquette. We are on important business.
Schuyler “We are here to find the real killer, not to blindly accuse your son like many have done.”
We sit and discuss in the parlour on opposite side of hall.
We see portraits of ancestors, one in particular is spitting image of Roger Carlyle, like related. That guy in the painting was the black sheep, Abner Vane Carel. Went to America as a Col. but never returned. Went into business like a commoner.
He’s lying, just to cover the family honor. See Carlyle entry of Elias Carlyle investigation.
He calls the son and daughter in. He confirms the story of the constable, thinks its all a bunch of superstitious nonsense. Elouise is quite, demur. Fred returned form London. Howlings going on for months. Only last month were the first murders.
Larry give his word as a gentleman “You have my word there will be no more murders.” He just has ‘a feeling’.
They do not know where the wailings come from.
Larry gets very frustrated, dad calms him down.
Paul insists they are not being picked on, he wants only to clear the name of any aristocracy. Schuyler tells them we are not picking on any other person in particuler.
Servanst say nothing, too loyal to family.

Others at church:
Housekeeper answers. He admits us. A particularly ugly man, sunken chin. He tries to say he knows nothing, but Westinghouse knows he is hiding something. He has a certificate on wall as a corresponding secretary of Order of the Golden Druid in this area.
Wilhelm has not heard of it, neither has Westinghouse.
We leave, with nothing. He stonewalls us.
After we leave, the housekeeper meets us. Says he has been odd since the murders happened. Locks self in rectory for hours at a time. People thought little of the howlings until the murders. He was out the nights of the murders, on a trip actually. She knows not where. He took only a sack with him, often takes it out evenings sometimes for 4 or 5 hours. Been going on for years. Maybe once a month, sometimes less, sometimes more. Has not been more constant since howlings started. Always goes away on summer solstice, longest day and shortest night of year, all day. Occasionally over night. As well as a basket for summer solstice, of just food and wine. She knows nothing of the order he belongs to. Queer people though. They visit sometimes, have a kind of particular greeting to each other. Visits are variable, last time was couple weeks ago. They are locals in the valley. Farmer Bryant last time. Some are farmors, some laborers, others educated men as well. She names a half dozen locals, including the doctor.
West "Who would know a lot about the area, other than rev.?
“The Vanes.”
He does visit them sometime, he’s friends with them. They do not visit here though.

We all meet back in town. Food and drink while we talk at the pub. Tum comes to dinner too. He knows nothing, never hear of it. Simon feels that’s a dead giveaway he’s a member. When asked by Westinghouse: He says there are a few local ancient sights, like standing stones. He can show us tomorrow himself.

The Dr. plays totally dumb about the druid cult.

RC stakes out the church. Wilhelm with him out of sight. He leaves after dinner

Westinghouse stakes out the Dr. Simon out of sight with him. He leaves after dinner.
He arrives at the mercantile store side door, gives an obvious secret knock. A man answers. Inside is a small landing, then steps going down. 2 others come do door from 2 different directions. One obviously a farmer. Both give the knock, say the same words and go in.
The rev. arrives just as they are about to enter “Hey wait, wait for me.” That’s when we see the guy from the store is wearing some kind of fur on his head.
The door closes behind them.
West sends RC to get Paul and Schuyler and he returns with them.
We wait a short time, and no one else shows.
There are small windows to the basement. West takes a look. About 14 folks, all dressed in ancient looking garb like furs and such. Primitives. The rev is at the front by a table. Says something, dramatically pulling a corroded old dagger. They ooh and aaah. He lays it on the table.
Another is frantically writing, or drawing, in a notebook. West is able to crack the window open a bit.
They break ranks to look at it. The Dr. say “good lord Jeremy, this is pre roman. Where did you find it?”
“At our dig at the standing stones.”
Simon has an idea that we should mug them all as they come out, tell them we think they are the killers, wearing furs and all. Maybe play up the anarchist angle. Or just the last one, scare him into telling us what he knows.
Several had bags, holding their costumes. A few dress like Roman Legionaires.
The Dr. hands out pamphlets to everyone. They admire a few more artifacts. then work for hours cleaning and restoring them.
The owner bids them all goodbye and they all leave.
Tum is the last to leave.
Simon “That liar, I want his arse, just on general principal now.”
They leave in ones and threes.
As he is walking through the door, Simon and RC pressure him back in the shop.

We lay our frame on them. They cry for their innocnece. The pamphlet is just their quarterly journal ‘dedicated to keeping live the traditions of the past."
Obvioulsy an innocent sect, history buffs. Amateur archaeologists. They’ve been at this a good 10 years. Have even donated artifacts to British Museum.
We play up to them gradually, but only maybe, convincing us. But we think they may have dug up something evil.
They show us everything, but nothing at all catches our interest. They know nothing else. We tell Tum to make the Rev let us see the historical records of the area.
He takes us to his house immediately. Tum speaks to our purpose first.
He says he didn’t show us the records at first cause he didn’t want us to jump to the wrong conclusions.
West “What wrong conclusions?”
“All right, go ahead.”
He takes us to back to the church.
Indeed there are records of the wailing for about 3 centuries. There have been an unusually high death of baby girls in Vane family at birth or w/in a week or so after. But not all. Outbreak about 300 yrs ago for 3 months; another 50 yrs later for 1 month of death; another maybe 100 yrs later, for again 1 month. Last was a century ago.
The legend of the wailings went on sometimes for years, others for months. There were not wailings during the first deaths. Every time since then. Generally after the deaths. The wails only happen on full moon days though.
During the first there was a death in the Vane family. Evangeline Vane, 21 yrs, killed in a riding accident. That was right after the last murder.
Asked what he does when he locks self in study every night, he asks for us to swear that with the info we will do nothing to endanger Vane family.
Simon “I can swear no such thing.”
Paul promises, as a gentleman.
Rev has a journal by the rev 400 yrs ago, when first murders occured. In anc. greek. He has not finished translating it, for he is not academic linguist, but is says lady Imogen Vane ordered a young girl burned at the stake for being a witch. True or not, it does not say. They all believed it though. The girl’s mother cursed Imogen and dropped dead in front of her.
Imogen was a cruel woman. Had a daughter Evangeline who was 10 at the time. When she turned 21, every month on the full moon she became a werewolf. On the third month she and her husband Arthur and the vicar and sherrif found out what was going on. During this third they caught her in the act and beat her to death with silvered clubs. Made up the accident story. That murders stopped after that.
End journal.
Something must have happened though, because decades later it started again.
Paul “Elouise, she just turned 21!”
Wilhelm studies it. Finds that the rev missed the actual curse itself: The old woman said that every blood daughter of the Vane’s would become a werewolf at 21. The vicar knows why the Vane castle is called Castle Plum, cause it fell into the hands of Edward III “like a plum”. But, in truth, it is cause there were lead mines in the area, built right over the mines. Lead in latin resembles plum. The entire town in honeycomed with lead mines.
Schuyler “Ah Haaa!! That’s why the wails come from the ground!”
West “Indeed.”
They have no way of knowing how to end the curse.
Wilhelm does not know how to break such a rare occurance and specific curse. However, we can not kill her. She’ll only look like herself once slain, they we’ll be murderers.

Night, London:
Jeremy et al out again.
One of the constables on watch at the school sees a shadow in the alley. Looking, its a prostitute. He orders her to move along and hears a noise behind the school. He sees a person piling up garbage against he wall, dumping a bottle of something onto it. He blows his whistle and rushes for the guy. He lights it anyway and starts the fire anyway!!!
The person picks up burning wood and tires to stick it into his face. The constable does a glancing blow. He swings the burning log and hits.
He clobbers the kid at his uniform being burned (have to pay for that yourself you know!) and knocks him out.
The fire is barely lit, we stop it easily.

June 7

We find that the boy does go the the school. The headmaster calls him a quiet kid, picked on by other kids.
Father owns a chemist shop, been missing a lot of ether recently. The boy has been using it to start the fires.
Is obvioulsy obsessed with the monument. Saw it from his windown seat. His bedroom of his house is on the other side of it across the park.
Began having nightmares of fire and flaming creatures.
We get him some Iluminati psychology help. And no more living at his house or going to that school.
We hush the whole thing up.

At first, the dad insists that they know nothing more. Paul and West press, we do not want to hurt anyone. We know of the mines, the wailings are from there. We want to end this issue permanently, cure the family line of daughters forever. Evangaline deserves redemption.
Dad calls the son in, he is very defensive of his sister. We convince them.
They know what the girl is doing, so they drug her and lock her in a cell during the full moon 3 days.
They show us where they keep her, a basement under the basement to a full scale torture chamber from medievel times. Through there, into a labyrinth of cells and rooms to a huge open area. The cell at the far end is the one they keep her in. Claw marks inside; window at far end into mines, that’ s how she escaped the first time; straw all over floor.
The son found her the 3rd night, that was why he was seen. She remembers nothing. Bars now reinforced. We still want to rid her, and their bloodline. Their family is almost gone. They won’t marry again so as not to put any others through this.
We need to return to London to research a cure.

June 8

Attend church; by now between Wilhelm, Archie, and Dong we have researched all to know in Forbidden Tome entries that we have.
Mickey gives us another story, see handout “It Almost Had Me!” Happened in Soho. Groot was an investigative reporter; became catatonic day after ghost wrote the article for him. He speaks only one word over and over again: Gavigan!
Happened in Soho during a fog at night. Now in an asylum, Brown’s Resident Clinic for the Insane. He had passed out, a bobby came along as the man struggled with seemingly nothing, turned on a bullseye lantern, then saw him fall KO to the pavement. Took him to the hospital. The bobby saw nothing.

Atwater goes to asylum, accompanied by Billy. Foggy today, getting thicker and thicker as the cab drives him. Funny smell, burning hair.
They approach the front door. Billy feels like a weird cold tentacle trying to grasp him.
Billy struggles with it in the fog. Atwater sees only Billy. Billy draws his blade, Kholan’s sword, and lashes out at the invisible attacker and strikes.
It feels to Billy like it is sucking the breath and life from him. Billy strikes again, and again true, ignoring his Varnstein Goggles for now.
Something is like its going into his throat and lungs, doing gradually more damge each round.
Atwater gets back in the cab and readies his revolver.
Billy hits and hits, missing a few times due to the invisibility.
This thing is super tough, hp wise, though it takes a long drawn out time to kill one such as Billy Fish.
After rounds of combat, if finally disappears in a puff; for a second he sees a huge ugly amorphous mass of 6 tentacles.

They enter, led to see the patient. But he is dead.
Atwater guesses mere minutes only. The thing was waiting, must have been.
Atwater to the dr. “You are terrible at your job. Good day.” They leave for Rick’s.

Later edition of paper: monstrous murderer on the loose in London! Breaking news: mass murderer loose in Soho. Left a string of bodies starting a few hours ago!
Bobbies have been doubled. Thick fog! Bobbies are finding other bobbies dead!!!
Rick and Billy need help. Adventurer’s Club and Iluminati: "I need brave fighters, hand to hand fighters! Soho need assistance!
And Archie’s: Wang Dong joins us!!!
We send them out in pairs, telling them exactly what they are up against.
In Soho, its like night its so dark. Unnatural.
Rick and Billy are a pair.
Screaming, and we all close in. 2 of our men are desparately fighting something. Billy has the goggles on. He sees it plain as day losing some sanity.
Rick rushes in with him, saying in Gurka to go low together.
4 rounds in, it explodes!!! Far at the end of the street, he sees the thing reform and move on.
We get all lights and streetlights to flood foggy Soho with light, realizing the importance of the lantern the bobby from the article used, which actually drove the beast away!! As it does, we can see the fog disipating.
The fog is rolling into Westminster.
Better turn the whole cities system on!!

Later, no evidence of the monster.
Message comes in from a bobbie: dead body found, in office of the assistant bishop of westminster!! Smothered to death. It went into the Abby, found darkness inside.
We have it cornered!! Keep all lights on outside, we’re going in.
People are streaming out of the Abby. We go in past them. Nearest steps are down to basement, that’s where we go.
4 of our cronies come with Rick and Billy, grabbing headlamps from the adven. club, and a couple of lanterns.

A cronie with the light sees it “There it is!!!” We can see it via the light.
Smoke seems to rise off it. All 6 tentacles slash at him. He is slashed to bits!!
It is obviously desperate.
We all focus our lights on it, and our cronies and Rick open lanterns.
Billy attacks.
It lashes out with the tentacles, 2 of the cronies badly. The light is powerful against it, both headlamps and lanterns comine!
It continues to lash out at lantern wielders. We have it surrounded, it lashes out desparately again, what must be one final gasp, at Rick for 45 total!!!! 3 cronies dead by now!!
It is destroyed, screaming horrificly, as it goes!!!!

At vane castle we stay with them, getting to know them better. Evening we ride for Derby for morning train to London tomorrow.

June 9

Jeremy and crew have been tailing Gavigan in spare time. He often visits a curio shop ran by a Tewfik al Sayed.

Adele group returns.

Wilhelm on Akh Ma Lor: reference to it in Necronomicon as The Way, to immortality via evoking and calling to earth a form or avatar of the demon sultan Azathoth. But, it also says those who would send back the servitors of Azathoth can use the Ak Ma Lor.
So, we need to find it.

June 10

Wilhelm researches curses:
First, he comes across a Barry Gordon, a man who ‘cures curses’ for money. It’s an ad in a recent occult periodical. He ignores this.

Then, an ancient art called Feng Shui. He dismisses this as well.

Then, 10 step ritual to remove a curse on a family name. Begins with covering you mind with the blood of a holy one (Jesus or Buddha are named), aka prey; 2nd is bind the demon, which it says all curses are bound by a demon that has been bound in the service of the curse, it will be hiding in someone. 3rd, break the curse; 4th, break the stronghold of the curse. 5th, break the power behind the curse. Then remove the authority of the curse; then put it to death; then wash away the curse; then speak blessings against the curse; finally cast out the demon. Very long and dangerous excorsism, essentially, and one with extensive occult knowledge. This one seems real.

West, Atwater, Wilhelm, and Jeremy look into the Shipley paintings. First, they visit the Golden Dawn and Crowley. His place lacks extravagancy, but we walk past a crystal ball with a velvet kerchief over it; ouija board, etc, a girl no more than 16 dressed as a gypsy, playing with tarot cards.
Into a small room with several disturbing paintings. The overall impact, no single one, initiates a sanity check 1/d4. There are works of Shipley and Pickman, on opposing sides of the room
One of the paintings is of the grim reaper, unsigned. Westinghouse, no matter where he stands, feels it is staring at him.
Young Crowley enters, maybe 25, wearing black cape and cowl. He invites us to tea.
Says the 2 artists are arranged “They are having a face off, as you can see. The 2 great surreal impressionists of our day. The 2 most in tune with the evil that plagues mankind. That we must learn to control.”
Wilhelm “What makes you believe this all represents reality?”
“Because when you look at them, you can feel they are real.”
West “Where can we find Shipley?” He lives in London, in Holbein Mews.
He says Pickman is far better, a novice compared to Pickman.
Wescott, the head of the Golden Dawn, joins us. He talks to Wilhelm aside. Says he’s doing important research, wants help digging into it, concerning one of the great villains of British History: King Arthur. He explains a huge theory that Mordred was the hero of the legend. for about 20 minutes.
“If you’re interested, would take no more than 3 or 4 weeks. We could dig into the old tomes, separate fact and fiction.”
Wilhelm lets him down easy, says has too much work after being gone so long across Europe, to catch up on. But will stop by if can. Thanks him graceously.
Wescott is sure Arthur was a terrible dictator.

Paul sends his card and letter, asking for a meeting tomorrow or the next day to speak of his works and view them.
Responds immediately about not selling anything, working on special project right now.
Jeremy and a few of his street crew watch the house.

Night, Penhue break in:
Schuyler drives us there in an unmarked Secret Service carriage, staying with the carriage.
Rick, Simon, Billy, Westinghouse.
We are let in through the loading dock by Rick’s contact Thatcher, shushing us to be very quiet.
Short Round watches outside.
We check Gavigan’s office too.
Basement is large, and L shaped. Elevator to loading dock. There is a small hole crawl space, and a coal bin full of coal, furnace.

Thatcher watches up top.
Westinghouse starts looking around.
Rick investigates the crawlspace “Billy, put hour goggles on. Make sure nothing is watching us.”
Jus as he is about to enter, sees a glint off his headlamp light. A razor blade is imbedded in the wood to slice any crawlers; and a rust collored paste.
He avoids that.
A few feet later, finds hooks in an upright that would have gouged him.
This place is full of booby traps. He calls each back to Billy, at the opening, in case Billy needs to follow.
After a couple more traps, it slopes downward. Probably a pressure trap, so he avoids it. He calls for Billy to follow.
IN the downward, the walls seem to start to ove a little (think hitchcock).
Billy is 5’ behind me. Rick smells something funny, sees a mist ahead. We are both getting slightly dizzy.
Billy “You better stay there.”
He doesn’t listen.
Now it goes back up again to a dead end. Still, full of traps. Anyone but Rick would be dead by now. No secret door. Seems like its a big trap.
Billy has hit a trap, into a pit housing a beast made of skeletons 20’ tall; horse like.
No secret hatch. Billy was just taken somewhere, like transported.
We come out filthy, covered with mold.
Billy combats the monster. He hits, then it misses him with 3 attacks. He hits twice, then it claws him 22.
Billy and the creature miss completely.
Billy hits 24!
Rick gets back to where Billy was. He is there, like in a trance, staring into nothing.
Rick cuts his arm and slaps him. Nothing. He yells “It’s an illusion!! Billy, don’t believe it!!”
Rick snaps him out of it, gaining 2d6 sanity.
It was some sort of dream monster, was not really happening.
Rick is able to map the tunnel system. He things there is a missing space next to Gavigan’s office upstairs, and down here under Gavigan’s office.
We find nothing at all here.
Up to Gavigan’s office.
His safe is open, housing 100 consecutive L5 notes.
Gest thinks to record the first and last numbers for future reference.
Westinghouse does the rounds. He finds no clues, but opens the closets into the hidden room.
It’s storage. Lots of gee gaws and stuff sitting around. Egyptian stuff, proto Sumerian. But also a huge sarcophagus. It’s fake, and won’t open.
Rick calls Westinghouse in, who finds a secret catch with his magnifying glass. He pushes on the eyes consecutively with a lockpick and the entire coffin moves to the side, revealing steps.
Rick “How did you now that was there?”
West “Elementary, my dear Rathbone. Atwater knows my methods.”
No light ahead, we descend.
Reading table with a tome open, passports, candles, changes of clothing, money, revolver with several rounds, and other emergency supplies.
Table with 6 chairs around it. Several wood crates, small art gallery in one corner.
Study area with comfortable chair and bookshelf.
Huge statue of Set!!
Rick looks at the tome and bookcase. Case has a lot of occult books, including:
Unknowns analysis of the G’Harne fragments!
Egyptian Magic, by Wallace Budge, just published.
The Caballa Unveiled, by Samuel McGregor Mathers
Isis Unveiled, by Helena Blavatsky (founder of Theosophism)
Clavicula Salomonis, original translation of the Key of Solomon: supposedly original written by demons under control of Solomon
The artwork are all from digs, sections of wall and such. One shows a stylized pic of Bayaki, Cthonians, Sand dwellers, Fire vampires lighting a city.
Wooden crates are all empty. 2 of them are still closed.
First says: Ho Phong Imports. 15 Kaoyang Rd, Shanghai China; ATTN; Honorable Ho Phong
We open it then reseal: corroded black statue of the bloated woman.
Second: Randolph Shipping Co. Port Darwin, northern territory, dominion of Australia. Personal to Mr. Randolph.
Inside: statue of a fat humanoid figure, head fringed in tentacles. It’s Cthulhu.

We take them, replacing them with other statues from the room just upstairs of like weight.
Rick volunteers to take them out, but Simon insists on getting one. Simon removes Cthulhu. All his stats are increased by 4!!
Rick removes the Bloated Woman.
We replace and close up the crates.

The open tome is “The Book of Dyzan”.
This is written in
Rick knows Dyzon from Wilkerson, a great sorcerer of Hyborea. The tome describes magic, creatures from teh mythos, much occult. The book survived through Stygia to Egypt into modern translations.
Westinghouse looks for clues and hidden doors.

Otherwise, no secret doors. Small stone jar with a red powder inside. He takes a couple samples. Also, a sandlewood box with 2 daggers (not the Cantwell dagger). They are beatiful and mastercraft. Super sharp.
Bunch of weird stuff on a shelf, like witchcraft reagents.

The stone Set statue comes to life. It smashes for Billy but misses.
Simon and Billy spring into action. Even vs Simon and Billy, the DR remains 10.
West and Billy start packing up the books. Rick calls the watchman and Afu down to help grab books so we can get bring the statues.
We are heading up half a minute later as Simon and Billy are still fighting, Afu meeting us to take some of the stuff.
Afu, Watchman, and West take to teh carriage and Rick returns to check on our fighters as they finish it off and it crumbles.
Simon burns the rest of the random books, so as to mask anything that was actually stolen. Good call.
Billy wants to leave grafite, Rick writes in chalk on the wall the same mispelled statement on Jews left during the Ripper murders.
We have to tie up and KO the Thatcher to make it look good. Simon clubs him out.

June 11

Jeremy says no activity all night and morning.

Wilhelm by late afternoon:
We could contact Papa Jon in New Orleans, for we need a paket kongo which he would certainly know how to make; a cloth bound package filled with hers and powdered flesh of a sacrificed rooster; if properly constructed, can be used in a ceremony to protect vs a curse so long as she wears it. There is no easy way to get rid of the curse, so see excorsism above.
A warrior of god can charge a rosary to be a counterspell as well. This will put Simon out of circulation for 3 full nights. He will start tonight. Wilhelm will assist if necessary.
By nightfall: One other way to temporarily remove it: an herbal bath of a certain mix. She would wash the evening before the moon rises. if she does so on the first night, it lasts all 3 nights.
Westinghouse recommends both of those, do the wash just in case something would happen to the rosary.

No report of theft to the police, as expected, by Penhue Foundation.
Lady of the night sends letter to Rick’;s house. Asking if we want to know what Gavigan is up to, meet me in Abney Park tonight at 11. Signed: a friend.

Schuyler and Afu again drive the unmarked carriage. Rick, Billy, Simon. Billy goes in ahead of time, about 10pm, skulking around looking for a trap or to spring his own if needed.
He finds no one. Around 10:30, he feels like somebody walked on his grave. Prickley feeling. He puts on the goggles. Gets on top of a central mausoleum for a birds eye view.
5 minutes before 11, he sees a middle class man, clerk type, but burly, enter and stop in the center, just below and infront of Billy.
Rick and Simon show up on schedule, and look around. Start walking down teh middle.
Billy checks via goggles every minute or so.
Rick and Simon get feeling of static electricity. We see the one man there, and walk towards him.
Schuyler pulls the carriage around. Tells Afu to stay with it, and he gets on the outer wall to look in and out.
Rick plays coy at first.
Penhue has the most audacious plans for Englnd. Fall of Christianity and Rise of Set Amun.
He got involved as a recruit, great and terrible brotherhood of Set Amun. Once
you enter there’s no leaving.
Billy dons the goggles. There is a bluish glow coming from all around the outer wall. Schuyler feels funny, same electrical feeling. SKin on head feels liek fingers running through it, hair sticking straight out. He jumps off wall, inside. Hair falls.
Billy now starting to feel it. Begins to skulk down.
RIck “Start talking.”
We see a faing glow, he sees it too. He says “And now, you will face the curse of Set Amun you fools!!!”
Billy hits him from behind crit DEAD.
Schuyler starts to close in, gun out. Door of a crypt toward the front opens, shambling out a couple crypts from the others. He yells a warning.
Simon turns to see the thing in plenty of time.
It shambles slowly forward as Simon is drawing his blade. Schuyler yells for Afu to bring the carriage around.
A second zomble comes out of another carriage.
Rick keeps an eye out around us, as does Billy.
Simon beheads it.
They keep coming, Simon keeps killing them.
Billy dons the goggles to look out.
Rick to Billy “He’s quite the show.”
Afu appears at the gate, after having a bit of trouble driving by himself for the first time.
2 come from the other side, Billy intercepts.
Rick checks the dead body, but as expected nothing on him.
Schuyler, searching his flank of the cemetary, finds nothing amiss.
Rick starts searching the other side, when he sees Schuyler signal from his side.
Schuyler sees Gest surrounded by soem 10 or so, Billy only 1 butg 5 more baring down. They are fine, so he check son Afu out front.
The glow is a force field, we can not get out!
Scores of them, at one point now 10 and 11 around Billy and Simon, respectively.
Rick finds no danger anywhere else, either.
They begin to come out of graves!!!
8 attack Schuyler, then 12.
Rick waits for an opening behind Billy andwhen he drops 2 to his rear he rushes past into the empty mausoleum in the center. As he enters, it seems as if his body is charges by a field, and his ears pop. He hears druming, tribal. The crypt is bigger on the inside, extending hundreds of feet.
Frog or toad like creatures, so inimmicable to humanity it almost makes him vomit, plus sanity check. Unless you’re insane, anyone would want to kill them. A terrible organ chimes in.
He knows this isn’t going to stop outside until this ritual is disrupted.
It is terrible.
At the front stands a high priest.
Some are human sized, some huge; all different colors.
Outside, more graves are opening!
Schuyler “There;s going to be too many!”
Rick pulls out a 4 wrap of dynamite, tossing it amidst the drummers.
Then, another wrap of 4 at the priest.
They blow. One drummer of 4goes down, the others injured; the hight priest is blown back but is still alive.
One of them, a 20’ tall one, is racing for Rick. Time to beat a hasty retreat out. Running out, he feels the heart crush spell, like the bitch of Set, almost get him as he leaves the temple and the rift at the doorway shuts behind him.
Outside, only a couple more rounds come out before they stop. The ritual has been stopped.
The field around the cemetary is gone!
Rick joins the fray, machete and dagger in hands.
There are still many to fight, Schuyler and Rick have to retreat, to a spot where 3 can get to them per round.
Finally, several rounds later, we retreat to the carriage.
Billy stays to watch, while the others race for fresh blood. Bring Paul, Westinghouse, and RC back to clean up the rest with Wang Dong.
Soon enough, a Bobby walks by. It’s Billy’s brother, Prakash (card)!
Rick gets to Iluminati in the meantime, who help clean up the mess, back into the mausoleums, before morning.
We finish them off this time with ease.

June 12

Rick sends a letter to Gavigan:
_Was visiting the grave of a family friend, ran into a man who said he worked for you, tring to detroy the British and bring terrible rule of some ridiculous god. Then tried to kill me. What is going on?Please respond. _

Shipley went out late night before, returing later with a lady of the evening. She never leaves.
Lots of rest, especially Simon, he’s into light wounds.

Gavigan response: invites Rick to visit him at the Foundation
Rick responds: I shall at my earliest convenience, will be in touch. My apologies for any inconvenience to you.

Simon starts to work on the rosary tonight.

June 13

Just rest and general work.
From Gavigan: invitation to a party at his house, the night of the New Moon! I can bring a guest. Billy will join me, as my man. My plus 1 will be Paul. Invites me up to spend a day hanging out talking archaeology and such.

Barrington offers a secret Flying Squad to wait outside the house somewhere with the rest of the MH, Westinghouse et al. It will include Prakash and Lovejoy, too.
Britissh Col Worthington Smythe, an illuminati, has his regiment nearby. He offers a squad.
Simon requests Templar assistance, getting one.

June 14

Simon finishes the rosary late tonight.

Shipley goes out late. Jeremy, Paul, RC, Westinghouse break in via back door. Through kitchen, sitting room. Steps to cellar and upstairs.
See a light on in the sitting room. Jeremy peers in, seeing an older woman, presumbably his mother.
We back out. Have to go in through skylight up top, should have brought Schuyler.
Jeremy knocks on front door, bluffing he is checking the street for a reported gas leak. Westinghouse his assistant.
RC reaches the top, drops a rope and climbs in. Paul starts climibing up.
She tells Jeremy her son is not here right now. He says its necessary to check immediately. He gets inside “The gas lines are in the basement.”
He goes downstairs “Be careful down there, the steps are kind of steep.”
RC sees 18 paintings in 4 rows against the walls. Waits for Paul, who looks over them.
All look potentially mythos oriented. After first couple, we feel quesy.
One is on an easle, but it is too early to tell what it is.
1 in particular a painting, a mountain, obviously in Africa. A temple like building and a cave, tinyhuman figures implore toward a monsterous god rising above the temple: the Bloody Tongue! Priests wear the bloody tongue hood as described by the investigators. We are stealing this one.

West quickly finds and opens a secret door.
Jeremy keeps the lady occupied, says there may be a problem so stay up there.
The walls of the secret room covered with mystic symbols, jars on shelves of strange substances. Shelf of books, but not in human language. Very important. Basement smells in this room of something. West says snake, for sure.
There is a tub there with a lid. He opens it to see the last mortal remains of the prostitute that returned home. Gnawed bones, and the head.
Westinghouse takes the head.
Front door opens up top! A voice “I didn’t know your ma would be here” from a prostitute.
Upstairs we find a locked closet. We look for keys, Paul finds them hidden in a drawer.
RC opens it revealing a painting. His masterpiece: swampy area infested with serpent men; small island in center with stone altar; dinosaur like a T rex in far background; as we stare, it becomes 3 dimensional and the serpent men are moving. RC feels a compulsion pull me to it, but closes the door immediately. It’s a portal to another time on earth!!
Lock it, put the key bakc where it was.

Cellar, Jeremy turns a gas line on just a little, and kocks the switch off. Yells up there is a broken handle that needs fixed by a crew immediately, can’t afford to have a spark set it off. They buy it. "You need to leav now while my assistant stays her to get things started. I’ll be back with a crew tonight to fix the broken fixture.
“If you need a room, you can send your invoice to the gas company.”
Shipley seems very spacey, just doesn’t connect things. Easy to bluff. To prostitute “Ruby, I guess I won’t be needing your services tonight” and scoots her out.
“Come along mama, we’ll stay with neighbors”.
“You go along and stay with the neighbors, I’ll talk to the gentleman.” Turns to Jeremy after he leaves, admits her son may have done terrible things.
Jeremy “You should contact the authorities.”
“I thought perhaps you could help me.”
“There have never been 2 gas employees like you 2. I may be old but I’m no fool.”
Jeremy asks her to explain the problem.
“If you know someone who can help me find out what my son is doing, please send them here tomorrow.”
“Can you elaborate, so I know what kine of people to send?”
“Send someone who knows about monsters.”
Jeremy “I think I know the right people.”
Shipley from outside comes back in “Come along mother, let’s go!!” He then stops, asks if either of us want to see his special painting in his closet. We decline. They leave.
Westinghouse tells Paul and RC what happened.
West searches the house top to bottom.
Jeremy runs to get a crew who can actually fix the pipe by morning.
West finds a leather weapon harness, but made for humanoid but not human. Has pistol and holster. It’s a serpent people electric gun!! Like the rifles we used!! Also, other accoutrements that must be from serpent people. The writing in the books must be in their language.

At Rick’s, Atwater says bite marks happened pre mortem, and are non human.

June 15

Morning: Wilhelm, Simon, Jeremy, Paul, RC, Rick to Shipley’s.
Tell her we are the men who came to help her son. She says he has done horrible things. He takes women into basement and they never come back up, after sex upstairs.
Started when he started doing those paintings; she does not know what triggered that.
He is upstairs, an emotional wreck all the time. A dangerous man. She wants us to call cops and have him taken away, figures they won’t believe an old woman. Wants us to search the basement.
Simon fears an ambush.
She says she’s afraid of him, terrifies her.
Paul, Jeremy; Wilhelm goes upstairs to talk to Shipley.
Rick, Simon go downstairs.
RC stays with her.
At Shipley: he’s messed up, big time.
Suddenly “He said it would open my mind, I would see vistas beyone other painters.”
Who? Met him at Frog and Peach pub. Name was Sathasa. “Lives here” pointing to his own head “makes me bring women home and do horrible things to them”.
Sathasa from long, long ago. More than 6000 years ago, in the time of the dinosaurs.

In basement, into secret room. About 20 heads actually in there!! Some months old. One is Shipley’s mom!!! Simon said she was no Christian woman.

She has made RC tea. “I don’t drink tea.”
“Oh please, just have some.” No thank you.
RC feels a whammy being put on him.
He yells “bitch” and draws his warclub. She turns into a large serpent man and attacks savagly, RC into 5 lt wounds.
RC hits once and jumps back.
It says nastily “I’m letting you live, to give a message: I’ll be back! And eat all of your entrails. Tell the others.”
Simon and Rick get up.
RC “He’s running for the painting!”
It gets up and kicks the door open into the room as we rush after him.
He is trying to get Shipley.
Jeremy gets behind Shipley “One more step to him and I kill him.”
It turns, runs up the steps into the room, past the bewildered Wilhelm, and into the painting.
All the paintings we take with us tonight, under cover of darkness, to be destroyed. Westinghouse heads this up, with Jeremy, Barrington, Paul and RC. Especially the portal, but not the Mt. of the Black WInd one. Not yet anyway.

Evening at Rick’s: Lord Kelsey shows up to tell Rick that Salvatore sisters were here. They have ben investigating artifacts being smuggled around the world, mostly out of Egypt. They were investigaging as Sahid’s shop, went there finally one night and have not been seen since. 4 nights ago.
Rick “I can’ t believe they didn’t ask for help. They need a good spanking after this.”

