Leader: Paul Brian Warrington XVII
Supernatural Advisor: Wilhelm Van denNort
The Squad: Red Cloud, James Schuyler, Jeremy Ramsden, Simon Geste

A malevolence creeps across the continent of Europe. Many like the Iluminati call it The Red08 red death 500 Death: a faceless and intangible force bringing with it terror, despair, death…and no one yet knows the engine behind it.
More and more there are rumors in the countryside: the monsters most men, women and children know and fear only from folklore lurk in alleys and haunt the forest of reality. Some worry there is something deeper at work, something much worse behind these phenomenon than a shapeless supernatural curse of sorts. More chilling still, one Archimedes Brown worries these evils may be a representation of some thing or things from within his Mythos hypothesis, a hypothesis disregarded by the Iluminati. In Warrington’s Boys, however, he has found in one of The Watcher’s most eclectic but successful units six men unwilling to simply sit back, watch and guard there own homes; and dangerously miss evidence of a grander scheme. These are men to take the offensive. From their base in London they are willing to risk their minds while facing death and worse in the hopes of countering these accursed forces, regardless of what their true natures may be. A band of elite slayers hunts the hunters, with Unbearable Madness and Depthless Incomprehension next on the list.

The Monster Hunters of Down Cthulhu

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