Night: Rick and Billy break into Sayed’s shop with Simon and Schuyler. He lives upstairs. Schuyler gets us in through the back into a store room. Smell is overpowering with oriental spices.
We nothing at the door, until we are about to open it. Billy stops us, hearing the ceiling creak above, but above the shop. We move into the shop. Finds nothing.
Rick searches the back room for hidden passages. In the shop, Simon finds a manifest.
Rick looks at the manifest. Sees nothing fishy. Might need someone more proficient in business.
Up the steps we go. Simon and Billy lead the way.
A sigh from inside, and someone shifts in a chair perhaps. Light from under the door in that room.
Simon “ok, I’m doing in.” Simon hurls the door open. Across to the cadycorner end of the room, a man sits at a chair, table, and lamp reading a bood. It looks to be our man.
He jumps in shock, and the book he was holding falls to the floor. Simon strides across to him, wearing his Templar tunic “Where’re the girls?”
“What girls, what are you talking about?”
Simon “We know that 2 women came to your shop 4 nights ago, and have not been seen since. Where are they?”
He claims to have no idea. “And what do you mean by breaking into my apartment like thi…”
Simon smacks him, hard, very hard.
It hurts.
Simon “2 Italian sisters, came to your shop. To see you.”
“NO, NO! I’m telling yhou they never came here!”
“That’s the wrong answer.” Simon puts a hood over his head. The rest of us enter. He tries to push Simon away.
Rick into hallway. He and Billy start checking doors. Kitchen, bath, bedroom. The bedroom has manacles at each of the 4 corners.
Search of the living room he and Simon are in.
Simon ‘keeps him occupied’ and Rick searching. We find a lot of business stuff.
Rick in arab "So, who was in the manacles.
A click when Rick opens a drawer in the desk, opening a hidden drawer on the right side. Inside are 2 sandstone vials, capped. A black skullcap embroidered with inverted ankhs,. a black inverted ank on a chain, a folded bacak silk robe, a crumbing papyrus scroll, pair of scepters made of an unknown black metal (same as the unknown australian metal). Each is a foot long, one has a crook on teh end, the other an inverted ankh.
The symbol of the brotherhood of the black pharaoh.
He insists nothign is in the vials.
Simon “They you won’t mind if I dump it on your face.” Slaps him “What is it!”
Simon drags him into the bedroom, onto the manacles. Calls for teh scepter which Schuyler brings.
Simon “You want to be a sexual deviant, here you go!” and in him it goes.
Nothing else to find but a large oval mirror on the wall. The workmanship is ancient, but in perfect shape. From different angles, your image wavers.
Rick checks the vials. One has a syrupy red substance. The other a black powder flecked with odd crystals.
Simon puts a small drop of the syrup onto him. Puts a pinch of the powder on it. Nothing. He gives a couple random prayers to Dark Pharaoh.
Simon gives him a small dram of the syrup. No effect. Then a pinch of the powder. No effect.
We take all his stuff, including the record book. We cover the mirror first.
Simon slays him in his bed. Leaving him naked there as is, scepter up his ass.
He kills him by choking him with the blanket.
Back to Rick’s house.

The book he was reading was just a novel. Wilhelm, JEremy and Westinghouse looks at the manifest: he lists shipments out as well as in. 3 days previous, he shipped 2 coffin shaped crates to Gavigan’s house!! They were sent there, ko’d, for the ritual!
Is this the big one? The major ritual?
Rick examines the papyrus: Instructions for using the Mirror of Gal! Wilhelm hears this. The mirror of Gal is used as a weapon to destroy enemies, and to see far away. If you use Obra’an and draw an inverted ankh on the glass, and concentrate on a person, place or thing it will show you that. Range of 140 ‘unknown language’. To attack with hit, make the target visible, use Gabeshgal in the circle of the ankh, then there will be a battle of wills between you and he.
WIlhelm knows, though it does not say, that Obra’an is the syrup. The Gab is the sand.
We now have 13 doses of syrup, and 7 of the powder.
Rick envisions Francesca Salvator. Loses 1 sanity and 3 power. He sees them both together, chained to a wall in a dungeon room, nude. Dried blood on thighs, bruised a lot. He sees the edge of a person chained to either side of them as well.
Westinghouse checks on Bishop. He is a young man body, mid 20’s. Dressed fopishly. Walking down a street. It’s night time there also. He walks past a sandwich board, with an ad for a performance of an opera, written in English on the Strand. He’s in London.
Rick is flipping ape shite; wires Fritz in Munich to get here asap!!

June 16

Fritz and Mundabe arrive!
We scout out the Gavigan moor house area.
Half mile from the house is a huge stele. The island is surrounded by swamp on one side and sea on the other. A turnstile bridge to the island. When turned away, the island is shut off.
We have arranged a gang of small boats from surrounding area.
4 towns nearby to get boats. One is Ipswitch, where Jeremy and Rick know there have always been rumors of some sort of visitors from the sea.

Rick, Billy and Paul will be in the party. Jeremy is sneaking in, to be the signal to the outside with a hooded lantern.

One boat will strike the bridge controls: RC, the Templar, Mundabi, 4 cops including Mulverhill and Barrington, Westinghouse, Atwater, 1 soldier.

Another boat will go right to approach the house: Simon, and 9 soldiers

Coming across the bridge: Schuyler, Wilhelm, the rest of cops, Lovejoy, Prakash, Fritz

Rick, Billy and Paul arrive late afternoon, greetet by Egyptian butler.
Greeted by guards on this side of bridge, there is a phone they use to call ahead.
Stable boy takes our 3 horses to the stables.
Butler Sing greets us. All servants are Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, etc.
House has an unusual large amount of servants, about 20.
Gavigan drinks us warmly. Thanks Sing, Rick tells Gavigan of his new boy Afu.
He shows us around the grounds for a couple hours.
Stele is from Egypt (from Black Pharaoh era!).
The house has settled unevenly. If you pay attention, you can see it in the walls inside.
There are hieroglyphs Rick does not recognize, including a cartouche unknown to Rick. He mentions it.
Gavigan says he has never found anyone who knows what they mean. Rick asks to study it more closely some day. “Of course.”
Rick complements him on the obelisk donation.
Back to house for dinner and meet 4 other guests:

  • Lord and Lady Fitzcullen: aristocracy; landowners in northern England around Canterbury and other places. They live almost exclusively in their London house, they prefer the city hustle and bustle.
  • Manfred Artichoke: busines man, portly fellow; manfacturing interests in Bristol including part ownership in a shipyard;
  • Davey Archer: youngish captain in british army; recently back from India; gives couple colorful war stories and wog obsene practices, hidden temples to Kali; and other more evil gods. Rick has similar xp so commonality there.
    Gavigan says, about the party, they just like having a New Moon party every month. Many of his friends are into occult and all.

All have at least a working knowledge of Egyptology, but for Archer. He knows dark side of Indian religions.
After dinner, port and cigars, oddly lady fitzcullen stays and has both as well.
Lots of good conversation, with Billy being a Gurka. Archer is very interested in that.
Archer refers to Billy as Mr. Fish.
Discussion of English/whites being the finest race, Archer especially. Though he says Gurka are the closest.
Lady brings up ‘hearing of the savages having ’other qualities’. Her and the Lord joke about his, perhaps she already has, but he would be able to tell because of the ‘closeness of the run’.

Cards in the library next, Paul plays but Rick browses the library. Lots of lit, encyclopedae, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. One fine section of atlases and maps, including Belgian Congo, Himalayas, in other words a few places we have heard bad things about. His occult books are not out of the mainstream.
Rick finds that there is a secret door beside the fireplace in the library.

On the sly, Rick suggests to the Lady he has spent so much time among them he may have taken on some of their ‘better attributes’.
Bedtime, upstairs. Rick and flank Archer. Paul’s door being around corner is Paul
3rd floor is servants and Billy. The host is at the far end of the floor. Artichoke 2 doors from him across from Paul’s door. Lord and Lady across and one to the left of Rick.
Rick gets to stay awake late in the library, a last order of tea and port before they leave.
Sing stays up late with Rick until he goes to bed, so no opportunity for the secret door.
Billy is told to sneak down into Rick’s room.
Before he can, Lady Fitzcullen pays him a discreet visit in a sheer gown. Asks him to pay her a visit in her room.
Billy accepts. On way down, she is groping and all over him.
In the room, they get going. Then, a match lights in the corner. Lord “Don’t mind me, I like to watch”. He keeps going.
Rick sneaks out, and hears obvious sex in the Lady’s room. Rick hears her moaning voice and Billy in Gurka “Kali Ma”. Gives a new meaning to his battle cry.
He sneaks to Paul’s room. Down to the library they goes. At the out of place brick, he clicks a panel open. Inside are steps going down.
Grabbing a sconce, down they go to only a small room with table and cot, all covered with dust. Looks not touched for 100 years. It was a secret room during the Cromwell age for catholic priests to hide in.
Back up. Click the one on other side, another panel but light from inside this one. Steps going down to the light. Sneak down, hear voices. 2 or 3 gents with shotguns. 2 are at cards. Moans from beyond that. Then clanging on bars “shut up in there”. A man’s voice “Why am I here?”
A bang “You’ll find out why you’re here bloody well tomorrow night.”
Another “Boy, I hope I get to wield the club on that one.”
We know where the prisoners are.
One suggests they have a run at the women in there. ANother “You like the idea of being turned into slime? You don’t mess with the promise to Azathoth.”
“Maybe afterwards, we can have his leavings. The twins look pretty tasty. Those 2 dego’s are fine pieces.”
“Of all I’ve raped and sacrificed, I think those degos are the best.”
So they haven’t touched them. Must have been the shop owner.
Back up, but a click and the door to the library closes.
Up and listen into library. Nothing.
We wait about 10 then go through.
Back to bedrooms, nobody there the entire way.

Lady tells Billy he can call her Lady Ellei, considering how well they know each other now.
Lady Ellie “I can’t wait for tomorrow’s party.”
Billy inquires.
‘Seance, taro cards, all sort of sexual depravity’. She and Lord have never been here before. Such a fuss is made about it, its secret. Everyone thinks they are on the continent.
So, no one knows about this party but who is invited!
Many more coming tomorrow.
Lady “When it comes to enjoying the carnal pleasures I am a complete egalitarian. We certainly don’t want your tool wasted.”
They are promiscuous, but choosey. They offer any help to Billy any time he is in England. They’ll stand by him.
Then they bring up a delicate matter: they do not want Billy to think that they looked at this as a financial transaction. Only a sharing of pleasure. But, they have lots of money and are willing to share L100. He declines.
Lord takes off a pinky ring, gold with emerald, and offers it as a token of friendship. He takes it. They all go to bed.
She escorts Billy back up to bed, and gives him a final goodnight kiss.
Billy dubs his ring his ‘ring of protection’. He knocks on Rick’s door. He and Paul are there.
“Rick, guess what, guess what!!”
Rick “You look like you just got laid.”
“How’d you know?”
“I know that look.”
Bily “This must be how you feel all the time.”
They exchange experiences.

June 17

Breakfast. Bangers, black and white pudding, eggs, bread.
Archer “One of the problems with being a guest in a house like this, you never know when one of the guests is going to poke you nose where its not really, really wanted.”

Early evening: 2 carriages with unidentified important looking people, then soon.
About 20 people there soon enough.
Ouija board out in dining, lots of occult stuff like that. Lots of sexual innuendo alreay, a few bare breasts. One or 2 couples have disappeared together.
3 gentleman have taken one of the maids, laid over the kitchen table. She seems perfectly into this.
Party in full swing now.
Chime of a wine glass.
Gavigan, just wanting to let all know tonight is very special, largest of the year. This moon is of particular significance. The beginning of the ritual of the Akh Ma Lor. 3 truck truckloads of adherents are joining us. And here they are now". 3 steam trucks up, and about 50 people get out. Including a few tied up. Most are lower class, by far, and a lot of wogs. Wild eyed, crazy cultists.
Servants come through carrying black robes. THey all strip and put them on. Lord and Lady look confused. They try to join in but are stopped.
Gavigan “You’re gong to be the centerpieceof tonight> We need royal blood.”
Archer reveals himself as cpt ins of his majesties secret service. Suddenly 2 shotgun blasts from servants blow him to pieces.
Jeremy has easily snuck in among the crowd, and has made it upstairs.
Signals to outside it has begun.
Gavigan to Rick and Paul "You gentelman have 2 choices, join lady and lord Fitzcullen, or join us and have the time of your life. Though be aware, go with us and your life will never be the same. Your life is forfiet.
We join them.
We strip, no weapons, and put on our robes. Paul goes to buckle his sword on, and they try to stop him.
Paul “But I just don’t feel the same w/o it.” Gavigan “Ya know, you can keep it. It might come into handy later.”
Paul’s sabre is gone. Billy sleight of hands his 2 light kukris on.
Manfred gives Rick a sweaty smelly hug “Welcome to the fold!!” He kisses Rick right on the mouth. Ewww. Then the same to Paul.
Following this, as preps are being made, Billy is able to skulk upstairs, get Rick his 2 bundles of dynamite and his kukri.

Outside, we begin to approach by boat.
Lord and Lady are terrified. Lord tries to remain steady “Hold firm, my lady.” They bring out 2 x’s made of wood and fasten them to them, her screaming.
Gavigan “Shut the bitch up.” A cultist knocks a couple teeth out. Billy marks him in particular.
Gavigan “Bring forthe the sacrificial victims.” Half a dozen men, stripped naked. Hands tied behind them, ankle shackles; gagged, ropes around neck.
“Bring forth the clubs!!!”
We know what clubs.
People rush for the clubs.
“Those of you with the clubs, do not forget. Use the side away from teh spike first. All bones are to be broken first.
One of them is Paul McLean.
“Then bring forth the betrothed of the demon sultan!!”
The Savlatore’s are among them. Tied with a pole behind their backs and blindfolded.
Rope collars. They intentionally do dick stuff like walk them into walls.
The party begins slowly marching toward the stele.

The boats are already crossing.
Both are attacked by deep ones!!!
RC boat: Mundabi kills 2; WEst and Atw each one;
Simon: 1 dead; 1 soldier is pulled overboard.
The water turns red around the pulled in soldier as he is mauled by 3 deep ones.
Simon orders 3 to fire on them.
Mundabi kills 2 more, the cops another. By the end of this 2nd round, the deep ones vs RC boat are dead. There are only 4 left around Simon.
RC rowes for the shore and the bridge controls.
At the first shots, Fritz fires to the the big .50 across to the bridge controls. The others there fire across the moor river, hitting a few times for wounds.
Firing continues back and forth.
We finish them off!!
RC lands and West opens the bridge. Schuyler et al come hauling acros in the wagon.
Simon lands in the meantime.
Jeremy meets Simon.
They all race to the stele.
Paul develops a quick smar hero plan, knowing our reinforcements are on the way, while they prep the sacrifices and aren’t listenint to us.

The 6 total girls are now tied by the neck chains onto the ground around the stele.
The 12 guys are laid down on teh ground, and have begun beating them with the clubs. 2/man.
The chanting continues. Something crawls out, and is sliding down the stele for the women, to impregnate them or kill them in the process we presume!!!
3 giant vulture like terrors have arrived. The cultists are rushing to them, crawling and clawing at and over each other, to get to and it seems onto them. They must carry them away. To Azathoth. And these damnable fools are fighting for it.

Gavigan holds 2 scepters, just like we found at Tewfiq’s, which he performs the ritual duties with.
The birds each take a man with them.
Simon’s team arrives in sight, about 50’ from the left. He yells to his firing line “fire” as a shrill piping emanetes from the creature.
Simon charges in the cultists laying into one, forming a loose semicircle on the other side of the stella from Rick.
Paul steps beside fatman and Gavigan who regrets leaving Paul with his sword drawing his saber and strikes Gavigan, and takes one of the scepters out of his hand (card). Billy rushes through to the Lord and Lady and attacks the club wielding servants dropping one, disarms another (Card). The servant next to that guy attacks the disarmed one yelling insults at his ineptitude, wild in his eyes.
The fat man is getting fatter, morphing into something, body bulging out. Arms turning into tentacles! Clothes ripping apart.
The creature is coming down slowly, on all sides like a slimey mass.
The piping is terrible, we can feel it in the air, we make will every round or lose 1 sanity or 1d6 dam.
Gavigan puts a wammy on Paul, who stands paralyzed!
2 servants go after the women on Simon’s side, another charges Simon’s soldiers. Simon himself is surrounded by cultists!
Billy is engaged by 4, Rick 7.
A feint pop in the distance, the wagons are on the way, and the big .50 fires, Friz riding shotgun with Afu.
The shot misses Gavigan by a few feet.
RIck brawls to defend the sisters.
Simon’s soldiers volley the cultists charging them, while of them bayonet the servant who charged. Simon killed one with an AoO as they surrounded him, drops one now, cleaves on until another 2 die.
Fritz misses again; Billy fights back vs one of the leader servants.
Gavigan steals the scepter back from Paul retreats 30’, crossing the scepters on front of him. Paul comes out of it.
Fat man still changing, getting to a large creature.
A gang of cultists starts moving to meet Afu’s wagon.
The others continue attacking the soldiers and Simon.
The creature is getting lower.
The 2 cultists raping the captive women now attack Simon.
There is a rustling noise from the cultist side, to Simon’s left.
The wagons arrive, turning and the gattling gun fires into the gang of cultists; Fritz fires at the scepters Gaviganholds, and hits cracking the scepter!!
The cops, Lovejoy et al unload from the other wagon right next to Paul and the former fat man.
Soldiers still fighting; Paul hits tentacle fat man.
Billy drops 3!!
Simon and the solders attacked again by their enemies.
The other gang surrounds Prakash, who has lept from the gattling wagon to meet them, but for 3 who start to climb into the wagon.
Fat man finishes morphing.
A terrible tentacled creature comes from the dark to Simon’s left.
Our men on foot show up. Atwater and West make to loose the 2 women who have been raped.
2 cops fire at Schuyler’s wagon, one crits killing a climber. 3 cops hit the tentacle, one crit 52!! Love joy hits too crit DEAD!!
The cop casted on by Gavigan if freaked out, hiding in the wagon.
Simon kills 4.
Templar misses Gavigan, RC hits him 17. He has a field of some sort around him with the crosed items.
Schuyler hits the creature with the gattling gun, doing practically nothing.
Last 3 on Simon attack him.
2 of the creatures phallic tentacles attackthe 3 random women captives.
The new monster, lesser servitor of the outer gods, attacks Simon as well with a tentacle, teeth ridden mouths at the ends, misses!!
Gavigan pulls a ceremonial sword, looking not even usable in combat, and hits RC 15!
Atwater and West reactively try to block the phalus attacks on teh 2 women they ran to. We block both coming at each!
The other woman, undefended, starts screaming, then gurgling, as she is doubled mouth and, …..

Paul moves to the poor girl, goes to cut off the one in her mouth, surges .
The new soldier fires to help Prakash; Mulv misses and Barr fire at the cultist on Mundabi and servant DEAD, respectively. The 2 officer soldier fire on Simon’s cultists too.
2 SImon soldiers finally kill the servant who charged. 2 others still attacking the last cultist and kill him. 2 others fire upon Simon’s cultists.
Mundabi kills 2.
Lovejoy, remembering his lost love, rushes to the women w/ West and Atwater and begins cutting one free.
Fritz hits one on the wagon, Shuyler lifts his rifle and fires DEAD.
The 2 cops from the runners charge in to help Prakash; Rick still brawling.
Simon ignores the cultists and attacks the lesser monster.
Mundabi tosses Kholan’s blade near Billy’s feet.
RC hits Gavigan 16, Templar misses. The wagon cops reload shotguns.

Simon is hit by 1 tentacle; the 2 fighting each other because of the rage finally stop fighting; they do poorly this round otherwise, 2 of the Prakash cultists attack the 2 cops who rushed to help him.
Westinghouse and Atwater block both from each again!
ALl the SImon soldiers fire on SImon’s cultists killing 1; Mulverhill pulls his revolver and hits the former berserker and his buddy; the Templar misses Gavigan; Fritz pops Gavigan 27; Schuyler hits last cultist on wagon 20; Billy, the creature now in reach, picks up Kholan’s and makes a fury fueled swing at it crit 38; 2 of the wagon cops fire a servant on Billy hitting once with shotgun; Bunnington hits Mundabi cultsit; the runner soldier kills him; the berserk tarteg is killed by a wagon cop; last wagon cop misses the monster; both cops helping Prakash miss; RC hits Gavigan 16; Wilhelm with revolver crits Gavigan!; Paul cuts Lady free, she runs for the wagon.

The last 2 cultists on Simon charge his soldiers; another child of the creature comes out of the dark of the moor, to Rick’s left.
The creature lifts the woman Paul is trying to save up in the air with multiple tentacles, and completely has its way with her above us; Prakash is hit by all 3; the 2 cops are both missed; Schuyler is hit; Simon is thugged multiple times; Gavigan hits the Templar twice.
At the sight of the fate of the woman, one of the cops looking up has now lost too much sanity, rushing under the wagon and hiding for the duration.
Edit: the 2nd spawn is approaching from Simon’s side, not Rick’s.
Billy crits the creature again and Fritz hits as well 26!! Prakash still fighting kills 1; runner soldier fires to help Rick; Simon’s soldiers backpeddle and fire at the 2 cultists killing one; Atwater cuts one of the women free, Lovejoy finishes the other. The 2 women rush for the cop wagon; Paul cuts the Lord free, he starts crawling away, both legs broken; Mulverhill finishes off the berserker after 3 of 4 cops hit him.

Rick leaps out of his area, Mundabi rushes into his place, both taking AoO; Rick pulls a bundle on the move, lights it, surges to throw it into the mass; Simon hits the spawn 22; West fires his shotgun at SImon’s spawn DEAD!!! Schuyler hits wagon cultist again DEAD; Wilhelm says something to Gavigan in a forbidden tongue, which Gavigan reacts to as if cosmically insulted, drawing his attention. Templar hits him 15; RC misses; Mundabi kills 1; cop in the wagon gather his senses and fires but misses Gavigan;
Last cultsit vs soldiers misses; Prakash is missed twice; one of the soldiers is hit crit; 3 servants on Mundabi miss/miss/7; 1 on Paul misses; 1 on Billy misses; the new spawn moves to solders and misss one; another appears behind it.

Rick pulls out and lights another bundle as the 1st goes off. 5 sticks explode 42. Mundabi fight on; soldiers fire on; Simon charges the creature at the stele; Lovejoy orders the soldiers to reload and fire upon the new spawn. Westinghouse readies to fire on it as well, reloading; Lovejoy misses it; Mulverhill helps Mundabi with is revolver; Templar misses Gavigan; wagon cop misses Gavigan; Fritz helps Prakash DEAD; Mundabi attacks the servant leader DEAD!!! and cleaves another; Paul attacks the servants at him and Billy; RC hits Gavigan 19; Billy misses; Simon hits 18. We see that many of the creatures tentacles have been rooting into the ground since it reached the base; Schuyler misses a cultist on the cops.

Suddenly, rocks are pulled from the ground by its tentacles, hurling them around. First at the runner soldier standing alone tween the gattling wagon and the prisoner front killing him; then at a Simon soldier DEAD; then more at Mulverhill 13. 2 tentacles attack Billy Fish hitting once 26 KO’d!!!! Bashing him back in front of the cops where luckily Atwater stands. They human enemy does little to us, so few left. The spawn 2 attacks the soldiers hitting 5 of them killing 1, spawn 3 charges in upon the cops but misses; Gavigan attacks the Templar 11/7 DOWN.

Billy self stabalizes as Atwater pulls him back. Mulverhill is reloading his pistol.
Simon soldiers pull back and fire killing the last cultist there; the 2 officers hit the spawn once crit 25; Barrington, Lovejoy, West, and the cops fire at spawn 3 DEAD!!
Mulverhill fires in to help Mundabi hitting 10/10; Mundabi hits same; Prakash still fighting his last; RC hits Gavigan 16; Schuyler misses Gavigan; Rick tosses in the TNT and moves to the Salvatores; Simon hits the creature 19;

Paul and Mundabi are hit once; one gattling wagon cop is hit.
Gavigan hits RC 6.
The spawn goes after the Lt. who crit’d him, hitting several times putting him into wound.
The creature hits Paul KO’d. Simon is missed then hit 26 (card all damage healed). It then lashes out at 3 serants close to it all DEAD.

Rick picks up a dagger nearby and starts cutting the Salvatores free. Mundabi hits his last 19 DEAD. Rick cuts Francesca free and gives her the dagger. She turns to her sister.
Frits hits Gavigan 28 but he survives!! RC hits Gavigan 17 DEAD!!! Soldiers fire upon the spawn.
TNT does 30.
Schuyler hits a cultist fighting the cops twice DEAD. The cops wheel and join the soldiers in firing at the spawn. Mulver shoots the creature. Westinghouse hits the creature with Lovejoy; Simon hits it as well 18.
Cop in wagon jumps out toward the gattling wagon and crits the cultist on his friend DEAD. Prakash still fighting the last. Wilhelm has moved to Prakash and crits that guy 11 DEAD.
Atwater has Billy at the wagon, he has self stabilized. He gets to Paul and stabalizes him, as well as the Templar.

The creature is dripping it version of blood. It is in bad shape. It begins to slide upward slowly, but grabs at Simon as it does but he evades miraculously and it fades up fast, into the portal.


RC scalps Gavigan, adding it to his collection.

Barrington and Mulverhill say they are going to burn the house down, with everyone inside, and the story will be an accidental fire killed everyone. Jeremy has already started to scour the house, and has pocketed a whole bunch of cash. We search the place top to botom, Westinghouse in the lead, but find nothing of interest but his library, of which we take anything interesting; but the big finds are in the secret basement:

Gavigan’s scrolls, which will take some research and translation. We check out the ancient Egyptian and Latin ones briefly skimming.

Of the 2 police who hid during the fight, the one who hid under the wagon is a gibbering idion. He recovers soon enough to operate his life again but will never be the same. He will likely have nightmares the rest of his life. Wilhelm will become his personal doctor. The one who ran in the wagon recovers better, mentally, but refuses to take part in further activities of this kind.
The other 6 are somewhat shaken, but much more stalwart. Westinghouse suggests to Bunny (Barrington’s nickame) and Mulverhill that they form an occult flying squad in London, explaining the great use and bravery of the NYC squad. They love the idea!!
June 18

Lots of rest, and casual reading and study.

June 19

Paul and Billy are bedridden, under the care of Wilhelm.
Rick (Heba assisting), Westinghouse and Wilhelm start investigating the mirror more deeply. Rick’s linguistics and archaeology, he and Wilhelms arcane lore and research, Wilhelm’s Forbidden Lore, and Westinghouse’s chemistry.

Jeremy and his street crew start tailing Ramessu.

June 20

Billy and Paul’s healing progress starts slowly.
Mirror research ongoing.

June 21

Healing still slow.
Mirror research continues.
Jeremy has Ramessu’s house address. He stays at his house, only goes to the shop a couple days a week for buying meetings, otherwise only by appointment, but has a club he spends most of his time at, The Egyptian Club. Maybe 30 or more different members. The shop is still open regularly, so he has 1 or more people running it in his absence.

June 22

Mirror research ends. We now have the full entry on the mirror available to us. Wilhelm uses it to view Ramessu, the mummy. After a pause of blackness, it shows him but in ancient times!!

Wilhelm, Westinghouse, and Jeremy visit Ramessu’s shop. A stocky, busty, pretty girl is there working. Westinghouse sees that the shop tags a lot of fakery as real, and prices it as such. Some of it he believes has been altered slightly.
Jeremy is smitten by her, Westinghouse feels she did this on purpose, it was no accident, but that she seem genuine in her return interest in him also.
Jeremy sets a dinner date with her tonight, at a favorite arabian cuisine restauraunt of hers.
The back room has darker subject matter. Some horrible motifs, possibly mythos but nothing overt. We tell her that we may have an item her boss might be interested in, and describe the mirror. She takes the description and promises to relay the message. She says he only works a few days a week, on the regular days to buy merchandise, plus by appointment for the same.
We take our leave.

Jeremy meets her for dinner, and has a great time. Goes home with her and has quiet a night. She’s a wild one.

June 23

Follow up on newspaper stories of artifacts stolen from private collectors. WE follow up, first with Cantwell.
It appears that they artifacts are being altered and sold back to collectors.
Westinghouse recognized some stuff from Ramessu’s shop, modified, that otherwise matches missing artifacts.
Jeremy wakes up at her place, sets another dinner date for tonight, and returns to Paul’s.

Paul and Billy have begun some regular healing now, but still not in great shape. Billy is moving a bit faster.

Ramessu appears at Paul’s late morning, asking about mirror. Wilhelm verifies afterward that he is indeed the man he saw in the mirror! Confirmation he is the mummy. We tell him we do not have it on the premises, but it is available soon from a friend who is storing it. He is indeed interested, so we set to meet on Monday the 30th at his shop.
We set up a dinner with him the next day.

Jeremy goes to her house for dinner, but gets stopped by thugs on the way who promise to put the hurt on him if he does not stay away. He talks his way out of it, and they allow him to go to her to say goodbye.
He tells her he is a secret agent, and must leave the country tonight so must leave immediately.

June 24

Dinner at Paul’s with Ramessu.

Rick’s house gets broken in to, by thugs we presume after the mirror or something else. We deal with them, killing a few. 1 gets away, who Mundabi trailed to his tenement. The cops show up because Rick called them during the fight. They arrest one captive at the house and the one at the tenement soon after.

June 25

WE break into Egyptian Club. Find nothing much but a secret door down into a sublevel. Several doors. Light under one of them.
Billy and Simon cloak their heads and enter like thugs. A man sits there, writing at a desk. He’s dressed like an idiot in full Egyptian garb
“WHo are you, what do you want here.”
Simon “We’re here for your money.”
Rick and Jeremy recognize him as Sir Bertrand Barret, Chancellor of the Excecor. Very powerful man.
‘YOu want money." disgusted.
He pulls out his billfold and opens it up.
“How much are you taking?”
Jeremy “All of it.”
“You know men have been hung for less.”
Jeremy takes it.
He’s not the least bit scared. Talks very confident that he will find out who we are. Insists we will all go to jail but Jeremy.
“Better men than you have tried that.”
“My dear sir, there are no better men than me.”
We hightale it out of here.
So, this cult goes way above our heads.

June 26

Rick back to work, he’s going to be very busy as the shipment is scheduled to arrive today.
Read in paper that he was mugged on the street, police investigating. No mention of Egyptian Club.
We figure he doesn’t know what he’s neck deep into, we hope at least.

Now, how to proceed. Jeremy and his crew continue to tail Ramessu.
Rick sends a telegram to Lord Kelsey, for a meeting to tell him of the issue and the Chancellor of the Ex.

Egyptian ship arrives with Feather et al!!
Bromhead obviously has to make reports.

Feather, Tarr and Spalding are briefed on all that has happened.

Ramessu goes to Chancellor’s Theater to see a magic show, with a female companion. Top billing is an oriental wizard named Ching Lung Su. The second act was the Fabulous Houdini (brother Henry taken off the bill; no mention of why). Third was Carl Weiss, 4th Will Crowther.

June 27

To werewolf: Simon, Wilhelm, Fritz, Mundabi.
We get silver ammunition from Iluminati. Arrive late evening.

Envelope delivered to house early morning addressed to Westinhouse. With 4 tickets for tomorrow night to Chancellors theater, says needs help and advice. All from Howard Horne. Atwater will go, plus Jeremy, Paul. RC will skulk outside in the carriage, alley ways around building. Schuyler will drive the carriage, with Afu, and park it nearby.
Jeremy “HH. Maybe its Harry Houdini.”
Spalding “It says Howard Horne.”
West “I believe they’re one nad the same.”

Paul and Westinghouse goes to ask Barrington to look into what happened to Houdini’s brother, in case its on the down low.

June 28

From Barrington: Gets back to us this afternoon that a missing persons report was filed on him several weeks ago by Harry. The inspector is looking into it, but figures it will lead no where.
Shows us file. Says he and Harry had falling out. Henry had idea for a new trick, did not tell Harry, was researching it and vanished. It was a vanishing trick, ironically.
It was 3 days before anyone noticed he wasn’t around, including Harry.

Night: to the show. Billed as greatest magic show in London. We assume the sender will make his presence known to us.
1st up is Crowther, worst act of the night. Good card tricks, and that’s about it.
2nd up is Ching Lung Soo, a wonderful act. Best part is when he goes into a box to reapper, but reappears in the back of the audience. Very smoky, mirror filled stage.
During a musical break tween acts, a largish man, middle age, stout, big cigar and second tier suit stands comes to Paul, obviously of highest social standing. He has a lower class gruffness to his speech and action. Says he’s an agent working West End, has lots of leading actors and acts on his pay. One of his men is Henry. Harry reps himself. This guys name is Howards Horne, esquire. End of last month, Henry came to office to see me, plumb excited about grand new trick with an apparatus for “The Vanish”. He was having a few problems with the apparatus and was seeking advice. Refused to get own brother, wanted for self. Suggested he sought Inside Brotherhood of Magic, a new magic club. He did so, and joined their club.
Couple weeks later he came back to office, excited that was on verge of great discovery, am ethod that would revolutionize stage magic. Even showed diagrams of new apparatus. Actually, what he found is a mystery. That’s the last time ever saw him.
Police are sure he vanished on purpose. One of the acts, amazing Carl, 2 nights ago used the identical apparatus in the show.
“Is Carl a member of the club?”
He does not know, but Carl is performing with the apparatus tonight.
Harry is next, and the previous act away. Incredible escape artist.
Then comes Carl. He is far inferior to the first 2. But, he performs the Vanishing, to a female assistant. People gasp. But he’s not the showman the others were. The entire time HH is whispering about it being the same one. Westinghouse tells Jeremy to remember all his gestures to show Tarr.
HH gives us a crumpled paper, the plans to Henry’s vanishing box. It seemed to visually work just how it looks.
Westinghouse, however, insists there were several differences. The showbox is prettied up; the wire frame that holds the cover that is taken up is not as strong as it should be, and there was a slight sag in it as it rose. But, still, not arcane as far as we can tell.
We ask to meet Harry after Carl.
Once he finds out we are investigating rather than just here to congratulate him, his reaction is surprised, plays off on his terrible English so just can’t help us. Jeremy volunteers to speak to him in fluent German. Westinghouse can as well. We change to German. He becomes surly at that point.
Westinghouse “Why are you getting so surly?”
Says never met Henry. Even in 2 weeks of working same show? Oh of course, just hello in passing though. He says this was his last use of Vanishing once we ask about it being his new trick. He says he came up with the idea and built it.
West sees that he is not using cleverness, if his lips are movin’ he’s lyin’. Claims to not belong to the club either.
He is hiding being terrified. Scared of us, but of something else more. He is not bright enough to have designed it himself certainly.
He feels his trained pidgeon act is far superior. Jeremy jests him about his lack of flare.
He’s been in Londn about 2 years.
He claims to not be aware of Henry working on the trick, with same design.
Jeremy leans in close, what are you so afraid of?
“I am afraid of nothing, certainly not a bunch of magicians.”
Jeremy keeps eye on Carl.
West talks to Harry. Henry his partner not his real brother. He always figured ‘brother’ had better ring to it. This particular one, he has no idea what happened. But pretty sure that there was foul play. Pay was too good to take off. Henry’s patter isn’t that good on his own. He did find out about the trick by digging on his own. He;s not surprised Carl is using the same, its more basic than they were letting on. He shows us his plans, and we compare. His has a couple more close up on latches and such, and dimensions. Otherwise same thing. Though particularly impressive in that the cover drops by itself with wire framing. That was impressive. Philip LeClair is Henry’s real name, 24 yrs old, lives in small house in south London in Balham. He gives us address. The 2 have been together 4 months. He was an opening act for about 2 yrs prior.
West “What do you know about this club that he joined.”
“Bunch of mumbo jumbo, nothing to it. But probably criminals. You can’t get in unless you join.” Below his station to join such crap. Harry does not understand why Carl is closing act, considering his pidgeon on bikes and carts previous closing act. He’s been the closer the last 2 weeks.
Carl is German.
Wagner determines the order of the acts, the manager of the theater.
Next, to Wagner.

Jeremy follows Carl out, who gets a handsome. Jeremy gets with our carriage and we follow. It leads to a large impressive house in Surbiton. Its huge. He knocks on the door and a chinaman greets him and allows him right in.
Jeremy checks plaque on the door, Ching Lung Su, Inner Brotherhood of Magicians. Its his residence and HQ of the club.

Wagner is fat, cheaper cigar even than HH. We meet him in office counting money. He pulls it quickly into drawer and shuts it.
“What can I do for u gents.”
He says an Egyptian guy came to see Henry a few nights before disappearance. He went to the E Club at least once. No idea what they spoke of.
Calls Henry an excitable boy, high strung but nice.
He clams up as to why Carl is headlining. Paul moves in for the browbeat kill. West sees he is married, either she is German or they got married in Germany, had sex in last few days, until recently his wife was quite irritated with him.
“All right! He may not be quite as good, but I like having sex.” Carl and Wagner are brother in laws, his wife put you up to it. Blackmailed him into it even. He held out of sex as long as he could.
The 2 totally matched up, so we clear him. Reinforces honestly that Henry added maybe 10% to Harry’s act, but Harry has to work much harder on mainenance since only the 2 are in on the secrets.

Jeremy stays at the house, while the others ride back to pick up the rest at the show. Then, back to the house to see Jeremy.

We case it. Carl exits later looking even more terrified and drives away in another handsome. He goes home, small 3rd floor appartment so not well off.

Westinghouse suggests Jeremy sneak in to join, acting as a magician.

June 29

Jeremy sends fake card to house, then visits Harry, asking for a simple escape trick to get him into the club.
Jeremy visits the big house and the chinaman enters.
They take him in to a tablet with 3 others, one is Ching. Here, he performs his trick and impresses them. He pays L5 and is admitted. He is shown around the place, told how he can’t give away any secrets to come. Lots of magic books in 2 libraries. Also a 3rd library that only higher members get in to. They will tell you when they think you are ready. The place is open 11am to 9pm (Carl visited later). Nice members lounge, very nice. Lots of oriental servants to bring you drinks and such. About 12 members are there now. Biliards table, playing cards, arguing politics. Couple talking about magic, even. Jeremy ingratiated himself into their ranks.
Club started by Soo almost 3 yrs ago. Was here, went to China for a while, then returned an opened with 35 other chinese.

Over next couple days, he comes and goes often. There are a couple magic practice rooms. 2nd day, Danny Mr. Magic Paul is present, top hat. Shows Jeremy a rabit in a hat trick. But is bitten by the rabbit. Drops it and it slip from his hands. Jeremy recovers it. Danny tries again, and again, and again. Finally he gets it right but its dead, suffocated in the leather sack while he kept failing. Jeremy gives him some advice.
He talks to an American next, Crowther. He talks about the US. Jeremy then talks about steamcars. He says the US has more, bigger, and better than any other county in the world. Every subject, he explains how the US version is better. Jeremy brings up the Brits great colones, but he says US does not need colonies, they make all the $ w/o colonies. Plus they are repressing no one. The freeest, toughest people in the world
He sees Americans first, Brits, Texans and Canadians, Confederated, Europeans, then all the other non whites.
He then claims that LeClair skipped to US, land of opportunites, for more $. Jeremy says he does not believe that, he believes nefariousness.
Crowther “Maybe the Tong? This building obviously a cover for them. This many chinks in one place? How is that anything else but a Tong?”
Another guy says Carl Weis stole another’s trick, and is a known thief of acts; known terrible magician. But, his tryout trick was the pidgeon act which he pulled of expertly.
We’re perplexed by this pidgeon thing, seeing as its trained animals not a magic trick.
The magic part was pidgeons that would go into boxes and vanish.
Another man says Soo is an imposter, the real one was killed in China. This guys friend explains, Soo performs tricks that no one can figure out how “I don’t thing he’s human. On top of that, you know about the strange lights, right?” Seen inclub in early hours of the morning coming from far end of upstairs corner. Green and blue. Plus, Egyptian blokes visiting recently, after closing time. Some appear to be whites in Egyptian garb.

Wang Chung is wired by Dong, to get he and Iluminati to investigate Soo and his visit there.
Jeremy and his street crew have been keeping and eye on Soo the last few days. Westinghouse assists actively and disguises.

July 3

Nothing but Jeremy visiting. Soo lives at the Brotherhood house.

July 4

Word back from China:
Could not find out much. From Britain, visited China for a time, had a run in with a cult. He got in some trouble with it and left in a hurry, over some books or items. The Cult of Lan Shee. Small cult, appear to have left China. No evidence the real guy was killed, probably started by Soo himself to get the cult off his tale.
Lanshi: Book by Harold Ammersham called Travels in China

Wilhelm gets the book, only a short quote on the cult: see pics

This coming Saturday, the Brotherhood will be doing a charity show at Mermaid Theater in heart of West End. Help poor, high society will be there.
Police presence also, looking for anarchists and Fennians.

Ramessu is listed among the guests.
Jeremy keeps visiting the Brotherhood club; Soo and Ramessu under surveillance.
Jeremy shown the rabbit trick again, this time its asphixiated. Oops. Danny says he has been asked to assist at the charity event, he is of utmost importance apparently! W/o him Soo says the show can’t go on.

Jeremy feels we need to make Danny disappear soon before the show.
Schuyler says learn what Danny leads to do leading up to the show, so we know when we can take Danny.
Danny is supposed to show up at 4. No prepartions beforehand so far as Danny knows.

Meanwhile, Ramessu periodically disappears from random places at random times.

From Iluminati:
No evidence concerning Soo on his return, never missed a boat, never a ride.
One day leading up to Saturday, we know Soo is gone. Jeremy starts exploring the place. He finds a Chinese servant. Jeremy speaks to him in Mandarin. He acts like he doesn’t know Soo is even gone, told he’s out for his evening constitutional.
This guy seems to be guarding the area.
“When will Soo be back?”
“Couple hours.”
Down a nearby corridor are 4 doors, and a window at the other end. The guard would not be able to see him from there.
“I have to leave soon, so I’ll look for him tomorrow. Thank you.”
He goes outside and knows he can’t climb up. He goe to get Schuyler.
By the time they get back, night is falling. Schuyler climbs up, drops a grapple rope, opens the window. Jeremy goes inside. Schuyler stays put in case there is trouble. He does give him him a flash pellet in case he needs to make a quick escape, and his auto lock pick.
He sees Soo in his room now, reading.
Another is a bunkroom, a few bedding down, some playing tile games. Another dorm room on the other side. A slew of people here. A wall hang on one wall has the Lan Shee dragon!
Only a dark room is unknown, Jeremy enters tuning on a headlamp from Rick.
It’s his study. Nicnaks, trick props, books. One called the R’yleh Text. Unknown to us thus far.
Nothing sitting out in obvious current use.
He rummages through the desk. Some notes difficult to discern, but one looks like the creation of a structural gate. He grabs paper and trace it out.
He finds a trap door in the ceiling. He knows there is an attic 3rd floor above.
He leans out the window, sees a window above and signals for Schuyler to climb. He climbs it easily. He turns on his light, looks inside. But there is a black veil blocking the window. Signals to Jeremy no sight. He climbs down to Jeremy and goes into the study. We hear nothing from up there.
Going through the window, we figure if anything is up there it would quickly react to such an intrusion, but not necessarily the trap door. Schuyler boosts him up, he pulls the trap door and Jeremy peeks up with the headlamp on.
Walls all covered by black curtains; chinese lanterns hang from the ceiling to be lit. The floor is thickly carpeted embroidered with dragon, also on curtains and ceiling. The symbol everywhere. Nothing moves. Small cupboard on one side of the room, large altar on the other. He pulls himself up further, the carpet is worn in rows as if people knelt in rows before the altar. He climbs up to check the cupboard.
He sneaks very quietly.
It is full of robes, a few dozen, and candles.
Finds nothing secret around, no blood stains on altar. There is a pic of a person being drained of blood behind it.
He looks behind curtains, just wall.
Looks like a chapel of the cult looking to find and presumbably kill Soo.
He returns. No guards in the halls. Another room has crates, a couple pillar pieces and an arch. It looks like the gate drawing. Suddenly, a shimmering in the air tween Jeremy and the gate. Jeremy beats a hasty retreat.
Jeremy figures that’s my sign to leave the bulding.
Schuyler back in the study “SHit, that my have been Henry Houdini.”
Jeremy "I hate that I have this consciounse. He returns, sees a man through the gate, forms dancing around him it says “The Pain, The pain!! Get me back, stop the Chinaman! But get me back, open the gate for god’s sake.” And he disappears.
Now we leave the building. As we are, we hear some guys come out to investigate from another room
We report.
Wilhelm studies the drawings along with Jeremy’s description of what he saw. He says it opens into another dimenstion. He recites a description of some horrible bleast out of the necronomicon he thinks comes from this dimension. Feeds on blood through myriad of tentacles. Can be invisible at times. Bulbous bloated mass.
So if we open the gate to get Henry out, we may let this thing through too.

Mundabi and Billy jump Danny. Bag laced with chorophorm put over his head Thursday morning.

Jeremy gets in as his replacement. He is told to be there by 2.

Schuyler lets everyone know its Independence day in America, spends time at the US Embassy celebrating.
Mulverhill will be peasant outside. They can let us slip in armed. Simon gets his longsword in under his long coat. RC a couple tomohawks, Schuyler his brass knuckles, gun

July 5

We have gotten tickets to the show via Paul days ago.
Show is at 8:30. Set up starts at 7. We get there at 7:30 for pre drinks and snacks.

Wang Phat infiltrates the large gaggle of chinamen working. At one point during the day, they are all called into a back room and given kris style longdaggers. Phat blends in.
The Prime Minister is here. We are all searched for weapons by the police.
Prince of Wales arrives in his private box, booed by many.
8:30 the curtain rises.
Soo opens the show with a small act.
1st act: high qualtiy
2nd: Carl Weis, does his ducks and tub trick, and pidgeons, NOT the apparatus tirick.
9:30: Intermission

Phat is helping assemble the arch backstage.
No drinks for us.
RC gets in one of the side halls upstairs with Wilhelm. Paul and Simon stay seated. Schuyler on 2nd floor also, at a cornier overlooking the seats.
He can signal ro RC and Wilhelm, They are all on the Prince’s side. 2 detectives are outside his box seat.
10:00 Soo is presented, telling a story of back home, peope would gather together for the dragon.
All the Chinamen come out, begin chanting. The order of the Chinamen was predetermined.
Suddenly a bang of displaced air. Leclaire appears suspended in the portal. Flames are starting to come from Henry’s clothes as he starts to burn.
Jeremy is out, dressed in a white robe unlike the crimson of the others. The portal become more aflame. 2 men on each side of Jeremy raise their knives.
Phat didn’t come out, he is behind the 2nd curtain, 10’ from Jeremy.
They reach or their daggers and reach to slip Jeremy’s throat.
The Deadly Wang strikes as Jeremy draws his derringer from his sleave and fires at the other. Both hit, Wang kills his man. Interestingly, Phat is a Dragon Kung Fu master.
Schuyler fires his steam grapple gun to the ceiling, and swings down across the stage, kicking Henry in midair and carrying himself through the arch and the fire with Henry, landing on the floor behind it.
Wilhelm yells “There’s trouble on stage, protect the prince!” to the 2 detectives. He rushes to get past them, the tell us “GO Go GO!” as we rush to the stage from the side steps. RC leaps down over the edge to the stage.
The crows is panicking! 10 of the cultists rush down and start attacking, going for throats.
Paul and Simon start fighting their way toward the cultists. Another 9 jump Jeremy and Wang. 4 on Jeremy, 5 on Phat.
Soo is still casting as spell of some sort but begins to panic a bit, fumbling his words (card).
Wang battles back, Jeremy tries to charismaticly disarm the 4 attacking him.
Jeremy tries to convince those attacking him to attack Phat, as Jeremy is useless and feeble.
They yell we should be killing the Chinese guy.
RC engages with Schuyler’s group. Simon flies into a berserk rage (card) and Paul wade into the villains attacking the crowd!
After another round, Wilhelm arrives. Simon is truly wading into them. Paul is able to step aside and fire upon the stage. Phat grapples and kills, holding his body as a shield; RC drops one and wounds; Schuyler draws his kukri and attacks.
Wilhelm attacks on the stage with his sword cane.
Only 2 left on the floor already after Simon’s onslaught.
2 cultists engage Wilhelm. Simon finishes them off and leaps on stage. Jeremy has gotten behind Soo and stabs him in the back leaving it in for treatmetn as continuous damage (card) vs his casting attempts!
Phat drops the man and grapples another.
Leclair is in lala land, suffering from post no gravity mental issues.
Wilhelm and Paul both fumble, RC kills another as does Schuyler. Simon attracts more attention now that he is on stage.
One of Phat’s other oppents stabs his buddy in the grappe.
Soo fails to cast his spell! Then does a 2nd time the next round.
Schuyler yells to Wilhelm to get Henry out of the way. He rushes over and starts dragging him away.
Paul grazes one with is revolver.
Phat’s escapes the grapple finally!
Soo fails again as oen of Schuyler’s misses him and kills his buddy (card).
Schuyler moves to the gate pillars and drops an explosive at each one. The fight winds down now as there is 1 cultist left, Jeremy hits him with his derringer DEAD.
Soo finally casts. A creature begins coming through the gate.
Schuyler runs past as the explosives blow and the creature goes through. The gate collapses!
It made it here though, but was damaged well by the blast.
The Prince is long gone and safe, cops are coming in.
Schuyler fires his colt and hits it, RC and Simon charge both hitting, Paul fires as well and hits. Wilhelm is pulling Henry to safety.
It hits Simon 3 times out of 3 attacks. 3 also on RC miss/hit/crit. Do the gods owe you any favors is played, shining upon Simon and healing his terrible wounds and now 1 str loss completely.
We all attack again and bring it down all together! It collapses into a pile of red jelly.

Mulverhill congratulates us all and big thanks. Some people are still here, having hid then seen the creature, now at least temporarily idiots.

Big banquet at Paul’s the next day with everybody, including Mulverhill, Phat, Barrington, Feather, Tarr, etc.

Over the next several weeks:
The mummy disections with Atwater and Rathbone are finished.
Rathbone has called upon his British Special Occult Services connection to get agents watching Ramessu and the royal

LaMonde reports that he has been having dreams again.
“The children will die, the children will die. Its the trail of the beast”.
Transcript of what he said: Fire, must get out of the house. Sent by the slithering snake. Must run, NO. The beast, its coming, its in the trees. London’s burning! Londons burning! Fetch the engines! Fire, Fire, FIRE FIRE!!! Pour on water!! Pour on water!!"

Perhaps a vision of what would have happened, had we not beaten Gavigan. He confirms this happened prior to us beating Gavigan.

The destruction of the obelisk is completed using Rick and Westinghouse’s original idea: with TNT into the North Sea. Wilhelm and Paul join Rathbone in his contacts airship to watch it drop, the sea steam and boil as the fire vampires all perish.

The meeting with Bromwich; Wilhelm and Lamonde head this; she agrees to the hypnosis by LaMonde:
She says crazy, Mythos like babble. The dreams have troubled her quite a bit. But for “The Beast is coming, as in the prophecy. Al Azif! I dream of a caslte, in the Balkans, where an undying master plans the end of the world.”; and she sees “The Rippers coming, and England will beed”.
Jack? Was he a ritual killer, part of all this?
“R’yley, rises!”
“One last chance, if all else fails, In San Francisco.”
“The true masters, Shk’ Ryth
Finally “Harbinger is coming.”
And she passes out.
Only Paul knows Shk ‘Ryth and he screams "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH The unspeakable word!!!! They live among us, those with powers of the mind beyond normal mortal men. ANd the agents of the Shk’Ryth take them away and burn out their minds in the furthurance of their plot. I dreamt of then but thougth it just ad ream, but now I know their agents come closer and closer to power their dread machine with my mind. All the others servet hem w/o knowing, wheels within wheels. Layer upon layer but at the center Shk’ Ryth."
No ones dreams are just dreams anymore.

Paul, Wilhelm and Simon watch all of Hobbes’ footage of their Gorge battles with mummies, hoping to find some tendencies we can exploit that they can distill into tactics. This they will accomplish and begin training the others. It will take into January once we are back to complete, but all of MH and Explorers will receive a plus 1 competence bonus to defence.

Wires are sent via Iluminati to Wang Chug in Shangai that we shall be voyaging soon; arrangements are made for ship travel via Suez Canal.
Wang Nyun reports of activity around the step pyramid. Supposed gatherings, chantings, etc.

The NY men go home soon before we leave for China.

We get Jeremy street crews and the the new occult squad to keep tabs on and peripherally look into Delwin Kerwin while we are gone.

Add: missing husband from Penhue girl was a prisoner, along with a few other dudes, at the moor. All were rescued alive.
Next New Moon = June 17
New Moon in April 1885…April 25, right in the middle of their stay!!!

The Case of the Missing Prime Minister
Westinghouse teams with the MH

May 28

Wilkerson, Westinghouse, Atwater arrives London.

May 29

Westinghouse, Atwater, Paul, Simon at Paul’s London rooms.. Talking a little about what’s to come, Paul getting started on the Carlyle investigation while Rick does the academic work, etc.
We are there all morning and afternoon.
There is a knock at the door; Paul’s butler Butterdorf answers the door.
“Lord Salisbright to see you, sir.” Undersecretary of State. He and Paul run in the same circles, so they are aquainted.
Paul “Show him in.”
3 men are shown in.
Salisbright “We are in no time for pleasantries. We are here to see a guest of yours. The very existence of the Empire is at stake.”
They wish to speak to Mr. Westinghouse, though we need all of your help.
Sir Thomas Frye and Commander Walters (navy, spy) are the other 2.
Our honor is given.
Rick “We are the soul of discretion.”
The Prime Minister has been kidnapped! As of this morning. This has not been released to the public, until tomorrow evening. He is supposed to be meeting with premier of France and Chancellor of Germany.
Westinghouse “Tell us , from beginning to end, leave out no detail.”
Last night, he travelled to Dover w/ police escort. Spent the night in Dover to leave for France. This morning, boarded battleship Dreadnought, sailed across Channel, and arrived w/ his aid Cpt Sommers. Entered the embassy vehicle in Calais. Left for Paris and never showed up.
5 minutes after they left, the real embassy car showed up.
Col. O’Brian, head of security, was in charge in Calais. He was to follow in the 2nd car with the detectives. They had car trouble, but it was sabotaged.
They had no idea who the drivers would be ahead of time.
There was an assassination attempt on him while on his way to Dover, slightly wounded in the face. Tended at a hospital before he left.
Only the aid got in the car with him.
Agents, army, navy all looking for him in France.
They still need our expertise, though.
They don’t even know why he was kidnapped.
The conference is a peace conference to keep France and Germany from war.
We do not agree the assassination attempt was unconnected.
Simon thinks the assassin may have missed him purposefully.
They were driving down the road. The PM does not like his detail to be too close. Suddenly, a line of gunman on the road opened fire. The driver, Shamus Murphy, floored it through them as they panicked and ran.
A local doctor bandaged him up then they continued.
Immediately we know: he never went to Calais. He is still in in England.
We are given a steamcar at our disposal, and a driver.

Near where kidnapping happened is an area of manor houses belonging to some of England’s upper crust.
Most of the houses are owned by nobility.
At Burke’s Pierage, we look up the details. No uncles, nor fathers live there linked to O’Brien nor Sommers. Westinghouse recommends inlaws and wives. Sommers’ wife is Katy Calahan, whose family have a summer house in that county.

At Shamus’ house:
Landlady says he never returned last night.
Paul insists we enter.
Westinghouse searches. Tween his matress, we find his address book.
Under XYZ there is an unnamed phone number.
Westinghouse “Perfect job for you Jeremy.” He calls the number from the house. A woman’s voice answers “Col. O’Brien’s office”.
Jeremy says his friend Shamus told him to call this number if he never made it home. This secretary, Miss Archer, claims to know nothing about this; and the Col. is in away with the PM.
Frye "If you really think there is something up with Col. O’Brien, we need to do something. He’s the one in Calais leading the search.
We re affirm the PM is not in Calais, and the Col. needs taken in for questioning.

We check out the car: no bullet holes anywhere; no sign of force entry; inside, signs of struggle!! Faint scratch marks as if someone was dragged out of the car, struggling, on the side he would have been sitting in. No signs of that from the driver’s seat.
They confirm Shamus drove the car back, indeed.
Paul and Jeremy question the workers. They know nothing but that he rode away on his bicycle.

Next, we go to the kidnap sight about 20 miles from Dover. We see where the car pulled off the road; feet dragged to tracks of another car, and drove away down the nearby side road into the countryside of old manor houses.

We get word, via wire from nearby town and a runner communication agent, they found the car and Cpt. Somers tied up in the car. Somer’s story is a gas canister or something must have been in the car, for he passed out and woke 4 hours later after it all went down. Found by a little girl.
We say to call back Somers and O’Brien.
They are being brought back to meet up with us.

We find the house, a relatively small one; a few acres of ground. There is a touring car, tred identical. Looking at other manors, only find one other.
Whose house is it? We leave Billy Fish and RC to case the house.

Back to London:
It is Michael and Maggie Thorpe. No Irish descendancy. No reason to suspect.

The Sommers house is suspiciously innactive over the time Billy Fish and RC keep watch.

May 30

We go back, meeting up with Billy/RC outide the manor area to keep watch.
A car pulls up. Sommers and O’Brien get out and enter the house in the late afternoon!
They were supposed to report to London for questioning.
We wait until just nightfall and move in.
RC, Billy Fish, Jeremy sneak up on the house first.
1 guard walks the grounds with a double barrel shotgun. RC knocks him out w/ his club easily.
Now up to the house.
Looking inside, all lights are on on 2nd floor; house looks unlived in for a while.
Westinghouse picks the lock in half a second.
Simon “I’ll lead the way in.”
Schuyler volunteers to climb up, looking through lit windows. Up he goes with ease. An attractive woman paces backand forth speaking to Sommers. Probably his wife. Door is opened into a hall with a man standing in it.
He gets onto roof, and goes to other side. He drops down, looking into the windowns from that side.
3 men stand in a room. One is O’Brien, one a small Irish in an white coat. Table in the room liek a doctor’s examination table. On it is the prime minister. A machine with a metal arm reaches over with electrodes attached to PM body. On another table is a plaster of paris or mold human shaped form. It already has somewhat of a resemblance.
Schuyler drops down fast, runs around to the back.

Inside, stairs go up.
RC and Billy sneak up the steps w/ Jeremy. They can hear a pacing in the hall, then coming this way. We back off to darkness. He passes w/o seeing us. We move up again. He stops tween 2 open doors.

Schuyler runs back and reports.
Simon wants to rush down the hallway. He will take the guard in the hall. Billy or RC goes left, the other right, into the doors. The others go for the PM with him.
Billy will take the PM room, RC the other.

Simon leads the way crits DEAD.
Our line is right behind him. Billy, Schuyler, Westinghouse turn into the PM room
Billy kills Shamus and O’Brien immediately.
The professor charges, trying to stab the PM, but instead must go for Schuyler with a hypodermic needle, except the needle breaks.
In the other room, they pull up automatic pistols and fire at RC. 2 shots each 10 and crit 18.
RC charges in 14. Simon enters the room as well, hitting him 18. He pulls a saber.
He swings for Simon missing. The girl fires 2 round at Simon hitting once 10.
RC turns on the woman 16. Simon hits O’Brien again.
She crits Simon with a shot, RC AoO misses, 17.
RC hits, Simon hits as well.
He misses Simon again. She rolls over the couch and fires at RC.
RC leaps over the couch misses. Simon hits 15.
O’Brien hits Simon 8. She has no room to maneuver. She fires anyway miss, RC AoO hits 10.
Simon misses. RC hits 15.
He hits Simon 4; the wife reaches into her riding boot for a derringer “Cthulhu Ftagn” and blows her own brains out.
Simon misses. O’Brien “Katey, Nooooooooo!!!!” He leaps back ’Erin go Bra and Cthulhu Ftagh!! and slices his own throat.
The professor, Westinghouse aiming at him, throws himself on the machine. THere is an flash, electricity arcing all over him. He lights on fire. He moves like still alive, but might just be the shocking.
Schuyler gets shocked bad as he flees the room with the PM. The others are shocked by arcs also. We book it out of the house.
Simon and RC loot their cash. We destroy the machine and the mold man. Evidence in the cellar that they worship the Old Ones. All evidence of that and the machine and mold is removed by us.
Driver takes our rescued back to London immediately, Billy Fish and RC with him as guards while we finish up at the house. Pack up lab and transport back to London to have for Covington.

Back in London, late, Lord Salizbright is extremely thankful “I knew is was right to bring in the yank.”

Heed the Call of the Kraken

April 12

Get response from Archimedes:
Eric Oland found dead in his Inverness hotel room. Celebrated Norwegian naval explorer and Iluminati menter. Had recently been in Lake Tanganeka in Africa. Brought with him a steam vehicle to explore depths of Loch Ness. Didn’t get to.

Ride for Inverness:

We check papers:
His ship Kraken mysteriously exploded at the mooring on the Loch. When the maid went to tell him, she found him dead, sinister dagger piercing his back, hand clutching a paper. This happened yesterday.

At the Station Hotel (4 floors, more than 70 rooms, gym and spa):
Just reopened after some remodeling. We get 2 suites.
Cop station is on Bridge St. near center of town. We go there. John Carmichael the soul detective constable.
Sgt sits at the desk “What can I do for you?”
Schuyler “May we see Det. Carmichael please?”
He tells a cop named Jamie to get Johnny. He’s in mid 40’s, tall and musuclar; dark hair. Voice is deep and likely a good singer.
Carmichael shakes Paul’s hand, giving the an Iluminati grip, linked with Archimedes men!! "You must be the man sent by Archie.
He is the one that sent to Archie for someone. Paul introduces himself.
His office is small, so he takes Schuyler, Simon, Wilhelm and Paul into his office on the 2nd floor.
Schuyler “What was on the paper found in his hand?”
A bloody note:
It’s in Norwegian: He was a dead man, the murderer.
“Obviously the dead never come back to kill the living” wink wink. “I can’t be searching for a dead man.”
RC “We can.”
He shows us the murder weapon. A single edged knive called Sgian Dubh.
At the base of the blade, etched: AU DRUM. It’s the symbol of the smith who forged it. He is not familiar with a surname Drum at all. We are allowed to take it.
He already has an order drawn up declaring us his investigators, and a pass into the bedroom. He says “you should also talk to that tascal Drummond”. Herbert Drummond, the police surgeon. His rooms are the basement.
Schuyler “Why is he such a rascal?”
“The man is a blackard. A waystral. All he thinks about is food and drink. He’s happily married, but I’m telling you, food and drink will be his undoing.”
He’s obese, enormous Carmichael says.
Charlie the chief of police is aware that Carmichael brought us in, but we should be discreet about any “mythological entaglements” to him.
Down to see the surgeon. They have an internal phone system in the station. As we are starting to close the door he picks his up.
Schuyler in a whisper “Jeremy listen in.”
He says “Yes, it’s me Johnny. Now, I expect you to give your full cooperation or I Swear, I’ll make your life a living hell….that’s right……you say one word out of line and I hear about it, you’ll be sorry.”
Jaimie escorts us to the basement. Drummond is pudgy, not really fat; pockmarked skin.
When asked, he says he did get a call from Johnny, but only about us coming down, nothing else.
He begins rather rudely, but then pauses before “I’ll be happy to help you.” Tells us not to trust Johnny, “odd things about him”. No family, not wife. No one to take care of. Did have a wife who died of smallpox, which Drummond lived through, when he was overseas as a officer in a regiment. Johnny always blames Drummond for her death cause he was her doctor. Calls Johnny the most cold hearted brute you can imagine.
He shows us the surgeons report.


He was standing when he got stabbed. Gives us this copy. Shows us the body, but it shows us little.
So, we need to go to hotel for the maid and room, cock for the ship, dagger maker search, and talk to the newspaper.
To hotel: Wilhelm, Simon, Schuyler
To docks: Paul and RC, Jeremy

The Investigators head for London this evening, taking the disc back to give to Archimedes.

April 13

At dock:
Paul shows him our creds from Johnny and inquires about the accident. The clerk directs us to the harbormaster. He’s a gentle old man, white hair and beard wearing old blue coat. We show him our creds. Name is Arthur Galston, 20 yrs on the job after royal navy.
He shows us where it went down, but he was not on duty at the time. The only witness was the nightwatchman Peter Finney. He calls a young man named Tom Dougherty over and gives him a shilling to fetch Finney “on the double”.
Art got to drive the Kraken into moorings. Says it was too low in the water, poor lines, probably the “blasted gadgetry” for nautical exploration including an invention of his, I think it was, called Asdic, th precursor to SONAR. Ness is one of deepest freshwater lakes in the world and it’s long.
He says blast was grand, found shrapnel 1/4 mile away. A lot of glass in buildings here are shattered. HE says the blast was certainly a bomb. The bottom hold was all batteries, powerful ones like in aether craft. Sank straight down in seconds.
Finney arrives, little guy with pointed breard.
He’s excited to talk about the “huge” explosion. Great fiery explosion. Things flying into the sky. He was in the office at the time.
Jeremy “Did you see anyone walking around that night.”
Wait, the windows got shattered and blown in, but Finney is unharmed!
Finally, he was taking a short break at the desk. Harbormaster asks him to take off of his hat, and he has a bandage on the back of his head.
Jeremy “So you were in the chair, facing away from the table, asleep.”
Finally he says he was asleep, head on the table, when it blew. Hid under the desk for 2 minutes so missed the ship sink. He looked with his binos and saw a man suddenly burst up out of the water, pulled himself up the ladder on the far side. Finney felt he had to check the wharf damage so he did not try to apprehend. IT took the man a long time to get up the ladder, like he was slow and stiff. The water is cold though. HE walked toward Castle Inn down Seafield Rd.

Talk to manager first, Mr. Muir, showing our creds.
Calls this a terrible thing, after just refurbishing. The deceased was their first high profile client, they spent a lot publicizing it. Shared a drink with Oland, thought he was an ipressive man. He was very exciting about mapping the loch with his new technologies that the British navy is just starting to appreciate.
Jennie Flynn the maid arrives. Mousy figure, long brown hair and eyes.
She’s very nervous. Wilhelm fails to calm her down, but Schuyler succeeds.
“I’ll never forget that awful smell.” Mothballs; 2 male guests were downstairs in the lobbey, caught the scent off of one of them. Then the runner from the docks arrived. He knocked one of them over, and he had a bad time getting up, needed help from the other.
The smell was in the room when she went in. The man who fell had makeup on, she feels he was an actor probably.
The room reeks of dried blood, camphor and mothballs. Wilhelm says the chemical used to make mothballs is explosive.
Particular big blood stain on the Indian rug, a smear toward the desk to a larger bloodstain. Stuff on the desk is knocked on the floor but for the inkwell. So, he was stabbed, drug himself to the desk, and wrote the note.
He has 2 trunks of clothes and normal personal effects.
On one pillow is a book of short stories. So he was sitting in bed reading and went to answer the door, then turned to allow them entry when he was stabbed.

Other group gets back. The maid and the manager do not know who those 2 men were, they were not staying here. He says castle inn is a smaller, less prestigious hotel.
Jeremy goes to paper, talks to Ian Bloom. He was to be on the story of Oland being here but didn’t get to talk to him before death. The crew had not arrived yet. The one who brought it here was sent on leave after it arrived.
A man did come to the paper asking about Oland previous to the death: tall, late 40’s or so, gray hair, stout, smelled of mothballs faintly. Skin almost gray, “may have had a skin disease”. Says Oland was going to map the entire loch and find Nessie, once and for all. Gentleman asked where Oland was staying, which Ian told him, and about anything Ian knew about what Oland was doing here.

RC finds a store that sells fine cutlery. They know nothing of an AU DRUM.
Simon found a weapon store and a foundry. Guy at store says there are probably only 15 people in the country who still make those knives but not that name. He feels its probably quite old, that we should go to archives. The foundry says typically the AU is the maker, the second line the town it came from
Schuyler a clothing store that sells highland dress. He says the only U is the Urkharts, they live all over. None in Inverness, closest part of the clan is in Killmoor. He says the DRUM could be a town.

Back to the foundry, says Urkharts have forge in Drumnadrochit near Killmoor.

We all meet back up.
All of us go to the 3 storey Castle Inn. 12 rooms, infrequent guests, rowdy bar, its by the docks and hosts a lot of sailors.
We get a drink, Josephine ‘Ma’ Dawson owns it; fat and old.
Dawson “Whaddya want here?”
Drinks! We throw out some coin and order scotch.
Just looking at the clientele, they are up to no good. Lots of various deals.
Jeremy "Anyone new in town recently?
Dawson “I wouldn’t know, don’t pay much attention to who’s here.”
Paul gives her a pound sterling.
Jeremy “The night that the Kraken blew. Possibly gray skinned, walked with an odd gate.”
Schuyler “Maybe 2 of them.”
“My memory isn’t that good anymore, I’m an old lady.”
Paul gives her a few more pounds and she says they were here, one name was Brown the obvious leader, plus McCay and Winter. Brown lorded it up over them. Left early yesterday morning.
Shows us her ledger, but they are not signed out. Claims she must have forgotten. Schuyler points out she didn’t forget anyone else. She slams the book, calls us nosy and yells for Stewart. Who lost his nose for being nosy.
Simon “Here’s my question for you, old woman. Who’s going to make me leave your establishment?”
She whistles, and about half the people in the place high tail it out. The other half get ready for a fight with us.
We leave and stop at the Detective, tell him the Castle Inn is suspicious.
He says “Let’s go” and takes 2 men with us.

The 9 of us enter, demands to see the registry. Claims she lost it days ago, “I don’t know what these gentlemen are talking about.”
He searches behind the counter and it is indeed gone.
He goes over to a patron “Guy, where was this man Brown and his 2 cronies staying? What room.”
He plays dumb.
“You’re the bouncer here.”
Still plays dumb.
Guy “Nobodies taking me anywhere” and swings. The Det. dodges and gets him in an arm lock.
Ma “Let him alont” and says something in Gaelic.
Det breaks his little finger.
“301, they were in 301!!!”
Ma blocks bottom of the stairs.
Simon goes to bully past her, but can’t budge her. RC helps and a cop and she still resists but we topple her over.
Upstairs we go to 301.
Det knocks, and Simon bursts the door in. A decapitated corpse lies on the carpet. It has a disturbing gray/green color. No blood either. Skin has flaked off under him. Initials on the undershirt of his suit says FAM. Jeremy says its his ititials, probably wore it at his funeral. No head is present.
Surgeon arrives, takes body to HQ. Couple hours and we will have the report.
Ma finally says:
3 men rented room, wen tout evening boat blew and Oland died. They returned adn went up to room. No one saw them since. The service found that they had skipped out on the bill but left the body so they kept it quiet. The dead one was McCay.

At HQ.
Drummond says its been dead at least several weeks. Skin has been treated regularly with a preservative. Makeup on neck, severed slowly with a 4 to 6" blade. Blade pushed through spine with foot while held by another man.
Jeremy “Could the same knife have killed Oland?”
“Definitely could be.”
Preservative is pariphen base wax, with camphor and naphthalene!!

Drumnadrochit is the place to go, about 15 minutes up the Caladonian canal. We will catch a steamboat the next morning.

April 14

Copmeets us at docks, head has been found in the canal. ID’d as Brother MacKay, a kindly man, brother 17 years at the Fort Augustine Monastery (15 milesfurther down Ness than Drumnadrochit.
We take the few hour trip to Drumnadrochit.

Town square is next to the canal. Fairly bustling right now. Wooden benches spaced around the square for sitting. No real police in the town.
Simon wants to make for the graveyard.
Man approaches asking for a few pence “for an old man”.
Wilhelm gives him a couple. Asks if he can be of any service.
Schuyler “Tell us where to find the cemetary.”
He does.
Simon "Do you know anything about the monastery down the loch?
He does not.
Jeremy “Urkhart forge?”
“They’re bad news.” Their family old ruined castle is down the loch. They used to be the lords. Them and the Grants were the big wigs in the area.
“They’ve allied themselves with the devil himself. I’ve got a tale I can tell ye.”
Last year, this time, he was at the ruins, heard chanting and saw a strange ritual Before he fled, saw Angus running the show and preaching. He has always had an unnatural luck “Keep away from that man and his disciples”. He lives in Urkhart hall just south of town.
Simon “We appreciate the advice, old man.”

At graveyard, we look for any recently disturbed graves. Seems like all is well.
Schuyler finds the caretaker and asks if he has had any graverobbing trouble. He says not at all. Seems like an innocent dog, but soon as RC heads into the grounds. Guy says “Get him” and he turns ferocious and charges until the caretaker stops him. This guy fought in the Afghan wars. He tells us the forge is actually 2 miles down at the new property, right behind the house. He says the old castle has always been an evil place.
He says everybody around here loves Nessie, not a bad word, especially with all the tourist traffic she brings in.

We walk for the Urkhart place. Its a large manor, early 18th century, little bit shoddy. Has what is like its own hamlet around it that is others of the clan. The women are pretty and the men brawny.
We go for the forge first around back. Man is at work forging a claymore.
“Ah strangers, what can I do for you?”
Simon “We are looking for the manufacturer of a scotch knife, good quality. Had an AU and DRUM insignia.”
“Unless its a forgery, I’m your man. I’m Angus Urkhart.”
He doesn’t make many, only for special occasions. Often for Scotch traditional rituals. He invites us into his home since we are interested in his work. He tells us to go to the front door of the manor.
Very attractive lady opens and lets us in, leads us to a sitting room, we drink scotch but for Schuyler who takes the mountain spring water.
25 minutes, still nothing.
She says it will take him a while to clean up.
5 minutes later he arrives in semi formal wear, shakes everyone’s hands.
Simon “A fine property you have”.
He looks in early to mid 50’s. Big, thick curly white beard.
Other than some pricey heirlooms, much of the decor is old and outdated. Though it is scrupulously clean. They surely do not have a ton of money. They do have several claymores on the walls several hundred years old. They hold onto their history.
Schuyler is interested in holding a claymore.
“Certainly, of course”.
He hands him one he made a few years ago, perfectly balanced.
Schuyler asks for one of the heirlooms. He takes one down next to a shield, which has battle scars on it. As does the blade though it’s impeccably sharpened. It’s the claymore of clan Urkhart, last used by Stewart Urkhart.
He’s very pleasant, invites us to stay for dinner which we accept.
He takes a liking to Schuyler for asking about the blade, and Simon for wielding it very deftly.
He keeps his distance from RC.
He invites Paul out front to dual with basket hilt/dirk 2 wpn. style. Paul gets the better of it.
Arthur laughs “Well done, well done. Your ancestors will be proud. A small crowd had gathered and give a cheer.”

Dinner time. They open the grand hall for us, has not been used for at least months. Its a rush for them to get it and its kitchen in operation for a feast, breaking out some of the last of their good stuff from the winter.
Brings our 2nd rate, but not atrocious, cigars and 20 year old excellent brandy.
He says the first toast in this house is always the same:
“Gentlemen, to the Queen!”
All of us “To the Queen.”
He says he lost an ancestor at Culloden.
Schuyler toasts to a hosts hospitality.
He toasts “Up the Urkharts, down the Campells!”
He says the Campells have always been evil.
Another drunk family member says “Ha, more evil than you’ll ever know.”
The guy next to him elbows him and shuts him up.
He asks us about the dagger now.
We show it to him, tell him we found it in Inverness. Simon hands him the dagger. His demeanor changes “Do you know what we do to thieves and murderers in this land?”
All the family draw daggers and put them to our throats.
Says this dagger and its twin stolen from here less than a month ago, and his nephew murdered the same night.
Jeremy questions why, if we stole it, would we be back here now.
Demands we answer one question or we will all end up at the bottom of the Loch, and says something in a dark speech, Wilheml says something about ‘Glaaki was and Glaaki will return’.
Wilhelm “I refuse to speak such a foul language.”
“You call the ancient tongue foul?”
Wilhelm “Yes.”
“Allright gentlemen (all calmes down) how did you come about this dagger?”
we explain what happened in Inverness.
He says the 3 men were servants of Glaaki.
He asks “Now, why would Johnny be calling for you?”
We tell him we do this kind of work. He says in this family, when they talk of secrets, they speak “under the boar’s head”, which we will do tomorrow. We must stay the night.
Now, enough of this. The patriarch of clan Grant, their brother clan, is Derrick. Lives close by. He will be sent for so that we can talk to the leaders of both clans.
We tell him about the bad talk of him in town, like they talked of the Campells. He says they had a cult which worshipped Cthulhu and Deep Ones. That’s why they sided with the English vs Charlie, for he would have cleansed the taint of the deep ones. Instead, they remain. Urkhart, Grant and clan MacGregor warred with them for a long time. They don;’t anymore after the Cthulhu worshipers were defeated over a century ago.
This war happened to the north, in the island. Nothing to do with what is going on now.
About Glaaki et al, he will tell us tomorrow. We will talk to uncle stewart as well.

To our rooms. Wilhelm tells what he knows about Glaaki:
Cousin to Eihort, with eyes in his hands.
LIke him, Glaaki exists to infect and corrupt humans to empower himself. Turns them to mortal slaves.
He is an Old One.
To bed

April 15

Morning, Grant and a few other leaders take us into the clan meeting room. There is a giant boar head on the wall, over 200 years ago. Grant leader explains:
’My ancestors felt a great desire to build the castle where they did because of dreams that his ancestor had. Something is under it. Could be a lay line crossing, could be an artifact or technology. Whatever it is, its dear to Glaaki and he desires it. There were legends it had been attacked by monster before but unseccessful.Urkhart and Grant clans, and others, had gathered together years after it was ruins. The Campells tried to sieze it but were defeated by this unified group. While we celebrated, Glaaki came out of the Loch at teh shore. Most ran in terror, by my ancestor and the elders plus loyal followers defended the ancestral home. That battle was brief and Glaaki was weakened and driven back. He killed over a dozen men. As he was about to overwhelm them when the patriarch of the clan Stewart rolled a barrel of whiskey over a fire which he toppled onto Glaaki. He had never faced fire before and he retreated angered and confused after lancing Stewart with one of his spearlike spines.
Stewart died on his way home. He was layed out for burial, and as they sat drinking to him, Stewart rose up from the dead having become a servant yet still himself. A servant is one who has been speared by a spine. There is no escape if this happens. It is a sort of zombie, soul devoured but mind still working, subservient to an Old One. You do rot, so they have learned to make the preservative. The scent is a giveaway. Some willingly go through this, and become greater servants who do not decay and look normal (Brown must be one of those). This is also how we found out the Campells were a Mythos evil. Glaaki learned much about us through Stewart though. 23 years later, he came back again. He was surprised that the clans were waiting for it at the castle. Fire, explosives, and firearms hurt it.

It must be weak for a great old one.
If it gains the power it wants from this site, it will be much worse. It will rule at least Scotland if not the isles or more. We think he is preparing for another return, and has a new unknown source of servants. Not many of us left in the area, we have gotten smaller over the years.
We tell him we are with them.
They think the other servant, not Brown, came from the monastery as well. It could be a den of Glaaki by now.
_This may be the time to gather the clans. I don’t know why they beheaded one of their number. We have an early warning system. When we found Stewart was still alive, insisting on release, he began arguing with himself about who he was and served. (Smigel an Golem). Over a series of months of the wisemen talking to him, they discovered this info on Glaaki. They could spy on Glaaki through Stewart as it could on them. Glaaki went through a gate to a home of his in New Zealand. _
Time to talk to uncle Stewart, they in a barrel of single malt whiskey, from which he pulls out Stewart’s head and torso to the waist. They lost the legs in an accident a few years ago. It slows the decay.
His skin has an amber palor.
He is difficult to understand, it takes a moment to draw Stewart out from the servant side. He goes back and forth between the two frequently.
“Hail Glaaki”.
“F Glaaki!”
He says the time is near!! Servants are ready. It is keeping who the servants are from him. Very very soon, they will be at the castle. Before another moon.
3 nights!!
Stewart is taken away.

The owner of a boat, Gordon, can take us down the loch to the monastery on a boat. Ms. Fiona MacDonald is the trip commentator for the hour long ride.
He gives Schuyler a claymore to use if there is trouble.

Boat ride:
Lots of talk of the depth, dinosaurs.
The old man wagers there is something in the loch.
He says the Benedictine Monks have been acting odd lately. They have been wading in the cold water with no problems at all.
It doesn’t look good for their survival when we arrive.
He thinks Nessie used to be there, but she may have run into something bigger than her. “I spoke too much”.
He describes the unspeakable Glaaki. He has heard talk about it, never saw it himself.
He thinks Nessie was/is a dinosaur.

The monastery ground are unkempt. Simon rings the bell. Monk answers ‘Yes may I help you?"
Simon "We’re here to see brother McCay."
“Brother McCay is away right now.”
They are all gone, pilgramage to feed the poor. They’ll be gone about 3 days. He’s the Abbot. He invites us in to speak with him. Takes us into the kitchen.
Jeremy repeats the forbidden tongue line.
Abbot “What are you talking about?”
He does not look well, skin unhealthy, but no smell. He’s 62 yrs old. They have been working hard on the packages for the poor lately that’s why the grounds are a mess.
He knows nothing of the murder. He assumes its Urkhart and the clan because they hold satanic rituals on their lands. He prays for them every night in case it is true.
The brothers are going into the northern highlands on foot. There are about 50 brothers here.
He basically says nothing.
We head back to the boat dock.
We hear a chanting behind us. Atop the church is the Abbot chanting. A cloud is forming over us.
Simon takes a shot with his LaBelle and dires from the 4th range increment. He hits 16.
Slowly out of the mist is a wooly beast, huge, 2 taloned paws and a vertical mouth atop its shoulders with yellow fangs. Each arm ends in 2 forearms.
The spell fizzles, his concentration broken, and the mist recedes as well as the beast w/in.
Schuyler hits him with his winchester 17. Surges 21, he falls off the roof and splats to the ground.
We rush back and search the monastery. No hygiene lately, we can tell. Small pot behind the bed of each of the monks is the preservative.; also makeup for each of them.
All the previous holy items have been desecrated and mutilated. This is now a hellish place. Simon has already begun readying the place to burn.
It is torched.

Back at the Urkharts, we say we better get the clans to the castle asap.
He says tomorrow they can assemble and get there.

April 16

(Investigators get a zeppelin back to NYC. Arrive April 21.
Still no word from Rathbone and Goldstein. They are feared lost.

We get 10 sticks dynamite from one of the clans, about 30 molotov cocktails.
3 barrels of highly flammable whiskey.
About 30 highlanders with swords and rifles.
They station themselves at the 3 possible points of entry to the castle.
Simon and RC are stationed with Grant and 10 men.
Paul with Urkhart and 14 men in the middle.
Other 3 with the Derwood and his 2 men.
1 cask with each.
5 sticks with Urkhart and Grant each.
Each of the 29 clansmen as well as RC has a molotov cocktail.

April 17

Nothing happens.

April 18

Looks like rain, we keep the stuff that will need lit under wraps.
A driving rainstorm begins and hits for about an hour then slows to a soft drizzle
Simon says for us to be ready with the energy bolt pistols against the undead.

We dig a shallow ditch at each side and saturate it with oil.
We hear a splashing, and the moan and soggy shambling of the zombie servants of Glaaki from all 3 fronts. They chant soullessly.
We light the oil so we can see about 40’ out.
One volley tells from the scots shows us their DR is 6 all around.
We fire energy guns, dropping Jeremy’s and Wilhelm’s. Schuyler’s hit is still coming, it’s the leader. It looks almost dead. The highlanders fire and hit 3 times killing it.
Schuyler misses, Jeremy and Wilhelm hit, with the energy pistols.
Highlander volley hits all 3 times but it keeps coming.
The 3 highlanders are ready with claymores as it reaches us, as does Schuyler. All but 1 hit but it is still up when Wilhelm stabs with his swordcane but misses. It hits Derwood 9.
The highlanders cut them down.
A roar comes from behind us through a trench to our side. The first reaches the top next to Wilhelm.
Schuyler steps back and grabs his pistol.
Wilhelms fires his energy and kills it.
We get ready for the next attack.

At Grant they are approaching as well, 8 of them. We let the highlanders fire for the 2 rounds. Simon and RC ready for melee.
They concentrate on the lead zombie, killing him with 5 hits, then kill another, in the first round. Second round, killing 2.
One highlander joins us in the melee at the ready. They retaliate hitting RC once and Simon twice.
RC hits 16 DEAD, cleaves 17 DEAD to the highlander’s. Simon hits 16 DEAD. Another highlander enters and misses him.

With Urkhart a horde of 24 are coming! The main assault.
Paul fires the energy for 2 rounds killing 2.
We concentrate fire in groups trying to drop a few before they get here. First round they drop 3. Second round 5. A last one wounded 4.
Claymores drawn.
Paul shoots the energy and severely damages a tougher one. His gun is out of energy.
They drop 2, including the injured tough one and are struck back.
Next round, we drop 2. Paul enters the fray as well and hits 9 dropping another.

Great Glaki now appears from the shore behind the middle attack. Luckily for our ordinary forces, its dark. Many fail but don’t lose enough sanity to run away, at least just yet.
2 spines shoot off of Glaaki. hitting one of the low lvl highlanders DEAD. One of the toughs is hit bad DEAD.

Schuyler runs to the edge and sees a swarm of about a dozen down the trench. He kills it with energy. More are climbing up in a line across the trench. Jeremy kills another with energy as does WIlhelm.
3 highlanders throw in molotov cocktails at the gang at the bottom lighting them up.
2 get to the top however that were already climbing but miss.
Schuyler kills 1 with his energy. Wilhelm wounds the other, a tough one; Jeremy kills a climber. The highlanders chop that wounded up.
Energy kills 3 climbers. The highlanders jam their claymores into the ground and fire down, killing 1.
2 reach the top, 5 burners start climbing.
Jeremy fires pistol miss; highlanders fire at the 2 up top 10, 11/11 after DR. Schuyler draws the claymore and hits 5 DEAD. Wilhelm’s revolver hits 0.
The last attacks the highlanders miss.

RC and Simon rush to Paul’s group. Grant hits the last zombie 10/13. Couple tough highlanders help, this is THE leader of the zombies. They hit for very little. Another highlander misses. It misses them.
The rest follow Paul and RC. One sees the shape of Glaaki and immediately turns and flees the entire battle in stark terror.
Grant and his 3 men all hit the last Z DEAD. Then they head for Paul.
At Paul, while we are moving: Paul does nothing after DR; none are killed. Their attacks drop none but put one into wounds.
Glaaki hits 2 other highlanders killing 1 but not the other but he’s badly wounded. He pulls out of combat.
RC, Simon and their first group show up now and hit the line. The highlanders are fighting fiercely, killing 2 including their toughest zombie.
RC hits a gang of the weaker Z, killing 2. Simon kills a tough Z, Paul shoots one and wounds it badly.
Another wounded man helps out the spine speared one.
Their last 5 do little to us.
Spines from Glaaki hit 2 more highlanders, wounding the first and killing the 2nd.
The newly wounded highlander retreats.
The highlander go at the last 5 dropping the toughest left. The 3 tough highlanders drop 2 others. The 2 leaders kill them both. End of the Z’s here.
Paul lights a 2 stick of Dynamite, that is attached to the lid of the barrel. Simon/RC with Paul helping to aim and roll it toward Glaaki. It’s a direct hit as he rears up and smashes upon it. After a moment it blows, enormously.
2 spines fire, hitting Simon 19 but misses Paul! Simon stays up.
Grant and company arrive, Grant rolling a barrel to us. Grant lights it.
About 18 highlanders throw their molotov cocktails, all but 2 hitting. The whiskey exlposion is still burning him as well.
As he writhes we roll the 2nd barrel and it blows right up against Glaaki. He is a veritable conflagration.
Glaaki fires his 2 spines, hitting a Grant highlander and the other at Paul. The highlander 23 DEAD; Paul is hit 28.
Paul retreats.
A few highlanders rush for Schuyler’s barrel.
4 highlanders pick up the cocktails from the fallen and throw, each hitting.
Glaaki still burns terribly but its getting less every round.
Simon eggs RC on to charge Glaaki.
They charge.
Grang “Look at those crazy bastarts!”
Neither does any damage.
After the burn continues he retreats into the loch but not before hitting Simon and RC with a spine. Both stand tall, though taking big damage.

The rest of the army rushes to help Schuyler’s side. We slaughter them from here on out.
Half the spine damage is direct to wound, so Simon has taken 16 and RC 11.
The Scots promise ace care in the hospitals.

A minute after each spine hit, fort. save or take con. damage.
Paul makes it. He has 1 wound point left.
RC makes it.
Simon makes both.

April 19

We burn 5 dead to as close to nothing as possible. Bags played at their funerals.
RC/Paul/Simon shipped to Edinburgh hospital.

After 3 days, RC is healed. It’s another 6 before Paul is fully healthy. Simon comes down feverish a few days in. Not until day 10, the day after a RC medicine dance, it breaks! 2 days later he is awakens fully coherent. By the next day he is somewhat mobile. Finally, May 5, he’s released in perfect health but still tired.

May 6

Train south.
Arrive London!

Horror in Cannoch

April 3

Theo, Jack Burton, Father Jon arrive at Paul’s house in London.
Greetings all around, whiskey and brandy is served.
Theo and Wilhelm swap information about the Scotland case.

April 4

We say our goodbyes to Bif before getting train north. He’ll be sailing back to the states before we return. We tell him to look up Westinghouse in NY if ever has the chance and wants to fight more evil, and Red Cloud mentions the Washington Gang now operating again in the American West. Give letter of intro for Outlaws and Investigators.

Train ride to Inverness.
It’s a 30 mile trip on bad roads to Cannoch. We secure horses for the next day.
Spend the night in Inverness.

April 5

Early morning, leave for Invernes.

While passing Constables office, notice wanted poster for a man calling himself Belfagore wanted for murder and kidnapping in Inverness.

Paul goes in to inquire, dropping Lt. Mulverhill’s name. Inspector calls London, speaks to the Lt., and returns to talk to Paul.
“Wanted in several Balkan countries and Germany for ritual murders, they say. We know he’s in Scotland for at least 3 weeks, but not when he got here. Seen in Inverness. There was a disappearance, young girl, found mutilated, lungs ripped out, in hills above the cemetery. Last seen talking to a foreign gentleman. Description used to draw a likeness.
We checked registries at local hotels and one had Belfagore. We matched that name with wanted people in Europe. The name stuck out. His wanted poster sent here was virtually identical to ours.
We have several inspectors who are hot on the trail. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from them for a couple weeks.” They were under cover so I have raised no alarm yet.
He hopes they are not under ground, one of them is particularly good.

April 6

Theo finds a reference to Santrane in a book about witchcraf. March 1620 Ann D. Santrane arrested in Inverness for witchcrafta t 17 years old, lively, intilligent, unusually pretty.
Held for a year, tortured 3 times; on Oct. 18 1622 burned at the stake.
Ann D. Santrane in Edinburk 1745 reference: teenager arrested for withcraft; released later that year upon order of a local justice. He follows up on his name: Helmut Grossman!!!

Article about Hancock arriving from Africa. Adam Chisolm his friend arrived with him, suffered a breakdown in Africa. Tabloid interview related an encounter with giant blood sucking worms.
Absolutely no mention of an American dig, or any other dig, near Cannoch. Strange.

Church research, Jon:
Finds only deed that has been in name of Hancock a house in Cannoch, another under name of Linda McArthur
Hundred years ealier both lands had been under name of McArthur but taken for tax purposes.

April 7

We leave for Cannoch. Arrive in early evening. Not much to the town.
1 store
1 inn, a postmaster who is also the town clerk.
1 constable
1 church

We hit the King’s Head Inn first. Greeted by owner Fergus MacGinnis. Already have several people staying here. They can do 4 rooms, 2 beds a piece.
We will take 3, putting 3 of us in each room.
We get dinner, good shephard’s pie, and porters and whiskey.
Jeremy and Paul makes the rounds talking to people in the common area, looking for info on who’s also in town. About a dozen people in here drinking and such.
Red Cloud asks Simon if he wants to take a walk after dinner, explore the street(s) and the vicinity.
“Good idea. Father Jon, would you like to join us?” He does.
They leave.
Schuyler, Theo, and Jack keep lightly drinking here in case of trouble.

Hear a noise, they turn to investigate. A wooden wolf’s head on a cane sticks out of the foliage. A head appears, hair wild and shaggy; bushy beard unkempt.
“I’d naught be wandering around these parts at night. YOu got to fear the werewolves. The wolves, they come down from the hills and they take sheep. And they take the foreigners too. Told my lord about them, that’s why I have no fear, for my lord keeps them from me.”
Simon “Who’s youre lord?”
“Azadot, Azadot the great.”
He lives at his home, back at Ian’s place, on his farm; MacGlennon. My shack is up against his barn. This guy has lived here his whole life, everyone knows him. “When Azadot comes I’ll have him eat Ian last. I promised I won’t have Azadot come, I promised her.”
SImon “Promised who?”
“Nooo, I can’t tell you that..” Says she’s pretty.
Simon “Is her name Santrane?”
“No, I’m talking about Annie, I’m sweet on Annie.”
RC “Does she live with Ian?”
“She was staying at the hotel.”
Not still there, then she moved in with Ian. No one else with her or living with Ian, he says.
Simon “Any other strangers in town recently?”
“Not that I’m gonna tell you.”
He turns and disappears into the woods, striking some brush and cuts the brush off like a blade.

Jack notices at inn, guy comes down the steps a bit furtively; dressed in very upper mid class clothes but very wrinkled; beard is a bit unshaven at the lighter parts. He motions for Maggie the barmaid and whispers something to her. She gets a meat pie and tankard of ale, pitcher of water all on a tray which he takes upstairs quickly after looking around.
Jack intercepts him casually at bottom of stairs “Hello there friend, why drink upstairs by yourself. Come over there with me and my friends.”
The man responds rushed about not feeling well “I really should just stay in my room”.
Jack does not press him and he rushes up.
Jack to Maggie asks who he was.
“Oh, that’s Andrew Kennedy, the eminent archaeologist from Edinburg. An expert in Scottish and English archaeology.”
He tells the others. Schuyler goes up to her.
She does not know for what particular reason he is here for.
She can’t remember how long he has been here, a little while.
Schuyler “You don’t remember his arrival?”
Jack “Well that’s weird.”
Jack and Schuyler go to talk to the owner. Says the guy has been here for about a month. Everyone knows what he’s doing here: working on the dig; not a big deal but interesting around here cause nothing ever happened.
Says this foreigner named Hancock came to town with his friend and bought a house in the country. Found something, did a lot of walking and reading stuff after. Talked to Father McBride who showed him an old manuscript. Next thing he’s out digging in hills and finds old Roman ruins.
Called the professor here to help. Hancock and friend went back to Africa it seems though he must have left straight from home. Prof has barely come out of his room but for necessities since Hancock disappeared.
House is about 6 miles SW down Cannich river. Dig is on Loch Mullardoch.
Random meetings:

Allistair MacGillivray: school teacher on extended holiday from lowlands. Not trusted around here by the highlanders. About 40. Knows some archaeology, and in awe about this famous one is here. He has read one of his books, pretty good he says.

Andrew and Jamie MacWarrie: live in small village called Latrey to south near dig. They look like trouble; about 27 and 30; strong and look like trouble. They are here cause there is no bar where they live, but have a long ride home. Have to get up early for work, they run the dig. Hancock left money for us to keep going, we are to store anything we find. Old man upstairs is supposed to be leading but he hasn’t been back for a week/week and a half.
They don’t know why he hasn’t come back and they say he’s heading back for Edinboro soon as he’s done with his notes.
Tommy Hayes: sits at table by himself; up here from England for work; none of your business why here, he retorts. He just likes Scotland and people. Breaks off conversation with Jeremy and goes up to his room.
Sees that he has a gun in a shoulder holster as the man gets up.

Guys who left arrive back and tell of their encounter. We go to our rooms.
Theo, Wilhelm, Jeremy stop at the Professor’s room.
Wilhelm knocks “I’m a doctor of the occult, diseases and the supernatural.”
He opens the door.He questions why there are 3 of us, then lets us in.
Offers scotch, Wilhelm accepts.
“What are you doing here in this small town and why do you want to talk to me?”
Jeremy “We’re here because we heard about he dig.”
We drop Hancock’s name and Theo has the letter from his nephew.
He says too much weird stuff going on he says, he just lets loose. KNows Hancock did not leave, he has disappeared. The prof is afraid the same will happen to him if he is here much longer.
“Someone wants something from that dig site. On the north shore of loch Mullardoch. Henry and Adam were looking there.”
He had a latin manuscript he found in Inverness, then long talk with McBride who showed his own book that had more in it.
That led him to the site on which to dig. He thought it was a temple of Azathog, found traces of Picts but nothing like we were looking for until a few days before they disappeared; 2 human skeletons with Roman armor and weapons and human like reptiles. we had never seen before. That night, the 3 of us saw a huge slimey creature, like a krakon, near the shore of the loch near the dig. Henry sent a letter to US and stopped work; uncrated his elephant guns. Few days later Adam disappeared, then Henry.
“The site’s shut down.”
Uh, no its not.
The prof says he himself heard Hancock tell them to shut down the site!!
Said he needed to talk to someone in London, “Had a weird name.”
Theo “Archimedes?”
“Yes, Archimedes Brown. Hancock said he needed help from a particular man, a Dr. Rathbone.” Knows of a Rathbone, but he’s a specialist in Africa and to an extent the middle east.
Says he’s leaving tomorrow.
Jeremy explains we have some experience with these sorts of weird incidents.
Theo asks if he may read his notes in detail.
“They can’t leave this room.”
Theo “No, right here, tonight.” He agrees.
Jeremy wants some of us to stay here in the room with him anyway.
This prof is not happy with the McWarrie bros., haven’t liked them since the beginning.
He’s willing to stay up another couple hours to take THeo through some of his original notes rather than reading his thorough notebook.
Jack stays with Theo.
At 11:00, Maggie knocks with with a snack. Theo asks why she wouldn’t remember when he arrived or how long he’s been here.
He says she was sick for about a week not long ago, no one saw here as she recovered.
Jack tells him to deny her nicely. He does and she leaves.
Finally a bit after midnight he goes to look at the time and realizes his watch is missing. He knows he had it before he went downstairs. Not sure if he has had it since then. It was his father’s.
It can help to have a personal item in order to cast a spell on someone.
Jack leans to Maggie.
Theo asks Jack to remember his steps, as they were very precise in his rush, when he came downstairs. Jack says he was near only Maggie.
Prof “I did bump into someone, now that you mention it. That Englishman staying in a room down the hall. Tom Hayes.”
Jack “Wang, stay here.”
Jack goes to our rooms. Gets SImon up and explains. Simon gets Paul and RC up, the muscle, to go down to Hays’ room.
No response to the knock. It is locked. No noise.
They quickly get Jeremy. He picks it fast.
Send Jeremy to check downstairs for Maggie
A search finds nothing unusual at all. In fact, oddly little personal items but a box fo .38 shells and cloths.
She is there, nothing unusual. He asks about Hays, she says they just left with the MacQuery bros.
Unfortunately, they mount up and ride SW. Jeremy returns.
Kennedy says we should talk to the local Dr. He is a scholar and close friend of Hancock. It was he that originally made the suggestion that they needed outside help. And Ian MacDonald, who is a friend. Owns a farm in town of Cozy Lodge. He is a local authority on….local stuff.
They found footprints around the loch too, that were not human feet. Hancock said “Richard would know about you.”
The manuscript was the Roman story, McBride gave him info to narrow the search greatly.
Wilhelm does not believe him about the artifact. He gave away a tell the sensitive Wilhelm picks up on.
Theo asks him about the McBanes. He knows of Duncan McBane, old crazy man who lives in the woods. Regular fixture in the village. That’s not the one we met. Duncan lives in a shack up in the hills.
Kennedy sketches us a local map.

About 3am we see a glow on the horizon. About 15 min later, Tommy gets back. Knocks to be left in and goes to his room.
Paul meets him and asks him what he’s doing so late “That’s none of your business.”
He gets into his door, looks at it, and says to Paul “I’d appreciate it if you kept your thugs out of my room.”

April 8

Professor is still there.
Paul and Schuyler go to see Constable Sandy MacNeele/postman clerk.
Jeremy to store owner and to see if they can assist us.
Schuyler will say the letter from Hancock is his, since he is American.
Jon to the church
Wilhelm to Dr.
Simon/RC/Jack/Theo to Llatre where the MacQuarrie’s live.

Kennedy still sleeping. We check on him before we leave the inn, he’s not breathing. Wilhelm checks him. Barely breathing, still warm to the touch. “His life essence has been stolen. There is a ritual called Bind the Soul. It takes his soul/life essence and puts it into a receptacle.”
SImon “So to get him out of it, you have to break it.”
Wilhelm “Or open it. How did you know that?”
RC “Our first plan of action is always to break it.”
Wilhelm “He’ll die in a few days or more. Not long though. Maybe a week.”

We head our separate ways. Simon tells Maggie that the Dr. had taken ill, “be so kind and look after him while we are gone.”

Constable not there.
Tammus the postmaster is.
Paul “Where is the constable?”
“He’s out, won’t be back all day.”
Schuyler “Where did he go?”
“He’s trying to find the McRae baby”. The couple’s daughter has disappeared. They are well to do farmers. Presumed kidnapped, 3 days, out of home. “Personally I think the we baron is dead.”
Schuyler “Anything else odd around here lately?”
Lots of wolves active, savaging sheep. Lots of locals claim werewolvs.
Asks why we are here, Schuyler says looking for Hancock. Shows him letter, and he gives us the keys “It has been empty since he left or disappeared. Constable thinks foul play but has no proof.” Recommends not spending the night in the house. Many say it is haunted. Even a cult of witches operating in the area around here.
See a wanted poster of Belfagore, Schuyler mentions it. Tammus syas the guy is supposed to be in the Heremtic Order of the Silver Star, involved in kidnappings and murder all over Europe.
Ask him about Maggie’s breakdown: she was sweet on Henry. Day he vanished she went into a catatonic state, and the Dr. treated her. Now she does not remember him or anything connected to him.
Crazy McBane: one of our 2 crazy coots. Neither are in their right minds, harmless old fools. Duncan living next to that circle of rocks is freakey. Ian is most upstanding member of community, tenor in church choir. Santrane is beautiful, Ian’s cousin he says “but I don’t believe it. Looks nothing like him. I think there is some hanky panky going on there.” Says McQuerries pulling our legs about still working the dig. Something wrong with that Tommy Hays. "Sandy MacBean lives near Craig Dhubh has managed to keep his sheep untouched.

Father Jon at McBride’s:
Talk about Catholic stuff first. McBride’s copy of the letter to the Cardinal had additional information: explicit descriptions of the site that allowed Hancock to pinpoint the spot of the temple. Bad stuff happening with all this werewolf and witch talk.
Jon stocks up on holy implements.

Shopkeeper asks Jeremy to have a drink with him.
“I’d be glad to.”
Insists no such thing as supernatural. Wolves or wild dogs killing sheep.
On McBane: not only does he live by himelf out there, I’;ve seen him chanting pagan rites in that circle of standing stones.
“Sounds like a bloody cook.”
“He is.”

Wilhelm at Dr.:
An old woman answers.
“Is the Dr. home?”
“I’m the Dr.”
That’s surprising. It’s a man, about 90 years old. He invites Wilhelm inside. He mentions things that no normal mortal should know: Has a copy of the Roman expedition manuscript; area used to be overrun with serpent people.
How does he know all this? Just the local authority on folklore. Believed none of it until recently. What happened to Maggie is nothing he ever saw before. He’s been retired for years, but there is no other dr locally, so he has to deal with emergencies. “They say the druids interbred with the druids.” Offspring were in the area until Sir Gawain ended their terror, supposedly.
They had a temple nearby, which was guarded by a dragon that Gawain spared so as to keep the evil ones away from the temple.
“Are you going after the witches?” He thinks one of these beings was summoned and its the problem here.
Can not allow anything that is close to you to fall into the hands of the witches. They have rituals that they perform, somewhere, that will effect you horribly “That’s what I think happened to Maggie.” We tell him about Prof, he thinks this sound like something more serious.

Most of those who live at Llatre not there. Someone finally says their at the dig. 7 of them.
They bring nothing back here, only themselves.
We break in the MacQuerrie’s house. It’s a veritable pig pen. Find nothing at all.
Next we go to the McCrae house.
A man steps into the trail suddenly, sees us, and bolts.
Simon “Halt, who are you!”
“Who are your?”
“We’re investigators.”
“You got booze?”
Jack tries to convince him to come out to us, offering whiskey.
He comes out, says his name is Rabbie MacClaren. He lives out here as a hunter and trapper. Has seen no witches but “Last night there was a strange glow coming from Crae Dhubh. I went over to see and saw a bunch of people dancing around naked!”
Simon “Did you know any of them?”
“I got out of there fast. Saw the McQuerrie’s and Duncan MacBane.” There was a big guy there, may have been Hays.
He ran for his life.
He thinks we’re an odd sort, all together.
The day Adam supposedly ‘left’ he saw him arguing at the dig w/ the McQuerrie’s." He fears the serpent people most. What!! He says he has seen them. First a couple months ago, last the night before Henry disappeared. Always on the side of the Crae. That same night, the bros were skulking about Hancock’s house. “I think they know a lot more about this than they told the conatable.”
At the McCrae’s, they are incredibly superstitious. Very thankful but the husband says the little people (fairies and leprechauns) took her. The wife says withes, “that Anne Santrane, that foul french hussey, and use some hot irons. That will lead to where my daughter is!” Says Anne is the head witch and McBane is their warlock and he has a sea monster in the Loch for his serpent.
Jack “Why do you think they took your daughter?”
“Just needed a child to sacrifice.”
Constable shows up.
We agree with him there is no good going on up here, but he laughs at supernatural. Witches are just misguided or even bad people who need to be arrested; no werewolves.
Says he knows crazy willie was seen in woods evening of kidnapping.
Simon says we want to help find the missing baby, as well as our missing friends “but it’s not going to do you any good to go to the wrong side of the lake by yourself. Come back to town with us first.”
“I’m not by myself” pulling out a 10 gauge shotgun “but if you’rs who you say you are, and you want to assist, I’ll be happy to ablige.”
Mid afternoon as we regroup with the rest.

The constable the Hancock letter. Dr says no response from Kennedy.
Hays is at the inn.
We to go to Hancock’s house.
Use key an in through front door. Henry’s walking stick is in the stand. From there, stairs go up and opens to room at left, hall in front, door to right.
Right: jack, Jon, Theo into parlor. Photo of Henry w/ slain elephant in Africa. Door opens to rear.
Door to left: Schuyler, Paul, Simon into livingroom. Lion’s head over fireplace. Few African artifacts. A 2 wpn gunrack over fireplace has a loaded elephant gun. A door to rear.
Hallway: Jeremy, Wilhelm Red Cloud find door to right, but continue to a T. Right/lft/door straight. Right hall ends shortly at 3 doors, left to door and then into kitchen.
Kitchen first, has fireplace with spit and coal burning stove. Cupboards have non perishable food.

In parlor open door into hall to kitchen.
Door to north from living room into small hall leading all the way to kitchen.
They take first door into library. Several sections are in great disarray; sections on British archaeology, occult and witchcraft.
Anything of special interest, if there was, is gone.
Last doors are bathroom, bedroom and linen closet, and a door to the cellar. Trunk in bedroom closet is old clothes that has been rummaged through and jackets, including a hunting jacket w/ 18 elephant gun rounds. We take those.

2nd floor next:
Upstairs hall is lined with paintings. A wall panel has obviously been replaced. We pry it open and find poor dead Hancock. He has been obviously tortured. We place his body outside.
4 doors to check.
1st is storage room. 2nd is a large master bedroom, torn apart by search. 2 large holes in the door like he shot through at someone coming for him. Just inside the door is a big pool of dried blood.
2nd bedroom vary dusty like not used for some time.
Last is Adam’s bedroom.

Basement next:
Steps end at a hall. Opening to left, door behind us and down hall to right.
Through opening, old junk, old furniture and tools.
Through door behind stairs is the study. Looks like a tornado hit it, wall safe looks like blown open by explosive; nothing of value at all.
Door down the hall is his trophy room, walls lined with head of almost 50 animals and a case with marksmanship trophies and medals. Walls are expensive oak paneling.
A door leads out into a workroom w/ dig artifacts. Lots of pictish items, tools et al. Door leads to an empty room w/ fireplace with wood that went unlit.
Small room that is the coal room as well.
We get fires lit, lamps lit. We can use 3 bedrooms up and the one down. Plus the parlor and livingroom furniture.
Paul takes a bedroom upstairs.
Redcloud says he’ll take the couch but Paul doesn’t want him that far away.
Paul insists on a bed and room to himself.
RC takes the couch in the parlor, Simon there also.
1st bedroom upstairs: Jack and Theo
2nd bedroom: Paul
3rd Bedroom: Jeremy and Schuyler
Last: Wilhelm and Father Jon

Clock strikes midnight, but there is no clock!
Paul wakes up in bed and sees a legless apparition w/ elephant gun!
Paul “Ooooooooooooh. Red Cloud, savage!!”
Ghost “First you kill me, and now you come back to my house” raising the gun.
Paul “I never killed anyone, I swear!”
RC rushes up the steps.
Ghost “Ironic that I should escape the lost city of G’harn only for you to kill me in Scotland. You shall not take it from me.”
Paul is horrified “I don’t want it, I swear!”
RC bursts through the door and the ghost turns to him letting loose on RC
Both shots miss.
Simon stays downstairs to watch our rear.
Wilhelm arrives stalwart against the ghost. He tries to present a cross but it has no effect.
Paul makes for the door fast as possible. We follow him out.
Ghost “And don’t come back, any of you. You can’t have it.”
We shut the door.
Now we know there is something important here.
Wilhelm "We have to bury the body correctly, which would normally put the ghost at rest. But, he won’t if he has some other reason for being here. We need to take care of what he is protecting.
We leave for town, taking body to give it a Christian burial, stopping at McBride’s immediately. He is terribly upset “What would have done this to a man.”
Theo “Cultists.”
Schuyler “Much worse than witches.”
McBride “They;re here aren’t they. We need to stamp them out utterly.”

April 9

McBride will prepare for the funeral. We make for the house again.
Hancock must have at least a part of a large golden disc.
We start w/ basement and begin a thorough search.
Secret door found in the study! The ghost yells “No you will not take it!” and appears behind us, blocking it.
It empties at Jeremy, both missing. Jeremy screams in abject terror!
Wilhelm tries to talk to him but to no avail
RC enters the room and grabs the third of the disc, seeing the workings upon it squirming and writhing.
Wilhelm is struck for 15 points of damage from the ghost’s gun.
Schuyler, still with the letter, declares it to Hancock and that it was given to us in NY.
The letter leaves Schuyler’s grasp and floats to Hancock, who reads, folds it up telekinetically, and it floats back to Schuyler. Jeremy is then able to fully convince him that we are here to kill the cult, we are here via Archimedes.
He wants us to find Adam and give him a burial. He does not know where he is, but we must find him. We can take the R’yleh disc and must find the other pieces.
6 men came for him, he killed 2. They were all from the dig. The McQuerrie’s tortured him for day before they killed them before they meant to.
Theo asks him what their greater plan is.
It is, indeed, to raise R’yleh from the ocean and awaken Cthulhu.
Theo “Is anything you encountered in Africa linked to this?”
“Yes” he gives us a cryptic clue that Johnny has to make up, which will give us a head start into not getting killed. All of them serve one of the masks of the Dark Pharaoh.
“Beware the temple of Azathoth, and beware the temple of Nyarlathotep in the ruins.”
He gives us 2 last gifts before he goes away. He says if we don’t succeed he’ll hunt us down and drive him insane.
He gives the second elephant gun to Jeremy and it materializes. No shells.
Goes to Van denNort, his hands reach out to each side of his head, who loses a little sanity, gaining 3 pts forbidden lore that will also help him especially w/ archaeology checks.
We head back to town. For safe keeping, Theo recommends leaving the disc here.

Next, the dig site.
Santrane is giving the orders. The McQueerie’s are there as as well. Plus 7 others. Whenever they find a pictish artifact, they toss it into a pile.
Wilhelm, Theo, Jack, Paul attack from one end.
Jon, Simon and RC from the rear closest to the bros. and Santrane. Schuyler and Jeremy off on the flanks with rifles as crows control.
The front 4 walk in first as the voice of reason.
Santrane orders work ceased and approaches “Gentlemen, what do you want here?”
Paul “You are under arrest for crimes against the church, the state, and all mankind.”
“Perhaps my master will have something to say about that.”
The signal goes, and the rear crew attack.
She tells her men “Gentlemen, lay down your hands and put your arms up.”
They all start to approach to the front.
Simon “I hear you wish to convert some Templars. I am here to give you our final answer.” He wears his chain and shield today.
She puts her hands up “Yog Sothoth!” as the rear charges in. Sparks start to fly off of her hands, she floats about a foot off of the ground.
RC charges mounted around the rushing diggers and strikes Santrane with his lance tween the shoulders 21 yet she lives (card)! An arcane discharge hits him 3. Jack shoots her 9.
Simon hits Andrew McQ w/ sword.
Jon hits Jamie McQ w/ shotgun 24 both barrels.
She moves through our front line, hit by Theo and Jack dagger AoO, her arcane discharge does minor damage to them.
The McQ’s fight back at their attackers with sledges, hitting Simon twice 19 total; Jon is hit with a charge 9.
Schuyler hits a cultist w/ winchester 13, Surge hits Santrane 16; Wilhelm shoots 9.
Paul charges with his blade into the fray against 2 cultists hitting 12.
Cultists turn w/ sledges: Simon is missed, as is Jon; RC is missed; 4 of them flank Paul miss/9/miss/miss.
Jeremy fires elephant gun at Santrane and hits 9.
Jack charges drawing cultist dagger as he drops his revolver stabbing her spear wound 13, surges taking her to 0.
RC turns to be tween his attacker and one of Pauls hits his own 18.
Simon hits 18.
Jon draws sword and hits 7.
The brothers are wearing mail shirts, Simon’s power is sheering through it.
Santrane makes a single move.
Simon is missed both times as is Jon.
Wilhelm shoots same, who is vs Paul, 7; Schuyler hits another of Paul’s 7.
Cultists: Simon is missed; Jon hit for 4; RC is missed: 4 on Paul still 10/miss/miss/6.
Paul crits 18 to unwounded DEAD, shoots same Wilhelm shot 8; Jeremy holds.
RC hits same 19 DEAD, cleaves one on Paul 14 DEAD; Jack charges Santrane (card) auto hits and crits 18 DEAD, taking 4 arcane as she drops.
Simon misses.
Jon misses.
McQ’s: Jon is hit 9; Simon is missed.
Theo hits Wilhelm’s target 19 DEAD.
Wilhelm now fires at Schuyler’s target but misses.
Schuyler misses Jon’s McQ.
Cultists miss Paul, Jon and Simon.
Paul hits last on him 11 and shoots 11.
Jack struts back "Everybody relax, I got her.
RC charges Jon’s cultist DEAD, cleaves Andrew McQ! 20.
Simon hits McQ 19; Jon hits his 10.
McQ’s: miss Simon, miss Jon.
Theo misses Paul’s last. Wilhelm sidesteps and misses same.
Schuyler hits Jon’s McQ 17.
Last cultists miss Paul; hit Jon 4.
Paul hits 11 DEAD, shoots Simon’s cultist miss.
RC hits Jon’s McQ 19. Jack is back with us now.
Simon crits McQ 41!!! DEAD cleaving him from shoulder to groin.
Jon crits McQ 24.
Jamie McQ berserks at the site and hits Jon once 9.
Schuyler hit the McQ 12 DEAD.
Wang charges with a flying kick at Simon’s cultist 7.
Last cultist misses Theo. Paul rushes up vs same 10.
RC moves over and hit 16 DEAD.
Victory is ours!! We search the bodies but find nothing.
We spend time lashing all the bodies to stones and dump them into the loch.

Search the site:
In the tent, Hancock’s still with some of his belongings, find a fist sized stone under the bunk that no one touched with a 5 pointed star on it. The investigators say it is an activated elder sign!
There is a building that was their HQ: lots of artifacts including Roman soldier equipment. Nothing of value to us.
Old stable has been searched already, but find a partly uncovered a sphinx like statue with a blank oval for a face. Wilhelm says its a statue of one of the many forms of Nyarlathotep. It’s about a foot and a half long.
Several other ancient buildings as well. One a storehouse which they have searched the least. Theo notices a glint just under the surface. He starts to dig. It looks like part of a Roman helmet. It’s still connected to a skeleton. He stays to dig it out.
The big ruin is a barrack. Lots of non Roman pottery shards and such in it though. Its pictish. Nothing of value.
The tower, in relatively good shape, has 4 rooms. First the eating hall has nothing, second the priests quarters has nothing, third is another living quarters where Wilhelm finds Adam’s body. Last is the temple of Azathoth w/ bones of several Roman soldiers and reptiles. Here he finds the evidence of the defunct non functional gate.
Large tower, Simon digs around. He starts to find several skeletons. Some human, some large reptilian skeletons!
Couple more hours find nothing else yet but more skeletons and military stuff.
An hour before dark we quit digging. Back to town we go.
Give Adam’s body to McBride.

To bed.

April 10

Constable is waiting to talk to us. Asks us about the missing able bodied men of Llatre.
He does not believe we had nothing to do with it. He’s about to take our leaders away until we hear a voice “they couldn’t have done anything last night, as they were having dinner with us” says Santrane!!!! What!!!
You were with me last night, isn’t that true.
She kisses Jack on the cheek and whispers in his ear “We had a wonderful time last night, next time maybe I’ll penetrate you.”
Constable believes her.
She tilts her head and walks away. To Jack “We’ll meet again.”

We go to talk to Maggie, because of what the letter said. That’s Wilhelm’s job, with Father Jon.
Jeremy to Sandy MacBean. Red Cloud accompanies him
Simon, Schuyler, and Paul to see Hays.
Simon telegraphs Templar HQ to send guards and experts to dig site.

No answer at Hays door. They said downstairs he is still in his room. Schuyler uses his lock pick device. They see a light shining through a tiny hole in the wall. Someone drilled a hole, putting a lens through to see the entire room of Paul. Inside is Hays tossing the room.
We make for him. Paul “I say good sir what gives you the right to toss a nobleman’s room?” as he is looking at our passport. He startles aback. We tell him he’s going to have to take him to see the constable.
Paul wants to thrash him “I say good sir, defend yourself” and goes to rap him with his cane. Hays puts up his dukes so Paul abliges.
Paul hits him 3. He crits/miss.
Paul “How dare you strike a peer of the crown. Geste, thrash him!”
Geste charges him, is hit 4 w/ AoO and fails to grapple. Paul misses wildly with his cane.
He punches Simon 6/5.
Geste then grapples hays 8. Paul fumbles his cane; He grapples 7. Simon then pins him; Schuyler hits 7/surge 6; He fails to escape the pin; Schuyler hits 6; {aul crits with cane 6. Geste maintains the pin; Schuyler hits 3; Paul hits 4.
Simon “Why were you in our room, stop struggling and explain yourself and we’ll stop.”
He tries to break the grapple but fails. He surrenders. Paul raps him once more 5.
He says he is here to join an organization called the masters of the silver twilight. We advise against that. Simon warns him not to. He says he has suspected we were members all along, why else would such foreigners be here? “I’m sure you are all on good speaking terms with Belfagore.”
He thinks that the Twilight aims and goals are laudable. He believes in anarchy and bringing down the Crown.
“Aren’t those your goals?”
We play along as members testing him. Says the McQ bros took him to a meeting but then left for stuff he was not allowed to see, and promised to introduce me to Belfagore but they have now shown up.
He says the meeting he was at was at the old church on the road west. Lots of chanting and such.
Schuyler “Only Belfagor knows where Belfagor is. When he’s ready to meet you, you’ll meet him.”

At Maggie:
Jon shows her the Elder Sign stone, she starts to breath heavy and begins to scream frantically. She goes catatonic. Wilhelm starts to put the hypno wammy on her so speak to her in this state.
She calls it the star stone of power, she created it; She gave it to Hancock cause she loves him, he was working against the Twilight; she betrayed them for him; Hancock was not planning on taking her when he left so she betrayed him to the coven, told him she’d meet him but they were waiting for him; she ran to help him at the last minute but was too late and lost her mind; it was to protect him; the coven has always been here, they serve the Twilight; Coven: Santrane the leader and Master of the Silver Twilight, McQ bros, Allister MacGillivrey (local teacher), Ian McLennan (rich farmer), Wooly MacMerdow (strongest man in town), Willy Wassel (crazy Willy), Duncan McBane,
Suddenly she starts to scream! Father Jon begins to dowse her with holy water and proper bible verses. He feels a malign presence fighting him for Maggie’s life. She begins to settle down
Wilhelm sees the room shaking, light bolts shooting throughout the room. He starts to glow. He knows there is a spell that allows one to cancel a warlock’s spell. It’s called exorcism. That is what Jon is doing right now.
Jon ends the attempt upon her life, costing him constitution.
She is still in bad health after this.
Bursting into the room comes a farmer “What you been doing to my sister?” It’s Angus MacNair. He says he saw the tail end of it, knew she was going to get into trouble messing with those witches.

Theo and Jack join RC and Jeremy:

We are told by a neighbor we pass by that he is drinking at Cozy Lodge, on the trail. We go there and find Ian MacDonald drinking with Sandy.
Says he has escaped the wolf trouble because of an amulet he has, an elder sign!! We feel the ripple of static electricity as he pulls it out. It’s very very powerful. Got it from his grandad down the family line. Supposedly his ancestor was a Roman who originally had it. If he didn’t have that, the Serpent Men would kill him.
Ian sees Duncan and lots of locals at the standing stone at all hours of the night. They talk with other creatures, like a cross tween a chinaman and a great viper. Not human. Saw one just a few days ago talking to McBane and that beautiful woman by McBane’s house.
That makes sense considering the letter found in NY by the Investigators.
Ian says McBane’s dad was just as bad, but only one McBane ever living there. When one dies, another comes to take his place. Few years ago a German Count came to visit them, another time a Chinaman or some kind of foreigner.
“You go up there, you’re taking your life in your hands”. Especially when you can hear the chanting and drums beating.
So we drink with them for a bit and go back to Cannoch. McBane’s house is right up against the hillside.
Santrane lives with Ian McLennan.

Tonight, we may have to do the final attack on McBane.

Later in the day, we see Tommy talking to the owner of the Inn.
At dusk, we are all in our rooms preparing when a knock at the door. It’s the Constable so Paul answers. He asks to enter for a moment “I need to speak to all of you”. 2 others dressed in plain clothes step in with shotguns “You’re all under arrest.”
Simon “This can only end one of 2 ways. You can either walk back out and pretend like you didn’t see us, or we kill you all.”
2 other guys are outside the window on the fire escape.
Paul asks what is going on.
Hays is an inspector at Scotland Yard, he wants to arrest us for being accomplices of Belfagore!! Ha!!
Paul takes the lead, striding to him and laying down the law, pulling rank. We are here investigating the same thing he is and Jack calls him the worst detective he’s ever seen!!
Paul convinces him after some time. Hays still says you have to stay here tonight, because “I, unlike you investigators, have an appointment to meet Belfagor”.
Jeremy explains how stupid of an idea that is. He’ll just be dead, surely they already know who Hays is. He explains he has taken down Irish radicals, and anarchists. These guys are just anarchists pretending to be spiritualists, he says.
We try to tell him otherwise.
Suddenly, three Templars show up “What’s going on here?”
Sandy “Well, who might you be?” It’s Fergus Argisle. Sandy is very impressed, as he is well known though not as a Templar. He shows his CID card making him Hays’ superior.
Tommy still believes in no magic and insists on meeting Belfagor tonight.
Sandy McNeal constable
Rob McCray husband
Angus McNair Maggie’s brother
2 constables arrived yesterday that Hays had called from London.
Hays says he is supposed to meet the leadership of the cult. Church is of stone, has belltower. Sandy sketches the place out for us.

Templars are sent straight for the dig site to secure and study and search.
Sandy will stay in town in case anything goes wrong.
The 2 London deputies will join us, and Tommy. Angus is second strongest man in village, he will join us. McCray puts up a stink about Angus going so we take him as well.
Neither Woolly nor Alistair are in town, Allistair having disappeared about an hour ago.

We go to church. There is already a light on inside. Someone is sneaking around out in the woods.

Tommy will walk straight in for his meeting.
Constable 1, McCrae, RC, Simon, Wilhelm, Father Jon hiding near front door; Constable 2, Angus, Jack, Wang, and Paul at rear.
Jeremy and Schuyler climb into the tower.

RC goes to check out the sneaker, he smells an unwashed body. A head pops up looking around, old white hair sticking out everywhere. It’s crazy Willy who hangs out with evil Ian.
He spots RC and skampers over.
“There’s badduns in the church. Bad ideas.” Ian and Anne are in there.
Says Anne is his girl. I’d do anything for her, but he does not like their intentions.
He’s just keeping a watch, making sure nothing happens to his girl.
He’s says 2 or 3 times “she’s from France you know”.
“You gotta keep an eye out for her dad.”
RC “Who?”
“Yogsothoth.” Says he will be here soon
Calls Belfagore a baddun.

A figure or 2 are in the belltower.
Tommy says to sneak up around the outside windows on corner of the L, a blindspot from the tower. The windows are mostly broken. Schuyler and Jeremy will now do that and fire inside from outside.

Hays walks in with a lantern. Pews in center of the room are cleared making room for a 4’ circle drawn on the floor, with 4 stones, one at each of the cardinal directions. Standing in the midst is Santrane, looking a little the worse for ware scantily clad. Her skin is starting to wrinkle.
Simon “She needs souls, life, to sacrifice to keep herself young. That’s why they brought Tommy Hays here.”
She beckons him to enter and become one of us.
Not believing in magic and her to fake membership, he begins walking forward.
Woolly “Come along mate.”
He leads Hays up the steps into the back rooms.
SHe raises her hands “Ashaya Logh” a bold of greenish light bursts from the circle outward in every direction.
We feel excrutiating pain in our bodies. It goes througth the walls of the church and out into the forest.

We heroically, with card help, make most of the saves. McCrae is paralyzed with pain, as is Wilhelm. Jeremy is wracked to a -2 to rolls.
We hear a rhythmic flapping of wings above in the dark.
At the back door,they can hear walking and talking inside going toward the steps.
A robed man, with a cowl, walks out of the back to Anne “Have you done it?”
Yes, they should be incapacitated in pain.
“I’ll send the bretheren out.”
“In the meantime I must go, the baby is waiting.” It’s the baby she is to devour!
She holds her hands up again,and 2 creatures flap in through a hole in the roof.The MH have not seen the like before.
They grab her and begin to fly upward with her.
Schuyler is disgusted by them and fires at one with the elephant gun 18. Jeremy does too 17 to the other. Both go down and they drop her to the ground.
We bust in the front.
At the sound of the gunshot the rear bust in. Leaving the constable at the door, the rest rush up the steps to see 5 men standing at a crimson red painted pentagram on the floor each wearing a cowl. Furthest throws his back revealing Hays, reaches inside his clothes, pulls a badge out “Scotland Yard, you lunies are all under arrest” to the other cultists.
One of them says “Kill the buffoon.” 2 others pull sacrificial knives and cut at him missing. A third draws a gun and fires at point blank range 10. The 5th, who spoke w/ Scottish accent is Wooley who punches Hays 13/7/miss.
Paul springs into action charging Ian (shooter) 13. Ian throws his gun pulling his dagger at Paul 3 whose AoO hits 10.
Wooly attacks Hays again 11/miss/13.
Theo attack a cultist with a jumping kick 17; Jack pulls his dagger and attacks another 9/crit17 DEAD.
Theo is missed, Angus attacks Theo’s with a sickle 6 DEAD.
Hays pulls a truncheon but misses.
Paul stabs at Ian crit23 DEAD. Fires his pistol at Woolly crit 14.
Wooly gives a below and his cloak rips open to his body enlarging, muscles look like they are almost bursting and hits Hays 17/14 putting him into 8 wound pts. damage.
Theo jump kicks Wooley 17; Jack misses Wooley. Angus hits Wooley 3.
Hays withdraws, spitting up teeth, nose smashed flat.
Wooley hits Angus and kills him with 3 hits!! First broke his jaw, second smashes his nose, the third destroys his head.
Jack and Theo flank him, Theo jumpkick crits 29, Jack hits 6. Paul moves in and stabs 10.
Wooley attacks Theo a crit misses because of Quicker/13/miss from Quicker.
Theo hits 8, Jack misses, Paul stabs 10 and shoots but misses. Wooley’s AoO hits Paul 14.
Wooley hits Theo 11/miss/miss.
Theo hits 8; Jack hits 9. He looks like he should be dead, some supernatural power is holding him up.
Paul crits (card) with his saber at the staggering giant 23 beheading him. The body stands for a full half minute before falling over, electrical charges running through it for a moment.
We send Hays down with the constable.

Downstairs RC, whooping a warcry with his warclub, and Simone fully decked in longswors/shield/mail, lead the charge through the front door.
Jon right behind with the constable.
As we rush in she casts a barrier around her “Nakteeth” creating a faing shimmering field around them. It spent her much, she’s a bit slack jawed.
RC rushes at the field but can’t penetrate him.
Simon stops “Holy Father, bless this weapon” and hacks at the field with is broadsword. RC follows suit.
Belfagor is performing some sort of incantation in there. As we hack, he spreads a powder around Santrane. After the 5th round the sand is glowing.
7th round, it is hacked down. Santrane disappears!
Jeremy and Schuyler were ready with the rifles. Jeremy gets his shot off first but misses.
Simultaneously Belfagor cases at Jon, who casts a counterspell on Belfager, just as Schuyler fires. Jon successfully counters the spell. Schuyler hits 26.
Constable is told to watch the door and Angus.
Jeremy keeps an eye out around he and Schuyler; RC and Simon each hit 17. Schuyler fires his second barrel 13. Jon steps into the melee as well 10.
Belfagor draws a strange looking firearm, part crystal looking with a sloshing liquid inside like mercury, several rods pointing forward; the handle looks suited not for a human being. He moves back, straight away from Geste. AoO from RC misses as does Jon. He shoots at Geste a bolt of what looks like electricity that shoots through the air unnaturally 12. He falls to the floor incapacitated “The rest of you stand back or you’ll get the same”.
Schuyler misses with Winchester; RC charges 15; Jon; the baby’s father charges in now but misses, as does constable w/ truncheon. Jon hits 13 DEAD.

The futuristic weapon we give to Wilhelm. We make for the back.

Upstairs, there is no one in the tower. Back downstairs and meet up with the rest of the group on their way up.
We have a constable take Hays back in a nearby wagon with the dead bodies, he has 8 wnd pts.
The church is to be burnt down ASAP.
Wilhelm tries the gun once, which uses up the liquid inside so its a fuel.
To Ian’s, the house is empty
Willy goes into his lean to.
So, for Duncan McBane’s house. Late night now.

Stone walled, thatched roof cottage beneath a crag. Well kept trail leads to top of the mountain, another to cozy light.
On the mt. is where the ring of stones are so we ascend, but no one there.
Back down and we break into McBane’s house.
Simon kicks the door in. Large wooden table takes up most of the space. 6 old books on magic and the occult which Wilhelm will take, nothing Mythos Lore though.
One big room is bedroom;and one small is kitchen and store room, everything soot covered, not very well kept.
Wilhelm finds a secret hole behind the dresser into the mountain. Rather small.
Simon “Jeremy, you’re a small man.”
Jeremy “I don’t do holes.”
3’ wide and 5’ high. We crouch our way in, but after 5’ it gets larger to a Y intersection.
We stick together, left first. Opens into a large natural cavern. Many stalactites and stalagmites. We enter. It goes off south, SW or NE.
South first, which narrows as we go. To the left, another tunnel branches off. Further forward is a depression in the ground. The depression has a hole in the middle straight down. The stone looks odd though, covered with some sort of goo, it smells terrible. We take the other branch which ends 20’ to a small circular room with a small metal table, several cuts of meet on it, human. On a wrack is 2 of the electro guns.
Jeremy and Schuyler each take one. One has significantly less fluid than the other. Schuyler gets the more full one.
We backtrack and continue exploring, coming to another small room but with a hole in the middle. From within echoes a scratching sound far away.
Another way comes to a crawl space.
More exploration, to a very rough rocky tunnel.
Eventually come to a side passage that goes steadily downward, a faint yellow glow..
We proceed with caution. 20’ in we come to a large room lit by torches on long poles rising out of the floor, the torches made of some large metal and the glow from an unknown source or fuel. 15’ away stands an altar of stone with chains secured to it. It is covered in brown stains. A glyph on this side of the altar is ID’d by WIlhelm as a rune meaning The Crawling Chaos. It appears to crawl if you look at it too long. Around it the floor has been smoothed. It causes sanity checks for 0/3.
Steps carved into the wall, w/o railing, scale up the ceiling out of the reach of the light.
At the steps directly 20’ across from us is another tunnel leads out.
The room goes far to our left about 100’, about 50 to our right.
To the far left is a serpent man (sanity 1/d6)carrying one of the bolt pistols.
He sits coiled reading a book with metal pages. Then moves and looks as if looking at something, then returns to reading. Tongue flickering.
We decide to fire a bolt pistol at it.
Schuyler misses badly. It drops its book and uncoils fast, looking around. It has bad eye sight apparently and doesn’t see us.
It begins slithering for our position carefully.
Schuyler steps out to shoot again but it is ready and fires its bolt pistol at him when he leans into view. It barely misses. Schuyler his this time 18 DEAD.
We step into the room to his end, where we find another passage out, which we take.
It leads to a T section. Left goes to a large empty room. Back to T and take the right which narrows to the size of the original entrance at the house. After only 10’ it opens into the bedroom. We just went into a big circle.
Back to the serpent’s room but we hear voices nearby.
“Everying here is falling apart, I must tell the Baron.”
“What about me?”
“You stay here with our friends?
Then a noise like an energy surge.
We go and find only one person, the school teacher. Inside is a portal we see just as a person disappears through it. It’s McBane!!
The teacher “Thank god you’re her. They took me prisoner, they dragged me away.”
The room is full of bones, hundreds of people, not all even human.
Schuyler backhands him.
“You’ll die, you’ll all die, none of you will escape from here. TIKI…..” and Schuyler punches him in the face.
Paul and RC go into main room to see if anyone responds to the short call.
Beyond the altar, we can now see steps going down. A swarm of serpent men rush up the steps. A few duck behind the alter for cover.
A strange gurgling sound comes from the corner of the portal room, a curt wail of a baby! The father rushes to it. It has not been fed hardly at all since taken nor cared well for but for water.
We are cut off. They are in front of the alter now. They all have the energy bolt guns.
The 4th gun from Schuyler’s kill we give to Paul, more than half full of fuel.
There are 6.
Plan: our 4 with the bolt guns will fire then RC/Jon/Simon/Theo/Jack will charge.
We are faster and fire, hitting 4 and killing 3.
They return fire: Schuyler is hit 12; Paul is hit 17; Jeremy is missed.
As we charge they fire again: Simon is hit 12; RC is missed; Jon is missed.
RC hits 21 DEAD; Jon fumbles and Theo jump kicks hits 12 DEAD; Simon hits 17; jack hits Simon’s 8 DEAD.

We tell the father he can’t leave, we know not what else is out there.
RC scalps his kill.
6 more guns for us as well.
Up the stairs we go to a hatch in the ceiling. It opens to the stars and the alter and standing stones atop the Mt. No one is there however.
Next the steps going down, curve down to a small guard room. We find 2 more of the bolt guns on the wall.
All these guns are in varying amounts of fuel.
Steps go a further 10’ to 6 different corridors. We hear movement from most, its there colony. Ugh.
Schuyler has Secret Service concentrated detonite in both bootheels. He uses both and blows the stair passage down. First we yell and draw some rushing for us and cave it in upon 11 them!
From big cavern behind us with the giant holes, comes a humming. From the one with the scratching noise comes something. It’s horrible, terrorful, shapeless and huge protoplasmic bubbles and pusstuled, eyes popping all over its massiveness. It slithered leaving slime, a cry from it “Takili Li, Takili Li”. It’s a shaggoth, yell the investigators!!! Its so horrific they still have to roll for sanity again.
We run for our very lives at the first sight of it. The constable and father were saved, we told them to stay far back as we approached.
All 3 of Mike’s, RC and Theo fail (d6/d20).
Once we are 40’ into the tunnel, it is only 40’ away!! It’ll be too close. RC cripples the teacher and pushes him toward it. He yells for Yogsothth and Cthulhuto save him but they don’t “But I was to be a god, a god a god!!!” As we make it into the tunnel it has engulfed him to the hips. There he comes to himself enough that he truly realizes all he has done. Too late as he yells for help. He was apparently enough for it now, for it does not squeeze into the tunnel after us.

We escort the baby home, seeing the reunion greatly boosts our spirits and minds, and then back to Cannich. No one believes the entire horror of the story.

April 11

The Templars have found the third piece of the R’yleh disc. We lay Henry’s ghost to rest with his friend, getting the second piece we left with him. It is now complete.
The Monster Hunters will hang onto the R’yleh disc.
Telegraph Archie of our success.
McBane has escaped, as has Santrane to we don’t know where. Belfagor, the man brought in to lead this most recently, we did kill. Baby saved as well.
Lots of sanity back for baby, ruining coven, killing Belfagor et al.
We rest up.

London Return
Bidwell; Severn Valley visit;

Early Morning, March 20, 1890

Staying at Paul’s house in the city (see the movie The Verdict). Wilberforce is saying his goodbyes but he does talk to Archimedes when we go to see him in the evening for dinner at his house. Says “I’m off to America, but I think I’ll see you for Christmas.”
Archimedes “Why do you say that.”
Wilberforce "I have a feeling there will be quite the meeting of minds at the Adventurer’s Club Christmas Eve Gala.

Schuyler says to Bif he’d love to be in a movie, if he ever has time. Bif is staying for rest and recuperation before returning to America.

We give a good accounting to Archie.
Red Cloud “Any word on the missing Mummy?”
Archimedes “No, but there have been a few murders that may be its victims. However, it is not mindlessly killing so if its here there must be a mind behind it.”
Asks us if we know when we are going to Transylvania but we don’t.
Archie “We know Dracula was destroyed, but it appears someone has adopted his personae and continue his reign of terror.”
Does not want to send us there half cocked and lacking info though.
“There is also something I may need you to do in China as well, but in the meantime, rest up.”
We ask him if we need to destroy the Hags in the future, but says they are not high on our list. Wait for the future.
He goes over investigator information about Scotland and Baron Hauptman. That hero Henry Hancock went to Scotland to rest and recuperate (oops!). Hasn’t been heard of for a while.
Archie gives us all the info on Silver Twilight, Look to the Future et al.

Jeremy shows Schuyler around the town and the pubs while we are here, and Schuyler asks to see Jack the Ripper’s murder sights since he’s a bit of a tourist. They also will go to a bareknuckle boxing match, guy in it has 32 KO’s.
Schuyler checks in at American Embassy.

Van DerNort continues academic pursuits, including research into Hauptman et al:
There is a pass near the castle, through the mts., not much used any more. People tend to disappear there. There is a town there, however called St. George’s Fist.
St George father was in the Roman army, as was George. Became a Christian, made part of Pretorian Guard and a Tribune of much note. Emporer declared no Christians in army anymore, they’d be killed unless swore vereration to him as a God and gave up Christianity. George refused. Emp did not want to kill best Tribune so kept trying to convince him with land, power, gold etc. Still refused.
Finally, George was tortured for days. Revived several times. Eventually after much struggle he died. Empress and chief councelor converted based on his example and were killed as well.
He’s very popular in Balkans, w/ Muslims, and of course England. The dragon to Muslims represented Satan and he killed it.
Wilhelm continues w/ George research:
Finds old tome w/ supposed true story of dragon: George had group of followers who travelled w/ him. He was attempting to quash a major thread of The Red Death (circa 385); was aware of a cult who worshipped set from before history. Destroyed them an the shore of the Red Sea at a village (dragon story). Since he destroyed the Great Serpent, it became a dragon over time.
Following his death, his followers formed a secret order of St George, to stamp out the worship of Set anywhere they could find it. The last bastion was said to be in this village in the valley. It has an evil reputation.
So to go to the valley should be done carefully. We know now Set is a serpent god, and McBain was working w/ Serpent People of proto history. They could be all around down there.
Then again, if there were serpent people there, McBain shouldn’t have needed to come to Scotland to learn from them.

Simon goes to local church, checks in with Templar cell. He’ll also hang with Jeremy/Schuyler after the first day or 2 of meditating and praying et al.

We also need some sanity bumps. Schuyler for sure.

Paul hits the social hotspots first, but also joins the others late night at times.

Paul receives invitation to a party next Friday March 28 by an acquaintence of Paul, John Bidwell. It’s a talk of London society currently. He can bring all of us.
Jeremy will play a part for fun: Oscar Pennyfeather, Scottish noble, saying his uncle is building that big bridge in Scotland.
Red Cloud plays these parties all the same, for a frolick in a tucked away bedroom with freaky English ladies looking for an exotic experience.
Schuyler wants the free food, drinks, cigars; and he can talk about his adventures to get the ladies attention. Ladies like danger, afterall.

Wednesday the 19th, note from Archie to come and see him awaits us first thing in morning. We go asap.
Says its important that we go to the party, something weird going on.
Schuyler “What’s going on?”
Archie “First, what do you know about bidewll? Wealthy entrepreneur in shipping and industry to and from colonies. Keen mind and sharp wit, important friends even in royal family. No family, conspicuously absent from society for sometime. Rumor of exotic illness and hospital until recently.”
Paul has heard the rumors, not sure if true, that Bidwell was actually in an asylum in Mercy Hill Gloucester. Knows of him because he and Paul are members of same Masonic hall.
Schuyler “Wilhelm should check into the asylum.”
Archie wants us to find out if anything dark has been going on all this time.
RC “Does anything in particular make you suspicious?”
Archie “Yes. First, something wrong in the Severn Valley in northern England. Mansauce is near there! I don’t believe in coincidence.” There are several hotspots of Mythos activity. 2 biggest are the Salem/Arkam area in America and this Valley. The same history of weird goings on, disappearances and such. He believes there is a connection. There is an asylum there, that is the Mercy Hill one. That’s the connection. Rumors say it was hushed by the Masons. He also has a new interest in the occult now.
These links tween Bidwell and Investigaror information can not be coincidence.
“Keep your eyes and ears open at the party.”

Train ride is 3 hours to asylum.

We leave the next morning, Thursday. Take growler cab who takes us to asylum, about 20 miles to Valley. Allbrook Asylum at hightest point of Mercy Hill, a smaller asylum. We can see the landscape for miles including Severn River and Valley, where the green color changes grimmer, darker.
Simon (failed sanity roll) sees what looks almost like and earthquake in valley then the land literally rolls as if something huge under the earth had turned over! The earth cracks and a thing comes out, then suddenly it passes as a vision would and is gone.
He has to describe it to all of us who saw nothing.
Schuyler “That’s creepy.”

Inside greeted by secretary. He says Dr. Campell does not speak of patients to anyone. Wilhelm tries but the guy insists that he can not see him, perhaps an appointment in a few days.
Jeremy steps up “We are here for the London Society of Alienists” and lays it on thick. He agrees to go personally ask the doctor. Returns and says the Dr. will see us.
Wilhelm, Jeremy and Schuyler go into room, the rest wait in lobby. Campbell welcomes us in. He and Wilhelm have both heard of each other so there is a quick kinship between them. Wilhelm just isn’t a great talker though but doesn’t say anything terribly wrong, and believes Campbell to be on the up and up.
This place only for wealthy families, pay so much for his discretion and his success in treating mental illness.
He apologizes a few times for being unwilling to speak of patients histories here.
Jeremy says our friend the son of the Earl of Mansauce. He;s concerned about his friend in London."
“Oh, the Earl is in my lobby? You didn’t say that. His property is very close.
Jeremy’s persuasion works, as usual. Dr gets Bidwell’s records and brings them back.
‘Bidwell ownes several mills, steamships, sailing ships, lots of trade with colonies. Recently returned from Australian joint venture for gold mines that failed. A few weeks after he came back in early August 1888, on 14 Nov 1888 4pm he was admitted here. Heavily sedated when arrived accompanied by Sir William Withy Gull, physician to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, head of his Masonic Lodge. He died in January this year.
’Gull brought him here himself, the great Gull. Bidwell seemed totally insane, as a savage beast. Kept sedated for protection of self and all. Occasionally produced queer clicking sounds. Then 17 January he fell into a coma. Awoke next morning totally calm and lucid.
Schuyler “What day did Gull die?”
“January 16.”
Did not let him out right away. Started telling us of vivid dreams of alien world but quickly stopped speaking of it. Kept him here until mid February. Butler picked him up and he left.
“I would like your opinion here, Dr. Van DerNort, on what happened here. For I am at a loss…. Healing powers of the mind itself can be amazing but I have no evidence for his sudden recovery.”
Wilhelm discusses the coma being a healing activity.
Campbell says that’s possible. He can see pressures could make a man so driven snap, but to become a savage animal?
Wilhelm brushes off the supernatural and possession as impossible rubbish, but does offer the idea of a Suggestion planted to make him act like he was.
Dr. says he also seemed a total mysoginist afterward. Did hate prostitutes but not women in general.
Jeremy and Schuyler look at each other: He’s the Ripper!
So, Jack the Ripper is throwing a party. That’s not going to be good.
Schuyler “So what did Gull have to do with it?”
Jeremy “It’s like Dr. Jeckyl and his potion.”
Schuyler “Yes, but that’s an odd link, the timing of Gull’s death and his recovery.”
Jeremy “Right, something else was going on with Gull.”

Campbell keeps angling to be invited by Paul to big Masonic Christmas event by Paul. Paul invites him to come to it and be Paul’s guest, spend a few days, do the great fox hunt and tree lighting. He is overjoyed!!!!!! He offers any help and assistance he can ever help us with as a Dr.!!!
A great connection we just made.

See Severn Valley tomb/Roman army story. Rick would know this.

Back to London that evening.

Upon arrival at train station, Paul is flashed the secret Masonic sign. Hands Paul a note and disappears into the crowd. It summons him to Buckingham Palace 8pm tonight.

Paul meets Henry Matthews, Home Secretary, after only 10 minute wait (very short for such an important man). They give each other Masonic sign. Talks about a lot of secret Mason stuff then comes to the point of us visiting the asylum.
Paul “Check on a friend.”
“John Bidwell?”
Paul “Yes.”
“Bidwell is a fellow mason. Not just a mason, he like you and I is a Royal Arch Mason.” That means Paul must keep anything secret, even murder and treason, a secret.
Paul “If something horrible is going on, I can stop it still w/o revealing who.”
“Something was going on, and our late Grand Master Gull put an end to it. I can’t tell you. Stop looking where you’re looking and know that your brothers will keep the situation inhand.”
Paul requests to be brought into the fold, as he could be useful.
That’s all.

Party; Friday March 28

Foggy, clammy, Big Ben chimes in distance. Other carriages there already at the house in St. John’s Wood.
A man inside entrance announces all esteemed guests “The Right and Honorable Earl of Mansauce and Company.”
Lavish house and party: champagne in flutes walked around by servants, chefs carving whole boar, string quarted in a balcony above 3 story ballroom. Bidwell has not appeared at his own party yet. See gov’t officials, business men, Home Secretary Matthews (gives knowing look to Paul).
Also, Maj Henry Smith, commissioner of london cops; plain looking and vivacious woman who offers hand to be kissed Annie Bassent (Theosophists society in America, Investigators spoke to her); Dr of Philosophy William Wynn Wescott of Vice Chairman of Golden Dawn;Florence Farr wizard of Golden Dawn; Robert James Lees (official psychic to court of Queen Victoria); his friend Godfrey Williamson (celebrated psychic); lots of people fawn around shipping magnate Nigel Stander (board of White Star); hrumphy man introduces himself to Paul as Col Albert Hardwick of Her Maj 7th Hussars; 3 talking together dressed more drab than rest: one a Dr friend of Paul works as a writer Arthur (novelist) Paul "I read your latest novel, its quite good’ Conan Doyle “Bases on real life you know, I know this Sherlock” (started writing stories after Holmes’ death) introduces Bram Stoker (says he has uncovered a story that he has to publish as fiction but insists it is based on what really happened) and H.G.Wells (been recently interested in science, has a few concepts experimenting with, including a device to travel into future).
A hush falls over the place, announcer “Mr. Henry Irving and Ellen Terry” 2 celebrated London stage actors.
Walter Sickert, artists.
Painter Aubrey Beardsley.
Wearing a dark cape, bald, shaved head, arcane symbol tatoos on his head: William Robert Woodman founder of Golden Dawn.
Oscar Wilde, with several young men hanging all around him.
Another man, not introduced as they do not know him, but Doyle upon seeing him says “East is east, west is west, and never the twain shall meet. Rudyard nice to see you.”
Paul freaks out to meet him.
We mingle as much as we can.

Clock strikes 9PM. Gaunt, pale, frail man enters hall via main doors. Walks with cane, very old. It’s Bidwell!! Looks 30 years too old.
Smiles and waves shaky hands to crowd. Music and party continue, he starts mingling.
Paul gets to talk to him: he can tell from arm atrophy via straight jacket, and a level of malnutrition also typical for an asylum stay.
He gives short shrift to all the ladies. Asks Paul if he has any interest in occult, Paul says of course.
Invites Paul to a seance afterward. Probably led by Golden Dawn.
Frenchman walking by, actor, recognizes Bif. Bif says “Always glad to meet a fan”.
“Not exactly what I meant. I make a point to know all important artists in my business.” He is August Lumiere, owns largest film studio in Paris. Invites Bif to visit Paris in the near future to shoot an adventure film about the French Foreign Legion, he’d like Bif to be a main character.

11pm Bidwell thanks guests for coming and excuses self. By 11:30 only those invited to seance still there. Paul can bring 2 to seance with him: RC and Jeremy join him. It will be held in Bidwell’s upstairs library. Others can stay and talk downstairs.

13: Bassent, Farr, Wescott, Woodsman, Lees, Williamson, Bidwell, Paul, RC, Jeremy, Doyle, Sir Thomas Rumbelow, Sir John Williams (attending physician to Queen Victoria).

Just before midnight, butler enters library, closes drapes, lights candles and extinguishes gaslights. All seat and he exits room, locking doors behind him. Bidwell enters in black robe and holding crystalin cube. Looks like there is something inside. He puts the cube down "Are you ready to begin? Everyone joins hands.
Starts going on with occult rhetoric but nothing that makes sense, just repeats that he wants to send his mind out to contact “the others”; “Ye Kub Al over and over, Ye Kub, Ye Kub”. For 40 minutes nothing happens. He falls to table exhausted “Thank you my friends but the seance is a failure. If everyone would please leave me now, we can speak again tomorrow.”
Jeremy suggests one of the Golden Dawn members lead it, or the tatoo head man. He is very frustrated, declines and the Dawn members leave. We all go home. Bidwell is going to sleep.
In the ballroom, Schuyler suggests we hang around for the night and keep a watch on things. Jeremy fights tooth and nail to go home and go to bed. The othere agree with Schuyler so Jeremy “Oh, fine, Jesus Christ.”

Schuyler suggests Jeremy hide inside as the rest and us leave and let us in after the help is asleep.
“I did not join this group to get involved in life and death situations.” (ahem)
He grudgingly agrees, almost gets caught in foyer and considers letting it happen, imagines Schuyler yelling at him, so stays hidden against his better judgement. We hide outside.
After butler goes upstairs Jeremy hears a crash, butler “Master, are you all right?” then a lot more crashing.
Jeremy “Ok there’s something going on upstairs and I’m not going myself. Sounds like Bidwell’s breaking things and threatening his butler.”
Find door to library open, lying on floor inside is Bidwell, a slash across chest his lifeblood bubbling out. Wilhelm sees that he is dying, nothing he can do.
Simon “Who stabbed you man?”
“The Master!”
It looks like Bidwell but is the butler “He was acting just like he was before, I found him and I called Mr Matthews…to keep away…now he killed me…” DEAD.
A search of the house:
trapdoor to attic is open a bit, and doorway in back to servant’s kitchen is open.
Simon, Schuyler, Wilhelm to attic; Jeremy, RC and Paul downstairs.

Simon pushes attic door up with sword. They find nothing.
Downstairs find kitchen door open. Tell Jeremy to go back and yell upstairs we found his trail.
Paul and RC outside fast.
A man stands in yard, leaning against the wall. It’s a constable, Paul approaches as RC looks out.
He says “I was ordered to watch the house” by Det Sgt James Mulverhill, “need help” moves his hands from his belly and his stomach is sliced open, guts spill out and he falls dead to ground.
RC starts looking for tracks as a stout looking man steps into alley “Come here, show yourselves.” Shows us his badge, has a revolver.
“We were at party.”
“And you killed a constable?” Tell him it wasn’t us, has had this place staked out because he thought Bidwell was trouble.
He tries to get us back into house thinking we did it, we say the real killer is getting away your helping him. Mansauce throws his noble weight around and he says he’s going to search the house while we continue on.
He gives no response to Paul’s Mason sign. “Leave, all of you”.
As we leave, he puts his hands on Paul’s shoulders and puts his hand on Paul’s shoulders and gives him a masonic sign. Tells the rest of us to leave but for Paul. We do.
“What are you doing here?”
Paul quickly explains.
“I need to make some changes to the evidence in there. Get your friends to leave and come in with me.”
He does.
RC, with Schuyler’;s help, is able to follow a couple blood traces. We are pretty sure he’s heading for Lime House (aka Chinese district).
We continue on.

Back at the house

He thinks its Bidwell. Paul says its not. He insists it must be “I recognize him, this is Bidwell. That means he was murdered by his butler, the butler did it! Then my poor bobby out there was killed in the escape attempt.”
Knock at front door. He answers and its a man in street clothes, late 40’s with another man late 30’s. Insp Cleveland and Sgt Craig. Say they got an anonymous tip John Bidwell had been murdered.
“We’ve just gotten here. You can trust this man, Paul Warrington the XVII, Earl of Mansause, he is impeccable. You 2 search the downstairs, quickly. Upstairs to Paul “Find anything here that could incriminate us (masons)”.
They take the masonic ring off of Bidwell’s body. Paul finds his journal in library and pockets it.
Cop yells “We found the body, its up here.”

Find nothing all night in Limehouse. Meet at Paul’s. In morning look at journal. Starts 2 October 1887, Australia, looking for gold with partner.
Found crystal artifact cube, metal disc in center with unusual markings. Got it from an old aboriginal. Found by his ancestor in desert. Raved about a city of giants beneath the sand. Was told for family to guard it through generations. Old man would not let anyhone gaze at it. So he shot the man dead! Took it, the group slaughtering many natives to get it away.
December: one member has been trying to get them to return the cube, but look for lost treasure of giants.
Young Mortimer tries to steal it so got a beating.
November, London: found cube packed in trunk, had forgotten all about everything.
Nothing until this year,
Finally, free of his prison in Yekub.
None of us know of Yekub at first, Wilhelm then says Yekub is a planet ruled by a race of intelligent worms wholly evil.
Simon: “I may have seen one of them under the earth from the asylum.”
Last entry day of party. Seeks to return to Yekub, his ‘home’.

The crystal was not in the house, its missing.

Archie suggests Paul talk to Home Secretary again.
So something switched places with Bidwell, and the worm thing Bidwell was Jack the Ripper.

Diary says he was at a ball all night for 2 Ripper murders, including the double murder! All circumstantial evidence adds up but now, it’s not him! He was a gibbering worm but it was up to something else. It must be intelligent, and kept journal and pretending to be him. The body in his worm was around doing things as him during the murders.
Suddenly that last evening he went savage crazy.

Gull died of a stroke. Died in his sleep overnight.

Sunday March 30

A little checking by Jeremy today shows Bidwell was present at the other engagements during those 2 murders. Bidwell certainly thought he was the Ripper, and so do the Masons in the know.
Paul sends letter to Mulverhill we have proof Bidwell wasn’t Jack the Ripper.

He sends a note to the house that night to come to Scotland Yard right away.
Tells us to talk to a young Chinaman named Lee Tsao. Translater present.
Kid says saw white man, sound like the butler, walking in warehouse district of Limehouse. They decided to rob him. The man grinned, savagely cut one’s throat and snapped another’s neck. Lee fled screaming and cops picked him up. This just happened earlier tonight. They are going to investigate and want us along. Insp Cleveland says we can go. Mulverhill is not, has to talk to superiors at Masons about new info. They need to cover up any evidence that they did any tampering.

The kid said they saw the man come from a warehouse which we are going to raid. We all burst inside. Its half empty, not used a lot. Body lies crumpled on floor. It’s the butler, Hanson Bartlet. Strangled.
Wilhelm “It’s like a body snatcher.” Find a sleeping area.
Lantern beside blankets, and several books: World and Brit history, industrial and science history and astronomy. All stuff a worm not from around here would want. All from British Museum.
Checked out the day before, but for a couple special collection books that must have been stolen.
So, this isn;t the worm that was in Bidwell before, so needs info on world. It took a new body and strangled the butler. Tossing the place finds no other evidence.
Back to square one again.
Wilhelm finds one book different, as stolen one from the locked stacks “The Pnekotic Manuscript”!!! 1/3 complete, 2/3 of edition destroyed long ago.
Hear a ruckus outside, and police whistle. Chinese woman struggles with a bobby. He looks up, yells “I found her trying to sneak in!” She writhes and squirms, the cop gasps, drops the girl and runs. Body switch!!
We yell for the bobby’s to chase but they make for the girl, now the bobby.
Schuyler jumps out window and starts to hoof it. The other rush downstairs.
Wilhelm stops at chinese woman. Cop says “its me, its me, get…me!” In her pocket, is the cube!

A long chase until Schuyler trips it up with a thrown winchester. He dives on its back so that it doesnt look at him, pins it and slugs it a couple times 3/7. It slips out but some chinese had gathered and they stop it. Schuyler gut punches for 3, headlocks and they all carry it back to warehouse.
Unfortunately, questioning back at cop shop, it switched with one of the chinamen when they grabbed it!!

Home to sleep. Find Godfried Williamson waiting for us. Very nervous, keeps taking snuff. Been having visions since Bidwell’s murder. Cleveland refused to listen to him so came to talk to us:
strongest vision something to do with Duncan or Duggan, make him nauseous. Sees faceless men in his visions clearly but feels they see him all to clearly. They carry axes.
Schuyler “Tongs?”
In England, they call them Triads.

March 31

Very early morning. Loud knocking at door, butler answers and wakes us all up, Godfried is back again.

Schuyler “Another vision tonight?”
Did reading of tarot cards when he got home, they indicated Bidwell and the seance, he says there is something we missed.
Fog is dense, its quite chilly.
Go to big table, Williamson produces his tarot and pulls the Hermit and describes its meaning, but knows not what it means to us.
Suddenly door opens, and several figures walk in, all the others from seance but Bidwell. They were all drawn here by visions.
After they all enter, door shuts on its own and lock clicks.
Schuyler “Is this normal?”
Repeat of seance, lights off, figure comes from den. Throws back hood nad its bidwell!
“There are forces greater than life and death. I’ve summoned you back here to show you the fruits of your labor” then pulls a crystal out. WIlhelm withdraws the other. Smoke of candles thicken, funelling into wall, forming a tunnel into infinity 10’ across.
He steps to opening and says “This is the key!”

Schuyler fires winchester 11. He grasps neck, the rotten shell of a man opens and one of the worms comes out.
Red Cloud, Simon,and Paul are at gate and attack it. RC miss; Simon hits 11; Paul crits 20 DEAD horrible nasty smelling ichor bubbles out, they writhe in death throws for several moment.
More worms coming from portal.
Red Cloud “How do we close it! Golden Dawn, Wilhelm, close it!!” The seance membes, led by Golden Dawn, chant and the gate closes.
Screaming outside, we look out window and see hundreds of the worms all over, crawling up buildings and down streets.
We charge into street hacking and shooting. They overtake us, pincers ripping us to pieces until….

We startle awake in bed. It’s that same morning. A knock at the door, its Godfried! Had a horrible nightmare, same as us. Feels it was a warning.
Another knock, the 3 golden dawn members, same dream. Soon the entire seance is gathered horrified and drinking brandy.
An alien invasion is coming.
Doyle “maybe the clue is in the dream. Afterall they did close the tunnel.”
Red Cloud “But then they were outside.”
“Maybe that was just to show you what would happen if we had failed.”
“Otherwise, where were they coming from.”
We closed the portal with the chant of the seance members. They say they chanted seance backwards, the chant that Bidwell did at original seance. We need to find out what he originally said."
“We need to pull it out of someone’s memory.”
Wilhelm is trained but does not believe himself to be great at it, but he tries. Otherwise, a Golden Dawn member perhaps.
He hypnotizes Williamson.
Yakub al nekron gharsh, Yakub arsh Necron, Klatu……

We write as he says it. Williamson says with eyes that have lost all sanity! It broke his mind. Golden Dawn hypnotist rehypnotizes him to forget all he experiences and he recovers in due time.
So, hiding in Limehouse. Williamson keeps having a vision of someone with blood on his hands, and these faceless men are constantly moving to shield him. The bloody man then turns into a wormlike centipede. This vision was last night. While he was insane, he had another, a great yellow dragon snorting fire, bathed in blinding smoke.
Schuyler “Maybe it took control of a Triad leader, and the Triad are shown protecting because they don’t know.”
A voice outside the room speaks, Sgt. Cleveland and Insp. Craig of cops.
Cleveland “You knows there is a restaurant that uses a dragon like that as its symbol” as they walk in.
Simon “What brings you 2 here?”
“WIlliamson came to the station babbling about monsters this morning, left. I didn’t believe him but followed him cause he was acting crazy. I’ve heard most of what you said. I’m not saying I believe any of it but I think if there is even one chance of a million we should do something about it.
He suggests a Chinatown visit today. Knows he saw symbol there before but not where exactly.

Breakfast is made for all. We leave for Chinatown. We stop at a pub nearby while Jeremy gathers information on the streets. He starts by 11 am.
We lunch, for by 1pm still no word from Jeremy.
Closer look at Pnakotic Manuscript:
Mentions psychic alien race using cubes to travel, cone being hid the device they found, for the worms use it to gain a foothold and later somehow swarm across space and invade the world.
At least parts of it are different from the investigator’s manuscript, Archie will say later when we show it to him.
We get word it is taking longer than expected. We invite the cops to dinner.
It is 7:30 in the evening before he returns with the word: House of the Yellow Dragon.
Schuyler “Really?”
Hidden down an alley, and is a front for an opium den. It is run by the Tong.
Schuyler “I knew it.”
Back to Paul’s to change into fighting clothes, then off to chinatown.
The cops will be in plain clothes, working class folk. We go in dressed like tuffs.
Lots of foot traffic, a dragon parade, sailors. Old man beggar, Jeremy notices after we pass that he says something to a street urchin who then run off and out of sight. Jeremy figures a cutpurse gang.
Then a stone bridge arching over an alley and sewer. As we are crossing, 4 young chinese step out at other end, blocking our path. Another 4 step out behind. They do this unobtrusively that only Jeremy notices. All have hands inside their padded jacket.
Jeremy to Schuyler and Simon next to him “We have company, chinese guys”. We stop until we are alone on bridge, as they let others pass.
Jeremy “I think they’re getting ready to jump us.” He offers to talk to them in Chinese, Schuyler suggests he try to talk them down. Maybe they don’t know who we are, but are concerned what strangers like us are doing here.
The leader pulls his hatchet in Chinese “We are gold dragon Tong. You tell them we need coin, payed, to let them pass.”
“How much?”
“1 gold sovereign a piece or you face our wrath.” Jeremy knows if you are going to be a member of the Tong, you must have a tattoo. Jeremy sees, as he flashes his hatchet, he has the tattoo but it is faded in places. It’s henna, fake!
Jeremy “We’d be happy to pay, if you were truly Golden Dragons.”
“Show him.” They do. All henna.
Jeremy “Let me see that.”
He does, Jeremy spits on it and wipes it off!
Jeremy calls their bluff again, bringing up the Tong’s wrath the comes to fakers.
They threaten to kill us anyway if we don’t pay.
Jeremy points out Red Cloud to them “He’s a savage warrior from the Americas and he won’t give his money up to someone whose scalp he’ll freely add to his collection.”
Schuyler says to tell them from this bridge, one of us can easily get away to tell the Tong of their offense. And if even one of us does, it’s curtains for them.
They relent.
Couple blocks later, Jeremy sees a couple of definite Tong who likely send word that we are here, but it may be that we are only strangers.
Next, street ahead narrows some. Traffic is about a third, and too many are simply lounging around waiting for something. Too few old folks/women.
Jeremy elbows Schuyler, who starts whistling a sad western ballad, his warning to the rest of us.
Between Jeremy and Schuyler they spot 8 total, staggered down the road, furthest wearing a cloak.
We prepare for a fight, Jeremy offers to try to tell them we are only heading for the opium den.
“Why are you and your men here seemingly waiting to ambush us.”
He says bring your men here and we’ll talk about it."
Jeremy says we don’t look forward to being surrounded, we’re just here for a good time.
He goes for Jeremy and grapples him, putting a wicked knife to Jeremy’s throat yelling to us in English “Dropee yu weapons, I cut head off!”
Jeremy quick as can be slithers free! He races back amidst us. Cops charge first 2, Sgt hits 4 , insp 8. Schuyler hits next down line 11;
Furthest throws open his cloak revealing 2 .45’s. Fires 3 shots: first hits rear chinaman, second crits him DEAD, third shot hits next rear guy 11. He yells “Drop those weapons, you’re all under arrest!” It’s the Mason Sgt. from the party house.
Paul helps Cleveland 9. Red Cloud bulrushes the tong in the middle of the road back toward the Sgt in the rear..
Schuyler is hit 6 and is charged 2; leader flanks RC and hits 7; cops are missed.
Simon moves to the Inspector’s man and hits 14.
Street empties of all but baddies fast.
Schuyler hits 6; RC turns on the leader 12/10 w/ tomohawks; The Sgt kills rear guy.
2 on Schuyler miss/3; leader on RC hits 3; Inspector kills his.
SImon rushes at the untouched on Schuyler and hits 15.
Schuyler crits 15 DEAD; cops rush in and Sgt hits 6/Inspector misses other on Schuyler and Simon. Paul rushes to the leader and hits 11; RC hits 7/8; shooter Sgt.hits RC’s for 8.
Tong who is surrounded hits Inspector 5; the leader shouts in Chinise something Jeremy says is “All hale Jukshabb (?)!” and misses RC.
Simon hits 16 DEAD; RC hits leader 9; Schuyler charges and misses him; Paul hits him 9 DEAD.
END Fight.

Paul “Mulverhill, what are you doing here?”
Still protecting Mason secrets, says appears red handed monster is not what we think it was (i.e. the Ripper).
He came for the sake of the widow’s son. Paul acknowledges, and he disappears into the alley.
Wilhelm says ‘Jukshabb was a purple cone, smoking into a sphere in mid air like translucent ivory. Maybe a god, old one. Does appear on material planes here and there, so it is written’.
ed by the worms of Yekub.’
So these Tong are worshipping this being perhaps.

We continue, streets we go on are empty.
Ahead, the House of the Yellow Dragon. Pic of dragon is faded, but the name is in Chinese on the outside.
We enter and are greeted by Matre di. “Honorable sirs, how may I assist you this evening?”
We say we wish to ‘chase the dragon’. There are no tables, only booths with curtains. From inside we hear other noises but eating. It’s a brothel.
Past one corridor and another, feel like we go in a circle and he opens a booth. curtain. 2 6’ tall shirtless, rolly polly chubby Chinamen. He pulls a rope and the back wall opens “Enter and go upstairs.”
We do. A long corridor ends in a door.
Forward we go, no door know so we knock. Panel opens, beady eyes peer out, and it opens. Guang Lun is the man, a huge guy, bigger than the 2 guards put together; long single braid of hair to waste; from neck down totally covered in tattoos.
Jeremy “Fine tattoos.”
He tells us to leave weapon on the shelves and wracks, so we do. He motions us through another door, same as last. The man looks past us at Guang then opens the door. It’s 10 shillings/man and we are in.
Fairly large room w/ bunkbeds on the walls. Asians, whites and even a few blackmen are here, many sailors. Some asleep, some awake. Several old men and old crones walk around and supply the users.
Huge statue of Buddha against one wall. Jeremy rubs his belly for luck. An old man waves for us to come to one corner, and we are given a pipe by an old woman.
We look around, but no obvious way to go further.
Couple more sailors arrive after 15 minutes.
30 minutes, and a gentleman arrives w/ a giggling young Chinese girl, maybe 14 and they get a bunk, pulling a curtain after a few round of pipe.
45 minutes pass, then an hour, several have now left, some KO’d Chinese ones are carried out by real Gold Dragon Tong toughs. They stack them in the alley to make room, but not the whites as that would cause trouble.
Hour and a half now, it’s about 1am says Paul’s watch. More are leaving than coming in. We fake like we’re asleep.
At 2 and half hours, man w/ a long stemmed pipe pokes each of us. Jeremy is keeping the closest lookout, fooling the man while still watching. Jeremy sees the man move his hand on the wall, a hole opens and someone says something to him, then it closes. He charges another pipe for another customer.
Inspector, Paul and SImon is feeling the effects of the place, -1 to int/wis/dex. Wilhelm is -2 each.
We hear a creaking, Jeremy sees the Buddha moving aside revealing a room, a weird machine withing, lots of moving parts, sparks and a strange odor, high pitched sound whirring and humming.
Jeremy taps Schuyler in bunk above “I think we gotta get out of here”.
3 men step out of machine room, walking toward us. One with a strange gait = the worm!!
Jeremy acts like he startles awake, grabbing his head like he is having a bad reaction.
Worm guy "Wait my friends, you have something that I wish to purchase from you. If you are willing to deal you will leave here unharmed and healthy. Refuse, you will not leave this room alive. Main door opens and about a dozen hatchetmen enter, taking the customers out of the room.
We all get up, our jig up.
“The fewer that witness our transaction the better. You have the cube.”
Jeremy “We don’t have a cube.”
“Yes you do. I know it’s with you. Do not try my patience”
He snaps his finger, a line of 10 beautiful maidens, 1 white; 1 black; rest chinese, nude but for sheer silk tops.
“What do you desire? Any dream you have ever had we can fulfill. Unlimited drugs, women, gold.”
We conjecture that he can’t take it from us, that he has to be given it willingly for some reason. He says we are fools, snaps his finger, and more guards enter.
Wilhelm “It appears we are at an impass.”
SImon “Clearly we will not give you the cube.”
Wilhelm “And clearly you will not take it from us.”
Paul offers him to let us leave, and we won’t kill you right now.
At the entrance is the monster of a man from the previous room. We are backed into one corner, the 3 bodyguards directly across from us w/ the worm. Behind them the other guards.
Another secret door opens and a tall Chinaman with long fingernails like talons walks out. In a mild mannered voice "Now you shall feel the wrath of Lo Ping.
Jeremy “That’s the head of the Tong, he usually operates out of America.”
One of the guards goes to him, telling him of the new god they found to worship on Earth. Lo Ping’s hand cuts, and the guards head falls followed by the body “I AM YOUR GOD ON EARTH.”
Another says as they back up “Master, you don’t understand. This is gar greater than you, anyone.”
Lo Ping stares at him, slowly waves one hand back and forth, shows him his palm, and the man’s heart stops instantly.
“Those of you that are left will back away and allow the white devils to leave” to us now “The cube, if you don’t mind. I have means to destroy it, do you?”
Paul “No.”
“Than either give it to me, or follow me. In intend to rule this world, not the worms. Come to me, now.”
The worm man to Lo Ping"You used to be the power here, now I am! Kill them all!!"
Lo PIng “Ching Ri forward!” A double line of men race into the room from where he came from. Each has a right ear that is only ragged flesh, all different races. 10 total
Jeremy says there are only rumors of the Ching Ri. The most feared of his minions, fanatical assassins. Orphans taken young from worst slums on earth, to secret mountain citadel where they are trained. Final test is their right ear is nailed to a post, they must rip away from it. Anyone who cries out are instantly killed. Each is trained in 2 weapon fighting, sword in each hand, also carry a revolver.
The hatchetmen and the Ching Ri clash, the assassins taking a quick and obvious upper hand.
it’s us against worm and his 3 main guys. Schuyler pulls out his boot knife, handing it to RC. Jeremy gives his hidden dagger to Paul. More men come file in every round or 2, but they all go for the Ching Ri.
He sends his 2 bodybuard hatchetmen and the huge tong who has a sword at us first.
Simon goes for the Hulk swordsman with bare hands, but one of the assassins tosses him a sword, perfect throw and perfect catch of a Chinese butterfly sword, and hits 11.
Another hatchetman races in through the main door “Kill the Ching Ri!” faking out the hatchetmen who he then kills 2 of “I am here master, it is Lee Ho Phuk!” He joins the fray.
Paul attacks guard 2 and hits 8.
Lo PIng turns 2 hatchetmen on each other, who fight themselves. Jeremy heads for the door, hoping to get to our equipment.
Worm stares down Paul, who is dazed for 1 round. Guard 2 hits Paul twice 11 total. Simon is hit 8/miss. Inspector helps Simon w/ brawl miss; Sgt Cleveland helps Paul brawls 4; last guard hatchets RC 3/4/miss.
Jeremy and Wilhelm continue down hallway, door is open. No one is there. They reach the weapons. The door out of there to the downstairs flies open, and the Mulverhill comes hurtling through the air and smashes into the wall. A large man appears, not as bit as Hulk fightng Simon but big, with no weapons just bare hands.
Mulverhill fires 2 bullets, missing twice, emptying one gun.
Simon hits Hulk 8; Paul is dazed; Worm casts at Paul again but fails, Paul is now back as well; SImon is hit twice by Hulk 5/13; Guard 2 ignores Paul and goes at the cop but misses twice; RC hits 9/Schuyler 3; he attacks RC 3 times miss/miss/4.
Mulverhill fires 9/miss “Get weapons to your friends I’ll hold him off.”
They grab weapons and move into the hall. Hulk Jr attacks Mulverhill for 4.
Simon hits Hulk 10; Paul hits guard 7; Worm tries to daze Paul again but fails; Hulk on Simon hits twice 26 but (card) he is instantly healed; guard 2 stay son Clevelend 3/3/miss; Cleveland fumbles; Insp hits 5; RC misses, Schuyler hits 7/miss; Guard 1 attacks RC 5/4/3.
Mulverhill follows us but turns and shoots at Hulk Jr hit 8; Hulk Jr rushes Mulvahill and hits 8.
Simon misses; Paul hits; Paul makes save again vs Daze; Hulk vs Simon hits 13/5; Guard 2 attacks Paul miss/6/miss; Cleveland recovers from fumble; Inspector misses; RC hits 11; Guard 1 vs RC hits 3 time for 19.
Mulverhill retreats 5’ through doorway and hits Hulk Jr. 13; Jeremy tosses Schuyler his rifle who catches and aims at Worm. Jeremy moves to behind our line. Wilhelm moves and hands Simon his Long Sword. Hulk Jr full attacks Mulverhill miss/9; Simon drops the butterfly sword and attacks now with his own sword 16; Paul hits guard 2 for 7; Schuyler hits Worm 12 as he casts at Paul again, ruining his spell; Hulk vs Simon hits 8/9; Guard vs Paul miss/miss/miss; Insp. hits Hulk 3; Cleveland hits 5; RC hits 7; he attacks RC 4/4/miss, RC w/ card heals all damage.
Mulverhill uses his brawl/Mart.Arts as well now vs Hulk Jr 4/crit 22 KO’d; Jeremy moves to give Paul his saber; Simon hits again with longsword 20 on Hulk; Wilhelm moves to RC w/ tomohawks; Paul now with his saber miss; Schuyler hits Worm 17; he draws a pistol and fires twice 10/miss; Guard 2 vs Paul miss/miss/miss; Insp. gets his club and pistol from Wilhelm; Cleveland misses; RC hits 9/8; he attacks RC 8/miss/ 4.
Mulverhill reloads; Jeremy gives Cleveland his stick and pistol; Simon helps RC and hits 12; Paul his guard 2 for 7; Schuyler hits Worm 11; he charges Schuyler but misses his touch attack, he’s trying to transfer himself; Guard 2 vs Paul 5/6/miss; Cleveland clubs Paul’s guard 7; Insp aims at Worm; RC misses/misses; he attacks RC 3/3/miss; Mulverhill readies at Worm; Jeremy shoots Worm w/ derringer 6; Simon on RC’s again hits 12 DOWN; Schuyler hits Worm 19; Insp hits7 DOWN; Mulverhill hits 10/6;; Guard on Paul 3/miss/miss; DEAD!.Cleveland hits Paul’s 8, RC hits him 12; the guard vs Paul miss/3/miss.
Jeremy’s derringer hits Paul’s 11 DEAD.
Now only 6 assassins left with Lo Ping. “Ah, my faithful enemies, together we must still save our planet for our species. Can you sense it? The great evil on the other side of that wall.”
Feels like a black hole of evil on the other side of the wall in the machine room. Simon, concentrating, can feel it. He wants to test its power by sending one of his men inside. He rushes loyally into the room, his head just explodes withing seconds.
Schuyler wants to blow the room up, but Lo Ping wants to see what it looks like. He puts a mirror on a stick, and sends for a bunch of his other lackeys from downstairs who converted back to him upon his arrival. Mostly women. He has one step intothe room and angle the mirror just right, and is immediately killed.
It is a huge sphere, about 9’ in diameter. Just sitting there as if balanced atop a silver pyramid.
Lo “There is a god there what do we do. Do you have dynamite?”
Paul “No.”
Schuyler “I have something better, detonite. 2 packs.”
Lo says we can’t kill it, may even "outlive me. It’t trying to take us over and its getting stronger by the minute, as is its radius of influence. Its halfway across the room.
He says we have 5 minutes to destroy it. We must put the explosives on the pyramid.
Schuyler explains you simply set the charge, turn the know and it goes off in 30 seconds.
We discuss how to do this, Lo says everyone needs to go, to give it many targets, the second rank has the charges.
It’s our 6, Mulvahill and the 5 assassins. He’s willing to send 3 of his in the first wave, Mulvahill volunteers as well as Jeremy and Schuyler. Jeremy and Schuyler have the explosives.
First wave charges, Jeremy makes the save to be controlled. Then Mulvahill fails the save and drops to the ground, snorring. Then Jeremy again makes the save! Assassin 2 fails, and his head explodes; then assassin 3 fails and takes 22 damage DOWN.
Paul leads the second wave in.
Assassin 1 on first wave makes save. Then WIlhelm in takes 20, assassin in 2nd rank DEAD; then Schuyler is slowyed.
Now assassin in 2nd row takes 22 DEAD;.
Explosives are put on and set. RC grabs Mulverhill. Simon drags Schuyler with him. Just then, Lo Ping steps around the corner and starts firing mental blasts at it. It directs its energy at him until he is down.
First attack fails; second fails; third fails; fourth fails; fifth fails; sixth does 21 damage, but Lo makes threshold save; 7th fails and deals 16 damage; 8th attack fails; 9th attack fails; 10th and last attack fails. He holds it back the entire time!! We get out of the room.
First explosion does 26, second 21. The blast stuns the god!
Simon charges in. He feels his mind throbbing, trying to make sense of what happened as it keeps missing his mind.
Schuyler starts firing the winchester. His DR is difficult to breech. Simon starts hacking away at it.
A bunch of us rush the machine to start ripping it apart.
Lo Ping starts to try to probe its mind, to stun it longer.
On round 5, men of Lo Ping arrive with 3 shotguns w/ 6 shells each. Mulverhill is awake now and gets one, as does Paul and the Inspector. They start firing.
The whole room shudders after round 5, costing all 1d4 sanity.
Lo Ping “The monster is afraid!”
Another d6 sanity all around. We hears screams from even downstairs as people loose sanity. Pieces are falling off the building.
Lo “The creature is terrified!”
After the 8th round of a Simon hit, 2 crits from Schuyler, and all shotguns hitting it implodes into nothingness.
Another d10-4 sanity.
All allow sanity checks for half.
We gain 2d8 and 1d10 however for completion.

The building stops shaking.

Lo Ping honors the deal. He insists we leave last, and wants 5 minutes before we leave after as “It will be safer for you that way.”
We listen.

April 1, 1890

We hear news body of cop who is in the woman’s body was found in the Thames, dead.

A Horrific Return on the Orient Express

Next Day

Before we leave, Schuyler suggests that we talk to the OE officials about informing the staff of who we are, and there may be more trouble and that we need leeway and freedom of movement while on board.
Off on the Express in search of Makryat.
Simon “What if we tell everyone on the train before it leaves, its the express train back to London. If you’re looking for a leisurely ride depart now.”
Only car with room on the Calais coach. Must share berths with others.
Simon takes front room. Sees heavy set guy with gray here, Senior Martinelli, Italian. An opera base. Going to London to sing.
“Good to meet you. Just had some appauling news, I’m heartbroken.” Mentions Katarina’s death.
“I was a personal friend of hers.”
He speaks very highly of her. “As a fan of opera, could you do me a favor? I was assigned the top bunk, and being heavy as I am…”
Simon agrees to trade bunks.

Next, Schuyler is with Jack Gattling, syndicated columnest. NY times.
“Oh, a gentleman from the times. I’m American myself, so to speak. The NW territories.”
“We have to stick together.”:
’What’s been your business here?"
“I was in Paris and heard about this brew haha on the Orient Express, murders, vampires. If I could just find out what really happened I’d put it in every paper in Europe. Say, I heard there was an American involved. What’s your name.”
“Mr. Grim”
“Hmm, sounds familiar. If you hear of anyting interesting on this trip, let me know.” Also thinks countess on board having affair with German industrialist Kurt Groenig. Wants to prove it but but OE staff are big on discretion “Count isn’t much of a man, and very cosmopolitan about wife’s pursuits.”
“Why don’t you just let them do what they’re doing.’?
“If it were some fish monger no one would care, but Groenig is at the top. The count and countess are old money and I love the idea of dragging them through the mud.”

Paul is in with Sir Robert Harrow, adv. and man about town. Tall, strapping, very English. Bristly mustache and crooked grin. Big game hunter to member of Parliament. Conservative. So, they have much to talk about. He’s pleasant enough, but there’s something about him Paul just doesn’t like, surprisingly. Kinda guy you wouldn’t count on in a crisis. Paul is going to lose sleep, the guy talks about his adv’s incessantly and sits up reading and smoking with insomnia. He hasn’t had a lady for a while, and there are 2 next door. He asks them to his room for conversation and spot of gin.
Alayna Constanza: quiet and exotic beauty, medit. Obviously well off financially. Wanted room for self but now sharing with Bif’s girl. They will continuously fight off Sir Robert’s attempts at ‘getting inside’. Robert offers Paul to make it a duo, but Paul says her American friend is a close friend of mine.
He still doesn’t back down. “I know lots of tricks I can teach them.”

Next car, Count and Countess Henre Mathau Debrusi and wife Emanuelle. He is stout and hearty, drinker’s red complexion. She is half hi sage, red hair green eyes, sophisticated and attractive.

Next, Groenig (handsome, young, wealthy, does spend much time around Countess and is friends with Count); with Rama Hotep. Mysterious wealthy Egyptian, deals in Antiquities from Alexandira. Overweight.

Next: a single, Wilhelm in 13.
14: Lord Margrave with Jeremy. He’s tall, snobby Englishman. Thickman, this stouch. Likes bowties and butterflies and money. Can speak endlessly on all 3. Rumors of affair with del Garda in next compartment.

Next: Dona del Garda by herself. Wealthy, and has a secret. For some reason seems to be in love with Margrave.

Next: Dantone Szofbic, with RC. Small rotund balding man with bifoculs. Know nothing about him and speaks little.
Conductor of our coach is Emille Sucard.

Bif and Wilbeforce are on a different car.

We are on our way at 4:30 PM.

We hang in salon car.
Dinner is served by car the first night. Constanza is invited to sit with us by Bif’s chic, Gattling and Harrow sit themselves down at Paul and RC’s table.
With girls is Bif and Simon.
Schuyler, Wilhelm, Wilberforce and Jeremy all together.


The table of our 4 drinking water start feeling a bit woozy, stomach cramps. Wilhelm is ovecome with nausea and cramps. Projectile vomits.
Schuyler calls for medical assistance. Check the water. The matre de is shocked, water should not have been served unless requested, water around here not safe. The water they serve is always bottled. Carafe was waiting at the table when we sat down.
Wilhelm is escorted to his room.

After, we go to club car as we pass Turkish frontier later in the night. Bif sits sharpening knife on a leather strapping, staring at the Harrow.
Jeremy “I’m thinking Harrow and the girl are not him. We need to find out if, in that love triangle, any of them act wierd.”
RC “Good idea.”

We see interplay of other passengers. The trio are acting normal.
Wilhelm “Who is smoking?”
Most of them are, Wilberforce “but who may be smoking who doesn’t.”
Schuyler “What about the type of cigarette he smoked in Constantinople. Maybe he’s smoking the same.”
Paul “Maybe in that same, arrogant haughty way.”
Only one person, Sucard the conductor. Schuyler tries to bum one from him. Gives me a funny look, then pulls out his cig (has initials on it) case full of gold tipped Turkish cig’s, just like the ones the villain smoked.
He smiles at me and says “Sometimes people should learn not to allow their habits to follow them.”
Schuyler “Why would you stop smoking just because your going somewhere else.”
“Smoking should kill you Mr. Schuyler.”
Schuyler “Could kill you, too.”
Now 12:40AM as we stop at Greek/Hungary border for check point. He excuses himself to perform his duty.
Schuyler signals it was him and he and Simon follow. No one in the corridor. Door at other end is banging open and closed. Door to next car is locked.
Schuyler “I’ll go left, you go right.”
No where to be seen.
Schuyler yells for others to get out and look for him. Schuyler jumps off looking for any place he could find a private spot to change bodies.
Simon and Schuyler go right, left goes Jeremy and Paul left away from platform. Bif stays with Wilhelm. RC and Wilberforce also search outside. Constanza starts walking top of train looking around. Locked Bif’s chic in room to keep her safe, Bif and Wilhelm with them.

To left, they see 4 guys in heavy wool coats approach, heavily dressed even for the cold, faces covered.
Jeremy “Hello gentlemen.”
They say hello in Turkish and pass our guys by.
Jeremy “What are you gentlemen doing on this side of the train? Sir, whenever the personal assistance of a Duke speaks to you, you don’t ignore him.”
They turn and attack with garrotes. Face covers fall away and they have scars of skin cult!
The cultists go for ball kicks doing 1 to Simon. Paul deflects his mans kick into his buddy 3 and stuns him 1 round.. They miss Jeremy. Constanza spots this and leaps down upon one of the ones on Jeremy and hits 2, flanking him. Jeremy misses with derringer.
Paul kills stunned guy with guys own knife.
OE men run for gunfire.
One attacks Paul with sap miss. 2 on Jeremy fumbles, other misses Costanza.
They begin to run. Paul’s AoO hits 7. Jeremy fires 2nd shot but misses “And don’t come back!”
Costanza “Gentlemen, I think we should make ourselves scarce.” They run for front and cross enter a train car, then exit on other side.
Train about to leave so we have to board. Costanza speak to Paul and Jeremy "It is a shame you were not able to find Mehmet.
We ask how she knows about him.
“I didn’t want to tell you all this, but…”


Conductor, of course, missing. A replacement comes from one of the guards.

Deformities again.
RC pimples on abdomen.
Schuyler gets black fungus on rt leg up into my loins.
Simon gets skin tightening in lft leg, and swelling bulging veins on in chest.
Jeremy gets thick ropey hair sprouting from left leg
Paul gets dead skin on left leg.
Wilhelm gets creeping and moving skin on abdomen.

Time for sleep. Simon goes into cabin, roomate already in bed. Hears a drip as he climbs up. Checking, finds a pool of blood as his throat slit. No parts missing. He was sleeping in what should have been Simon’s bed! Simon just goes to bed.

Gattling and Schuyler go to their room at same time. Gattling screams and feints at a bunch of skin on floor. The conductor’s empty skin. So he never left train, but duped us by opening back door then ducking into the room to hide. Informs the others.

RC goes to sleep. Light sleeper that he is, wakes to a noise from bottom bunk as a shadow rises. Danton stands up. Quietly see him in soft light of stars brings down a case he carries. Opens it silently, taking out a razor, screwing 2 pieces of metal into a one shot gun. RC readies scalping dagger. Puts gun in pocket of robe and razor in other pocket.
RC gets up and looks out. He stopped at Hotep/Groenig’s room.
Picks door lock, looks around, and turns out the light so corridor is dark. RC rushes and he turns and sees him. He quietly shuts door and moves toward RC with a grin.
RC “What are you doing?”
“Just out taking the evening air.”
RC “With a razor and snap together one shot? Which one are you here to kill?”
“Shall we retire to our room to discuss this?”
Back in room, he says was hired to kill Groenig for great deal of money, there are interests that would like to take over his company. Offers RC a deal, but RC of course declines.
“I’m afraid I’ll have to kill you.”
He goes for RC, who sidesteps and grapples for 7. He misses twice with dagger. RC grapples 6. He hits once 3. RC grapples 7. He misses twice. RC misses. He misses twice. RC misses. He fails to break twice. RC grapples 6. He breaks grapple then hits 2. RC stabs 15 (makes threshold). He misses twice. RC stabs 8.
RC “Give up.”
He misses twice. RC misses. He misses twice. RC stabs 8. He misses/hits 2. RC hits 9. He misses twice. RC hits 9.
“Still don’t want to give in?”
He hits 3/miss. RC misses. He hits 2/miss. RC misses. He misses twice. RC hits 6. He hits 2/miss. RC hits 7. He’s bleeding badly. He hits twice for 7 total. RC misses. He hits crit 7/3. RC misses. He hits 3/miss. RC hits 7 KO’d.
RC ties him up to the lower bunk lying down and goes back to sleep.

Next Day

Morning comes and we are outside Sofia. Wolf pack paces train. RC alerts officials to assassin. Simon informs them of dead man. They lock assassin up.
Not much happens all day. Couple attempts on our lives form a cultist here and there but nothing that threatens us.
Simon insists on killing everyone, crash train off a cliff or bridge. We all jump off!
Wilberforce says ‘I think he’d take someone with their own room."
Not us, not Bif’s girl, not Costanza, not assassin.
We watch for del Garda getting distant from Margrave.
Simon attempts to hit on her. Says she’s not that kind of woman, then turns and leaves. Simon sees a line down the back of her neck! It’s him.
Simon enters dining car to tell others. Elderly woman sits across from Simon, eyes staring right into his. It’s Baba Yaga, the oldest witch from the hut in the woods. We see her house running next to the train. See her in her hut, this is an image of her as she can’t cross iron.
Simon “What are you here for?”
“You’re too late. The evil one has changed his skin again” and she disappears and hut stops.
Get conductor, opens del Gardsa’s room and we find her skinless body and her skin.
Simon “Who else came and went in this hallway?”
“No one but the count. He visited her.”
Simon “Where did he go?”
“Of course, he must explain this. Find him in bed but his body with no skin. Let’s go find the Count. Gattling walks by as this is going on so he’s taking copious notes.
Conductor “Train must stop to investigate. I must speak to the chef du brigade. You can come with me if you wish” a scream. Out the window a body on the tracks, the engineer.
Train picks up speed. Train goes around a wide bend. We can see the engine now, become a living fleshy creature!
We fully equip and make for the front. We fly right past the next border. At next station, a barricade is put up but lightning flashes from the creature and destroys it.
Simon and RC make for engine creature, Paul and Wilhelm lead search for Count.\
Wilhelm "They have evoked a mask of Nyarlathotep. That is what the living train is.
Whole front of train taken over by cultists. Passengers hearded and barricaded at front of train.
So, we all go for front.
Simon breaks open the door. 4 cultists wait with axes and rush him: miss/hit 2/miss/miss. RC rushes in next, 2 large rocks fall from above as he pass from one car to the other miss/6. Simon hits 14, RC hits 16, at other end of car Count disappears through door for front of train.
Paul shoots crit a rock thrower DEAD. Schuyler hits other as he jumps at Paul 19 DEAD.
Inside, 2 attack each of us. Simon missed twice, RC miss/hit 5.
Paul enters car. Simon hits 16, RC hits 12, Paul hits 11 and 11.
Simon is missed, RC is hit 9, Paul is hit 6/miss. Wilhelm shoots one of Paul’s but misses.
RC hits 13, Simon hits 16, Paul cuts 11 shoots 13. As train goes around a bend the train jolts and a feeling of static. A new car is attached to train, made of stone, looks like gothic cathedral in miniature. As we pass Lausanna. Schuyler shoots undamaged on Paul 7.
Paul is missed twice; Simon is hit 4, RC is missed. Wilhelm hits Paul’s second 4.
Schuyler shoots same 9. RC hits 15. Simon hits 18 DEAD. Paul shoots 22 DEAD and cuts other 13.
2 left. RC is hit 4, Paul is missed. Schuyler shoots RC’s for 19 DEAD and RC and Simon advance through car. Paul misses twice. Wilhelm hits him 7. Bif shoots him on way by to follow Simon and RC crit 16 DEAD to larynx.
We enter cathedral car. Stained glass, tolling bell as if from vast distance, incense.
Inside is far too vast compared to the car. Luxurious, tables with suckling pit and beef, haunting melodies, tapestries, servants everywhere. Stairways go upward, halls leave. Dozens of people at a masked ball, one dressed as the Red Death.
Young page invites us up to throne room. “The jigsaw prince has offered a truce.”
Simon “I just want to know where the Count is.”
“Then come and talk to the Prince.”
We follow. Sanity checks, Jeremy and both MIke’s fail. 2 lost for others.

Recording, Jigsaw Prince

We exit out other side of cathedral, a long way. We run for it. He makes a pass with his hands and we all speed up greatly, getting to back in moments.
Next is the coal car. There stands the count in the back of the living engine. He sees us. Simon sees him first. The Count hits him with a Fist of Yogsothoth 15 and he is launched backward. Schuyler hits him 14, as it goes toward him it desolves like an asteroid going through the atmosphere and a small piece hits him.
Paul is able to grab hold of his arm and pull him back up.
Wilhelm begins the spell. Simon shoots at him (makes attack magi) 13, it glows like the last but nothing disintegrates hitting him full on; Schuyler misses badly. He reaches in, pulls bullet out and throws it at Simon hitting for 19 with a gout of his own flesh.
As Wilhelm says the last words he has to stand up and face him. Count fails the save and screams, flesh beginning to fall off. He is left as a person without skin, many cuts where pieces have been added on and they start falling of in portions. The rest slowly melts into ooze. Engine starts to change back into an engine.

Schuyler takes the train controls. Several more bouts of health problems hit us all. We get to Calais. Searching inside yielded nothing. Under train we find a box welded on and inside is the Simulacrum.

Early morning, March 19

We arrive w/o incident. Our man awaits us in Calais! We are in terrible shape.
We have to sit in a circle and have to pronounce phonetically the words on the scroll.
Ritual succeeds! Unfortunately for our friend.
Still recording.
Mekhmet stands reincarnated.
Paul springs into action, missing with saber.

March 20

To London. Brotherhood of the Skin is absolutely no more.


March 10

We explain to those on board that we obviously can’t tell them a vampire attacked. Our story is that we were beset upon by viscous bandits; the 2 killed fell off the train.

In Istanbul the investigation begins. We are prebooked into Pera Palace, partners with Orient Express. Recommended by staff of train. Standard luxury hotel, native workers but European management.

Wilhelm and Simon talk about the tragedy of Constantinople’s fall.
Most of us are to be held for questioning upon arrival and the police arriving. Paul is left out because off social standing. They go back to train for our luggage at the 2nd fourgon.
The train is overrun with people. Cleaners, porters, lots of random people who shouldn’t be there. They find part of luggage there and part missing. They find the men in charge of this car, they say they don’t know anything. They’ve just been unloading what’s there. Paul sends Bif to the ticket office and Paul to talk to station master.
Master is very concerned and polite, starting immediate investigation to find it. Shall send it to hotel ASAP.
Paul “There was a very important cultural treasure with us. I will be going to embassy to let them know the job you are doing.”
He insists all possible avenues will be investigated.
The Express tells Bif they want to talk to Paul so he meets Bif there.
“I’m sorry sir, what little we can do we will. The first thing is, we have all of our personnel in the station actively searching. I have taken the precaution of hiring 2 PI’s to start questioning people. In addition I have notified the police as Mr. Baxter explained there was an item of significant importance. The police in this quarter have been alarmed. I will need a description of anything in the luggage, so that if anything is found being pawned or sold it can be identified. We are of course waving the entire fee for your stay at our hotel until your luggage is found.”
Paul does so, for anything important, and says the statue was to be sold once put together by an expert and is of little value apart.
All the other officials they talk to promise the same diligence.
The Orient Express, however, are mortified. Our luggage shows up at the hotel 1 hour late, thanks to their diligence!!

At police, they don’t believe it. Passenger descriptions too different. Some have told of some savage beast. They want to know what really happened.
Wilhelm says that is not surprising for unexperienced in times of stress. Imaginations go wild. “One woman started attacking other passengers. Of course when one such as that hears a bulgarian warcry some will hear wolves and monsters.”
After more runaround and questioning, they let us all go.

When our luggage shows so fast, Paul offers great thanks. Chef Henri is there in person.
“The staff would like you to know it was a great honor having you aboard and the battle with a vampire on the train will not be forgotten.”
Paul offers a grand dinner for them all, and asks about the pension for the dead engineer’s family. There is one, but small for the widow in Germany. The crew are taking up a collection. Red Cloud and Schuyler give what they can.
Schuyler checks in at US embassy to give report.

Then we all settle in at the hotel. We get some much needed rest.

March 11

We need a scribe to help research scrolls. Schuyler starts with embassy at secret service office. They say their 1 scribes are busy now, but they will be at my disposal if the time comes. Say go to grand bazaar in Stanbul and look for one.
So, Jeremy hits bazaar in Turkish disguise to look for a prospect. it’s a throng of merchants and people. He gets pointed to a group of scribes all waiting for business. Then he sees big nasty guys walking straight toward him. One of them walks right by him, and he and the other 2 meet at the scribes and beat the snot out of one of the scribes. Whew. Then they leave him bloody on the ground. The other scribes all made themselves scarce.
Jeremy goes up to him.

Recording pg 25 bottom

Scribe’s name is Fayer. He does speak English.
Fayer goes out to be a wonder, and the University of Constantinople staff is supremely helpful to outside academics. It takes late into the day to finish. It’s really just a college of general studies. Only undergrad work. They strive to become a university.
They find no mention of the brothers of the skin. In histories of recent city, rumors of a cult rumored to be cannibals. Said to gather at a ruined mosque of rosey tinture. No mention of Simulacrum, but yes on 5 scrolls that are in various parts of Europe after sack of Constantinople. However, the museum here has acquired all 5! Yes!
At one point Wilhelm looks out window and sees a grotesque creature looking up at him out of shadows, an amalgam of man and bear. 4 legs and 4 arms. As it turns to leave it turns out to be a man and a bear one standing in front of the other. A trick of light and shadow.

Red Mosque

An air of desolation, Grimy, dirty place. 2 studded closed doors appear to be the only way in. Some foot traffic. Schuyler suggests caution about trying to get in with lots of passing eyes on us. Simon says lets continue on and Jeremy and RC can come back via alley and sneak around, checking circumference.
No other entrance. They get Schuyler who fires his steampowered grapple to a window. RC and Jeremy climb up into the dome. We hear talking inside coming from room downstairs and smell hashish, entrance room through the double doors out front is below. They speak of the nice things they have acquired lately. Leader tells them to shut up “You never know who could be listening.”
Opening tween front and rear of mosque blocked by a tarp, formerly maybe a grand oriental carpet. Knock at front door. A man with a sack is let in “I have some more nice things here”. Dumping silver plates and silverware. Obviously expensive and European. Talk of selling or melting into ingots. Then thug small talk. No niches visible, yet at least. Appear to be street gang. A call to prayer from outside and they ignore it, one goes into corner and urinates “I piss on Muhammed; I piss on Allah”.
Jeremy “What if we return tonight acting like police. If they’re just thugs we may get them to surrender.”
We leave and make for hotel. Schuyler and Simon see a bear following the group! Then they notice a chain around its neck attached to a gypsy. They turn down a side alley. Jeremy decides to tail them. Once in ally barely sees rear of bear disappear around corner. He follows, 3 ways to go around corner but does not see them. Gypsy steps out of an alcove, the bear behind him “Take care my friends” in a raspy voice.
Jeremy goes back to rest of group and reports.

Whole group meet up at night for dinner. Fayer offers to show us the sights so we follow.
“If you really want to find out what’s going on in the city, ask in the bazaar.” But tonight, we spend some time out on the town.
Street cafe, belly dancers, drug peddlers,
Schuyler hands at belly dancers as the rest get up to move on. Simon decides he likes it too.


Schuyler is ready and willing for ‘getting his ashes hauled’. Simon does as well.


Simon and Schuyler seem screwed.
Our ko’d prisoner lies, babbling about his friend and he being upstairs with their ladies and we tried to force ourselves on their women.
Proprietor, with an (ahem, fingers rubbing together by Schuyler) almost says he has no idea what happened, then changes his tune with the promise of cash and says we were the ones who went upstairs with the ladies.
They still say they have to arrest us for the one dead man now in Schuyler’s room. We are taken to be taken in for questioning. As is the ko’d guy. He has been edging closer and closer to the door, when he leaps out the door and races into the dark. After a scream, he is found clawed open and dead. Mansauce shows up and smooths the whole thing over with cash

Jeremy stops at the first hookah bar we come to. Wilhelm stays with him. Paul and RC continue with Fayer for ‘firewater’ at the next bar.
We go to find Jeremy and Wilhelm where they were left. We find them there safe. 4 or 5 suspicious looking men are in various parts of room as if closing in. Moments after the rest of us enter, they beat a hasty retreat.

Bif, Wilberforce, and his girl went there own way tonight. A small film culture in Turkey he, of course, runs into, and they wine and dine him.

March 12

Wilhelm goes to get access to scrolls as an academic, Schuyler as his translator:
Topkapi Museum is the pride of the city. Most closely guarded museum in the world. Secretary initially says to go away, they have no such items here. We get her to call for the ass. director who says we have to speak to a Dr. Zarap to get anywhere on this. We decide we’re willing to wait all day.
After 4 hours, he finally lets us in.
“What can I do for you gentlemen?”
Jeremy arrives and does some info gathering. He asks for restroom as a ruse and knocks at the door.

Jeremy goes to bazaar to gather info about Red Mosque, Shunned, brothers of the skin, hitmen from last night:
Person who knows about the hitmen would be expensive, hangs out in turkish bath on the waterfront in Para.
On shunned mosque: most say they don’t know anything until one person says that’s the old name for the red mosque.
On red mosque: talk to Beylab the Perspirer. He asks about Baylab, saying he hangs out in Turkish Bath on waterfront in Para.
On Bro of skin: if such a cult existed it could never thrive in Turkey though it could explain disappearances. Person to ask is Baylab. He likes foreigners as they pay more than locals.
Fayer says “You can’t talk to him. He’s notorious and not to be trusted. He’s dangerous.”
Now Jeremy looks into how to contact him: send a message to the Turkish bath announcing the time and day you will come. If he is not there that means he does not wish to talk to you. If you are late, you will never get to see him again.
Jeremy sends a note saying tomorrow at noon.

Back at hotel all meet.
(for spelling: Curse be to Garaznet the Thief.)
Bif “They’re has been a request made of us.”
Sir Douglas Rutherford wants to see Mansauce, Bif and Schuyler us at embassy immediately, he’s the British ambassador.
We are whisked right in, but will only see Brits, Americans or other Europeans. Fayer not allowed in, neither is RC.
Schuyler “What do you need of us Ambassador Rutherford?”


March 13

Noon, to the Bath to meet Bayeb:
Jeremy, Schuyler and Wilhelm go inside bath, the others wait outside.

Recorded until 6 min.

Into bath proper. He’s absolutely obese and big in general size, reclining and completely relaxed. A great heir of confidence, bald and moustache.

Recording: grave of the Kurd Grazanet, inside is the ritual to destroy statue. Both are 2 faced, for good or evil.
Naked women cultists armed with daggers rush in to kill us. 3 of them.
Schuyler “Jeremy get out of here, I’ll hold the assassin off” and readies an attack. Wilhelm charges women (her AoO hits for 3) and punches-4. Schuyler’s trip misses but assassin’s dagger misses too as he burns.
The chics miss Wilhelm, Jeremy runs for to get help into the next room screaming and his met by 2 cultist men. Our men outside hear and rush inside. As they are about to attack Jeremy, 2 gunshots go off. A Turkish man sitting there drinking and smoking reaches under his pillow, pulls out a Cold Army and fires at one-10/5. Jeremy takes total defense and they both miss.
Wilhelm notices the ‘women’ are actually guys disguised as women through the cult’s magic grafting and part swapping. A 2 more men in bath draw daggers. One stabs at a parton fleeing-hit ;and one at Wilhelm-6; the wounded patron flees.
Our men outside running through building, and guy behind counter is blocking front door to stop us with a big axe (he’s wearing the face of the real attendant). RC throws tomohawk-8; Simon charges. The readied attack misses as Simon hits-16. Bif draws knife and engages-misses in a vengeful rage.
Paul draws saber and revolver, fires and misses.
Wilhelm fumbles; Schuyler whips off his towel and goes to wrap it around the killer’s head in a grapple.
RC notices 4 more cultists coming after us from the street, and readies action.
Assassin burns badly buy breaks free of grapple.
Doorman hits Simon-16/miss; Simon crits-32 DEAD; Wilhelm hit by 2 false patrons but chics miss; gunman ally fires-kills his original target; Jeremy is missed (total def); 4 on RC hit. RC’s ready hits-29 DEAD, cleave-9; they miss/miss/hit-6; Bif rushes into warming room and attack’s Jeremy’s man-8; Paul moves to RC and crits-26 DEAD.
Endurance checks in hot room succeed for our 2. We hear a plop as Baylab is nothing but a skeleton with some grisle and muscle. SKin all melted off body and huge lump of burning skin just plopped off beside him. As a blob it starts wriggles toward us (both make sanity checks). Starts to spread thinner, still bubbling.
Wilhelm recovers from his fumble; Schuyler “Where the hell is everyone!” as he readies. The assassin rushes to grapple Schuyler who ducks and backdrops him into the skin blob. It begins to eat through his flesh by burning-14 then 10 from his own fire on him.
RC hits-12; Simon rushes inside to warming room and attacks same guy Bif did-crit DEAD; 3 chics miss Wilhelm; outside RC is hit-3; other misses Paul; our gunman runs into hot room and fires once at a false patron-12; they both rush at our gunman-8; Jeremy runs to his stuff and grabs his stip of daggers; Biff runs into hot room, loses 5 sanity as misses a shot at one of the 2 on gunman; Paul hits untouched cultist- crit 20 DEAD.
Blob makes to engulf the cultist and succeeds-17 DEAD. Spits globbet of sizzling flesh at Schuyler-barely misses and bubbles on wall.
WIlhelm punches-4; RC hits-15 DEAD and moves inside doorway. Sees hotroom is empty of villains. Simon reaches hotroom (makes sanity check) and attacks blob-12. The 3 chick on Wilhelm-all miss; Paul rushes inside; Jeremy runs into hot room (makes sanity check) and engages a wounded chic with knife-1; gunman step and fires last bullet at false patron-14; both of them rush Bif-6/crit 16 (makes threshold save) “I’m going to wear your face”. Bif steps aside and shoots him-11; Paul and RC rush in (Paul loses 4 and RC 3). Paul shoots wounded chic-10; RC engages one who Bif shot-15; Skin blob goes to grapple Simon: first try fails, second fails.
Wilhelm withdraws; Simon attacks blob-10; Schuyler attacks a chic and hurls hrim into blob by hrim’s hair-20 (makes threshold); she fails to escape, another 2 attack Jeremy-miss/5; Jeremy stabs a chic-miss; gunman draws knife and attacks one of 2 false patrons-7 DEAD and 14 to the other; He attacks gunman-miss; Bif shoots him-13; Paul attack’s blob with sword-12; RC hits last false patron-15; Blob kills the chic then fails to grapple Simon.
Wilhelm runs outside; Simon hits blob-7; Schuyler brawls Jeremy’s chic-7 KO’d; last chic steps back and pushes brass coal brazer over lighting some linen and starting a fire, but she burns her hands too; Jeremy moves and hits her-2; gunman stabs last false patron-crit 11/miss; that villain steps back sending a Fist of Yog as Simon trying to knock him into the blob, hitting for 10 but he resists the bullrush; Bif plugs him-5; RC moves to him-miss; Paul stabs blob-9 and shoots-7; Blob misses Paul twice but hit Simon-10/9 (into light wounds) leaving burning globs on him.
Fire all around = reflex DC12 or 1d6. Schuyler on chic-3; Simon scrapes off both blobs, cutting self; hrim (takes 1 fire) grabs flaming curtain (takes 4 fire) and tries to engulf Schuyler and Jeremy, hitting Schuyler-2 fire; Jeremy misses her; gunman stabs his guy-7 DOWN; Simon “Bif shoot blob!” and hits-14; RC (takes 2 fire) attacks blob-8; Paul shoots blob-8 and stabs-13 DEAD!.
Reflex DC15 or 2d6 this round. Schuyler escapes burning curtain; Simon runs out (takes 5); chick takes 9 fire DEAD with a fanatic cackle. All of us rush out successfully. We flee for hotel as if nothing happened.

Find boat to take us across to cemetery. We have to pay 10L out of Smith’s funds. THey insist on only taking 3. RC, Paul and Wilhelm go. Turns out they are pirates but we easily handle them, RC killing Hakim. Last one pilots us back to pick up others then to cemetary.
We find grave within an hour (card) and start to pry top block off. A crazy beggar appears talking crazy, and of brotherhood approaching.
Opening grave a skin blob attacks. We fight back, RC and Wilhelm dropping lid on it. Finally we finish it off.
Brotherhood arrives and captures us, ties us up in a line after promising not to harm us. There are far too man of them. They demand the Simulacrum, but Jeremy fools them, telling them that Fennelik was able to procure it from us on the train.
Ldr “NO! You let him live? You FOOLS!!! We must find him, you must bring him!!”
“I am a man of my word, we will not harm you. But you will suffer, oh you will suffer the agony a thousand deaths for allowing the Simulacrum to fall into the hands of that vampire. Now, this is the revenge for your audacious meddling. BRING IT FORTH!!”
Jeremy "Whoa, hey, I thought you weren’t going to kill us.
“We’re not. The children are!”
4 cultists walk up with this large oilskin bladder and dump out a 12 writhing kidnapped children in horrible torment, sown randomly together with twine at their arms, ears you name it, screaming. Bad sanity checks all around. The boy we are looking for is not there. Then several more cultists approach with 3 large tubs, full of the melting flesh beasts and they proceed to poor them on the children!! This is the worst sanity check ever. The ldr chants. The unutterable thing secretes all over the kids, and we see there mad, staring eyes, mouths through which shoot tendrils of skin. It all undulates and the kids become part of the beast!!
Bif fails the sanity check for 11, particularly horrified by it; RC makes it as does Jeremy; Wilhelm drops 14 and Paul 12; Schuyler fails for 7; Simon makes it.
The brotherhood are practically frothing at the mouths. The leader orders all to leave us to our fate, “and to our god”. They are all disappointed.
The beggar gibbers behind us. Schuyler “You have to free us, man!”
Beggar starts to cut our ropes with Schuyler’s bowie knife Not good,not good, nasty, foul oh foul! They’re not laughing (children), not laughing."
The mass is slowly rolling at us then we hear a huge roar and a dark shape appears behind the mass. It’s the huge bear from the city alleys, dives into the mass tearing and clawing. The mass engulfs it as it roars and attacks. It bursts through the mids of the thing and keeps slashing and biting but is taken down over the course of a couple minutes.
Meanwhile we gathered our equipment which they left nearby.
We turn on it as the bear is being defeated and devoured. Bif begins to fire wildly, Schuyler tries to get him to fight more calmly “Nobody gets away with hurting children in front of me!”
We blast it to destruction, what the bear left of it anyway.
The gypsy who owned the bear pulls up, our boat is gone “My name is Aktar, friend to gypsies. Come with me.”
Red Cloud “Was that your bear.”
He looks down for a moment, in tears.
Tells us story of his daugher, killing her, and fleeing to gypsies. Found out cult, has been following us.
“I can tell you the secret that you can destroy these men. They plan to gather in the Shunned Mosque whre they will perform the ritual and Salim will dawn the Simularum. You must keep it from them. I know a secret way into the very room in which the ritual will be done.
But, they don’t know we have the ceremony.
Schuyler “Then we have to give them the Simulacrum.”
Aktar “NO, unless you’re sure we can stop them. That would be playing with suicide regardless.”
AKtar “There was a breakin at the museum, they took all the scrolls.” This we know.
Red Cloud “We have the scroll of the head.”
Aktar “Without it they can not perform the ritual, w/o the Simulacrum the ritual is meaningless.”
Schuyler comes up with a plan of Wilhelm aiding Jeremy in creating a forgery of the scroll and letting it and the Simulacrum ‘fall’ into their hands. Change the wording, spell words, so that it won’t work. Then we can bust it up without worrying about stopping them before they finish the ritual."
Aktar “How long will it take?”
Bif “Where do we find the same kind of paper?”
Red Cloud “The man at the museum, he’ll have old papers like that.”
Schuyler "Old parchment, right he’ll have everything we need! "

March 14

Plan to take out cult. We get what we need from the museum, and Jeremy with Wilhelm’s arcane lore help makes forgery of scroll of the head.

Plant story amongst cops of Simulacrum being taken to train the next day in secret, with the scroll.

March 15

Afternoon, and they take the bait, stealing it and the false scroll of the head.

That night Aktar leads us through secret watery tunnels into mosque. We surpise from behind at ritural of over 300.
(notes flubbed for much of fight by stupid computer)
Start with Schuyler’s concentrated detonite charge killing 4 and wounding 3. RC Paul and Simon charge through gap to children.
Incorrect scroll backfires and a covering of skin closes his mouth to his surprise! Our 3 Kill 4 of red robes. Bif starts firing into crowd as Aktar charges in wildly and dies taking one with him and wounding another over first several rounds.
Next round, they kill other 2. Schuyler hits Salim 11, 19. His cultists drag him down after his old son booms from across the room branding him false. They begin to tear his skin off.
Cultists rush everywhere in chaos, gangs begin to Rush our 4 men in the room to grapple us down. Wilhelm starts firing into crowd. Over a few rounds, Paul and RC kill many with AoO as they try to gang grapple our 4. No grappling is successful. Shooting upstairs signals the Marines are battling others.
Gangs continue attack but grapples continue to fail. Schuyler climbs to second level and misses Salim’s son. A few start to try to reach him but 3 fail climb, 4 the makes it half way.

Wilberforce and Jeremy taken from rear and led to cells. They see in the shadows a man in rags of clothes. A torso, head, no eyes, one ear, and a working tongue. The rest, arms, legs, are gone. Patches are crudely wrapped over amputations, stained suit jacket thrown over shoulders, crimson stained blanket covers right shoulder and crotch. In a terrified voice “Who is, who is there?”Find Professor Smith!!!
Jeremy “Mehmet.”
He screams in terror “Noooo, nooooo!”
At that moment the door to cell opens, Mehmet stands there, the son. Lights a cigarette and puffs as he talks “Your frineds are down there massacring those poor fools, the military is coming. Looks like the power of the cult is broken. Until I rebuild it that is. So, did you recognize your friend over here?”
Jeremy “No, I did not.”
“You mean you don’t recognize Professor Julian Smith?”
Smith “Who’s speaking my name?”
“We’ve had a lot of fun here with Prof. Smith. Then of course there was my fascinating portrayal of him to you all in London. As the burned Smith.
It’s only then that Jeremy finally recognize the man, it really is what’s left of poor Professor Smith!!! A wreck of his former self. Mehkmet kidnapped him and took his place with his brotherhood power, Beddows was killed and replaced by one of his men. Mehnmet’s dad is the one leading the ceremony.
“We could have killed you at any time, but I needed the Simulacrum, whole. It’s power will make me like a god. My father threw me out of the cult because he feared I would take his power. And I did, that was I who helped your little spell along to remove his mouth and set his own followers to rip him to pieces. Also, the story you were told of the Simularum’s ability to be destroyed? Pure poppycock, there is no way. All was planned by me from the beginning. Having you find it, destroy the vampire, so that we could get it. I know I needed men who were strong and powerful enough to do my bidding, and stupid enough to fall for my plan. Now, with it under my control, I can wear anyone’s skin undetected, just as Fennelik did. I can be anyone, anytime anywhere. I will be a god! And you and your friends are the ones who made me so. For too long the brothers have been idle, limiting themselves to minor atrocities in the pursuit of petty evil. They slavishly serve the skinless one without seeing that he too is in our power to be used. With him we can hold dominion over the Earth. Do you wish to join me? If you kiss the ring I will make you the first of my followers.”
Jeremy does so.
“The first step of my plan with the power of the Sedefkhar Simulacrum is to assume the position of a man in power, great worldwide Western power. Perhaps the Prime Minister of England, Perhaps the Chancellor of Germany. We shall see. I leave for England at once, I’;m sorry I will not be able to see your demise. Unhappily, you will not be able to give your limbs in the service to the brothers, your corruption has already begun. IT began when the power of the Simulacrum was activated. Since you all have born it for so long, you will suffer. I shall let you out of your chains (he does now) so that you can experience the amusing ways your body will pervert at close range. Be sure to tell your friends that they too shall suffer this torment. As for myself, I am for the moment protected by the Simulacrum. It must be recharged soon, for the corruption will not begin in earnest for 100 hours. By then I shall have retrieved the ritual of cleansing so I will be whole again soon. As for you, by that time or shortly thereafter all of you wil become worst than beasts, a wholesomeless slime. Your slow and agonizing deaths carries with it much reward for the skinless one, when you cease to be flesh you shall be for eternity clasped in his putrid bosom. I left the Prof’s tongue in him so that he may wallow away the days enjoyably before the corruption unfortunately forces you to devour him. Meanwhile I shall dine on the Orient Express headed for England. Au Revoir” and he turns and leaves.
Jeremy “This is bad.”
They are alone now, not guards anywhere.
Wilberforce “What do we do with the professor?”
Jeremy raises the idea of a mercy killing. Wilberforce is not keen on that.

The door bursts open in an explosion at the top of the steps: The British troops finally reach us, 17 out of 20 there, and volley into the crowd. Its too much for the cult and they break, rush for back door. There forms a weird apparition, skinned and raw, wearing a cloak of joined loose skin. Sanity checks, Paul and Wilhelm both loosing the max 6. The troops are somewhat masked from the smoke of their rifles. Sir Douglas Rutherford comes into the room from the troops, rifle in hands and firing, blood of cultists and some from him upon him. From the kids cowering in the corner runs his son to him. He orders 3 troops to guard them with their lives. To the kids “None of you will ever want for anything again”.
The apparition has started killing cultists, now they are completely panicked. Some rush the soldiers and impale themselves on bayonets, others come to us begging for mercy. ITs skinles finger points at us "This is how many will appear before the task is done. Look well not at the skins which are the brother’s command, but at the hearts beneath which not even gods can conquer. Kills another cultist with a point of his finger, heart bursting from his chest, then another “These hearts are rancid and evil”. It steps forward to Paul.
Paul “Away fiend, I will shoot you where you stand.”
IT “You are good of heart” and passes him to the next cultist “We will never meet again”.
Paul “Oh good.”
“But we will be brothers, I can see it now. You will all be my brothers. For we are all many in one. Many in one. That one, (it half whispers) the Crawling Chaos.”
Jeremy and Wilberforce arrive from upstairs, carrying Smith, and gathers us, explaining what happened upstairs. The soldiers exterminate the cultists in the meantime.
When Smith hears they are all the cultists he starts yelling “Thank god, kill them all, kill them all!”

So Mehmet thinks he is going to be able to control Nyarlathotep.
Jeremy "If that bastard thinks that he can control Nyarlathotep from doing his business, he’s crazier than he appears, even.

One cultists has an eye too small for him, a child’s, and pleas to have mercy on them. Red Cloud begins to go for a scalping, but Paul stops him. Too much in their own vein to do it to them.
2 men who brought in the cauldron come near “Go ahead, kill us. For we are prepared to go to our god! We go to our god with screams of children in our ears!” Rutherford shoots him dead.
We are all drenched in blood.
Bif rises from a pile of bodies. He is literally a crimson man. He has been hand to hand ripping out larynx’s with his bare hands!! His sanity is at 19 at this point.

We have 100 hours before something unimaginably horrific happens to each of us.
Rutherford orders a Cpt to rush to the station and hold the train at all costs.
To us “Grab your things, quickly. We are going to force the train straight through to London, I hope you reach it in time to stop whatever affliction you now carry. Thank you, thank you for all you’ve done. I expect you to kill this Mehmet on the train.”
He believes we are capable of just about anything at this point
He gives us a charished heirloom, a gold ring with emerald to do as we ill, convert it to cash, whatever “If you ever need anything, down to everything I own, simply ask, my friends.”

We wire all resources in London to look for this ritual we need. Search the toy train and search Mehmet’s shop!

We board the train. We have all the scrolls, but Mehmet has the only thing he needs, the Simulacrum.
RC feels pain, seeing open sores on his arms.
Schuyler arm itches, pimples all over his arm.
Simon, parts of skin start to discolor on abdomen like dying.
Jeremy, same as Simon but on chest.
Wilhelm’s face skin has started to loosen, hanging at his jowls.
Paul has same dying flesh as Simon/Jeremy on right leg.
It’s only going to get worse unless we can get to London in time, and they can find the scroll we need to cleanse our curses. Every 10 hours another affect hits each of us.

Smith says a creature they called a dimensional shambler came and kidnapped him.

In London

A watcher, Hong and Phat Wang brothers in town, and a secret service agent find a scroll in the shop, closed since we were there, seems to be one of the scrolls.
Beneath it a handwritten transcript, written phonetically. The cleansing spell?
Who left it there for him? Fake Beddows probably.
News later came out that a body was found in Smith’s house remains, that of Beddows is probable.
A London cop ally will be waiting at the port at Dover to meet us, he is Watcher.

Vampire on the Orient Express
Fenelik makes is grand bid for the Simulacrum

March 9

Leave at night for Istanbul on train. As usual, fresh garlic for Simulacrum cases, windows of our rooms, entryways, bedposts.
First, have late dinner. From front, 1st 4 tables taken up by other people.
Our tables (first 2 listed have the windows):
Table 1: Bif, chic, Schuyler.
Table 2:Paul, RC, Jeremy
Table 3: Simon, Wilhelm, Wilberforce
Others at almost every table.
Hear subtle ‘LET me IN’ to beat of train sound.
Schuyler fails a will save and kind of goes into a stupor. No one notices.
Chic hears whisper in her head “It’s hot out side, let me in…” Sees red eyes outside in dark.
Biff rolls a 1, sees a person hanging from top.
She opens the window, wind rushes out, Schuyler snaps out of it “Fennelik’s here!!!” as chic is wisked out the window, terrible scream, blood explodes back into the window.
No, Fennelik grabs her shoulder, just before she’s ripped out Bif snaps out of It as well. Bif quickdraws and fanfires, hits once-9.
Schuyler leaps across table, straddling Fennelik’s arm tween chic and Fennelic but fails to grapple. His arm pulls out and he disappears.
People are alarmed, scared, chef runs out with cleaver. One man draws derringer, another breaks a $10 bottle of champagne for a weapon, young Englishman pulls out a knife.
Jeremy and Paul succeed at crowd control.
Paul orders all to stay together in a group, Jeremy recommends all stay in dining car walkway.
People who look like they can take care of themselves are put in charge, RC and Simon and Wilhelm rush to gather people from their rooms and salon car. Schuyler runs for Engine, Bif with him, for driver and engineer; Paul and Jeremy stay with crowd.
Train has 2 shotguns in front fourgon. Schuyler and Bif grab them on their way.

  • Brigadier Postier (guy in charge of luggage); cleaner; chef du brigade (runs the train); chef du cuisine (chef); chef du train (in charge of sleeping cars); conductor for each sleeping car, the dining car, salon; controller (chef du brigade’s assistant); head waiter; matre di (chief of dining car); 6 waiters; approximately 20 other staff (engineers, firemen, dishwashers, baggage men, guards). 30 passengers plus us.
    All staff men of intelligence and discretion.

Schuyler and Bif successfully make it to engine, telling driver and engineer about an attack in dining car. The fireman is there as well. They are very wary at first. We keep train going for now. The 2 of them stay to guard the engine. Schuyler has the fertility statue.

The staff have come to believe there is a vampire on board. Many have any weapon they can have.
In the dining car, we keep the end door’s open to the kitchen/pantry and rear compartment. The accordian enclosures between each car were already closed, we keep those doors open as well.
A passenger bumps a light off, which makes Red Cloud think to spread candles out in case we need light. Chef and waiters bring out sandwiches, free champagne and wine to lighten mood. Which it does.
Paul in rear room, Simon and RC in dining area, Jeremy and Wilhelm in kitchen.
Things are hitting the top of the train. See small objects falling outside here and there, then a pitter patter from roof.
A foolish passenger goes to look out a window, opens it to see what is going on, puts head out and screams. Pulling back in there are 3 rats hanging on his head.
Red Cloud leaps to grab them and throw them back out. 3 rounds, all 3 are out. Guy wounded and RC closes window. Man’s face is badly scarred.
Dropping has stopped, It happened as we were going by a cliff. They must have lept from heights onto train.
Head cook has cleaver ready.
The passengers may be a burden here, not an asset. There is a 10 year old boy who is determined to go vampire hunting.
Paul hears lots of scratching at his door and roof. Paul wants to go for high strength alcohol for molotave cocktails. They have gnawed through leather accordian enclosure there. Rats are filling platform tween cars, but has to get rid of rats. Thinks to use scolding hot water from hot water unit. Builds damn with table cloth to form a damn so that the water flows out under door. Holes are appearing at the bottom of door as Paul busts brass valve off and the hot water flows. Builds up at door a bit as rats on other side scream. Paul opens door into a charnel house of scalding rats. Paul asks for volunteers to go for the alcohol. He gets 3 to join him and he leads them out. The others, all with d4 random weaponry, ready to kill rats as they try to come in.
Simon replaces Paul.
Paul has to go through 2 sleeping cars to get to the salon car, himself leading, running like the devil’s biting their arses. Last man in line barely evades a grasp as a door flies open and Fenelik misses, man’s shirt torn. Man yells “The vampire’s behind us!”
Paul stops and tells them to keep running. Red Cloud asks for a priest, and there is one! Send him into kitchen to bless sink fulls of holy water.
Fennelik comes for Paul, stopping suddenly just out of range. He gives the stare to Paul, who fails the save miserably “My friend, kill those 3” pointing to the staff. He walks in as they are pulling out liquor. Paul is going to kill them.
Suddenly, (card) the train breaks kick on for only a moment, causing everyone to fall. One of the staff with Paul is hurt. The rats are for all intents and purposes fall off train.
2 of the staff run over help Paul. As one reaches down to help him up, and Paul snaps out of it throwing the sword down as he tries to break the domination. He pushes the staffer away runs out the door and slams it shut, telling them as he goes “Fenelik has dominated me, stay away!” In a moment he is back under the influence. One of the other 2 locks the door. Paul starts trying to break door down. Marcel insists they leave him so they rip open the accordian and, arms full of liquor, go forward.
Fenelik “Did you do as I ask my friend?”
They fail to hear the staff on roof.
Paul “I’m trying now my lord.” As he breaks door down. He goes in and find finds the accordian open. Fenelik vanishes. They are just climbing into where rats were coming in as they see red eyes coming at them. The last man almost feels the breeze from Fenelik’s claw and they dive into the rear of the dining car!
Paul finds Marcel behind the bar, who holds his club up in defense. Paul goes to attack and breaks domination again, stopping in mid stab! He picks him up and says “let’s go”.
The 2 staffers tell Simon what happened and what Paul said.
Paul arrives with Marcel. He can feel he only has seconds left. Simon ties him up and removes his weapons.
A roar now from the back of the train, roar of anger. Passengers start to freak. A woman passes out. Another hysterical and wildly claws at people around her so; A man faints, another stabs guy next to him “die vampire”. Another man near kitches screams frantically and rushes through kitchen for door. The capable staff there subdue him easily “We’re all going to die. Let me go!” They ko him. RC ko’s the knife man and the scratcher.
From top of the train a wolf howls, but its Fenelik, as the train slows as it goes uphill.
Schuyler “Hit the gas!”
Fireman heat things up. Schuyler keeps a lookout for Fenelik. Speeding up train stopped about a dozen wolves from getting on but some definitely did. Bif takes a shot at the last wolf getting on and misses with revolver.
Dark figure appears atop the tender. We step on the 2 strings of garlic to let the scent out. Schuyler presents statue.
“You may have the statue but your friends don’t. And they will die.” The fireman is dominated as he looks to see. The fireman leaps down onto the track killing himself. Fenelik removes the domination while the man’s still airborn. Then he’s run over.
“Give me my skin.”
“You’re going to have to earn it.”
“How. What do you want me to do.”
“You’re going to have to kill me and all my friends.”
“I’ll kill one innocent every quarter hour.”
“We’ll be at the next stop before that matters.”
He starts coming toward us over the coal.
Bif tells engineer to blow whistle if things go south.
Apparently the holy symbol does not make him cower, but it is offending him. Wilhelm suggested that hitting him with it does deal holy damage. Schuyler ties garlic so it is hanging in entrance. He gets to it and…stops. He reaches in almost touching Schuyler, how touches him with statue-3 holy damage. It is not fast healing. He reels with a scream of anger. He lurks “come out.” He tries to dominate but I look away feeling what he’s trying.
“To Schuyle “Before I’m done you’re friends will be dead and you’ll beg for death. Youthink that because you have a wooden box on wheels you can stop me?”
Bif “We thing we can stop you because we have a holy symbol and heroes.”
He changes into a bat, flying above the train. He flies out out of sight.
Inside, no one is joking anymore.
Red Cloud goes to front door, SImon stays at rear. 2 guards with each. Jeremy and Wilhelm in passenger area now. Watching for wolf attacks.
Schuyler considers going back with statue, but Bif talks him out of it.
WIlhelm uses hypnotism to end domination on Paul while Fenelik was at engine. 8 molotov cocktails now ready to go. Paul in middle also.
Front door into kitchen bursts in, then Fenelik disappears. He’s probably allowing wolves in. Red Cloud readies and action, holding doorway.
1st, savage, leaps at me as RC lets out war cry. It drops. 2 others right behind attacks. 1st tries to bullrush but fails. 3rd misses a bite. RC hits 14, one wolf misses and second misses as they flank. A third races out of forward car and leaps for a bullrush. AoO hits-19 and overpowers the rush.
Glass shatters as one of windows halfway down dining car breaks crashes inward. Fenelik grabs a passenger and pulls him and pulls him out window. Everyone races away from windows into middle isle.
Chef Henri opens a window with cleaver in hand yelling in French from kitchen “Try that with me mofo! Take one my guests will you? Come and try that with me mofo!” The other ranking staff pull him away “It’s all right chef.”
“No its not! No passenger dies on my watch. No one!”
RC slaughters the remaining wolves with cleave.
18 vials of holy water is passed out to staff. Wilhelm’s kit has 4 vials of 2d6 holy water.
About 20 minutes goes by. Hear a yell from next car back. Guy who got grabbed rushes, clothes ripped, bloody. “Save me, save me!” toward Geste. Simon tops him at door, grabbing and panting but Simon stop him at arms length “Show me your neck, wrists.” Huge gash in neck, not blood. He smiles and shows his fangs. Simon (who IS a holy weapon) stabs him-16. The man’s body bursts open and falls to ground, then turns gaseous. Simon yells for Wilhelm, who follows the gas form. Simon joins him and Paul takes Simon’s place at door.
It goes through next 2 cars and into salon car.
RC hears more wolves, braces spear. 1st attempts another bullrush. RC hits 13. He misses his touch attack. 2 others from each side, both miss.
At salon car, man reforming in a crude box layed out on bar. Wilhelm does the staking. As it screams, wafer in mouth and beheading.
Wilhelm and Simon argue over the man’s soul. Wilhelm thinks he burns in hell, Simon disagrees.
Jeremy trying to keep the crowd calm, standing in middle of car facing each other.
RC kills 1st wolf, hits another-11. A new one goes for the bullrush. AoO hits-12. It misses. RC hits the new one -18, cleave the other-16 both dead. Another charges.
Bif’s chick, standing next to Jeremy, starts rushing for the window. Jeremy barely grabs he and holds her back. A couple passengers help subdue her.
New one goes for rush, RC AoO misses but so does it. The old one misses too. RC hits new one-18 DEAD, cleaves original-16. It hits 4, RC hits-17 DEAD.
Wilhelm and Simon race back as fast as they can. They hears a noise from roof of car, ahead of them. Suddenly Fenelik bursts from a room in front of us “Now I kill you both.”
Simon “I’ll kill you myself, vampire scum.”
Fenelik “French pig.”
To Wilhelm “Get ready to follow him to stake him, once I kill him.”
Paul hears what is going on from the rear door of the dining car.
Fenelik draws his rapier, Simon grins as he is a natural swordsman. Fenelik strikes twice-12,11. Simon retaliates-17. Fenelik is stunned by the huge gash.
WIlhelm quickly leaps in for a spring attack (card) wielding a stake and going for the heart (card takes away the penalty), impaling him in the heart then leaping back behind SImon!! Before our very eyes he begins to melt. Puss and disgust is spewing forth everywhere as he collapses in utter death. Wilhelm puts wafer in mouth, douses with holy water, and beheads him.

So, where is the head?
We stop train.
We think of coal car, cargo, and underneath train.
In the last fourgon we find a beautifully carved box, the right size to be a death box. Inside is dirt and the simulacrum head. We take it, spread dirt outside, break it up and burn box an the engine. His body is pulp. We diffuse in water and pour outside in the ground, spread well. The victim turned into a vampire was a personal assistant of a business man on train. We burn his body as well in engine. We continue and pull into Constantinople.


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